Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1903

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This huge soul shock makes everyone speechless. The Creator can speak in their hearts. Doesn’t it explain that their Spirit will be undefended to the Creator. Especially considering that the Creator comes from other universes, the rules between the universes are different. For example, the Supreme of this universe can also project their will in the Spirit of creatures, but they cannot do the same to the Creator because the rules are different. . But the Creator did it. This explains that the universe it is in has a higher dimension and a higher Rule, so it can easily analyze the Rule of this universe.

For every fighter, this pressure is not small.

The voice of Orpheus was resounded, and the voice of the Great Emperor was extremely loud, like Thunderclap, floating in the sky: “We don’t ask you to balance, our universe is life or death, and that is our own business. You. , Outsider, go back!”

The sound of the rumbling away resounded across the sky, making people’s Spirit a little excited. Allen glanced at Orpheus, secretly sighed in his heart. Although Orpheus regained a bit of momentum by doing this, it was too far away from the Creator’s method of directly spreading words in his heart.

Allen moved in his heart, vaguely grasping something, but the inspiration was fleeting. This feeling made him very distressed, and then the Creator’s voice continued to ring. However, this time, it echoed above everyone’s heads. What’s interesting is that the language it uses is obviously not known by a person. But when you hear those syllables, you naturally understand the meaning.

The Creator said: “It is precisely because you are falling behind that we need to intervene. You don’t understand what you are going through. You often think that the most complex civilization is actually the ruined Seed of Fire. If you leave it alone, What it brings is the end of the entire universe. That’s why we will intervene and drop Dusk for the entire universe. Although Dusk is dim, there will always be a ray of light, so the Seed of Fire will not go out, and new life will come from the Seed of It is conceived in Fire. But if you let you control yourself, you will not usher in Dusk, but Yongye!”

Orpheus murmured, “I hate this kind of cheap and good-looking guy.”

Allen smiled and looked up: “Whether it is Dusk or Yongye, it is our own destiny. Even if it ends, our destiny lies in our own hands. And if you intervene, wait if you leave it to your control. Obviously, we don’t like this very much. What’s more, it’s just a result of your own speculation. How do you know that we will not learn from disasters and find light in suffering? The end of the universe may be eternal night , But how can you be sure that it will not be the dawn of Daybreak!”

Allen’s voice is not high, unlike the Great Emperor that spreads for 1000 miles, but everyone can clearly hear what he said. More importantly, Allen uttered a truth generally recognized by a great majority of advanced civilizations: the universe has no eternity.

In other words, the universe is fickle, and what the Creator points out is just one of many results.

It seemed a very ordinary rebuttal, but it was far more exciting than Orpheus’s words, because Allen pointed out another kind of future, a bright future.

There was a wind blow above, and the low wind sound was like the Creator’s sigh, and then the strange words came again: “You are low-dimensional creatures, so you can’t understand our approach. Son of Dawn, you think Point out that the universe is impermanent. But that is only for you, but for us, the universe is calculable. Behind its seemingly impermanent Rule, it follows a certain higher rule. And in our calculations , The results obtained are based on 1000000000000 calculations, so there is no chance.”

“Then calculate 1000000000000 zero once, zero twice!” Allen loudly said, “Even if the calculation of 20000000000000000 times is still the same result, I will never leave the fate to you to decide! It is life or death , It is joy, it is sad! No matter which one it is, it is my own choice. My destiny is firmly in my own hands!

“No one wants to be a string puppet. What’s more, what you do may not be so noble. This’farm’ can already explain everything!” Orpheus sneered.

The Creator was silent, and said after a moment: “Forget it, since you are unwilling to accept, then we have to enforce it. It’s just that we execute it, it’s not as simple as Universe’s Dusk. There is no need for this dimensional universe to exist anymore. , We will completely end it. When it is destroyed, a whole new universe will be born in a relative position.”

“It’s over if I can’t say this a long time ago.” Orpheus snorted, turned around, and raised the Arbitrator yelling: “Have you all heard it? Are you willing to be run to death like an insect? If you are not reconciled… “

The Great Emperor turned around and rose fiercely into the sky.

“Then, fight!”

Allen’s wings spread out, and the Golden King Flame film rises, supporting him to rise from Dusk Hill like the sun. Behind him, Hubble raised the Star of Darkness and shouted: “Fight! Fight!”

Then everyone shouted, the fighting intent was soaring!

At this time, Orpheus could already see the floating clouds on the mountain peak on the Planet of the Creator, and then some black dots suddenly appeared on those mountains. They fell densely packed and descended like a black cloud. Gradually, Orpheus See clearly those things, they are pitch-black cubes. There is no metallic luster on the surface, but there are patches of chrome patterns, forming complicated patterns. When they crossed the dimensional wall, they quickly elongated and deformed in the sky of Ebouins, and became pieces of rhombus. Each piece of rhombus was the size of a flying warship. They quickly dispersed, and then launched an attack. Laser beams are emitted from the tip of the body. Suddenly, the sky was densely covered with light spots, a large beam of light was splashed down, and there was a shower of light.

On Dusk Hill, many powerhouses have opened their original force barriers, and those super powerhouses have even risen from the sky, facing the light and rain. The fleet near as for Dusk Hill opened its shields and began to counterattack.

Suddenly, the sky became a battlefield. The battleships of the Star Alliance formed a formation to face the rhombuses of the Creator. These rhombuses seem clumsy, but they exhibit a high degree of flexibility and explosive power after the battle, but their firepower is still within an acceptable range. But the number is ridiculously large, and it keeps falling from the Creator’s “body”. And there are more than one. Except for Dusk Hill, those rhombuses that fall into the mountain range of Ebouins are constantly releasing these rhombuses. They moved towards Dusk Hill in the direction of moving closer, and one part moved towards the space gate.

The sky is colorful. Orpheus and Allen, two Supremes, acted as vanguards. They wiped out a large piece of rhombus in a flash. Even those super powerhouses can easily deal with a large group of “enemy aircraft”. But everyone knows that these rhombuses are definitely the cannon fodder of the Creator. If the Creator only has this ability, how can they intervene in the birth and death of 2 and 10000 dimensions?

Sure enough, after the massive rhombus appeared, the upside down mountain peaks of the Creator also began to fall off. The broken mountain burst into flames, blasting gravel, plants and so on to smash, and then exposing a piece of black mercury-like substance. These things are as big as mountain roots, and the surface is constantly squirming, and they are faintly glowing. They fall from the Planet of the Creator, and form an equilateral triangular shape when they pass the dimensional wall. Pieces of black equilateral three corners the size of a mountain root are just smashed down. It seems that they don’t want to kill Allen and the others.

When they fell halfway, sharp horns of equal volume of each and everyone were suddenly erected on the surface, and then each sharp horn blasted a beam of light. Next moment, a denser light and rain flew down. The 3 million 100000000 streamers blasted from the giant three corners were so dense that they were desperately dense. They didn’t even deliberately aim at Allen and the fleet, even looking at the rhombuses. In order to be able to attack the ball, so this light rain enveloped an area within 10000 kilometers. The light rain brushed, Mother Earth immediately turned into a flame hell, Fireball was densely covered, countless flying warships and diamond Combustion fell, and another rain of fire began.

After launching this round of attacks, the giant three corners spread out, and a circle was arranged around the battlefield. It seemed that they wanted to gather fire and wipe out all the lives on the battlefield.

“wishful thinking !”

Allen gave a long scream and stretched out his hand. The Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness in his palm turned into a rainbow. A black rainbow instantly hits a giant three-corner. Allen waved his hand, and the black rainbow swept across like a whip. Cut in half. 3 The horns exploded violently in the air, and the Fireball continued to explode inside. Thousands of Fireballs made it to pieces. Allen didn’t stop, turning around in the air, and the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness swept around in a circle, and the three corners in the air were exploded into a ball. Looking up, you can see a huge ring of fire, Ignition the entire sky.

The flames raging, the fire light illuminate everyone’s face, whether the soldier or the powerhouse, looked at the sky and cheered loudly.

Even Orpheus gave Allen a thumbs up.

Allen was not at all happy. He looked up and saw that there were as many rhombuses in the sky. He swept away, Profound Darkness Hymn let go. The Source Device in this final form had no so-called form at all, sometimes it shot like a rainbow, sometimes spreads out like a cloud, killing the countless rhombuses in large swaths. The Star Alliance fleet also began to counterattack. The main artillery on the large battleships fired thick beams of light. As soon as the shells went away, they would clear a large gap in the air.

Those super powerhouses also not to be outdone. Everyone took out the killer move. The electric light on the sky flickered, and the burning wind danced together. It can be said that it can really kill the sun and the moon Lightless, murky heavens dark earth.

Allen had 2 long swords emulated by golden flames. The steel wings shot out 1000 sword blades from the back. With Qi machine as the guide, Allen seemed to be incarnate 10000000. One person swept 10000 diamonds. At this time, there was another strange breath in the sky, and Allen looked up, not knowing what killer the Creator was about to take out again.

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