Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1893

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Supreme’s Graveyard.

One gold and one yellow two mighty flames flew from the second side, and they met and collided in the middle position, bursting out a terrifying energy storm, causing the space distortion on that side. The black strips of light are constantly twisting like a snake, flying all around, breaking the space slash into pieces. The energy flow of the flying slashed across the ground, bringing up twisted cracks. When they collided with each other, they would blow up hundreds of black electric beads. The electric ball rolled away, fell to the ground and exploded each and everyone hole.

This Hall of Withering’s projection space was under the battle between Orpheus and Son of Dusk, but in the blink of an eye, it had 1000 sores and 100 holes, and the origin force of the space was extremely chaotic. Even if it collapsed suddenly, Allen was not surprised.

He narrowed one’s eyes, looked towards the distance, the energy of the collision between the two people gradually fell, but the popularity of the two people was evenly matched. In a blink of an eye, two silhouettes flew back, and after moving several hundred meters, Son of Dusk raised his hand, and hundreds of dim light beams blasted continuously, splashing a dense rain of light to the side of Orpheus. King of Righteousness raised his hand, and each and everyone scale marks appeared in front of him, and several 2 marks were densely packed, like a wall. The dim light beam fell into these markings and disappeared, as if it had fallen into a different dimension.

After the beam completely disappeared, Orpheus pointed his hand at Son of Dusk, and the engraving completely turned over. It turned out that the blue marking became red, and countless Dusk beams were fired from each and everyone red marking, but they returned all the Son of Dusk attacks!

When the rain fell, Son of Dusk flickered and avoided in countless beams. Orpheus roared and rushed into the rain, Arbitrator swung horizontally, and the sword edge pass through space split, forming a black band of light. Son of Dusk pressed his hand on the sword edge of the Arbitrator, causing the gigantic sword of Orpheus to sink, but he used his strength to support it and jumped 100 meters. Orpheus raised his hand in his direction, and the space around Son of Dusk was suddenly distorted, and a transparent but distorted sphere could be seen shrinking towards Son of Dusk. The latter snorted, and the silhouette flashed out. When the transparent sphere shrank to fist sized, it suddenly shook, and the entire space shook.

Then the transparent space blasting ball like each and everyone chased Son of Dusk and continuously attacked, and the whole space vibrated endlessly, as if World Judgement Day had come. After the shock, each and everyone circular gap appeared in the space, just like each and everyone black hole. The energy that maintained the stability of this space continuously slipped from these black holes, and black cracks began to appear all around the space, even around Allen. There are many such cracks.

From the crack, you can vaguely see the world on Ebouins!

At this time, a piece of Dusk’s rays of light surged into the center of the floor of the Hall of Withering projection. The rays of light pass through, the cracks in space and the damage on the ground are filled one by one. This is obviously the energy drawn from Dusk Hill. It quickly repaired and reinforced the cracks in this space. After a while, the projection space stabilized again.

On the other side, Son of Dusk and Orpheus fought together again. The origin force impact of the two-person engagement and collision made Allen feel an inexplicable oppression, but it was definitely another test for the space that had just stabilized.

Various monstrous and multi-colored rays of light are constantly blooming in the space, the origin force is incomparably chaotic, and masses of energy storms scramble to emerge, where they appear, the space appears to collapse. After another collision, the two separated and stood on their sides. Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes looked at Orpheus and said: “What’s the matter, here you should not get the supplement of void origin force, but why your origin force not only is not consumed, but is gradually overflowing.”

Orpheus said with a laugh: “I am definitely a headache opponent, have you finally noticed it now? Yes, my origin force is not consumed at all, but I am about to replenish Perfection.”

Allen also noticed at this time that the origin force of Orpheus was overflowing, and there was no consumption at all. Moreover, his imposing manner now is more full than when he fought on Earth.

“what have you done?”

“Have you forgotten, my rule is balance.” Orpheus laughed: “Here, only you can get Dusk Hill’s energy supplement. This is not fair, so I used balance power to steal from you on the body. Dusk Hill’s energy, when you are replenished, I am also replenishing energy. This is in line with justice, isn’t it?”

Son of Dusk snorted: “Your ability is really annoying. In this case, wouldn’t it be endless?”

“Yes, if you want to defeat me, you have to be in a spurt of energy. Just give me time, even if you are stronger than me, I can also find a chance to reverse the fighter. Besides, you are not necessarily better than me. You still can’t make up your mind to perish together with me, because death is strange to you. You don’t know what will happen after you die in battle. It is possible that Universe’s Dusk will stop here, so you dare not try it lightly. Fighting with me will become a protracted battle. Now you are very distressed.” Orpheus raised the sword: “But you will be free from such distress soon, because I will kill you now. Thanks to you, let me The origin force is overflowing, so please take this sword.”

Every stripe on the Arbitrator began to shine, and after a while, this gigantic sword was already immersed in the brilliant rays of light. The imposing manner of Orpheus keeps rising, like a giant is standing up and looking down at this World in the imposing manner of Monarch Overlooking The Whole World.

In the end, Arbitrator flew out of Orpheus. As soon as it flew out, it turned into a sword-shaped rays of light, like a mountain peak crashing into the Son of Dusk. Thousands of sharp blades suddenly appeared on the Son of Dusk body circumference. These sharp blades flew out and crossed the sword light, each time they brought a ray of origin force energy from them, and cut them off. But Orpheus’s word light didn’t erode away, and it went straight like a hot knife through butter. In the end, Son of Dusk could only pat his hands on the sword edge. In a single shot, both palms creaked, eroding the overflowing origin force in the sword light.

The sword light goes 1000 miles.

Son of Dusk retreated 1000 miles.

Orpheus was on the spot, making a push forward, apparently remotely controlling the mighty sword light endlessly.

Son of Dusk’s complexion finally became extremely bad, he was still retreating violently, as if he could retreat to the edge of the universe like this. In fact, of course it is impossible, but he was almost exhausted in one breath, but he still couldn’t stop the sword light from attacking. Finally exhausted in one breath, the sword light drew near during the breath exchange, and the sword edge suddenly reached the chest. His chest’s clothes and armor were torn apart, the sword light went into about one inch, and the sword edge went into the body.

Son of Dusk screamed, suddenly A path of empty shadow appeared all over the sky. Allen flew along with the sword light. When Son of Dusk showed the empty shadow, he was taken aback. In those empty shadows, he saw several familiar faces. Such as Taylor, Ranger, etc. One of them is Archimedes! Then these empty shadows sacrificed their ultimate moves and bombarded Orpheus’s great sword. Taylor’s 10000 sword sword wheel, Ranger’s Dusk, and those empty shadows are the Son of Dusk of every era. These Son of Dusks have their own killer moves, and the sword light of Orpheus is finally distorted. Son of Dusk seizes an opportunity to open his mouth and spit out a Dusk rays of light from his mouth, slam into Orpheus’ sword awn, and cut Orpheus’ sword awn by one line.

The entire space lit up, and the uncontrollable origin force produced a violent explosion, like a sun rising in the space, things were distorted, and in the end even Allen’s silhouette was submerged in the intense rays of light.

When the rays of light disappeared, there was a distorted cloud and smoke in the distance, accompanied by countless electric serpents, and there were hundreds of cracks across the space, and violent spatial energy was sprayed from these cracks. This time the extent of the space damage exceeded the speed of Dusk Hill’s repair, and for a moment it was unable to heal. Son of Dusk slowly fell to the ground. Behind him, the empty shadow of A path of Son of Dusk stood midair. Looking at it, there were no fewer than 100 paths.

Looking at Orpheus again, he was panting, and releasing the sword light just now was a very heavy burden for him. Even if the energy of Dusk Hill can be stolen by the force of balance, it cannot be restored immediately. Son of Dusk glanced at him and softly said: “Come on, let’s remove the four limbs of King of Righteousness and see what else he can do.”

He pointed to Orpheus.

An empty shadow flashed behind her, but she was a beautiful woman, holding a half-moon-shaped Hacksaw in her hand. When it flashed away, he threw away Hacksaw, and Hacksaw whirled and cut towards Orpheus’s left arm with a muffled sound.

Just as Orpheus was about to dodge, a gold line was drawn vertically, cutting the Hacksaw empty shadow away.

Little golden light fell, Orpheus raised his head and saw Allen descend in front of him.

“Go away, I can fight again.” Orpheus said solemnly.

“Enough is enough, Your Majesty.” Allen indifferently said: “You have been playing long enough. Next, let me come.”

“Stop talking nonsense, do you look down on me, bastard!”

Allen shook his head. “If Lucy was here, she would have said the same.”

Hearing Lucy’s name, Orpheus’s face stepped down, hesitated and said: “Then you have to be careful, you are not like I can keep the origin force overflow through the law of balance. This is very bad for you.”

Allen said indifferently: “It’s nothing, I don’t plan to fight on his home court.”

“Have you confessed the last words?” Son of Dusk laughed: “Finally it’s your turn, Allen. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, but can you swing your sword at the father’s body?”

At the end of the speech, a golden light traversed Son of Dusk’s cheek, and an opening was immediately cut on his face. Allen looked at him and said calmly, “Archimedes already not in, and now it’s just a bastard occupying his body.”

“Oh, it seems that you are really an unfilial son.” Son of Dusk pointed to Allen: “Dusk legion, tear me up this rebellious guy!”

Suddenly, an empty shadow flashed out behind Son of Dusk. Although these were the projections of Son of Dusk in the past, the imposing manner they released was true. Allen looked up, and golden flames began to move coldly in his red eyes. Facing the silhouettes of Son of Dusk in the past, he was fearless!

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