Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1900

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At first, the black was as thin as a snake, but in a moment, it had already dyed its long front. Ashes Hymn turns from gray to black, and the long sword-like outline suddenly explodes, turning into a black flame. The black flames were raging, gushing endlessly, and after a while, they retracted, and then disappeared into Allen’s palm.

Source Device disappeared?

Before Allen could react, he heard a voice saying in his mind: “Devil’s Praise not at all disappears, but it has been the final stage of Awakening. Allen, this moment has finally arrived, take good hold of this Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, stop Universe’s Dusk!”

That is Miro’s voice.

Then the information about Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness flooded into Allen’s mind, even with the speed at which he processed the information at the moment, it was quite overwhelming. Beyond the sky, Son of Dusk standing still in the air saw this scene and couldn’t help but cried out: “Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness? Impossible, how can Devil’s Praise be the final stage of Awakening in your hands!”

“In the universe, there are always no absolutes. Don’t you understand it yet?” Allen spread out his hand and said, “You should also understand what Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness is, then, do well to be harvested. Are you ready?”

Devil’s Praise also comes from the Creator’s creation, and it has a Rule that not belong to this universe. The final stage of Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness is the tool for Son of Dusk to harvest 10000 objects in the universe. It’s just that this tool now falls into Allen’s hands, and Son of Dusk is the object of harvest. Due to the difference between the rules of the universe, the Creator could not create an Eternal Undying life, so he could only retreat and created Dusk Clan, and buried the program of “instinct” in their genes. Although Dusk Clan came from the Creator, it still follows the rules of the universe in essence, otherwise it would not exist. Therefore, the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, which can harvest 10000 objects, naturally also harvested Dusk Clan and the “instinct” buried in Dusk Clan’s body.

But the final stage of Awakening requires extremely harsh conditions. Devil’s Praise, the Source Device, was originally through the hands of Dusk Clan to continuously harvest life to grow. Those harvested life essence will be transformed into the energy of Device Soul. Only when Device Soul grows strong enough can it be Awakened. The final stage. In Son of Dusk’s calculations, even if Devil’s Praise from the very beginning is set in Allen’s hands, how much life essence can Allen be able to harvest after only a few years of holding the Source Device? The Device Soul he cultivated must be equally young. Such a Device Soul is not sufficient to activate Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that in addition to a Device Soul Black Device, Devil’s Praise also has another Device Soul Miro. When Miro merged with Black Device, the power of the two was just enough for the final stage of Awakening.

It’s just that such Awakening is time-limited. After all, Miro’s will has begun to dissolve. When he disappears completely, Black Device is the only Device Soul. The young Device Soul alone is not sufficient to support the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, and even the ability to support Ashes Hymn is not known.

This information also flowed through Allen’s mind. At this moment, he has no time to sigh for Miro. At this moment when Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness will disappear, all he has to do is to harvest Son of Dusk, and harvest it with instinct!

“It’s started…” Allen softly said, on the body the imposing manner suddenly disappeared completely, and even the golden battle armor of the Endless Sword Garment became dim and Lightless at this moment. Just because it’s on the side, 10000 people lose their color!

Behind Allen are the steel wings of the Endless Sword Garment. Behind those steel wings, there are two black wings that slowly flicker like wings. Black as deep as an abyss, and more desperate than despair. If Frius were here, I would sigh that the black behind Allen was the most extreme and purest darkness in the Ding Universe!

Because it is Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness.

Unlike the previous Awakening postures of various forms, Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness has no so-called form at all. Or in other words, it can be in any form.

Allen reached out and pressed his hand in the direction of Son of Dusk.

Immediately the space on the 2 side of Son of Dusk left and right was dyed with ink, and two dark light curtains quickly gathered towards him, like two waves of left and right photographed. It’s just that these two huge dark tides, the Sky Cover covers the sun!

Son of Dusk a long whistle, soaring into the sky. Black waves shot in the empty space, Heaven and Earth shakes!

The magnificent ripples visible in a circle of naked eye slammed and went away 1000 miles in a flash. The ripples pass through, the mountains are tilted, and the ground is cracked. After the ripples, the ten thousand li mountains become flat, and there is no single peak. Then at the place where the collision occurred, the black waves 2 merged into one, the waves rushed towards the sky, fell to the ground, and turned into a large black waterfall reaching the sky and earth. The black waterfall rumbling, Heaven and Earth are broken. Shattering is true shattering, regardless of matter, origin force, thick clouds, or even space, it is completely shattered, leaving nothing but nothing. It is not simply tearing the space with origin force, but shattering the space and even the dimensional wall that isolates the space.

So when Allen raised his hand, the big black waterfall was retracted from the top and turned into a lacquered rainbow, chasing the Son of Dusk. Just now, there was only a huge Space Crack left in the black waterfall. From the Space Crack, crazy energy is pouring in, transforming into wild electric light sweeping Mother Earth, blowing into flames.

At this moment, the world has been Judgement Day.

Son of Dusk certainly knows what Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness is, that is the power to harvest everything. There is no way to stop, no way to stop, it is an unreasonable overbearing force. It was originally a weapon that the Creator gave him to cross the universe, but now that this weapon falls into the hands of opponents, it is definitely not a pleasant thing. After pulling away the distance at a faster speed, he used the sharp force of his hands and pressed down his palms to transform into ten twisted Dusk light belts, rushing towards the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness like a huge python.

That’s right, the black rainbow is not something formed by origin force, it is simply Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness. The Source Device in the final stage has no shape, it can be anything, as large as a side world, as small as a small grain of sand 1000 miles away when blown by the wind, as long as Allen wants it to look like, then it is what Look like. So when the light belt transformed by the sharp power hits, the black rainbow twists and turns into a giant dragon.

Under the black and huge dragon’s bite and flapping, the light band blasted by the Son of Dusk was torn into pieces, restored to the most primordial origin force and scattered and disappeared. Then Black Dragon turned into a sword, as big as a mountain root, with a style similar to that of the White Emperor Sword, but the color is completely opposite. This pitch-black gigantic sword nailed away, as if to nail Son of Dusk to midair.

The Son of Dusk’s silhouette flickered suddenly, and every time it flickered, there was an extra silhouette. So in a moment, more than 1000 silhouettes have appeared above the high altitude, and each one has his breath. If judged by breath alone, then every silhouette is a Son of Dusk. That is naturally impossible. Son of Dusk only used this to confuse Allen’s perception. Allen faintly smiled, spreading his hands, and suddenly the gigantic sword became a wave of anger.

The tide of anger rolled over, flooding the high school 100000 silhouette. When it is submerged, it is annihilated, so the Kuroshio passes through, in the sky, and a magnificent sky appears. The space is also shattered by the Kuroshio, directly exposing Ebouins to the violent energy of the subspace. Those energies poured in and turned into A path of flames and fell to Mother Earth. Looking at the dark tide again, there is a silhouette rising into the sky, naturally the Son of Dusk.

Allen slapped both hands on his chest, and the dark tide of the sky closed for it, and then turned into 10000 arm-thin beams that shot up, chasing behind Son of Dusk. The 10000000 beams of light were blooming like blooming flowers, and the space where they passed was shattered, and the space was torn to pieces in a blink of an eye. The space that was cut into 7 and 8 drops became a dangerous labyrinth, and Son of Dusk could no longer penetrate the edges at will. He had to carefully go around where the black beams were, so as not to be sucked into the secondary space. As a result, the speed drops immediately. Allen allowed the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness to continue chasing him, and with his steel wings behind him, people chased Son of Dusk away.

A dark beam fell on him by one’s side, transforming into a perfect circle and enveloped him. Under the protection of this black circle, Allen ignored those Space Cracks, passed through them directly, and hit the Son of Dusk straight.

Son of Dusk, who was driven around by the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, asked himself that there was no perfect solution, and knew that Allen had been forced into a desperate situation. He suddenly condensed, and the pieces of armor on the body bounced away, and the whole body transmitted dim rays of light. The whole person turned into a golden figure like Orpheus, and then slammed into Allen. At this moment, he within the body is full of sharp power, and Son of Dusk has transformed himself into the most powerful killer in the universe. In the face of Allen’s steadfast pressing, he no longer retreated, but chose to fight Allen to death within an inch!

The black circle that wrapped Allen suddenly disappeared, and the Golden King Flame emerged from every inch of Allen’s skin. In a blink of an eye, Allen turned into a golden Fireball, ascending into the sky like the sun.

Then the two people collided.

This is the collision of Daybreak and Dusk!

Just like the collision of two worlds, only one side can survive!

The rays of light that were difficult to look at were lit up in the sky, and the entire Heaven and Earth instantly turned white. In that piece of white, there was a flash of black that could not be submerged.

Then the sky regained its original color, and the sky curtain fell off like the outer wall of the old building, revealing the secondary space filled with violent energy behind the “wall”, and the energy of the space instantly poured into Ebouins, creating flames And storm. Between that blazing storm, two silhouettes stopped.

Son of Dusk’s hand was blade-shaped and pierced into Allen’s chest, while Allen clenched his fists with both hands on the two temples of Son of Dusk. Between them, there is a black light, like a gun, hanging between them.

It was Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, which simultaneously penetrated Allen and Son of Dusk. The difference is that although Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness penetrates Allen, it is not a substance. Due to the protection mechanism for the holder, Allen is not hurt.

“It shouldn’t be like this…” Son of Dusk said.

Allen said indifferently: “It should be so!”

Shrinking his hands, patted Son of Dusk’s shoulders and shook him out. On the body, there was still Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, and the silhouette quickly fell below the piece of Mother Earth that had turned into a flame hell.

At this time, a golden flame spurted out of Allen’s chest, and the fire star floated, and he fell backward.

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