Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1896

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black is the eternal theme of this World. And he is the Dominator of this World.

Black Mother Earth, black sky.

Black city, black people.

This is an extremely lonely world.

He has been sitting on the throne in the middle of the city for a long time, even, he seems to have fallen into a deep sleep, there is no movement at all. But at this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked up towards the dark sky. He stretched out his hand: “You are here again…”

His hand seemed to catch something, and his fingers moved up and down: “Well, do you still appear in Old Guy’s country? That old bastard, his country seems to have modified some rules, let me see…”

In his hands, there were symbols flashing and jumping. He narrowed one’s eyes and muttered: “It’s strange, why do you transform your country into this way so that all power can’t be used in his world? Wait…”

He stood up suddenly, with ecstasy on his face: “Doesn’t that mean that he has no strength at all now? If so, I can crush him as easily as an insect, and then occupy his body and leave this damned place. ?”

There was a long laugh.

Then he lowered his voice and said, “Then, here I am, Allen!”

In Miro’s world, Son of Dusk has only a breather left. Allen exhaled, looked at him and said, “It can be over.”

He raised his hand, Miro flipped his hand, and the hand appeared something in the hand. It was a dagger whose appearance was exactly similar to Devil’s Praise. Miro raised the hand and the dagger disappeared from his palm and appeared in Allen’s hand. Allen held the dagger in both hands and lifted it up and said: “Back then, my mother wanted me to send this thing into my father’s chest. Although she didn’t know the man’s real thoughts, but now, she can pay her wish. .”

Son of Dusk can still laugh at this time: “Come then, but you will find that this will not kill me.”

“Really?” Allen squeezed the dagger tightly. “Then I want to try it!”

When it was about to pierce down, suddenly a black electricity burst from the sky, Allen looked up, and the electric light was close to before one’s eyes. At the first shot of Match-A-Thousand, he rolled out, and the electric light hit on the body in the Son of Dusk, blasting him up and flying a dozen meter away.

Allen looked towards Miro: “What’s the matter?”

Miro looked up and looked towards the sky. The far side of the sky was rapidly becoming dark and gloomy. The original brilliant sky was darkened, and Gale made a masterpiece, and black electricity danced wildly. Miro’s eyes opened sharply, loudly said: “He is here, that bastard, who took advantage of this time to start a war against me!”

“who is it?”

“You know him…” Miro smiled bitterly and shook his head. “It’s the other me.”

Allen was taken aback: “Black Device?”

“Yes, the new Source Device Device Soul, he stayed in his own country, and I warned him that if he is not honest, I will destroy him. Even if it causes Source Device to lose Device Soul, I always You can reactivate the Source Device on his behalf, but in that way, you can’t imprison Son of Dusk here like today. That’s why I kept him, but didn’t expect, this guy will come at this time! “

Allen smiled bitterly: “He came at me, this bastard probably wants to take advantage of this time to attack me in order to take my body.”

“You are right, Allen!”

There was a loud sound from the sky, and the black device’s face emerged from the large howling thick black clouds. His eyes and mouth were electric light, looking down at Allen on the ground like a Demon God: “Old Guy The rule of this country has been modified so that Outsiders in the country cannot use any power. But this rule is invalid for things outside the country, such as me. As long as I don’t enter the country, I can start wars like now. With the kingdom colliding with the kingdom, so that my power can penetrate in. If this is the case, you will be dead to understand!”

Then a black Thunderclap blasted towards Allen like a dragon.

Although Allen couldn’t use any power, his eyesight reaction was still there. Almost immediately after the electric light flashed in the sky, he had already jumped away from the place. The black electric light blasted the place into a big hole and the grass 4 splashed!

Miro yelled: “Go back, Black Device. You don’t know what’s going on now. If Allen is damaged here, neither you nor I will be spared!”

“Do you think I will believe your words, old bastard!” Black Device’s face disappeared into the clouds, “this time, I will kill you all together!”

There were hundreds of black thunderballs in the sky, and the thunderballs broke through the air and landed in the world of Miro. They smashed to the ground and caused bursts of explosions. Miro raised his hand angrily, shooting a white light from his hand. The white light continued to grow in midair, and eventually formed a gray-white long sword that broke through the air, crashed into the thick clouds, and immediately sounded the scream of Black Device. Miro fought back, but in this way, the war between the Spirit kingdoms was in full swing, and cracks began to appear in Miro this World.

“Feel…” Son of Dusk extended the hand in the grass, laughed: “It seems that the prison is torn apart, I can already feel the energy transmitted by Dusk Hill, and…”

Allen fell to the ground, almost avoiding the bombardment of a black thunderball. At this moment, he suddenly saw a Dusk light strip straight up midair and crashed into the sky. Then Miro and Black Device hummed simultaneously, seemingly injured both. Looking at the light band again, Son of Dusk floated away, and in the rays of light, his injuries on the body were healing quickly. Allen’s pupils flared, and he ran. As he ran, pieces of golden armor appeared and assembled around him. However, in the blink of an eye, the Endless Sword Garment was finished. With the steel wings behind him, Allen rose into the sky. The dagger in his hand sprayed out ash flames and turned into Ashes Hymn, dragging a flame tail swiftly away.

“Stop me!” Allen yelled.

Ashes Hymn sweep away.

between Heaven and Earth A round of golden Half-moon rises.

The moon arc then crossed the dim belt and divided it into two, but the silhouette of Son of Dusk was no longer in the light belt. He left the Spirit realm of Miro and returned to the material world. Allen couldn’t help but Furious Roar let out a sound and looked towards the ground. Miro shook the head and said: “Go ahead, I will clean up the mess of Black Device.”

Allen looked towards the thick cloud in the sky fiercely, raised his sword and pointed, and then the silhouette disappeared into the air.

A golden flame suddenly ignited in the middle of the thick cloud in the sky, and the flame spread, burning every inch of ink cloud. The scream of Black Device sounded in the cloud, the thick cloud disappeared quickly, and the country of Miro regained light, but this prison carefully built for Son of Dusk finally lost its function. With precautions, Son of Dusk can build a Spirit barrier, and it is almost impossible for Allen to pull him into the Spirit realm as before.

“This bastard, you have to pay for it!” Prince’s first hair stands up in anger.

Black Device returns to its own world.

In that black world, a black fire crossed the sky and fell heavily to the center of the city. Black Device faltered back to the throne and sat down. His right hand was also combustion with a golden-yellow flame. After trying many methods and unable to extinguish the flame, Black Device roared. The left hand opened the fingers and held it empty, and a black long sword was in his hand, suddenly cut off, cutting off the right hand. The severed right hand fell to the ground, and immediately became ashes, and the flame disappeared.

Black Device couldn’t help but yelled: “Why, it was almost done, why is it still falling short!”

“Because you are an idiot.” A voice suddenly sounded.

A beam of light suddenly fell in the black city, and the priest walked out of that brilliant beam of light. As soon as Miro stepped out of the beam of light, grass immediately appeared where he was stepping, and the space he passed through was bright, so the sky of this World was bright for the first time, illuminate the space where the priest was. Black Device was not happy at all, the light and grass, explained that the priest’s power could easily invade the world he was in.

He stood up and pointed at the priest: “Leave my world!”

“Idiot, I let you live until now, just to ensure the existence of the prison. But now, everything is useless. Son of Dusk impossible Enter the prison again, what’s the use of keeping you!” Miro said solemnly, sky The light on the sky is getting bigger and bigger, and a spot of light has formed. In that spot of light, a bright beam of light suddenly fell, and the beam of light fell between the mountain range in the distance, causing an explosion.

Then more and more beams of light began to fall in the sky, destroying the world of Black Device. Black Device finally knew that Miro was determined to destroy himself. With a sound of Furious Roar, it turned into a black light and rushed towards Miro. Miro has an extra gray long sword in his hand to hold the black sword of Black Device. Energy jets are emitted between the black and gray long swords, which are distributed radially.

“Why, I just don’t want to stay in this boring world, am I wrong?” Black Device shouted.

Miro was silent. After pushing him away with a sword, he stretched out his hand and took a picture of the Black Device chest. A white palm print suddenly appeared on the back of the Black Device, and a brilliant brilliance blasted from the palm print! He screamed and drifted back, shouting: “If I disappear, Source Device will be unavailable, you really want to do this!”

“You are not the only Device Soul. Don’t forget, I’m also one of the Device Soul. The reason for keeping you is that I have to prepare this prison for Son of Dusk. Now the prison is no longer useful, keep you What’s the use. At worst, I will activate Source Device instead of you after killing you. Or do you think that my power will not match you?”

Miro slashed with a sword, a splendid sword light streak across the city, Mother Earth left and right were scattered, and the city building collapsed. Black Device hurriedly avoided. He finally regretted what he had just done. Simultaneously also knew that Miro would not allow himself to continue to exist.

Perhaps this is not bad. He suddenly thought, at least, no longer need to stay with this boring world.

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