Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1901

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Above the sky, two silhouettes fell down. Son of Dusk landed first, then Allen, two people fell into the fire sea. Above them, the sky is still roaring, and those Space Cracks that were torn out by Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness have no meaning to be closed, but have a tendency to expand. This is exactly the horror of Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness. All can be obliterated, even space is no exception.

Source Device’s final Awakening posture, coupled with Allen’s Golden King Flame, superimposed on the two extreme destructive powers, I am afraid that a god can also obliterate it.

Son of Dusk is very tricky, but he is still not a god.

So at this moment, he prostrate oneself in admiration fell on the ground, motionless.

After a while, Allen raised his head first, and then pressed chest stands up. A golden rays of light bloomed in his palm, forcibly sealing the wound created by the sharp blade. Although the injury cannot be recovered for a while, as long as he uses Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, he can clear the damage caused by the sharp power. Devil’s Praise, also from Creator, has the power of Rule not belong to this universe, and only it can quickly clear the sharp power left by Son of Dusk. If you rely solely on Allen’s own Golden King Flame, it will take a long time to completely remove it.

He walked to the by one’s side of Son of Dusk, this body was already lifeless. Son of Dusk’s pupils have begun to disperse, and his mouth is slightly open, as if he doesn’t believe he will die like this. In fact, even Allen didn’t believe it, but now, he indeed was dead.

Allen 100 had mixed feelings and remembered that mother wanted to send Devil’s Praise to the man’s chest. Now he can be regarded as repaying a wish of his mother, but the mother will never know why this man left.

This is a regret that can never be let go. Even if Allen is Supreme, he cannot pass the news to his dead mother. I just hope that there is really heaven after death, and I can let father explain to her in person.

Allen sighed and stretched out his hand to hold the black long spear that was still fluctuating, and the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness immediately got into his within the body. Under Allen’s control, that power surged toward his chest, extinguishing the sharp power. The sharp power disappeared, and Allen’s wound began to heal. as for The corpse on the ground gradually lost its color, and finally spread out like ashes, and a group of dim rays of light rose from the inside. The rays of light dimmed quickly and eventually disappeared into the air.

Son of Dusk disappeared completely.

In the future, there will be no Dusk Clan again, and Universe’s Dusk in this brief moment was eventually interrupted. But at this moment, Allen didn’t feel the slightest joy in his heart, there was just an indescribable heaviness. In the battle of Ebouins, I don’t know how many people will never return to their homeland. It is because of their sacrifice that there is the dawn of this moment. However, at the expense of the dawn of countless talents, it makes people easy does not raise.

At this moment, Allen suddenly felt something and looked towards the direction of Dusk Hill. He obviously couldn’t see anything, but he could feel a surge of energy. This tidal-like energy surge became stronger and stronger, and finally rushed to the sky like a fountain. Allen was startled, and then he heard a voice in the sky: “Congratulations, especially Allen. I really didn’t expect that you could really destroy me. But soon you will know, let me disappear and Not necessarily a good thing.”

“What do you think I am, a simple program? No, I am one of the Creator’s 1000000000000 secondary wills, so you see, there is such a strong connection between me and the Creator. If a secondary will The will is gone, and the Creator will soon be here based on the information I fed back when I died. It is a pity, Allen, and all the creatures in this universe, you will eventually set foot on the same destiny as me and return to nothingness. .”

“It’s just that I’m going one step first…”

The voice faded away, without a doubt, it was the voice of Son of Dusk. Allen took a deep breath, he was prepared, when he met Taylor, then First Path Will of Dusk told him. If Son of Dusk disappears, the Creator may come. And that is the real final battle. Only when the Creator is driven out can the connection between it and the universe be completely severed, and Universe’s Dusk can be completely ended.

This moment has finally arrived.

The steel wings spread out behind Allen, raising the Golden King Flame, turning into a golden rainbow light and sweeping towards the high altitude. After a short pause, it pulled out a straight light and disappeared instantly. It didn’t take long for him to see Dusk Hill, and the exterior of Dusk Hill had completely fallen off. Below the surface of the mountain, is a huge crystal. Countless luminous veins can be vaguely seen in that crystal, and they form an extremely complicated pattern. On Dusk Hill, the Hall of Withering glows all over, and every pillar and piece of brick are shining brightly. The strong light converges into a beam of light and points straight to the sky.

Looking up, you can see that a space gap above the light beam is opening, and the opening speed is not slow. In the gap, you can see a diamond pattern flashing from time to time. Just as the planet has atmospheric protection, there is also a “wall” between the universes. no matter if it is to enter or leave the universe, the first thing to do is to break the wall of dimension.

Taylor said that the Creator cannot directly enter another universe. You can only enter a parallel space like Ebouins, but now it seems that the Creator seems to intend to enter this universe. After all, Ebouins is overlapping with the original universe because of the linkage between King’s Warehouse.

The gap in the sky is getting bigger and bigger. It is the size of a football field, but it is still expanding. It can be seen that the Creator must be a huge monster!

The light film on Dusk Hill has long since disappeared, and now the energy of Dusk Hill is completely supplied to the space gap. Allen fell on the platform of the hill, underneath was a crystal bursting with strong light, and kings were constantly fleeing Dusk Hill. The Son of Dusk disappeared, the Creator is about to come, and they dare not stay on Dusk Hill anymore. But they did it in vain. If the Creator were to destroy the entire universe, how could these kings be spared?

Orpheus and the others had already exited the hall. When they saw Allen, Lucy was the first to run over and hugged him. She looked up and said, “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay.” Allen patted her pink back: “How about you?”

“At first, everyone was looking for the core of Hall of Withering. Suddenly a very violent energy surged in the hall, which suddenly shook us out of the hall.” Lucy said.

At this time Laura and the others also came to his by one’s side, Orpheus walked, said with a nod: “Good job, you can get rid of that bastard, you are beautiful.”

He gave his thumbs up.

Allen shook his head, looked up at the sky and said, “Now is the real trouble.”

Orpheus grinned: “A Son of Dusk is so troublesome. Now that his master has finally appeared, it might be even more difficult.”

“That’s for sure, but if we don’t drive it out, our universe will never be peaceful.” Allen said, “So this is the last battle, the real final battle.”

He looked towards Laura and the others and said: “To deal with the Creator, I am afraid that only Supreme can work. You go first, now The Burning Legion has no fighting intents. You all first withdraw from Ebouins.”

Orpheus said with a nod: “Allen is right. This is Supreme’s battlefield. Let the others go.”

“No!” Lucy cried: “In any case, I will stay. I want to witness all of this with my own eyes. Whether you win or lose, I will be with you.”

Laura also said, “Yes, don’t want to drive me away.”

Bellemodre shrugged and said, “Don’t forget, Young Master. I am your servant. There is no reason why the master is fighting and the servant evacuates himself.”

“He was right!” A heroic voice was resounded, and Dusk Hill gave a slight shock. Allen turned his head, a burly, overbearing silhouette ran into his eyes, but Hubble was covered in injuries. The Catu tribal chief took the Star of Darkness and strode forward: “This battle, I have to count me!”

“Me too.” Bai raise a hand said.

Then the other alien powerhouses also said in unison, no one wanted to go first.

Orpheus grabbed his head and said, “You guys, you are really stupid.”

“But it’s so cute.” Allen shook his head, then took two eyes, then laughed: “It looks like there are other fools coming.”

Everyone looked towards the distance, one ship after another Starship appeared above the sky, and the coalition forces that had destroyed the Place of Birth did not only leave, but instead gathered towards Dusk Hill. At this time, a silhouette swept up Dusk Hill and landed on the platform. Two horsetails swung lightly, and Allen saw a pair of calm eyes.

“You are here too…” Allen softly said.

“Yes, I’m here. From now on, I won’t go anywhere, just stay with you by one’s side.” Catherine’s mouth cocked, holding a long spear and strode to Allen’s by one’s side.

“Don’t forget there is me, you brat said to raise me!” A public voice came from the sky, and then someone rushed down.

With a bang, she held a long sniping gun and landed in a squatting position, shaking the entire hill platform. Then stands up, a military cap is lifted by the wind, and the blond hair of Windsor Bellow is swaying in the wind.

Orpheus “tsk tsk” said, “Even I am a little bit jealous of you now, kid. With Xiagelin, you brat’s woman is about to catch up with me.”

Lucy hearing this cannot be rolled the eyes.

Gradually, the Dusk Hill platform was full of people. Powerhouses that rushed over from Place of Birth everywhere gathered, including Horn, Morbit, Alice, Mirren, etc. Allen looked around and saw that there were many powerhouses standing densely packed on Dusk Hill, and the fleet of ships in the sky became like a cow. Soldiers from all star fields in the universe gathered in this brief moment.

Such a grand occasion, there has not been before, and there will never be!

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