Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1907

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Allen didn’t answer, and directly slammed it with a Combustion fist against the golden flames. The Creator therefore understood his answer. The Creator, which was almost like a mirror image of Allen, sealed Allen’s fist with the pitch-black dagger, and the Golden King Flame on the simultaneously fist front disappeared. Allen narrowed one’s eyes, despite depriving Endless Sword Garment and many other abilities of Will of Dusk, but at this moment his Golden King Flame punched down, and even the mountains had to be shattered. But hitting the unremarkable dagger of the Creator, no matter the origin force or the impact kinetic energy, it absorbs cleanly. The dagger that fuses many forces together is the ultimate expression of the Rule. Simultaneously also represents the overriding of the Creator. The high-dimensional rule above the universe.

Picking up Allen’s hand, the Creator was not welcome, and pointed at Allen’s chest. Allen didn’t dare to be careless, and moved away from his side. Simultaneously, his palm was blade-shaped, and the edge of the palm was once again Combustion to lift up the Golden King Flame and cut it to the Creator’s chest. The Creator seems to be lacking in combat experience. He didn’t dodge, and he drew a dagger in his hand. At this time, he was hit by Allen’s hand knife, and the simultaneously dagger also slashed through Allen’s chest.

2 people separated.

The Creator hacked Allen backwards, but Allen took the initiative to retreat.

He looked towards the chest, and the chest had already drawn a scar. What vomited from the scar was not blood, but golden slurry. Allen exhaled, spraying a thin Golden King Flame onto the wound, sealing the wound. Looking at the Creator again, he suffered a hand knife, but he didn’t feel it.

“It seems that you still don’t understand. The battle method between you and me is completely different. Your on the body still bears the mark of the low-dimensional universe. Your battle method and the use of power by Rule are all the same.” the Creator Say, “And what I use is to fuse power, Rule and self together. I am power, I am Rule, and there is no difference between me and them. No matter how strong your power is, even if your Rule power is The ultimate destruction, even if you can break the void. But, can you shake the entire universe? Can you affect the 1000 Rule? Obviously, no.”

“So the battle between you and me, at first, you have already lost.”

The Creator seemed to rush over awkwardly, but it was Allen by one’s side within 3 and 2 steps, and he picked it up. Combustion of Allen’s whole body played the Golden King Flame, slapped the dagger with both palms. Then destroy the Golden King Flame, trying to annihilate the Creator’s weapon. But that dagger is like a black hole. Let Allen destroy the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, but make it red and hot. Can’t do it. The Creator shakes his wrist, and the dagger is between Allen’s palms. He cut a wound and withdrew, and then pierced Allen’s brow.

Allen walked around, stretched out his hand and caught it, with a gold long sword in his hand. A sword stabbed into the Creator’s within the body and stabbed out of his chest. The Creator just lowered his head and stretched out his hand to hold the sword lightly, the golden long sword turned into nothingness, then turned around and slid away, pulling out a black light to force Allen back.

Allen looked at him in silence, the first time he gave rise to a sense of nowhere to start. His power, his Rule, can’t affect the Creator at all. How can we fight such a battle?

Allen was at a disadvantage in the Creator’s world, and on Ebouins, why not the allied forces of the Star Alliance.

Orpheus has almost supported the entire battle line with its own power. The Great Emperor, incarnate as a Golden Titan, has killed more than a dozen brilliant giants, but from the Planet of the Creator, there is still brilliance constantly shed. When they fell, they spawned a large number of glorious warriors, some of the larger light groups formed high-level warriors, and finally a large number of rays of light gathered and the glorious giant appeared.

The number of this glorious legion is climbing crazily. From the beginning, it was equal to the number of Star Union Allied Armies. After Orpheus and Allen killed a wave, it appeared to be multiples of the number of coalition forces. Now, the number is 5 times that of the coalition forces. ! There are as many as 100 glorious giants. After they fall, they bypass Orpheus and attack the Allied Starship, especially those with huge firepower, and the mothership that provides endurance guarantee for the flying warship!

Under such circumstances, the super powerhouses in the coalition forces can only deal with these glorious giants separately, otherwise they are allowed to destroy the main ship and mother ship, then the lower battle strength of the coalition forces will lose support and will soon be overwhelmed by a large number of glorious soldiers. . Just in this way, the pressure on the ordinary powerhouse is greatly increased, and they need to stop the high-level fighters in the glorious legion. These high-ranking fighters with rays of light behind them have the same strength as ordinary powerhouses. There is no super powerhouse to suppress them. It is almost impossible to kill them quickly. And there are so many of them that ordinary powerhouses can intercept them very reluctantly.

Orpheus slashed the heads of the two shining giants with a single sword, glanced around, and saw that a main ship was roughly torn apart by the two shining giants. The hull was thrown to Mother Earth, and the broken hull kept showing black spots. It was thrown out, those were all personnel on the ship. With a sound of Orpheus Furious Roar, Arbitrator plunged into the ground. After a while Mother Earth roared, the ground strips bulging, and in an instant, strips composed of countless metal particles rose from the ground, like the same head of metal Flood Dragon, they wrap up the glorious giants, shrink and explode their armor, In the end, their bodies were also strangled.

The Great Emperor strangled dozens of giants in one fell swoop, but at this moment, the top of his head lit up again. Orpheus raised his head, and a large group of splendor gushed down again, and the densely packed glorious warriors fell like raindrops, as if legion could regenerate endlessly. And this time, following the rain of light, those rhombuses, giant three-corners, and black cuboids like coffins have not appeared before.

“It’s endless.” Orpheus loudly roared, lifting his hands up. Suddenly, the ground within 1000 li of Dusk Hill shook, and metal dragons rose into the sky. Between Heaven and Earth 1000, the dragon leaped and hit the Creator’s legion. The picture was as magnificent as the epic murals in those temples. !

A large fire exploded in the sky, and countless glorious soldiers were strangled by the metal dragon, and they fell one after another, turning into real rain. Even more brilliant giants were pierced by the Golden Dragon, and a huge ball of light exploded in the air. The diamond-shaped bodies with huge 3 horns and the black cuboid as big as the main ship also drilled through the golden dragon. For a moment, the entire sky is lit by rays of light exploding, and ten thousand li is visible.

The flames above Orpheus’ head rolled over, like a sea of ​​fire across midair. The Great Emperor killed countless enemy troops with one person. But before the coalition had time to be happy, they saw glorious soldiers falling through the fire sea. Behind them, each and everyone were glorious giants as big as mountain peaks.

Seeing this scene, even Orpheus gave rise to a feeling of weakness. His gaze penetrated the endless brilliance and fell on the huge invisible planet of the Creator: “Allen, you have to hurry up.”

Then he kicked the Arbitrator, Orpheus jumped towards the sky after running several times, and the golden light bloomed all over the body, like a sun rising on Mother Earth. This round of sun slammed into the glorious legion, and immediately flooded a large area of ​​enemy forces, bringing a huge vacuum to the coalition forces.

But for the overall situation, not at all played a key change.

The battle continues.

On the platform of Dusk Hill, Lucy looked up, almost filled with glorious silhouettes, and countless glorious soldiers almost filled the platform. Catherine and Laura are on her left and right, and the nearby Star Alliance powerhouse also gathered together. At this time, fighting each other is extremely stupid. Only by joining hands can there be a glimmer of survival. The glorious warriors rushed into the sky, Catherine’s long spear, Laura’s Red Empress long sword, and many powerhouse weapons and killer moves were all unfolded, and the glorious warriors swarmed back wave after wave.

The hair on Lucy’s forehead was wet with sweat, and she had forgotten how many shots she had fired. Even with Golden Wild Rose and Endless Annihilation in hand, her lethality is comparable to that of a super powerhouse. But she has not had a breakthrough Level 30 yet, obviously the origin force can’t keep up with the consumption.

Suddenly two high-ranking fighters swooped over his head, Lucy immediately raised his gun and strikes, a golden bullet, and a void shock, killing the two high-ranking soldiers. Then Lucy felt a bit of weakness and sat down on the ground with his legs soft.

At this moment, several glorious fighters suddenly broke through the defensive line, and they all handed out the glorious gigantic sword to Lucy.

Catherine and Laura are both beautiful eyes widen.

At this moment, one of the glorious soldiers suddenly froze all over, and then his body broke apart. The other was blasted by a black light, and the remaining one was killed by countless swords. Catherine 2 was relaxed. I saw Bailuo with a chill in front of Lucy, and the Hubble, who reached out and pulled back to the Star of Darkness, came from behind, and Bellemodre, transformed into a black knight, passed over everyone’s heads.

Looking at these familiar silhouettes, Lucy was greatly relaxed.

The battle continues.

The fire of war was flying across the battlefield, and not far from Dusk Hill, an oval stone was not cared about. The strange thing is that since the start of the war, I don’t know how much powerhouse’s power or battleship’s fire has fallen on its on the body, but even a piece of stone clothing has never exploded. At this time, a high-ranking soldier was hit and flew onto the stone. It was about to get up while pressing the stone with its hand, and suddenly its whole body was shaken. The naked man looked down and saw that chest suddenly got out of a hand. This hand is so beautiful, with 5 fingers long and slender, and the nails are crystal clear, as beautiful as a shell. But such a seemingly powerless hand easily penetrated its body and extinguished its source of power, so the rays of light in the armor of this high-level warrior disappeared, and the armor crash-bang fell off. One place.

Behind it, this oval-shaped stone vibrated and shook, continuously spraying lava from inside, and finally exploded, all around, all around. Such a natural phenomenon attracted a large number of glorious soldiers, who fell nearby and waited intently.

After a while, a deep but sweet woman’s voice rang out from the crowd: “Are you the soldiers of the Creator? You can’t be wrong, your on the body smells that I hate, so go away.”

Suddenly all the glorious warriors trembled. The brilliance of their on the body changed from extremely bright white to fiery-red, and then a person spewed flames from the armor. After the flames dissipated, only the armor on the ground was left, those brilliances. The soldiers disappeared completely without leaving.

Between Heaven and Earth sounded like a chant-like roar, which is the echo of the power of Rule touching the world. Orpheus looked towards the battlefield in disbelief, looked towards the thick crowd, he felt that it was a Supreme’s new life.

It’s just that this Supreme, it seems that the power of Rule is too single, just like a sharply sharpened knife, and it is used before it can be polished Perfection.

So Orpheus knew that this was an existence that forcibly pushed himself into the realm of Supreme. Such existence will only be short-lived and cannot last. Perhaps it can only last for a while, and it will fall from Supreme’s high.

But at least for this time, it is Supreme!

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