Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1899

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Son of Dusk squinted his eyes, White Emperor Sword, he had already seen it in Earth’s underground base that day. Compared to then, this intact style is now more vigorous. The sword intent is full, and when it breaks through the air, the sword intent has already nailed himself to death.

But even so, he still laughed: “Although the imposing manner has become stronger again, but the same style, do you think it still works for me?”

After that, the imposing manner rose sharply, and the robe fluttered, and the on the body armor showed faint yellow rays of light. The Son of Dusk soared into the sky, and the sharp blade pointed at the beyond the sky that was as big as a mountain root, as straight as a moth flies into the flame.

“Useful or useless. If you try it, understood.” Allen’s steel wings spread out behind him, his knees bent slightly, and he rose up into the sky, chasing Son of Dusk, and was going to be one after the White Emperor Sword that fell in the sky. other flanking.

Son of Dusk didn’t even watch Allen. He sprinted at full speed. He wanted to break the White Emperor Sword before Allen, and then turned sword edge to suppress Allen with his new vigor.

At this moment, the White Emperor Sword suddenly gave rise to countless lines that were as thin as a hairspring, and a huge light pattern flickered. The gigantic sword the size of a mountain suddenly disintegrated, and it was scattered into 10000, with only sword edge and no handle. white sword The 10000 swords are scattered all over the sky, like a white waterfall. Although the shape is scattered, the majestic sword intent has not been reduced by a point, but has gone up a new level. That invisible pressure made Son of Dusk feel even more uncomfortable.

The white waterfall falls again.

A touch of dim sword light countercurrent.

When the two collided, countless gray white swords exploded, bursting out gray flames, spreading out in the midair, like a gray cloud.

Son of Dusk was determined to rush, and the white waterfall exploded from bottom to top that day. The magnificent sword intent and the majestic air machine were all crushed to Son of Dusk. When he rushed out from the top of the white waterfall, a circle of Vibration ripples spread out, ten thousand li, and then the bursting air machine origin force 4 shot away, suddenly the surrounding mountain peak fell over, Mother Earth boiled, and it was measured in kilometers. All mountainous areas are cut into flat ground by the boundless sword intent sword energy.

Although still destroying the White Emperor Sword in one fell swoop according to the original plan, the process was far more than Son of Dusk imagined. The White Emperor Sword was destroyed by him, but he was also very exhausted, unable to use the sword-breaking sharpness to suppress Allen as previously thought. So, this gave Allen a chance. Son of Dusk’s breath fell back at this time, and it took a process to return to its peak.

This process is a neutral position.

Taking advantage of this gap, a round of golden Half-moon rises, and the break open is full of streaks, and it blasts towards Son of Dusk.

Son of Dusk took another breath, not retreating but advancing, cutting off the top of the middle moonstring with a sword.

The string of the moon bends like a new moon at first, and is held by the Son of Dusk long sword until half a month, and the last two ends of the arc almost touch each other, like a full moon!

Pulled by the Chopping Heaven Moon String Qi, Allen opened his eyes sharply, thrusting his sword forward, and lightly shouted: “Broken!”

The full moon exploded!

The sky is bright, and then a large golden flame spreads, covering the sky, where there is a silhouette of Son of Dusk. With a long scream, Allen slammed into the sky of the skyfire sea. He smashed out of the sky of the fire sea, and saw a dark shadow in the distant sky. That was the Son of Dusk for Boom, but he obviously flew too high and far. Allen knew that he was using the impact of the full moon explosion to pull away the distance in order to restore the origin force.

Sure enough, a large group of dim rays of light suddenly appeared at that black spot, and the sky was like a sunset. Son of Dusk’s energy suddenly overflowed, so the black spot expanded, and he dropped from the sky with a sword. Boundless sword shadow. The steel wings spread wide behind Allen, supporting him and crashing into the sword shadow, Ashes Hymn cut out the magnificent flame belt, opened and closed, shattering countless sword shadows.

The 2nd round of fierce battle at high altitude!

This is the world of black.

This is the world of Black Device.

But this World, now half of the world is occupied by rays of light that have broken through the sky. More and more beams of light were cast obliquely from the black sky. The beams of light closed to form a light spot, and a large area of ​​light spot illuminate this World. Exposed to rays of light, no matter if it is those dark buildings, mountains, or walking corpse-like black silhouettes, all zi zi sounded in the rays of light, giving rise to blue smoke, and the body quickly collapsed.

a long whistle sounded deep in the city.

The Black Device with the same body as Allen fell on a tall building. The long sword in his hand was exactly the opposite version of Ashes Hymn, a Combustion long sword with black flames. He panted, looking at the priest who was coming up. Miro didn’t walk fast, but no matter where he went, a beam of light fell on him on the body in the sky and followed him. So where he walked, the world scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Miro doesn’t have a sword in his hand, but the cold light flickers on the body circumference from time to time, as if an invisible long sword is hanging there. Then he waved his hand in the direction of Black Device at random, and a light flickered away, and the light intermittently appeared in the air eventually passed the building, and the dark building collapsed. Black Device leaped up, leapt down from midair, raised his sword of fire with a roar, and slashed down.

The priest stretched out a pointer, when there were 4 or 5 rays of light staggered across the front of the black flame long sword. The sound of gold and metal intersects rang in the air, and the black flame splashed on the long sword. Miro flicks with the finger, those rays of light bounced away with the bend, and then lifted the Black Device. The rays of light flicked from him on the body, adding a few more wounds.

Black Device fell heavily, as if the sword just used up all his strength. He was lying on the ground in big font, and the black flame long sword rolled down from his palm and gradually disappeared into the air.

“Stop fighting.” Black Device panted.

Miro walked towards him.

“Kill me.” Black Device looked at the sky gradually being illuminated by rays of light, and said: “Anyway, I am tired of this place. If I can’t occupy his body and get out of this World, I will exist again. has no meaning?”

“With the eternal darkness, I would rather disappear completely.”

Miro stood still next to him and said, “If you want to leave this World, I have other ways.”

Black Device looked towards him: “Are you cracking a joke? You were aggressive just now, now tell me there are other ways?”

Miro said with a smile: “If you didn’t do that, would you give up like you are now?”

“Old fogey, what do you want?”

Miro said solemnly: “You should also know that Devil’s Praise has one final stage.”

“You mean Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness?” Black Device laughed: “Unfortunately he will never be able to Awakening. This final stage, Source Device needs Device Soul to be able to use it. If I die, even if you replace me as Device Soul, I guess , There is still no way to Awakening to the final stage…”

“Yes, because I am not a complete Device Soul.”

“Then you want me to go back?”

Miro shook his head: “Of course not, I know you too well. If you leave here and go back to Source Device, you might turn away.”

Black Device haha ​​laughed: “You know me, old fogey, what are you going to do?”

“I want you to fuse together with me, so that you can leave this World, and I will be intact. In that case, Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness should be able to Awakening.”

Black Device sat up and said, “Just kidding, let me merge with you. Then what is the difference between me and disappearing!”

“Of course.” Miro said: “I won’t let you disappear completely, just confine your consciousness. If this battle can be won, then I will disappear by myself, and you will become the only Device Soul of Source Device. There was no Son of Dusk at that time, as for, would you like to use it for Allen? I don’t think he cares anymore.”

“It sounds good, but how can you guarantee that you will disappear?”

Miro laughed: “Because when the prison is broken, part of my will disappears. Even if I don’t do anything, after a while, I will naturally dissipate.”

Black Device was startled: “So your strange country was created with part of your own will?”

“If that’s not the case, how can you trap Son of Dusk.”

Miro solemnly said: “How about it, make a decision quickly, I don’t have time to spend time with you here. If you don’t agree, then I have to give it a try to see if I can use my own power to make Source Device temporarily Awakening the last stage.”

Black Device spreads his hands: “Since you have said so, what else can I say. If there is an opportunity, who wants to disappear.”

“I… also want to live…”

“In that case.” Miro knelt down, stretched out his hand to press on the chest of the Black Device and said, “Then become one with me.”

Black Device closed his eyes and whispered: “It’s really bad luck. Although it’s temporary, it feels uncomfortable to think of merging with an old fogey.”

Then the whole person revealed the dark rays of light, and finally the body disappeared, leaving only a light ball the size of a glass bead. Miro held the ball of light with two fingers and threw it into his mouth. The ball of light entered the body, and immediately a gray hair turned black and wrinkles disappeared one by one. In a blink of an eye, Miro recovered one’s youthful vigor, turning into a youngster in his 2s. His left eye gradually turned black.

Those are the eyes of Black Device!


Under the cloud sky, the fire is overflowing, like a grand fireworks. The two silhouettes separated quickly, one on the left and the other on the right, separated by kilometers, standing midair facing each other.

“Why, after the integration of Will of Dusk, do you have only these tricks to come and go? This is not enough, Allen.” Son of Dusk said solemnly: “I thought you could give me a better performance, didn’t ‘t expect It turns out that you are just like this. Or, you haven’t gotten real at all, do you want to keep anything?”

Allen watched him spit out a word: “the Creator.”

Son of Dusk stunned, then laughed: “I understand, you still want to keep a little bit of strength to welcome the Creator, are you really that sure to kill me?”

He shook the head and said solemnly: “I said you, don’t look down on people so much. If you don’t give me your best now, I bet you don’t even want to see the Creator.”

“I think so.” Allen’s mouth curled up: “Originally, I thought that you should be able to take care of you in the current state. It seems that you are better than I thought. I have seen you fighting Orpheus, so I should be able to suppress you. Yes. There is no way, I…”

Suddenly, Allen looked towards Ashes Hymn in his hand sharply. In the long sword of ash-gray, a black air machine quietly jumped from the center.

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