Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1906

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After the Creator was quiet for a while, he slowly said: “I understand that two worlds with completely different dimensions are really difficult to have equal dialogue. At least, two-way communication is impossible. Maybe you are right, we are selfish. , Then we have to carry out this selfishness. However, you already have a very advanced life form, and our kingdom can allow your existence. Now I give you a choice to join us and get out of the low-dimensional dimension. In time , You will also be the existence side by side with us. When the time comes you will truly understand the meaning of what we do.”

Allen laughed and said: “Since a long time ago, I have been facing choices constantly. And I am also continuously choosing, choosing the side that is more beneficial to me.”

“This is the right approach.”

“Yes, but this time, I plan to be willful once.” Allen loudly said: “The Creator, get out of me with your legion! Otherwise, I will destroy you!”

The Creator calmly said: “This is your choice? What a pity, it seems that our war can only continue.”

When Allen raised the Profound Darkness Hymn, the ground under her feet suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding scenery disappeared like digital holographic projections. When the image reappeared, Allen was in a white space. There is no sky, no earth, and only the misty rays of light everywhere.

“Where is this?” Allen yelled.

“This is the space between material and Spirit. Simultaneously here, you can really touch me. This is my reward for you. Although I don’t think you have a chance, but out of appreciation for your courage, I still intend to give you such a chance.” Someone came and appeared from the misty white light.

When he saw the silhouette, Allen thought he was looking in the mirror. Because the person who walked out over there looks exactly like him. Even if you use the most Spirit instrument to scan, you won’t find a difference. Allen coldly said: “This is boring.”

The Creator, who appeared in the image of Allen, had no expression on his face. He said: “The shape is meaningless to me. I can be as large as a nebula, or as small as an incalculable point. Now it is just for your convenience. That’s why I used this body to appear. If you don’t want to, then I can do this too…”

His silhouette became blurred, and a new image appeared after a second, this time Lanni, Allen’s mother.

Allen narrowed one’s eyes.

“It seems that you are still dissatisfied, what about these?” The Creator connects to change, from Archimedes to Horn, from Lucy to Laura, he changes into everyone Allen knows, “these all are your body with strong emotions , So it’s easier for me to read, why are you still not satisfied?”

For a moment, the Creator even changed to Bai Fang, the intelligent snow wolf who had lived with Allen for several years. Finally, the Creator stopped changing and appeared as a face without five officials. Allen shook his head and said, “Forget it, let’s use my image.”

So the Creator returned to its original form.

“So, can we start?” Allen asked.

the Creator spread his hands: “Anytime.”

So at the next moment, Allen was already pasting him, Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness passed through the Creator’s body, and the sword edge poked out from behind him. But the Creator showed no signs of injury. He said: “Devil’s Praise can hurt my agent, but it is of no use to me. After all, it comes from my hands, and I understand it thoroughly to every molecule. “

He stretched out his hand and held it on Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness, and the Source Device suddenly twisted. Allen heard a scream from Miro, the sound seemed to be coming from a very far place, and then the Source Device disappeared, directly restored to the original form of the dagger, and dropped, floating in the void. Allen looked at the dagger floating in midair. He knew very well that all the Awakening forms of Source Device so far have disappeared, and even Device Soul has disappeared.

Just in that short moment, the Creator erased everything.

The Creator said: “You are wrong from the very beginning. Use my power to fight against my creation. It seems like a very clever way. It can be used on the body, but it is meaningless. It is like a drop on the sea. Then, returning to the sea, what kind of damage can it cause to the sea?”

“Your clan was originally a container that existed in order to easily bear the will of the agent. Your power also comes from me. Want to use my power to deal with me is a ridiculous thing in itself.” The Creator hit Snap fingers.

The Endless Sword Garment of Allen on the body became transparent and disappeared completely. Allen eyes shrank, he can no longer feel any connection with Taylor’s power. In addition to Taylor, the inheritance of the other Will of Dusk has also disappeared, which means that Allen can’t use their power.

Fortunately, the Golden King Flame is still alive. Maybe this is his own power, so he stayed protected. Even the Creator cannot erase his power. These things, not belong to the Creator. Otherwise, if the Creator can easily erase a universe, there is no need to start a war.

“Without the Source Device, without the reverberations of will, are you still ready to fight with me like this?” The Creator snapped his fingers again, and a set of black Battle Armor immediately appeared on the body. That is Endless Sword Garment, and that layer of black obviously has the power of Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness. He deprived Allen on the body of the power of the past, and now he uses it in his on the body, and the combination is more perfect than Allen. At least Allen never thought that Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness can still be used in this way.

The Creator was still dissatisfied. He shook his head, “So you plan to use these powers to deal with me? I really don’t know, what is the use of this combined power, let me teach you a lesson. You should use it like this.”

on the body The dark Endless Sword Garment pieces separated. They twisted in midair and turned into mercury-like objects. Then the black mercury continued to gather together. When the final shape stabilized, it formed a black dagger. Only the grip and the cutting edge, without any decoration, are extremely simple. But that dagger gave Allen a very dangerous feeling. In that dagger, the Creator perfectly combined the power of Will of Dusk and Extinction Chant of Profound Darkness. If Allen is to do this, even Allen doesn’t know how many years it will take.

Allen said bitterly, “Is this the power of higher dimensions…”

“Yes, with the knowledge system of your dimension, it is difficult to understand how I did it. Then, I will ask you one last time, do you join us? As long as you join, you will also master this knowledge and these powers. Even , You may become a look better than us, you will become an important member of us.” the Creator extend the hand, “then, what are you waiting for?”

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