Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1905

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Allen rose into the sky.

Two brilliant giants fell towards him.

Allen raised the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness in his hand to greet him. Compared with the weapons of the two brilliant giants, the black gigantic sword was so small that it was not even a toothpick. But it was something like a toothpick that cut off the weapons of the two shining giants, and finally across a black thread, the heads of the two shining giants floated up, and then exploded into a strong white with their bodies. light. In the white radiance, pieces of armor fell from Mother Earth, smashing into each and everyone pits of different depths.

On the other side, the Golden Titan incarnate by Orpheus also killed two brilliant giants with a single sword. At this time, rays of light lit up in the sky again, and new glorious warriors continued to fall from the Creator’s body.

“It’s endless.” Orpheus yelled, “Allen, don’t bother with them. Leave it to me here, you go in and kill the shit the Creator.”

Allen nodded, his eyes fell, falling on Lucy’s by one’s side. Laura and Catherine are on Lucy’s by one’s side. Lucy’s battle strength is the weakest among the three, but the Source Device in her hand can launch a real attack. Regardless of whether it is a glorious soldier or those high-ranking soldiers who are full of glory, it is a shot to her. The 3 people formed a formation and held a corner of the Dusk Hill platform, and all the fighters who committed the crime were beheaded.

As if he noticed Allen’s gaze, Lucy looked up. She smiled slightly and nodded to Allen.

Allen suddenly remembered the first meeting with her on Babylon. It turned out that in the blink of an eye, so many years have passed.

“Go.” Lucy opened his mouth and said silently.

Allen nodded, resolutely turned around, his wings spread out, and pieces of golden flames rose up all over his body, turning into a golden flame soaring into the sky.

“Go, get it out!” Lucy shouted with all his strength.

Allen heard exactly the word, and then crashed into countless glorious soldiers. In an instant, he had crashed into a sea of ​​light. There are countless soldiers here, even high-ranking fighters and brilliant giants. This legion comes from the Creator’s power. As long as its power never exhausts, the legion can appear from Danger Land, and then throw into any battlefield designated by the Creator.

In the sea of ​​light, the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness in Allen’s hand appeared so obvious. He traversed a dark band of light, as if to divide the sea of ​​light all the way away.

Countless glorious soldiers fell into the abyss.

But Allen knew that it didn’t make sense to the Creator.

Allen looked towards the sky above, passing through the ocean of light, falling on the suffocating planet.

Rush! Rush! Rush!

kill! kill! kill!

The sky of Ebouins keeps falling, densely packed, and falling like rain. With every rays of light falling, a glorious soldier disappears. The rain of light is so dense, I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of glorious soldiers disappear.

Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness no longer maintains the shape of a sword, but turns into a round sphere to wrap Allen. This black ball flows upstream in the sea of ​​light, and blasts a radiating dense beam towards all around at a constant frequency. , I saw black spots of light continuously lit up in the sea of ​​light, and after the spots disappeared, a large number of glorious soldiers fell.

Allen went all the way.

When a dozen brilliant giants were also broken through by him, there was no barrier between him and the Creator. Allen came back to his senses, it turned out that he had already passed through the Ebouins dimensional wall and appeared in the subspace connecting the other dimensional universes. The violent energy in the subspace continuously rushed towards him, but all was annihilated by the Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness , Allen who is in it will not notice.

He is flying towards the Creator.

Among the vast and distant life of the Creator, this is probably the first life that has left the universe and pounced on him with a strong hostility. The Creator did not feel angry because of it, just like when people see an ant crawling towards oneself, even if the ant is bigger, you will not feel angry because of it. Because the dimensions represented by the two are too far apart, so that there is no way to intersect, naturally there will be no corresponding emotional reactions.

On the contrary, the Creator is a bit curious, and this is not a new contact for it.

So it allowed Allen to approach, and even pushed away the deadly energy that could bounce off any foreign objects on the face towards Allen, opening a channel for Allen.

Allen crossed this passage, and then gradually accelerated towards the Creator under the action of natural gravity, and then combusted around him due to the friction of the atmosphere. The Planet of the Creator also had an atmosphere. After Allen passed through the atmosphere, Heaven and Earth turned upside down. Allen was still rushing upwards, the next moment he had fallen downwards. Below is the body of the Creator, the interior of the planet, he turns around to look back, and above his head is the deep red sky, with strips of light passing by from time to time. From Ebouins, you can clearly see the Mother Earth and the ocean inside the planet, but from here, the world of Ebouins is blurred.

Allen seems to have entered another world.

In his before one’s eyes, from time to time there are beautiful and magnificent light strips passing by, and he drills through the clouds. Before one’s eyes suddenly became cheerful, he saw many islands floating in midair, some of which were very big and some were very small. Some islands are lush green, and water even falls from the edge of the island, forming a white waterfall. Some islands are barren, just like Wasteland, only towering volcanoes emit bright pillars of fire from time to time.

Every floating island here is protected by a faint light film.

After passing by countless floating islands, Allen saw endless forests. Mother Earth is so vast that there are no limits. There are rivers flowing on Mother Earth. Various strange creatures have travelled leisurely in the forest or Mother Earth. They form A wonderful ecosystem.

The Creator’s interior is thriving, but for some reason, Allen can’t see any intelligent life. Those living in the Creator are primordial lives, and the so-called civilization has not yet developed.

Then Allen landed on a piece of grass, and he fell gently. Not only the creatures all around didn’t run away, but curiously went forward and looked at his uninvited guest.

Allen looked at all around, loudly said: “You come out, since you let me in, why don’t you come out to see me!”

Then a voice rang in his mind: “I am here, I am everywhere.”

Allen thinks about it, he is in the body of the Creator at the moment, the Creator is the planet, and of course it is everywhere.

“Since you let me in unscathed, then explain that you don’t want to fight, do you?”

“War is only a means, and it has no meaning in itself.”

“Then leave this universe, and stop fighting meaningless wars.” Allen called.

The Creator was silent for a moment, and then said: “You don’t understand that even in terms of life form, you are already a very advanced life. Even in our kingdom, you can also have a place. But due to the different dimensions, So you don’t understand. If you look at your universe from our height, you will understand why we should intervene in your low-dimensional universes, because we are helping you.”

“Help?” Allen spread his hands. “Does destroy us help us?”

“What we harvest is only life. In your words, if you regard the universe as a complete life. Then you are the parasites living in this huge lifeform, and even the parasites can’t be called, you It’s just a tiny bacteria. If the bacteria does not undergo mutation, then life will continue to grow. But once you have a mutation, it will threaten this life.”

“Mutation can be war, it can be power. In short, when we think that you may threaten the continued development of this huge life in the universe, Universe’s Dusk will come. Dusk just removes the bacteria from this life, but it will not hurt it. Life itself. And as long as a period of time passes, you will be reborn again and again, and you will not really perish at all.”

“So you see, the war with us is meaningless.”

Allen loudly said: “That’s only for you, yes, we may be just bacteria in your eyes, but a tiny existence. But even if it is bacteria, we have to survive to death, and we will never accept being cleared by humans. Because that is our right!”

“Why…” doubts appeared in the Creator’s voice, “In a high-dimensional universe, once lifeforms threaten the existence of the universe, they will choose to automatically die. Of course, if they have developed to a higher dimension, those universe lifeforms are rare. It will threaten the existence of the universe, because it is an extremely stupid thing. Maybe because your dimension is too low, you have not even formed a unified cosmic civilization, so you will develop a serious self-proneness. You have to understand Compared with the entire universe, you are not irreplaceable at all.”

Allen shook his head, “Yes, maybe we are too inferior, so we don’t have that noble sentiment. But as long as we give us time, one day, we will develop into the high-dimensional universe you know. Before that What we need is an opportunity, not a compulsory removal as soon as we make a mistake. We are not a single procedure! We have feelings, we are living lives!”

“But you don’t understand. If you leave it alone, it will be extremely likely to cause the destruction of this universe. In your opinion, or the destruction of this universe is just your own business. But in our view, it is not so at all. One thing. You need to understand that there is a connection between dimensional universes, and once a universe is destroyed, it will trigger a terrifying chain reaction.”

“Or because of the destruction of your universe, which led to the collapse of a certain high-dimensional dimension, this is the imbalance of the dimensional world. What we do is to ensure the balance of the dimensional world and maintain the order of all dimensional universes. “

Allen loudly said: “Then who gave you the right to manage, and who gave you the qualification to destroy other universe life? You speak so high-soundingly, but in the end, your so-called balance is nothing but the fear that the destruction of the lower dimension will attract the higher dimension The collapse of. After all, you are also doing the same for yourself. Isn’t this a kind of selfishness!”

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