Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1902

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In the arena of Demon Monarch, I saw Frius greet before one’s eyes with a Spanac energy projection. The Emperor of Darkness swept out with a sword, and the head suddenly cleared a blank. Only half of Spanac’s energy projection is left, and Frius has seen the dawn of victory.

But at this moment, those projections and arenas suddenly disappeared completely. Frius settled and found that he had returned to the space of Ebouins. The Emperor of Darkness had a handsome face and was slightly distorted with anger, and said angrily: “Spanac, can’t you let me win once? You have to do this every time. When I finally saw the chance of victory, you took it away!”

Demon Monarch’s voice came from behind: “It’s no longer necessary. Look on your head, Frius.”

Frius hearing this raise your head, pupil suddenly shrink. In the sky above him, the sky of Ebouins is disappearing quickly like an erased painting. Instead, there is a profound and empty space. That piece of space is not absolute darkness, but has a view like the universe. From time to time, rays of light flashed past, and there was a halo that flickered like a nebula in the distance. More importantly, between Ebouins and the space, a 6-sided grid flickers and lights up from time to time, as if there is a huge network separating the two spaces.

“This is…” Frius lost his voice: “Dimensional Wall? Is this really Dimensional Wall?”

“Obviously, it seems that Son of Dusk has been killed by Allen and the others. Now, the Creator is about to come.” The mist around Spanac dissipated, and a face similar to Allen appeared. He raised his head, and his eyes flashed with a sharp light: “I have finally waited until this moment. Finally, I can go to the universe where the Creator is located!”

The Emperor of Darkness suddenly woke up and shouted, “Don’t even think about it, Spanac, I won’t let you run away!”

He lifted the sword and rushed, the silhouette flashed intermittently in the air, but when the Lightless long sword was cut down, Spanac’s silhouette had disappeared. The Emperor of Darkness raised his head, there was a purple rainbow hanging midair, and Spanac had been straightforward moved towards the wall of dimension.

“Stop me, Spanac!” The Emperor of Darkness yelled, and chased him with his sword. A black band of light was swept out, and he chased after Demon Monarch.

Two bands of light rushed up, but at this moment, an invisible shock wave pressed down from the sky. The shock wave was so large and wide that there was no gap to find. Like an invisible palm, Spanac and Frius simultaneously groaned. The two people did not retreat but ran into the shock wave. They immediately spread out a circle of origin force ripples with the two people as the origin, but both of them passed through the shock wave. But a shock wave was too heavy, the 2nd came again, the Third Path came to the end…

One after another shock waves pressed down from the high altitude, and the whole Ebouins trembled. When the First Path shock wave fell, the low-order battle unit died, and the Starship shields near Dusk Hill flickered and the ship shook. After the 2nd shock wave fell, Starship’s shield was almost transparent, the hull sank slightly, and all the low-order units on Ebouins were shaken into powder. The Third Path shock wave fell, the Starship shield disappeared, the hull spewed out a fire star, shaking the hull and falling towards the ground, the ground of Ebouins was shaved off, the mountains bent down, and countless pillars of fire spewed from the cracks in the ground. Up.

Every shock wave is a huge test to this World and the creatures in it. After several shock waves fell, looking around, only Dusk Hill could still stand above the horizon within ten thousand li. Everything else was razed, and a huge mark rose on the Dusk Hill platform. The engraving with a scale pattern was raised by Orpheus to offset the impact of the shock wave.

Looking up at the sky that had become nothingness, Allen couldn’t help but sighed that the impact of the Creator’s arrival on the Dimensional Wall alone caused such a huge Vibration. Fortunately, in Ebouins, if it is placed on any planet, this shock wave alone can cause devastating disasters.

“Look, look there!” Someone raised his hand and pointed towards the empty space above his head.

Allen moved towards looking in the direction of his fingers, there was a little rays of light flickering in that direction. Originally there are rays of light flickering which can’t be considered something strange, but the rays of light are growing rapidly, and it looks like something is rapidly approaching.

“Here…” Orpheus yelled: “The Creator is here, please be careful!”

The tone barely fell, which was originally just a light ball the size of a bottle cap in the distant sky, suddenly became as big as the sky, illuminating the sky above Dusk Hill. Then the world shook, and the violent vibration almost threw people off the ground. Even Allen had to lower his center of gravity slightly to maintain his standing, and the others became even more unbearable. Like Lucy, who didn’t even reach Level 30, sat down on the ground. Allen released his aura to wrap up the people around him and shared their pressure before letting them stove up again.

Looking at the sky again, after the intense rays of light, some things can be vaguely seen. Allen squinted his eyes, suddenly saw something, his expression stiffened. He saw a mountain peak, but the mountain peak was hung upside down, and then the mountain peak collided on the Dimensional Wall, and it was hit to pieces by the Dimensional Wall! Next he saw the mountain range of wriggling, the vast ocean, the floating clouds and countless unnamed birds.

He saw a world!

Perhaps, a planet?

“Damn it, is this the Creator?” Orpheus called out. “This is simply a planet!”

Before this, all including Allen regarded the Creator as a kind of life. There are many manifestations of life, which can be organic matter, machinery, or even energy body. Its body shape can be as big as it is boundless, or as small as a human being. But he never thought that it was a planet that hit the Dimensional Wall at this moment!

“That’s the Creator?” Allen wasn’t sure at this time.

“That’s the Creator!” Miro’s voice rang in his mind, “Although I have never seen the Creator, there is nothing wrong with that kind of breath. Allen, it is the Creator, a super planet!”

“Look, it disintegrated!” Lucy whispered now.

Allen saw that the Creator was so huge that the entire planet could not be contained in the field of vision. What Allen sees now is only a corner of the Creator’s body. However, even if there is only one corner, it can be clearly seen that the planet’s Mother Earth is breaking. It is not an unrule crack. Mother Earth cracks will never crack along a straight line, so Lucy will use disintegration. expression.

Because that is a conscious split!

A huge straight crack appeared on the planet ground that Allen could see. From the cracked ground, it was not a dark abyss, but blazing bright rays of light! Even though the unimaginable energy breath was separated by the Dimensional Wall, Allen could still clearly feel it. At this moment, he was like standing ahead of the tsunami, feeling like he was being submerged at any time.

If this planet is the Creator, then the Creator is now disintegrating. From the Dimensional Wall, the ground is rising and falling, the ocean is separating, and some mountain peaks are sinking and some uplifting. Soon, on the far side of distance Dusk Hill, a part of the planet moved towards Dimensional Wall can be seen falling. It is as if a mountain range is slowly descending, its size is so large that it almost separates the world. Soon, it hit the Dimensional Wall, and the Dimensional Wall instantly lit up. each and everyone 6 The crystal lattice composed of the facets is not clear in front of it, and it almost emits fierce flames outward.

Outside the Dimensional Wall, the mountain range dropped by the Creator is constantly being worn away, and the strong shock waves act on the inside of the world, and the scale markings used to absorb the shock waves become indeterminate. Allen suddenly raised his silhouette, rising above the engraving, his wings spread out, and a sun suddenly appeared in the sky. Under the shining like sunlight brilliance, the shock waves falling on Dusk Hill were all annihilated. Orpheus uses its balance power to absorb shock waves, and Allen uses overbearing to directly destroy them.

With the cooperation of the two Supremes, the powerhouses on Dusk Hill were able to move freely, and even the surrounding Starship group stabilized.

“It’s cracked…” I don’t know who yelled: “The Dimensional Wall is torn apart!”

Allen saw that, as expected, after the Dimensional Wall that resisted the Creator hanging down the mountain range sprayed bright rays of light, the large crystal lattices began to disappear, so the mountain range was able to enter the Ebouins, and they slowly fell down and wiped out. Large flares. In the end, the mountain range fell on Ebouins’ Mother Earth, and there was a muffled sound between Heaven and Earth. Then the terrifying Gale that came from that direction made Allen almost closed past one’s prime.

After a while, there was a second muffled sound, but from above Mother Earth on the other side, another mountain range of the Creator also entered Ebouins. After that, the Dimensional Wall above the head began to disappear in pieces, and there was a huge gap between each and everyone. The Creator’s breath rushed down from these gaps. It was a magnificent and vast breath that was difficult to accurately describe in words. If you really want to describe it, then in Allen’s view, facing is another world!

Even, another universe!

“This is really… spectacular.” Spanac held his hands high, as if trying to catch something: “This is the Creator, the Creator is actually a planet, which is really unexpected. Very good, the original universe over there, Planet-level life has been nurtured, what a magnificent universe that should be!”

Soaring to the sky.

The Emperor of Darkness gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t want to go, Spanac. Even if you go to other universes, I will chase you to the end!”

Two rainbow lights, one purple and one black, rose gradually. Finally, they passed through the Dimensional Wall and moved towards the Creator planet.

At this time, all the creatures in Ebouins, no matter where he came from, no matter what civilization he came from, they all heard a voice at this moment, and that voice said in their familiar language: “I am the Eternal Fire, it is the Inextinguishable Light. I am. Waiting to balance the countless dimensions of the world so that it will never cease to arise and die. I, order!”

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