Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1904

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A feather floated down.

Allen raised his head. It was a feather formed purely by rays of light. Its details were impeccable. When Allen held out hands to receive, the feather spread out in his hands and turned into light grains like gravel. Drift away.

There are big rays of light above the sky.

In the rays of light that people can’t look directly at, there are many silhouettes, and those silhouettes all exude a breath of majesty and dignity, like gods descending on the world.

“Dressing up as God, playing the devil.” Orpheus snorted, and raised the Arbitrator to chop from afar, the sword edge swung out the golden sword light and shot away, crashing into the near boundless rays of light, and exploded A series of storms and flames. Feng Heyan was blown away by an invisible force, the rays of light gradually disappeared, and Allen saw a hand. To be precise, it is a gold-made wrist armor. The shape of the wrist armor is simple, with the same simple lines on it, spreading out from among the rays of light sparkling spar. Stretching out a palm from the armrest, a palm composed of rays of light, it lifted one of its fingers, and the tip of the finger gathered fluorescent light. At the next moment, a beam of light like a battleship’s main artillery blasted through the sky and blasted towards Orpheus.

The Great Emperor snorted, a scale carved in front of him unfolded. The beam of light was completely absorbed by the markings. Simultaneously a red scale was engraved on top of the attacker. The beam of light fell intact, as if the white waterfall rushed all the way down on the body, exploding it from the void of aloof and remote. Down. A beam of light continued to drop, and the front end of the beam was flashing brilliance formed by collision. In that glorious light, Allen saw a human figure draped in a golden battle armor. The reason why he couldn’t determine whether it was a creature or not was because the “person” in the golden battle armor was purely made of light. This is true for the head, hands and feet, and even hair. There are two pairs of light wings stretched out behind it, like a legendary angel, but the five officials cannot be seen clearly, and it feels more like an inorganic machine.

It was hit by the straightforward of its own beam of light, and when it hit the ground, it blew up a ball of Fireball and combusted in the vicinity of Dusk Hill.

Allen looked up, and there were such a group of light men wearing Battle Armor in the sky. They were a great majority with a pair of light feathers. The shape is mostly plume feather plump bird wing shape. Most of these light people hold gigantic swords that are also made of light. They are the largest in number, densely packed almost all over the sky. Then there are some wings that don’t have a specific shape, but 2 pieces of the wing shape are barely visible, but in essence, 2 pieces of brilliance are uncertain. The number of these light people is smaller, and what they hold in their hands is not a gigantic sword, but a long spear that is also formed by brilliance.

The least number is some huge guys, they are smaller than the Prison Flame Giant, on the body are draped in green and gold Battle Armor, by one’s side there is a light flicking. Behind him is a light wheel, and some mysterious symbols flash in the light wheel from time to time. Behind them, there are as many as 6 light wings, and their weapons are not all. There are double swords, one-handed gigantic sword, heavy machine gun, battle spear, double axe, bow and arrow and so on.

“So, is our opponent an angel this time?” Orpheus sneered.

Allen looked towards him, and the Great Emperor spread his hands and said, “Why, it’s not just that there are angels in your civilization. There are many civilizations in the universe that mention angels, it is this kind of birdman with wings… etc.”

Orpheus complexion changed, and said with a bitter smile: “Does the image of angels come from them?”

“It’s possible.” Allen sighed. “So it seems that the Creator has not come to this universe for the first time?”

“Heaven knows, I only know, they are here!”

The sky rays of light fall.

Between Heaven and Earth, it is as if someone is singing, the singing is solemn and loud, coupled with the countless light people rushing above the high altitude, like an angel army rushing towards the earth. Such a picture, sufficient to be recorded in any religious picture scroll.

“Take us as demons to crusade…” Allen took a deep breath, and the surrounding golden flames combusted, “Then let you listen to the roar of the devil!”

Allen gave a sigh, and the huge sound between Heaven and Earth echoed, rushing to the sacred singing everywhere. Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness condenses in front of him, coming out in the form of a ball of dark rays of light. Allen leaned out into the group of rays of light, and when he retracted, Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness turned into a black giant sword in his hand. The gigantic sword gleams with golden lines, which are the power of Golden King Flame. They are in perfect harmony with Source Device, decorating this Source Device with noble lines.

Then Allen soared into the sky.

With raging golden flames, hit the legion in the sky.

So the wonder of sunset Dusk appeared in the void. At the moment when the sky of Ebouins was torn apart, in the sky of course there was no sun. The dim rays of light that appeared were only because of Allen’s power.

Dusk is here again.

This is only one time, it is Dusk of light people legion, if they are gods, then this time is various gods Dusk!

Under the shower of rays of light, each and everyone of the light-human Battle Armor gradually became transparent, losing texture one after another. Finally, the rays of light in the Battle Armor disappeared, and the Battle Armor turned into pieces of gray and scattered. In between, 10000 scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

It’s just that the Creator’s legion is so numerous, even though in the coming Dusk, more light people are being obliterated, and countless silhouettes disappearing in the air, waving and talking. But there were still a large number of light people falling, Orpheus raised his sword and pointed, without words, his body suddenly grew. In order to face Son of Dusk before, he kept the form of the Golden Titan above the normal human form. At this moment, it turned into a real golden giant. Immediately, there was a golden giant 100 meters tall in the sky of Dusk Hill. The Orpheus transformed into a giant was even more majestic, and on the body Battle Armor was too gorgeous to look directly at it. The burning eyebrows and hair continued to emit a golden fire star, and a long electric light was ejected from the eyes. The Arbitrator, who had become as huge as a mountain root, swept a sword in the hands of Orpheus, the sword edge swayed, countless light people fell, and the speed and efficiency of killing were not much worse than Allen.

So the second round of the battle was officially launched under the joint hands of the two Supremes, Allen and Orpheus.

Countless glorious soldiers fell and fought with the powerhouses of the Star Alliance in midair. Even though there are many powerhouse interceptions, many a fish that escaped the net are still pounced on the Star Alliance fleet. A battleship formation gathered and lifted into the air. After they ended their battle with the diamond flying object, they faced the Creator, the brilliant legion. It’s just that the glorious warriors are much more difficult than the rhombus. They use shields to absorb the firepower of the battleship, and with their gigantic swords, they can easily cut the ship’s body. For a moment, continuous Fireball appears in the sky.

But even so, one ship after another battleship still greeted him. The battleship fort in the fleet screamed in unison, bombarding the glorious soldiers who bypassed the flying warship and rushed towards them. These light men used gigantic swords and shields to protect themselves, and they were bombarded by artillery fire on the way, but there were still glorious soldiers landing successfully. As soon as they landed on the main ship, they swung the gigantic sword in their hands, destroying fort one by one.

The war just started, and a main ship was torn into pieces by hundreds of brilliant warriors. The hull exploded violently, armor fragments were shot, and the wreckage fell toward the ground, and finally exploded on Mother Earth. Pillar of Fire!

“Damn bastards!” The pillar of fire on Mother Earth was reflected in the eyes of Midair and Windsor Bellow. She turned her head back sharply, and Endless Fort quickly assembled into the form of a satellite cannon in front of her. Windsor Bellow pressed her hand on the console. There were so many enemies in the sky that Greedy Wolf didn’t need to deliberately aim at it. She just chose a place with the densest number of people and stepped on the launch pedal.

The lines on the satellite cannon are lit up, and the muzzle is a little bit of light condensed. Next moment, a circle of brilliant white ripples spreads, and a magnificent band of light in the middle hangs across the sky like a milky way. The countless light men in this galaxy were thus annihilated. Among them, there were many high-level warriors. The light belt of Endless Fort finally strikes on a glorious giant. The light belt blasted through its chest, and drilled out from behind it. The light wheel behind the giant collapsed and exploded at the midair juncture. As the light wings disappeared behind him, the giant also disappeared in its armor, so those huge The pieces of green and gold armor were scattered, hitting the ground and knocking out each and everyone big pit.

After the shot was fired, Endless Fort was decomposed and combined into a basic shape. This shot made Windsor Bellow’s breath plummet. Although the greedy wolf holding the sniping gun was still on fire, the offensive was no longer violent before. When two glorious warriors were exploded with one shot before one’s eyes, a high-ranking warrior quietly fell behind her and raised the glorious battle spear to stab her. Suddenly a golden light flashed across, and Windsor Bellow suddenly turned around, and saw the middle of the body of this high-ranking soldier. Behind it, Horn’s silhouette appeared.

The Old Master has put on the Garment of the Rising Sun Monarch, and the Cutting edge matrix is ​​unfolded behind him. Under the traction of the Qi machine, the knife array is autonomously hunting and killing the glorious soldiers passing by. Horn stretched out his hand on Windsor Bellow’s arm, and a mighty origin force crashed into the greedy wolf within the body, touching her Seed of Fire, and helping her quickly absorb the void origin force. However, in the blink of an eye, Windsor Bellow’s origin force has recovered by half.

She said to Horn said with a nod: “It’s okay, sir.”

Horn said with a smile: “That’s good. You have to be careful. There are too many enemies. It’s best not to use the stake all on one throw trick lightly.”

Windsor Bellow said with a nod: “Teached.”

She shot the sniping gun, Endless Fort deformed, forming a pair of revolvers that once faced Kaprow. With the gun in her hand, Windsor Bellow raised her hand and fired continuously, exploding huge origin force bullets with formidable power. Before one’s eyes, a circle of brilliant soldiers exploded. She smiled at Horn: “How about this?”

“Not bad.” Horn haha ​​smiled and rose into the sky. The Cutting edge matrix followed him like a golden wave. The Old Master was shocked by Blade Qi and rushed towards the enemy group above. Blade light is vertical and horizontal, a light person falls down to Mother Earth.

Windsor Bellow rolled the eyes and said, “You just let me sit back a little bit, but you did a big fight yourself.”

As if hearing her complaint, Horn’s laughter came from above. Windsor Bellow hit the foot, and the people broke through the air, shooting with two guns in a row, using the fallen light people as a leverage point to move and move to the densest place in the enemy group.

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