Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1910

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“I can’t go back?” Allen said.

The Creator said: “Yes, the low-dimensional universe cannot accommodate one Dominator. You can only go to other high-dimensional universes. And even the high-dimensional universe cannot accommodate 2 Dominators. Of course, not all high-dimensional universes Dominator will always appear, so this gives us unlimited possibilities for exploration.”

“But you can create creatures in the low-dimensional universe.”

“Dominator does not need to enter the low-dimensional universe with its ontology. Will is our carrier. It allows us to freely enter and exit any dimensional universe, as long as you know the way to the destination.”

“I understand, the Dominator ontology cannot enter the low-dimensional universe, but can it use its own power and Rule to enter the low-dimensional universe through will?”

the Creator nodded, “Yes, but even if the will can enter the low-dimensional universe, the power and rule it can carry is limited, otherwise it will also cause the collapse of the low-dimensional universe.”

“That’s easy.” Allen smiled, then looked up towards void above his head. In his eyes, there were countless symbols flashing in an instant, and each symbol contained a lot of information, and each symbol could resonate with the Rule of the universe.

Then he stood there, motionless.

The Creator first showed a puzzled expression, then frowned, and then stretched out his hand in the air to nod, and in front of him appeared the more complicated symbol of each and everyone. Looking at those symbols, the Creator’s body shook slightly and said: “Are you looking for a way to the universe where I am?”

When Allen sensed things again, he found himself standing in a piece of space. This space is very different from the universe he is in. The space is not dark, void is covered by pale red soft rays of light illuminate, tangled and complicated Star Rivers come and go, and countless planets dot it. From time to time, there are strange model and bewildering shaped universe Starship flying over, no matter what kind of Starship it looks like, they basically follow the principle of geometric figures, highlighting out of the ordinary in simplicity.

This is the universe where the Creator is located. Allen took the reverberation of the power left by the Creator’s entry into Ebouins as a clue, went upstream and entered the universe where the Creator was located with will. The first feeling that the high-dimensional universe gave Allen was that the origin force was extremely abundant, and the void origin force was easily accessible. For the creatures of the entire universe, it will be easier for them to get to the top of the origin force road and have more super powerhouses and Supremes.

In fact, when Allen entered this universe, there were already several magnificent tenticles of will-singing perception, searching for him. And that every will has crossed the long star road, but it is still very clear. These wills are all Supreme, and their overall strength is above the Supreme of the universe where Allen is.

This is the high-dimensional universe. Regardless of origin force, civilization, and Peak battle strength, all are superior to the low-dimensional universe.

Allen caught one of the tenticles of the will and used it to track down the place where the will was, so the space, the galaxy, and the planet in his field of vision quickly expanded in his eyes, and then went away. When he saw things in his vision again, Allen saw a city. An extremely beautiful city, Dusk’s rays of light shine on this city, and those simple but elegant buildings shine in the rays of light. There are unnamed plants everywhere, and the vegetation of the city is very well done.

In the city, he saw many lives. Like the glorious warriors of the Creator, they are humanoid lives with a radiant skin, and Allen’s will passes through one of them, and he immediately understands his body structure. This is a life form that has evolved to a very high level, between the organism and energy. The organs and complex digestive system possessed by human beings cannot be found within the body. They absorb and preserve energy through something similar to the core, and supply it to the whole body through it. These beings have no blood, but they are similar to blood. Only pure energy passes through the channels of vessels.

They seem to have discovered Allen and are looking at moving towards the sky pointing fingers. If Allen stood at the same angle as them, he would see his face appearing in the clouds in the sky, which was a huge face that was as large as kilometers!

Then some super powerhouses in the city launched an attack on Allen, and the brilliance of different colors rose into the sky, dazzling Allen’s eyes in a blink of an eye. Although he was not substantially harmed, Allen was angered. He recalled what the Creator had done to his own universe, and then looked back at the Creator’s universe where the creatures can live comfortably. Immediately furious, the face of the sky opened his mouth and said: “Since your Dominator is named after the Creator, then I am the destroyer, destroying everything created by the Creator. In the next 1000 years, 10000 years, You will all remember my horror and Furious Roar from low-dimensional life!”

The face disappeared after speaking.

Then 10000 things began to become transparent, cities, buildings, flying warships, plants, and creatures. The original colors were eliminated one by one, and then disappeared like bubbles.

The planet started at a certain point and gradually became transparent, and then from that point, a circular flame spread. In a blink of an eye, the entire planet turned into a flame star, and an angry will passed from that planet, which was a certain Supreme’s counterattack. Allen extended the hand to the virtual grip of the planet in consciousness, and the planet suddenly turned into a supernova in the universe. As for the Supreme, it returned to nothingness with the planet!

Other Supremes conveyed the intersection of surprised and angry thoughts. They tried to understand Allen and tried to communicate with him. But Allen no longer accepted their will contact, he began to destroy the planet, destroy the galaxy, destroy a star field. Wherever he thinks and feels, 10000 things are all in flames. On this day, this high-dimensional universe shines with the last light it had before. On the planets of some advanced civilizations, countless Starships scrambled to escape from the planet, but before they had time to fly at the speed of light, they were swept in by flames.

On this day, a star field was completely destroyed, and 100000000 million 10000 lives were buried in flames. The entire universe reverberated with a chant-like sound. It was the rule of the universe that was inspired by Allen to resonate. And Allen’s will is also transmitted to every corner of the universe through these waves of resonance, but only those Supreme who have touched Rule can hear his voice.

“Combustion, destroy it. The creatures of aloof and remote outside the cage, tremble, this is a resistance from within the cage. Today is your Day of Trial!”

Allen continued to destroy everything that his thoughts touched, and he was even fascinated by this destruction. After becoming a Dominator, it was so easy to destroy a planet. He doesn’t even need to deliberately destroy the planet, he only needs to destroy the atmosphere that protects the planet and increase the dose of the cosmic jet to make the planet self-destruct.

At this moment, he stood at the height of various gods and looked down at the universe.

Then give rise to the weightlessness of falling.

When he came back to his senses, he found that he saw the dying and exhausted dimension wall above Ebouins, and the huge planet of the Creator.

He returned to his body.

In an instant he understood that in order to pull back his will from the high-dimensional universe, the Creator directly threw him back to Ebouins. Entering the low-dimensional universe is like throwing a big fish into a small fish tank, and the fish tank will almost burst in an instant. The reverberation of the collapse of the rule of the universe made Allen instinctively feel a sense of crisis. This universe imprinted him too deeply, and immediately pulled his will back with his as for instinct.

After the return of the will, the first thing Allen did was to dissolve the Dominator’s simulation and disintegrate the power and Rule from himself, so the symbols on the body quickly disappeared, leaving only the complicated mysterious engraving on the forehead. Allen spread his hands, and the person was suspended in midair. At this time, Ark turned a corner in midair, and his mouth opened wide bit him.

Allen turned his head to look, and reached out a finger: “get lost!”

The Ark seemed to hit an invisible boundary, disappearing one by one from his head, and finally the huge giant beast completely disappeared into the air.

Allen looked up. At this moment, he lifted Dominator’s simulation, but his power remained above Supreme, which was only a short distance from Dominator, which was just within the tolerance limit of the low-dimensional universe. It is no exaggeration to say that at this moment, even if the other three Supremes of Orpheus are the same as the above, it is also a wave to Allen.

In this universe, he has stood at Peak and has no rivals!

When Allen’s mind moved, the remaining glorious warriors, giants, and inorganic bodies in the sky all turned transparent, and then their silhouette flashed and disappeared into the air. In a moment of thought, all the troops of the Creator were killed, and no one was missed. Orpheus looked at Allen in surprise and lost his voice: “What happened to you brat.”

Allen shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s hard to say a word.”

Then he looked up and said: “You are bound to yourself. Believe oneself infallible provides an opportunity for me to touch you. Originally, I wanted to despair with absolute power. But you didn’t expect, this also gave me a lesson Chances are, as for me, I have reached the Dominator level. Now, what do you do. If your ontology enters the low-dimensional universe, it is true that the low-dimensional universe will be destroyed, but it is relative. The destruction of a dimensional universe will also affect you. , Because the way you come will be closed by the ruined universe. Even if you can escape the universe’s big bang in time, you can only go to other dimensions and become a homeless bereavement dog.”

“You didn’t mention this to me before, so this is why you need to use Ebouins to harvest the low-dimensional universe!”

The Creator’s voice sounded: “That’s right, I originally wanted to throw you into the low-dimensional universe and let the universe destroy itself from within. Didn’t expect you to be so attached to this universe, and instinct immediately pull back your will. So as to avoid the greatest damage.”

“Then, this war should be over here.” Allen said, “You can’t enter the low-dimensional universe, and your army can’t help me. So, it’s time to end, as for you, the Creator, after you leave, I It will reshape the Dimensional Wall. You will find that it will not be so easy to enter this universe at will in the future.”

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