Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1908

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A woman walked out of the crowd, with a stunning face, the five officials were slightly neutral, and she was full of heroism. She is naked on the body, her skin is as tender as milk, 5 points blush on her chest like clubs (♣) trembling in the wind, and her 2 long legs are close together tightly. Her expression was a little confused, and after a while, she said, “I remember, I am Twilight. Twilight. Ifeina!”

When this sentence was spoken, many magic patterns appeared on the woman’s body, and each stripe was shining like a flame, as if she was wearing a red robe. Lava began to emerge from these lines, and they flowed over her skin, quickly cooled, forming black armor. In the armor, fierce flames light up again, forming an unusually tense pattern.

In a blink of an eye, a pair of heavy black armor appeared on the woman on the body, and a few fire belts sprayed down from the back of the armor, stirring endlessly behind her. She strode towards the battlefield, each and everyone glorious warrior rushed towards her, but was Ignitioned within the range of her ten meters. The brilliance in the armor of the shining warrior turns red from white, and finally raging fire. The flames expelled, and only the scattered armor fell to the ground.

But even so, there are still countless brilliant warriors pouring towards her, like moth flies into the flame.

Twilight is definitely the most blazing fire on the battlefield. She seems to be dissatisfied with such a killing speed. She floated towards the sky and crossed Dusk Hill, standing on top of 10000 objects. Countless brilliance approached her, among them were each and everyone giant. Twilight stretched his hands flat and waved upwards suddenly. The glorious warrior closest to her burst into flames, and then the flames spread quickly through the legion.

One by one, one circle after another, one piece after another…

Orpheus raised his head, his eyes already illuminated by the fire. On top of his head, groups of shining warriors are like lighting sky lanterns, emitting flames from the armor, even high-ranking warriors and shining giants are no exception. Finally, those rhombuses, giant three-cornered and pitch-black cuboids as big as a mother ship, are also spewing Fireball from them.

The entire sky turned into a fire sea, countless armors were scattered, and brilliant giants continued to blow up into huge Fireballs. In the Fireball, the black fragments fell like raindrops. Those were blasted rhombuses, giant three-cornered, pitch-black cuboids!

The fire sea is spinning, and Twilight is in the center. There seemed to be a solemn hymn in the flames, praising the power of Twilight!

At this moment, she was dazzling from nothing.

Before going to sleep, she said that she would surpass the three giants. After waking up, she did it. Even if she did her best in this war, she didn’t have time to polish the Seed of Fire, which was the power of the sea of ​​fury. Instead, she chose to devour Gure Leo, one of the three giants. All power is transformed into one’s own power, and the power is forcibly pushed to Supreme. But Supreme is Supreme, even if the Rule controlled by Twilight is single, you can still show the power of Supreme at this moment.

On top of her power, the enemy legion in units of 100000000 million fell away, but her posture seemed to be an impatient Combustion herself.

No matter what, when Twilight puts down his hands, the sky has become empty, and there are few glorious soldiers and inorganic bodies left. Twilight raised her head and let out a silent long howl towards the Creator outside the dimension wall. However, her power, her will, truly impacted on the huge planet. So from Ebouins, a fire suddenly burst out of the Creator planet. From everyone’s point of view, the fire was only as small as a finger, but in that planet, the ground in kilometers was caught in a flame explosion. In, and the fire is still spreading.

Then the Creator’s voice was resounded, “My creation turned against me. The universe of this dimension is indeed full of unpredictability. Originally, I hoped to use a gentler method to try not to destroy the origin of this universe. Let’s consider and end this war as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you resisted too fiercely, so I have to be a little rougher.”

After speaking, the flame on the planet quickly disappeared, and then something neighed from it.

After a while, a whale with a transparent and luminous giant beast came out of the Creator’s “body”, then the second and third, there were 2 such light whales out of the Creator’s body. , These light giant beasts are larger than the mother ship, chasing and destroying the Starship level. Before they fall, the terrifying oppression has already made many powerhouses overwhelmed.

On the contrary, the low-level soldiers have no feeling. It can be seen that the dimensions of those things are much higher than ordinary soldiers in terms of strength and existence. They can’t even feel the terrifying of these things as for them.

An old voice sounded on the battlefield: “Please be careful, those are Ark.”

“Ark?” Orpheus followed the sound, and a ball of Fireball rose on the battlefield. This Fireball was warm and bright, and Mithinas’ voice came from it.

“Yes, Ark.” Fire of the Abyss said, “When I was a young king, I was called to the previous generation of Son of Dusk to participate in a war. In a civilization that was destroyed by us, there was The vague memory of the Creator. Among them, the one that impressed that civilization is Ark. They are both super life and a strategic weapon aimed at destroying planets. Even an Ark can destroy a star field.”

“The most terrifying part of Ark is swallowing. They can swallow any substance, even Universe Source. Their within the body is connected to a certain different space, which does not exist in any known physical space. It is the Creator specially for it. The created space. Once you enter that different space, you cannot return. All the matter, energy, and even the original source swallowed into the different space will be refined and finally become energy that the Creator can extract.”

Mithinas said: “In human terms, that alien space is a space-level reactor!”

“It doesn’t sound like a good thing,” Orpheus said.

Twilight looked up, said indifferently: “They are here.”

Yes, they are here.

Ark, in human legends, is the ship of hope that God used to inherit life when the flood came down. But here, they are weapons that destroy planets. The seemingly harmless light whales began to swim down. They wagged their tails. As they pierced the Dimensional Wall, a series of cracking sounds sounded in the sky. More dimensional walls were squeezed out, and the shards of glittering fluorescent light poured down. Among the little shavings, 4 Arks swam down. They seem awkward and slow, but in fact they are surprisingly fast, but they are huge, so they look slow.

In a blink of an eye, they have come to before one’s eyes, and only when they are close do you know how huge they are. The field of vision can hardly accommodate one Ark, let alone four. Giant beasts are separated at midair, and the length of a turning point is measured in kilometers. They opened their huge mouths, and there was a monstrous and multi-colored rays of light in their mouths, and then terrifying gravitational force was generated from their mouths, and some powerhouses that were closer to each other suddenly sucked in.

The husbands of the powerhouses of Star Alliance yelled and blasted out their killing skills. But those abilities with huge destructive power fell on Ark like raindrops into the sea, not even a single wave splashed. When Ark closed one’s mouth, how many powerhouses disappeared. Ark was unsatisfied to devour the powerhouse. They attacked the Star Alliance fleet. A main ship was sucked into the mouth by Ark. The gunfire on the main ship was fully fired. Even the main gun shot at Ark’s mouth. Swallowed fate is far away.

The 4 Arks swam around the battlefield, and the damage they caused was far above the glorious legion.

Orpheus cursed loudly, and the giant stepped back roughly, picked up the Arbitrator and slashed it on an Ark. That tail Ark fell to the ground, shaking the sky, but quickly fell to the sky, Orpheus’s sword even left no scar on it on the body. Ark turned at midair and bit at the Golden Titan. Orpheus stood upside down and shouted furiously. Arbitrator dragged his brilliance and hit Ark, and there was an explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Twilight looked up, and Ark opened his mouth to bite at her. Twilight is no better than Orpheus, she is almost negligible in front of Ark, but the imposing manner of Twilight on the body is so powerful that it even surpasses Orpheus. A ball of fire light expanded rapidly, and the fire light was twisted to form a contour. In a blink of an eye, a giant dragon no smaller than Ark appeared on the battlefield. This giant dragon, modeled by Twilight origin force, has three heads. It hugs Ark, and the three heads simultaneously bite towards Ark, biting Ark’s shiny body, and pulling it hard, it tears off a large piece of flesh and blood. Then swallow it.

This tail Ark screamed and desperately tried to bite the body of the giant dragon. The two giant beasts started the most primordial brutal fight.

On the other side, the Great Emperor stepped on the tail Ark, raised one’s sword stabbed, and the Arbitrator nailed the Ark to the ground. Ark shook his tail violently, the giant tail slapped on the ground, and the terrifying cracks spread out quickly, bursting out rows of flames from the cracks in the ground. Orpheus drew up the giant sword, yelled, and crossed Ark with the horizontal sword, dividing the giant beast into two. The giant beast stopped moving immediately, and the body quickly dissipated into countless fluorescent particles.

Orpheus looked up and saw that there were two remaining Arks destroying the Star Alliance’s coalition forces. Several mother ships had been swallowed or crashed, and there were countless flying warships swallowed by whales. Many super powerhouses are attacking around Ark, but their attacks cause very limited damage to Ark. Instead, Ark on the body bursts out radiation rays of light from time to time. Exposing to those radiation lights, even the super powerhouse will be seriously injured.

Only Supreme can kill Ark.

There was a stern scream over the battlefield, Orpheus raised his head and saw that the giant dragon transformed by Twilight violently ripped the body of the tail of Ark, and the rays of light that flew after Ark died were sucked by the three heads of the giant dragon. After exhausting the rays of light, three beams of light were sprayed into the sky. The three beams of light formed a magnificent strip of light like the Star River in midair, crossed the dimension wall, and landed on the body of the Creator.

This is Twilight’s second attack on the Creator.

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