Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1897

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Son of Dusk, who was standing still like a puppet, suddenly burst into a breath on the body. Orpheus was stunned and saw him on the body rise up pieces of Dusk’s origin force rays of light. Dusk-like rays of light boiled on him on the body, so the injuries on his face recovered one by one. When there were rays of light in Son of Dusk’s eyes again, he lifted his hand and moved, then the corners of his mouth cocked, revealing a smile.

Then Allen also had an air reaction, and the two returned from the Spirit realm to the material world.

“It’s a pity, Allen.” Son of Dusk raised his hand and gestured with two fingers: “It’s just a little bit worse. I have to say, you did a great job. This is the first distance in my life. Real death is so close. To be honest, for a moment, I thought I would really be ruined in that strange country. But unfortunately, you still fell short, and I won’t give you the same opportunity again!”

Orpheus asked loudly, “What’s the matter?”

Allen shook his head. “It’s hard to say a word.”

“It’s really hard to explain in a word, honestly I was scared. And now, it seems to be back to the original point.” Son of Dusk shrugged, said: “Here, are you sure you can kill me?”

Allen didn’t answer, the energy on the body surged, and the imposing manner skyrocketed, and the whole Hall of Withering trembled. Son of Dusk squinted his eyes and said with a smile: “Didn’t you always want to ruin Hall of Withering? So now I give you a chance, Allen, do you want to change the way of competition?”

“What way?” Allen said.

“I leave the hall to you. If you are fast enough, you can destroy the hall before I kill all the companions outside of you. How about, this is an extremely rare opportunity!” Son of Dusk laughed.

Allen’s pupils dilated slightly, and he said flatly, “I won’t let you do this.”

“It’s a pity, is it that the companions outside the hall are more important to you than the entire universe? Or are you a greedy guy who wants to take care of both heads?” Son of Dusk raised his hand. Don’t do this, I’m afraid it’s up to you to decide.”

A faint yellow rays of light flickered in front of him, and a sharp blade appeared in the rays of light. Then the surrounding rays of light flashed continuously. Every time the rays of light flashed, it was a sharp blade. The rays of light flashed continuously, and countless long blades appeared in front of Son of Dusk. Make 1000 to 10000 The sharp blades are arranged in a circle to form a sword wheel matrix. Allen has been certain that this guy can reproduce the ability of each generation of Son of Dusk. Even the voters of Path of Burning Blood can reproduce the abilities they possess. The previous Dusk legion obviously came from the shadow legion of Segris. Now, it’s Taylor’s sword wheel.

Son of Dusk pushed forward with both hands. In the sword wheel, the 10000 long sword was raised circularly like a closed flower, pointing towards Allen, even including Orpheus. Then a sharp blade pulled out a flash of yellow light, and Allen lifted Ashes Hymn with a stroke, and bounced it out. But then, a handful of long blades flew in, and the blades were connected, like a river rushing. This sword river surged, Allen lifted the Source Device and cut it, dividing the sword river in the middle. The sword river in the middle did not disappear. Instead, it turned into 2 tributaries, one swept towards Orpheus, and the other went around. The circle slammed behind Allen.

Allen and Orpheus had to resist the attacks of the two sword rivers. Taking this opportunity, Son of Dusk flashed past their heads. He stepped on the speeding sword river and crossed the Allen 2 people, and rushed out of the hall. As soon as he walked away, under the guidance of Qi, the two sword rivers also chased behind him, overlapping into one, like a huge tail across the air. Allen and Orpheus chased them down simultaneously, and now the two of them bother to destroy the Hall of Withering.

Outside the hall, on the Dusk Hill platform, the battle is still going on. The defensive line of the coalition forces has retreated again and again, shrinking the defensive line, coupled with the ability of Gulliver Duke, barely withstand the powerful attack of the kings. Using shield to push a king away, Gulliver suddenly looked towards the hall. I saw a silhouette shot out of the hall suddenly, it was Son of Dusk. He traversed the light steps, dragging a long belt made up of 10000000 long sword behind him, swept midair’s body, and the sword river swung around midair, and then shot down.

Overflowing Heaven Sword Peak.

Each sharp blade turned into a dim light, and suddenly everyone’s head seemed to be lit up with the light of Dusk, 10000000 light intensively shot, Gulliver loudly roared, unreservedly released the origin force, and then transformed it into a defense. use. I saw a tower shield formed by origin force quickly building a shield wall in front of everyone, and then 2nd, Third Path. There was only time to raise three shield walls, and the rain of light had already fallen, hitting Gulliver’s shield walls, and suddenly 3 balls of light appeared. Each ball of light is where the origin force of Son of Dusk and Gulliver collides.

Allen saw the dense ball of light when he flew out of the hall. He loudly shouted and swung his sword in the air.

There is a golden moon arc on Dusk Hill.

When the moon arc fell, Overflowing Heaven Sword Peak was cut out of a vacuum to bring it, and then midair blew up a continuous Fireball, and a tossing flame formed between the collision of the Fireball. At this time, Allen fell before the defensive line, loudly said: “Is everything all right?”

Laura, who was guarding in front of Lucy, was shocked. Princess was also pale, but both of them were unharmed. Thanks to the 2 shield walls and Allen’s Chopping Heaven, the attack of Son of Dusk was interrupted. However, several alien powerhouses were still injured by the sharp blades. At this moment, the wounds could not be sealed, and blood and origin force were constantly flowing out.

Orpheus also flew out of the hall, looking at Lucy first. Seeing that my daughter was okay, I was relaxed. Then looked towards Gulliver, when the line of sight fell on this Duke on the body, the Great Emperor was shocked, and loudly roared: “Gulliver!”

Allen was startled when he heard the sound and turned to look at Duke. Gulliver Duke panted, then looked down, but there were 3 sharp blades stuck in the fatal part of his chest.

The remaining shield wall collapsed.

Allen and Orpheus almost simultaneously grabbed Duke’s by one’s side. Allen stretched out his hand to wipe off the sharp blade, and the long sword was instantly annihilated under his Golden King Flame. But the wound on Gulliver’s chest was horrible to see, especially the sword at the heart, which had penetrated his Heart Nucleus. The origin force and vitality are flying away in this Duke on the body. Allen can clearly feel that Duke’s body temperature is dropping rapidly. Orpheus trembled even more, not knowing whether it was sad or angry.

Gulliver Duke and he have always been close brothers. The two of them don’t know how many wars they have experienced, but they didn’t expect that Gulliver will be buried here today.

Duke smiled reluctantly and said to Orpheus: “Your Majesty, you don’t have to be sad. A soldier died on the battlefield, and I died well. What’s more, to die in such an important battle, to be able to contribute to the lives of the entire universe, I am worthy of death. It’s just that. From now on, I can no longer assist Your Majesty, please forgive Your Majesty.”

“No, you won’t die, as long as I’m here, you won’t die.” Orpheus injected the origin force into Duke’s within the body, but it only made Gulliver’s face a little bloody, but after all, he couldn’t recover him quickly. Passed vitality.

Gulliver looked towards Allen again, and apologized: “I have done something like that to you. I have always wanted to apologize to you personally. Your Highness Allen, can you forgive me?”

Allen knew he was referring to shooting himself on Paradise Star. He shook the head: “Gulliver Grand Duke, I have forgotten about that.”

“That’s good, I don’t have any regrets, I only hope that the two can pull strongly against a crazy tide and give this universe a glimmer of survival…” Gulliver smiled and closed his eyes, and his vitality was cut off!

“Asshole!” Orpheus spouted golden flames in his eyes, let go of Gulliver, caught Arbitrator and jumped up, crashing into midair’s Son of Dusk.

Furious Roar next to it starts from 4.

Those alien powerhouses also rushed towards Son of Dusk, wanting to avenge Gulliver.

Allen remembered the fact that Son of Dusk could not attack in groups, and shouted: “Your Majesty, stop!”

But at this time, Orpheus, who was at the intersection of grief and anger, could not hear Allen’s voice, and the Great Emperor was so arrogant that he wanted to kill Son of Dusk with a single sword. Allen could only give Gulliver’s corpse to Lucy and Laura and the others, and hurried off to prevent any accidents.

Those kings rushed over, apparently trying to stop Allen.

Allen coldly shouted “fuck off!”

Ashes Hymn started the moon arc again, and a golden half-moon slashed away flatly, putting down the kings who had rushed in a piece. But at this time, Orpheus had already slashed on the body of Son of Dusk! Allen was taken aback. Son of Dusk didn’t make any defense or evasion. Orpheus slashed his shoulders with a sword in anger, but Allen could see that Orpheus’s sword didn’t hurt him at all. Simultaneously, an alien powerhouse screamed, his shoulder and an arm flew out, as if being cut apart by an invisible sword, the person fell involuntarily in midair.

Then another alien powerhouse pierced Son of Dusk’s waist with two swords, and for a moment, Orpheus snorted. Suddenly the fire star splashed on his waist, and 2 scratches appeared.

Allen suddenly understood, he finally knew why Son of Dusk was not afraid of group attacks. He must have used what ability to transfer everyone’s attacks on him to others on the body. The powerhouse with the broken arm, that arm was obviously Son of Dusk’s transfer of Orpheus’s slash. The scar on the Great Emperor’s waist now transferred the attack of the other powerhouse.

More attacks moved towards Son of Dusk.

Including Orpheus who was stunned by anger.

Allen a long whistle, chop from afar to the sky. A golden city wall suddenly rose up around the Son of Dusk, bounced off Orpheus and other powerhouse attacks. The Great Emperor was dumbfounded and recognized Allen’s Repelling City, then turned his head and said angrily: “Allen, What are you doing!”

“Your Majesty, calm down.” Allen opened his wings and lifted him to the front of Orpheus: “You haven’t noticed yet, all of your attacks have been transferred by him. If you continue to attack, you will only hurt yourself.”

Orpheus wakes up like a dream, and now shouted loudly: “Stop everyone!”

The corners of Son of Dusk’s mouth curled up and said with a smile: “It’s so boring, I wanted to see you kill each other.”

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