Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1894

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A giant axe of Combustion occupies all of Allen’s vision.

The man who wields this giant axe is a burly man. He is wearing a completely asymmetrical armor on the body, but no matter the face that is not angry and majestic, or the armor with spikes, it is translucent. empty shadow. These Son of Dusk projections can’t be called even the will body, which is just a kind of energy projection reproduced by instinct. However, these projections can use the proud killing skills of each generation of Son of Dusk, and even they exude an imposing manner that is not lost to the super powerhouse, which is close to Supreme!

At this moment, the battle axe that struck Allen, it slashed pass through, blowing up a thunderous sound out of thin air, and a huge Thunder Beast faintly appeared in the air, leaping towards Allen in a full of tension. A series of light sounds appeared in the air around Allen, and Thunder Beast finally came, all around has given rise to the messy electric serpent.

The drop of that axe might have the power to destroy the city.

Allen stepped forward before he could let go, swaying his left shoulder lightly, turning his whole body slightly to the side, letting the battle axe pass by one’s side. Then a golden light appeared between the two people, and the silhouette of the Son of Dusk projection suddenly dislocated, and the shake disappeared into the air.

Allen walked slowly, welcoming to a posture of more than 100. He didn’t walk fast, but he went 100 meters away in a flash, and then sent Ashes Hymn into a projection chest that had no time to attack. Allen pushed his sword swiftly, pushed the projection and pulled out a gray flame tail in the space, and stabbed the following two projections that had just made a slashing gesture. Finally, the gray anthem flicked and shook. A white sword flower bloomed among the three projections, and the projection immediately scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Before one’s eyes silhouette flashed, Allen had to pay attention to it. Allen looked over and slapped a man with a noble and heroic face.


The Son of Dusk, which was donated to Allen Endless Sword Garment, stabbed with a sword. As his sword stabbed, the world in Allen’s eyes seemed to be condensed and compressed with the sword edge of the sword as the center, so it was extremely terrifying. oppression spontaneously. Allen couldn’t help sighing, Taylor’s sword intent was really terrifying, even if it was just a projection of a re-enactment, he had 7 points of strength with this sword.

Like the terrifying pressure from the entire world towards oneself squeezed, Ashes Hymn bounced, and the Source Device flames that were originally gushing with gray flames gathered, condensed like the essence, forming a simple gray sword. Grey sword sword edge When you touch the Taylor projection sword, the moment of contact is like a fierce collision between two worlds. The compression is immediately propped up. An invisible impact spreads fiercely with the sword edge of both sides as the origin, and the space seems to be blown up. A turbulent curtain swayed, the turbulence passed by, and dozens of projections were annihilated without even having a chance to shoot.

Allen long sword will receive at once.

The sword in Taylor’s hand turned into 10000000, 1000 swords 10000 swords arranged like wheels, a huge circular sword array pressed towards Allen, Dusk’s electric light between the sword and the sword ransacked, Taylor made a sword, but also like Out of 10000 swords.

Allen stabbed obediently and honestly.

The surface of Ashes Hymn shines, and there is a yellow golden line in Combustion at the core.

With a sword, Allen smashed into the sword wheel and passed behind the Taylor projection.

Break 10000 swords with one sword!

When the sword wheel collapsed, Taylor’s projection was also dissipating.

Allen closed his eyes and handed the gray hymn forward without warning. A small, ape-faced, four-armed projection appeared in Allen before one’s eyes, but before one’s eyes had time to hand it out, Allen had already pierced his throat with a sword.

“Get lost!” Allen sipped softly, and the long sword trembled. The projection suddenly gave birth to 100000 gray awns, and the silhouette quickly dissipated in the gray awns.

At this time, a magnificent Qi machine appeared above the head.

Allen opened her eyes and raised her head, but a woman projection as heroic as Martial God raised a huge heavy sword in her hand that was completely out of proportion to her figure, and the sword burned on fire. When she cut with a sword, Allen’s vision was divided into two.

That sword, empty!

The space was really torn apart by a sword, and there was desperate black in the middle. It is the abyss, it is nothingness, it is the ultimate of Annihilation. This might of a single sword, go straight to the Heavenspan sword of Frius!

Allen roared, igniting the Golden King Flame all over his body, and the long sword pointed the people away and shot through the air, crashing into the deep and void Black Space, and then knocked out from the other side of the space. Ashes Hymn received a little, Allen didn’t look at it, and he flew to the more silhouettes of high altitude.

The projection shake holding the gigantic sword, a little golden light appeared from the throat, and then the golden dyed it, turning into raging flames and burning it to ashes.

“It’s really wonderful.” Son of Dusk put his hands around his chest after many projections: “Being able to combine power, sword skills, and body skills to such a degree, you deserve to be selected to implement the Daybreak Plan, and he really got stuck.

“However, even if you destroy it as many times as you want, I can release these engraved energy projections as many times as I want!”

At the end of the speech, Taylor’s projection gradually appeared behind Son of Dusk, followed by the gigantic sword woman, then the ape-faced man, each and everyone beheaded by Allen’s projection reappears, and then plundered from Son of Dusk’s by one’s side After that, continue to enter the battlefield.

Seeing this scene, Orpheus could not help gnashing teeth and cursed: “Rogue!”

Son of Dusk lightly said with a smile: “Each each other.”

Allen long sword one stroke, successively destroy several projections. Raising his head, Taylor’s 10000 sword wheel, Ranger’s Dusk, and other Son of Dusk’s ultimate moves blasted. The entire space vibrated, and the origin force of the space was no longer stable, and there were black cracks that branched like tree roots everywhere. Allen settled, and his gaze fell on Ranger’s projection: “The Dusk you taught me is more than that formidable power.”

He carried the sword.

An inexplicable oppression came to heaven.

Orpheus raised his head, the Great Emperor couldn’t help but narrowed one’s eyes. He can feel that a huge might of energy is coming. This power doesn’t seem to be formed simply in the sky. To be precise, it comes from outside the space and penetrates into the space in a way with no opportunity. It passes through, the space is invaded layer by layer, and matter will undergo molecular-level decomposition activities under such energy movement. Suddenly, Orpheus understood what kind of killer Dusk was. That is unavoidable, only the killing technique with resistance. In other words, Dusk is like a sieve, this sieve will filter all the matter in the space and annihilate the fragile things completely, without exception.

Dusk is like a skynet, but this skynet is airtight!

At this time, the sky sprinkled little golden light, and the entire space was dim, as if the Dusk sunset was just overhead. When that piece of rays of light was dyed layer by layer, like a large stroke across the curtain, 10000 objects were all coated with golden. no matter if it is Taylor’s sword wheel, or the ultimate move of other projections, all struggled and disappeared in this dim sunset-like rays of light. In the end, there were more than 100 projections and none of them survived.

The space vibrates, and even the infinitely expandable lobby projection, shattered like crystal pieces in the light of Dusk, broken down into the most primordial origin force. Then the whole space resounded like a terrifying loud noise like 10000000 giant beast simultaneously roar. The sky that was emitting dim yellow light turned into darkness, and the darkness descended, as if a piece of ink was dripped. This piece of ink fell, and after it was dripped, some other scenes could be seen.

It is a magnificent dome.

Orpheus froze for a moment, and suddenly remembered that it was the dome of Hall of Withering in Ebouins!

Allen’s Dusk not only killed all projections, and also destroyed Son of Dusk’s projection space, bringing them back from Supreme’s Graveyard to Hall of Withering. This is something that even Orpheus has never done, and what kind of extreme destructive power can cause such a result. Even Son of Dusk opened his eyes wide, his hands were different, he couldn’t believe that Allen actually shatter space, and destroyed the Supreme’s Graveyard created by the Creator!

The black light converged at the center of Hall of Withering, and finally disappeared. At this time, both Allen and Orpheus could hear the roar outside the hall and feel the collision of the origin force of the battle outside the hall, and they returned to Ebouins.

“Look, your home court may not be really unbreakable.” Allen said indifferently: “Also, stop playing those useless tricks. It’s useless to release more energy projection. 1000 super powerhouses, too. Don’t want to pile up a real Supreme, don’t you understand the truth?”

“Really surprised me, Allen. Really, although I have tried my best to overestimate you, but didn’t expect, your Rule power actually has such destructive power. Your power represents the ultimate destruction, even space I can’t restrain you. Have you ever thought that if you want, you can tear through the’wall’ of this universe, and you can detach from this universe with your own strength!”

Son of Dusk shrugged, said: “That is the ultimate freedom that even I have never thought of. You will become a super life like the Creator that can penetrate the multiverse at will. In the end, you will become a Legendary, a myth, and Immortal existence!”

“Really? Then I would like to try, using this ultimate destructive power to destroy you, and the instigator behind it.” Allen said solemnly.

“No no no, you are still young, and you have not understood what it means.” Son of Dusk shook his head and said: “You have such power, you have Annihilation Space Power, and the war with the Creator is completely meaningless. . How many universes there are, so many that even the Creator has not fully visited. You don’t have to stay in the universe harvested by the Creator, you can break through the air. And the Creator will not enter the universe where you are. , Believe me, he will not be willing to erect an enemy like you.”

“You and him are the Supreme lifeform in the universe, and you are the Dominator of the universe millions and millions of creatures. Dominator will not go to war with Dominator, which means that countless universes will pass away. But what I want to remind you is you It just has the potential to become the Dominator of the universe, but now, with the power of this immature Annihilation, you still cannot destroy the Creator.”

Son of Dusk pointed at him and said: “So you should understand. You have no reason to fight the Creator. You can break through the sky now, tear the dimensional wall of the universe, and have never been to the Creator. Other universes.”

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