Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1909

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In the space of the Creator, the two silhouettes meet and separate.

After they separated, a strong impact spread out, and the space buzzed. In this space where there is no Heaven and Earth but only void, tactics are more widely used. Allen no longer knows how many rounds he has played against the Creator. The Creator still has a huge advantage in the use of power and rules, but the application of obvious resilience and tactics is not as good as Allen.

It seemed like a giant with great power. He was aloof and remote and rarely had the opportunity to be challenged. As for Sora, he has a strength, but his combat experience is very shallow.

It is natural to think that the Creator has not encountered a challenge for a long time.

He seemed to be aware of this too.

“You are right. In the long river of years, there are few opportunities for me to do it myself. In the last 10000 years that I can clearly remember, you are the first person who needs my hands.”

Allen shrugged, “Then should I feel honored?”

“You really have to feel honored. After all, such opportunities are not often available. Then, you are probably thinking that you can use the advantages of combat experience and resilience to bridge the gap between our strength and the Rule?”

“Difficult to cultivate?” Allen asked rhetorically.

The Creator showed a very humane smile: “You probably cannot understand that no matter what kind of life is capable of learning, and learning can promote their growth. In terms of learning ability and growth speed, my race has unparalleled Great advantage. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t have other new tactics next, then it is likely to be destroyed by me on the spot.”

“So, in the battle just now, you have learned something from me on the body?”

“Yes, it’s experience.” The Creator said, “Do you have a tool like Wisdom Brain to help with calculations? I have it too, but my information processing capacity is countless times more than your Wisdom Brain. I have collected just now. Get enough information and perform modeling and analysis, so you have no effect on the tactics I have used. It can be said that if you still use the previous tactics, I can kill you 100% in the simultaneously you shot .”

“It’s scary.” Allen suddenly let go. “But don’t forget, you are not the only one who can learn and grow.”

“You?” the Creator shook his head, “You are the more powerful one of those ants, but I don’t think you can learn anything in such a short time.”

“Who said no?” Allen said: “You have to know that learning does not mean improving strength or comprehending new rules. I am just learning your strength and the use of rules. From the very beginning, I think you This race doesn’t like things that are too complicated, so you are very good at integrating. Integrate power, rule and self into one. You don’t even say that you are both power and rule. This is how you fight.”

“Yes, but you have to know that you want to know how to integrate all the forces into one, like us, but also to blend together. It is difficult to do without a time of 10000 years.”

Allen said: “You are right, but who said I did it by myself, unfortunately, there are still a few guys in my within the body. They happened to spend a very long time, and right You have a full understanding. So during our battle, through observation, they have already had a plan. Even if this plan is just a simulation of what you do, rather than a real understanding of the methods you use. But for me , Seems to be enough.”

After speaking, a mark appeared on Allen’s brow. It’s just like the engraving generated when he was first promoted, but compared to the original Burning Source Blade, this engraving is much more complicated. It is composed of countless precise patterns, and then each and every around the engraving begins to appear. everyone symbol. These symbols are similar to the language of Ebouins, but they are not the same. The meanings they represent are more profound, and each symbol can hold more information.

When seeing these symbols, the Creator sighed lightly: “Didn’t expect with a low-dimensional civilization level, it will give you access to medium- and high-dimensional information about the universe. But this is not impossible, after all, you are now In my body, what you touch and feel here are all high-dimensional cosmic information, which can be used to decipher some, but it is also very valuable.”

Soon Allen’s whole body was covered with such symbols. These symbols representing high-dimensional information of the universe began to arrange themselves again, forming several large patterns, which looked like geometric figures in mathematics, and this digital geometry, It is Rule that is extremely close to the universe where the Creator is located.

It seems simple, but in fact it contains a huge amount of information.

After these graphics appeared, Allen’s body surface faintly lit up, and from time to time a golden-yellow rays of light flowed past under his skin. His hair turned into the white flame of Combustion, and his eyes shot out golden flames. He floated up slightly, and the Qi machine became more magnificent and powerful, but there was almost no imposing manner. Look at the natural phenomenon of his on the body, even if he is blind, he has already stepped into another layer of all new realm.

The height of Level 1 higher than Supreme.

Allen said “Yi”, and reached out his hand to lightly flick in the void, and light rays appeared in the space.

“How is it, in a dimension close to me, is there a feeling that everything is under control? Yes, this is the form that the high-dimensional universe can support. This is Dominator. Dominator space, Dominator energy, the Rule of Dominator universe In contrast, your Supreme looks like a big child in our eyes. Only when you stand in a Dominator-level form, in our eyes, you are a real opponent.”

Allen looked up. “It seems you don’t seem surprised or threatened?”

“It’s nothing. In our universe, there are multiple Dominators. When a new Dominator appears, it is time for him to explore the next dimension. Since you have become a Dominator, no matter what means you use, even the so-called Simulation, I also recognize your power.”

“In other words, are you ready to leave?”

“No, you are ready to leave.” The Creator said, “After becoming a Dominator, you can no longer tolerate the low-dimensional universe. The moment you enter, you will destroy a star field, and then the destruction will spread, eventually leading to the entire The collapse of the universe. This is why I did not enter your universe completely. If I enter, your universe will perish in a very short time.”

“In other words, you can’t go back anymore.”

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