Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1898

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“Your Majesty, he will leave it to me to deal with it. You take other people out of here, it’s good for him if there are more people,” Allen said.

Without waiting for Orpheus to answer, Son of Dusk shook his head and said, “I didn’t seem to say that you can leave. You think this is somewhere, can you just go in and out?”

He raised his hand, and Dusk Hill shook, and a layer of dim yellow light film rose up, closing and closing above the sky, sealing the entire Dusk Hill. Then on the by one’s side of Son of Dusk, each and everyone energy projection began to appear, and he repeated the old trick to release a replica of Son of Dusk. The sky was immediately full of silhouettes. Although they were replicas, the aura they exude was real and true. Each of them had the origin force of the super powerhouse, which made many alien powerhouses look bitter.

Dusk Hill is closed, Dusk legion reappears, with Dusk Hill as a backing, Son of Dusk’s origin force is almost infinite, otherwise, how could it be so casual to summon a Dusk legion.

“Kill them all.” Son of Dusk grinned coldly, and the sharp blade in his hand pointed towards Orpheus and the people behind him.

Immediately, the silhouette swept down, and those replicas were already fighting with the alien powerhouse, even Orpheus was divided into a dozen, but Allen was omitted.

Allen shouted loudly: “Don’t pester them, Your Majesty, you take people back into the hall and wait for opportunities to destroy them. Leave it to me!”

Behind him, the steel wings shot suddenly. The wings were originally constructed by long swords of 100 to 1000. At this time, the sword feathers flew, dragging the A path of Golden King Flame to wander wisely. As if every sword was controlled by an invisible swordsman, he used exquisite sword skills to kill those replicas. Immediately, Allen took over the Dusk legion alone.

Orpheus seizes an opportunity with a big hand: “Withdraw into the Hall of Withering.”

He carried the Arbitrator to the ground, and smashed the many kings who wanted to seize an opportunity to besiege them. The Great Emperor gigantic sword pointed to the Hall of Withering, and many alien powerhouses swept up the light steps. Laura and Lucy were among them. White and Bellemodre left and right protected the two women and followed them to the hall. Orpheus was in charge of retreating, the Great Emperor stopped many kings, and the Arbitrator waved around, setting off strips of light, sweeping away the many kings that had come.

“So now, is the king versus the king?” Son of Dusk shrugged, said.

Allen said solemnly: “Daybreak and Dusk, right here to completely separate the winners and losers.”

Suddenly a golden rainbow blasted into the sky, and Son of Dusk had only time to set up a sharp blade, and was already hit by Allen’s Ashes Hymn, and then pushed him diagonally up the midair. Soon they ran into the Dusk Hill light film, which was sufficient to block the light film of the super powerhouse, but could not prevent Allen from passing. Allen pushed the Son of Dusk to eject the light film, breaking away. When Son of Dusk left Dusk Hill for a long enough distance, those Dusk legs lost contact with him and began to disappear one by one. Allen’s long swords were caught up with midair under the traction of Qi, and chased Allen away. Soon, there were only those kings left on Dusk Hill’s platform.

One of the monarch hall pointed: “Let’s go in.”

Right now, the remaining kings also rushed to the light steps and flew up. But before the hall, there are already a group of alien powerhouses forming the defensive line, and they have blasted out their triumphant ultimate moves, temporarily blocking the impact of the kings.

In the hall, Orpheus raised the Arbitrator high, the complicated patterns on the gigantic sword were lit up, and the Great Emperor’s vitality rose. Suddenly shouting loudly, the gigantic sword cut down, and the sword edge knocked on the floor of the hall, blasting several cracks. The cracks spread, and the ground rises and falls. Although the ground of this hall is made of unknown material, it is surprisingly hard, and Orpheus’ power cannot blast the ground through with a single sword. I changed to a Level 1 powerhouse, I’m afraid I can’t do it even to tear a crack.

Orpheus saw that a sword had made merits, and immediately wanted to make another sword. He had already made up his mind that even if it was a sword, a sword, he would destroy this hall. Unexpectedly, as soon as the sword was lifted, patches of dim rays of light flooded into the cracks on the ground, and then the scattered ground closed again, and in a blink of an eye it was restored to its original state.

“Damn it.” Orpheus kept screaming. He knelt down and reached out and touched it, and the ground became smooth as a mirror again, not like an illusion. He couldn’t help being furious: “Dusk Hill’s energy is also used in this hall. How can this thing be destroyed!”

On the other side, Lucy suddenly surged on the body origin force. In the brilliant rays of light, golden rose flowers appeared all over her. Lucy raised her gun and moved towards the ground to shoot. A golden origin force projectile blasted on the ground, exploding a clear bullet hole. After a while, there was a dim light in the bullet hole, but this time, the ground did not recover. Orpheus walked over, looked at the bullet hole and sighed: “Golden Wild Rose’s attack is real and can penetrate any defense to give real damage to the target. This is somewhat similar to the power of sharpness, but only by This gun probably can’t destroy this hall.”

Orpheus looked at this very small bullet hole. Compared with the whole hall, it was too unremarkable. Even if Lucy is allowed to blast, I am afraid that her origin force will be exhausted, it may not blast a pillar. Lucy frowned said: “Allen said that Hall of Withering is the control center of Ebouins. Since it is the center, there should be something similar to the core to process information and manipulate other things. If I can find it, I want to smash one The core should be easier than destroying the entire hall, right?”

The Great Emperor was taken aback, and then said with a nod: “That’s right, it’s still your brain.”

Orpheus stood up, loudly said: “Listen to everyone, we look for it separately, and if you find something similar to the core processor of Wisdom Brain, let me know immediately!”

The powerhouse in the hall ordered nodded, and they scattered. This hall is not small, I’m afraid it is not easy to find its core. But this is finally a method, better than ruining the hall indiscriminately.

In a mountainous area about how many kilometers away from Dusk Hill, suddenly there was a faint trembling sound from the sky, and then a golden band of light fell down between the mountain areas, suddenly exploding a large area of ​​flames, Ignition the place measured in kilometers. stand up. With the fiercely rising flame, another long sword pierced the air and continued to combine, finally forming two steel wings behind Allen. Allen stoved up in the flames, he raised his hand and pressed it, and the flames in this area quickly fell and disappeared. Then he saw the man outside several hundred meters, Son of Dusk also stod up, swept the armor on the body and said: “Flying really far, we are far enough away from Dusk Hill now, so You can rest assured.”

“You are so generous, let me take you so far, don’t you worry about Hall of Withering being destroyed?” Allen looked at him.

Son of Dusk laughed: “If you change positions with Orpheus, I think I will be worried. After all, your Destruction Strength can be destroyed even in space. A Hall of Withering is really not enough for you to toss. It’s a pity you are here, as for Orpheus , He wants to destroy the hall, I guess it’s not that easy.”

“It seems that Hall of Withering is not that simple.”

“Of course, after all, they are all from the Creator.” Son of Dusk said, “Are you going to continue to chat? Or, it will help to enhance the friendship between your father and son. Oh, I forgot.” , Archimedes’ consciousness has completely disappeared, and it is still my hand.”

“Don’t worry, I will kill you for all the good things that you ruined.” Allen raised Ashes Hymn.

In the Universe’s Dusk incident that Aidahua Star knew about, there were instances where Dusk was blocked. Son of Dusk is not incapable of killing, but killing Son of Dusk, but suspending Universe’s Dusk. Only Devil’s Praise, the Source Device, can truly destroy the “instinct” that occupied the body of Son of Dusk in the past. Because both are the creators of the Creator, only Devil’s Praise can kill Son of Dusk in a true sense.

In addition to Source Device, another way to kill Son of Dusk is the previous Spiritual War. Unfortunately, that has failed.

Speaking from a certain perspective, Devil’s Praise is another sharp blade for Son of Dusk. Son of Dusk said lightly on the surface, but the look in Allen’s eyes was very solemn, especially Ashes Hymn. Although Source Device has not liberated the final stage of Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, he never wants to try Ashes Hymn to have the power to kill himself.

At this moment, Allen dragged his sword swiftly, and the distance of several hundred meters swept past. Ashes Hymn’s gray fire gathered up, and it condensed into a gray long sword with an unfancy upper slash and slashed towards the Son of Dusk. The long sword in the latter’s hand bounced, the wrist turned, the sword edge twisted the gray Sword General to remove it, and then slammed his shoulders away. Allen did not show weakness, and greeted him with a shoulder bump. The shoulders of the two people collided with each other, and there was a muffled noise. The impact of the collision spread. The ground was circularly raised, and hundreds of cracks spread radially to all around. Suddenly, a few dragon scrolls were flattened and the wind blew and roared!

2 people are divided at one touch.

The sharp blade was drawn diagonally towards Allen’s neck in the hands of Son of Dusk. Allen reached out and patted under the pressure of the General of the sword. Simultaneously Ashes Hymn stabbed straight and pointed towards the chest of Son of Dusk. The latter opened his mouth and ejected a dim yellow flame, slamming into the General of Ashes Hymn.

2 people wandered and fought, and the origin force collided from time to time, which caused all around surge up and Gale screaming. More and more dragon scroll winds are rising between the mountains, and finally merge into one, forming a huge dragon scroll storm with a diameter of more than one kilometer!

In the storm, the two people separated again, fighting for no less than 2 rounds, but the two people on the body had no wounds.

Allen suddenly raised his sword to the sky.

The howling storm came to a sudden halt and broke apart, exposing the empty sky above. Dusk-like rays of light slid down, Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes, vaguely seeing something falling from the sky. After a while, a sword as huge as a mountain peak came across the air and nailed it straight to the Son of Dusk on the ground.

White Emperor Sword!

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