Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1895

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“Your description is very moving, but if you want me to give up this universe and give up by one’s side these people, I can’t do it.” Allen said calmly, “Yes, some of the people I met are indeed very Bastard. But there are also people I respect, brothers with whom I live and die, and those who I love them. I never ask for much, I only hope that I and the people on one’s side can live well, but You obviously do not intend to let me do this, so I will stand in front of you.”

Son of Dusk spread his hands and said, “It seems that the negotiation broke down.”

“No, if you summon the Creator, we can save a lot of effort.”

“Let me betray my master? I can’t do it. Besides, the Creator will only appear in two situations. First, Universe’s Dusk is over. Second, I am completely destroyed.” Son of Dusk said solemnly: “Apart from this, there is no third possibility.”

Allen exhaled gently: “putting it that way can only destroy you.”

“Yes, as long as you can do it.”

“I think I can try.” Allen finished, and the man had disappeared in his original position. As soon as he almost disappeared, Son of Dusk flashed sideways, Ashes Hymn solidified into a gray long sword and pierced the air from behind him. Son of Dusk turned, and the sharp blade cut away, also cutting the air.

The next two people moved quickly in Hall of Withering, repeating their sword and evasive actions. When they showed their speed to the extreme, many silhouettes even appeared in the hall. What is even more strange is that, although the two men are on the offensive in a hurry, until now, they have not made a long sword humming sound, and even the origin force has never collided. All of them missed a hit, and they quickly escaped.

Orpheus couldn’t help but rubbed his eyes. The speed was not his best. He asked himself if he faced Allen’s high-speed wandering style, he would definitely not be able to be as fast as Son of Dusk. It can be seen that in the battle just now, Son of Dusk could not do his best. The Great Emperor could not help but cursed in a low voice, quite a feeling of being looked down upon.

The two people joined and separated. Ashes Hymn slid against Son of Dusk’s shoulders, and the sharp blade stirred up a few hairs of Allen. After another blow to no avail, the two separated.

Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes: “It seems that you have done a lot of hard training against me. You can even move and attack without a half aura. If it weren’t for my speed, you can still keep up with you. Lie down.”

Allen also sighed: “Leave aside the sharpness, you are good at battery life, burst, reaction and movement. You are simply a natural fighter.”

“No way, after all, the Creator hopes that I can reap a universe instead of it. This is not a simple job. I will always encounter all kinds of enemies. So you see, the Creator designed me to be almost flawless. Strength, reaction, speed and even Spirit will, I stand at the highest point of this universe, only a few people can compare with simulations, the rest are nothing but waste that’s all to death.”

“Perfect…” Allen shook his head, “I don’t believe that there are so-called perfect things in the universe. It’s like eternity, and perfection has never really appeared. If you think it’s perfect, it’s just that you haven’t found its shortcomings that’s all. “

“Then what do you think is my shortcoming?”

“I don’t know, but I think I will find it.”

Son of Dusk slightly smiled: “Then I really wait and see.”

He just finished speaking, suddenly the Hall of Withering before one’s eyes disappeared. He stands on a fertile field, in a world of blue sky and white clouds, Mother Earth is an endless grassland. There was a wind blow, and there was a burst of floral fragrance and scattered petals floating down the sky. In the distance, there is a towering tree, which is the only thing higher than the grassland in this World. Everything is so real, no matter if it is wind blow, the feeling of passing cheeks, or the fragrance of flowers in the air, even the heat of the sun shining on the body, is constantly telling Son of Dusk, this World is real.

Of course, this is not the case. This world that feels so delicate and real does not really exist, it is just Allen’s Spirit kingdom.

“Spiritual War?” Son of Dusk laughed: “You have a lot of tricks, but generally speaking, the Spirit Kingdom is either imposing manner magnificent, or dangerous 10000 points. This is your home court, so you should weaken your opponent as much as possible. But if you come up with such a peaceful appearance, do you intend to infect me to become a pacifist?”

“No, this is not my world.” Allen’s voice rang behind him.

Son of Dusk turned around and saw Allen. Here, he doesn’t have Endless Sword Garment on the body, and even the semi-gas dispenser of Golden King Flame does not appear. He is more like an ordinary person, standing in the grassland with bare hands. Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes, seem to realize something. He stretched out his hand to catch it, but there was no sharp blade like he imagined.

“Is it discovered?”

Allen faintly smiled: “I said, this is not my Spirit country. It’s his…”

Allen pointed to the tree in the distance.

Son of Dusk looked in the direction he was pointing, there was still a priest standing under the tree, he moved towards this side and smiled nodded. Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes: “Miro’s personality? What’s the matter, the personality formed by Source Device’s Device Soul hasn’t disappeared?”

“Yes, in addition to passing me on the detailed aspects of the Daybreak Plan, Father Miro has another mission, which is this Spirit country.” Allen said, “This is his world, and the Rule here is very simple, the Rule here. There is no Rule. Yes, the power of Rule cannot be used in this World. Even the origin force and Armament cannot exist in this World.”

“This World is very small, it’s just the range you can see. Because Father Miro wants to use all his will to create the Rule here. Here, I can beat you hard.” Allen flashed forward. The fist hit Son of Dusk’s stomach, and he arched his body like a cooked shrimp.

Son of Dusk opened his eyes wide astonished. As Allen said, the power of not only Rule cannot be used, and even the origin force cannot be used. Here he is like an ordinary person, of course, here is not his body, but the consciousness. But if the consciousness is injured, the body in the material world will also be injured. In other words, in Miro, the “prison” specially made for him, he is the most vulnerable.

The Spirit Kingdom has a basic rule, where the strength of the will determines the size of the power. There is no doubt that Allen’s will is strong, I am afraid that it is also Peak level in the entire universe. After depriving the power of Armament, origin force and Rule, the victory is determined only by the strength of their will, which is obviously very detrimental to Son of Dusk. Even if the Creator gave him the same tyrannical Spiritual Power, even if he fell into someone else’s spiritual kingdom, he could use the tyrannical Spiritual Power to fight back. But compared to Allen’s Willpower, which was tempered by countless events, the man-made Spiritual Power of Son of Dusk always has the illusion of looking at flowers in the fog.

This gap soon showed up in the ensuing battle. Son of Dusk was almost crushed and beaten by Allen, even in the special country of Miro, he could only use his fists. Allen was throwing his fist like rain at the moment, and Son of Dusk could only passively raise his arms to block. Allen fists like the rain, staring at his father’s face, but his anger is getting bigger and bigger. Especially when I think that because of suppressing instinct, Archimedes had to leave mother, causing a huge misunderstanding between two people who were in love. Mother didn’t know Archimedes’ affection for her until the moment she died, how sad it was. The cause of these regrets is the culprit before one’s eyes.

“You should, apologize to the two of them!” Allen yelled, slamming a punch in the face of Son of Dusk. The latter immediately kissed Mother Earth and plunged into the grass. He could smell the fragrance of the earth, the freshness of the grass and the smell of rust in his mouth.

“What’s a joke…” Son of Dusk slammed the ground hard and propped up his body: “Let me go out, is this the battle you want? What honor is there for such a battle!”

He was greeted by a fist.

Allen smashed his nose with a heavy fist, and with a ka-cha, Son of Dusk’s nose was smashed. This act like a gangster fight made him deeply angry, but helplessly, he was punched back to the ground by Allen. Allen shook off the blood stains on his fist, indifferently said: “Honor? I don’t care, as long as I can kill you, it doesn’t hurt to be more vile.”

Son of Dusk spit out the dirt and grass in his hands, propped up his body with his hands, and suddenly the corner of his eyes was filled with a toe. Allen didn’t intend to get him up at all, and kicked him away. When Son of Dusk rolled into the grass and came back to his senses, Allen was already riding on his on the body and hit him dazed with a punch. Then the second punch, the third punch…Allen hit Son of Dusk’s face painfully, and Archimedes’ face suddenly bloomed.

“Because of you, how many people have sacrificed…”

“Because of you, how many people who love each other can’t be together…”

“Because of you, the life that was supposed to flourish, withered in advance…”

“You are wrong, you are wrong!”

Allen yelled while shaking his fist. His fists were already covered with blood, but he was still shaking his fists like a Barbarians, repeating this mechanical action. Son of Dusk had already been smashed into his bloody nose and swollen face. At first, he could resist or raise his hand to block, but now, he was unable to resist, and was greeted intimately by Allen’s fist.

In the Hall of Withering, Orpheus stared at the two people dumbfounded, bleeding constantly on Son of Dusk’s face, and soon he almost bleeds from seven holes, which is terrible. Orpheus smiled helplessly, wondering how he had forced his opponent to this field after fighting with Son of Dusk for several days. Now Allen dragged him into the Spirit realm, and didn’t know what method was used, but he beat Son of Dusk into a pig.

If this continues, maybe Allen will kill Son of Dusk.

It would be great if this is the case, the Great Emperor said in his heart.

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