Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1911

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“After destroying one of my star fields, you let me leave?”

For the first time, there was a little anger in the Creator’s voice, Allen slightly smiled, it seemed that losing a star field, even for the Creator, was an unbearable loss.

“Then what else can you do, do you plan to use your will to enter the low-dimensional universe? Don’t blame me for not reminding you, just carrying some power and Rule’s will body, I can also destroy it.”

“Of course, you are in charge of Destruction Strength, and no matter which universe is sufficient to call the Rage Rule power. But I bet you can’t destroy me.”

Allen spread his hands: “Why?”

“Because you love people on one’s side too much.”

Allen was stunned.

This sentence is not the Creator’s voice, or even the Creator’s dialogue in his heart, but from the direction of Dusk Hill. When Allen turned his head to look around, he saw bright golden rays of light on Dusk Hill, and golden roses bloomed in the air, and then gunshots sounded and a touch of golden light crossed midair.

It was Lucy who shot the gun!

Allen’s mind was blank.

Then something fell between him and Lucy, and then he heard a groan. Allen came back to his senses, and what stood in front of him was a giant dragon, and the other was condensed into a giant dragon by Twilight origin force. The light blasted from Golden Wild Rose penetrated the chest of the giant dragon and reached the center of Twilight’s eyebrows. The form of the giant dragon immediately collapsed, and the armor of the Twilight on the body also dissociated in pieces, and golden fluorescent light continued to escape from the center of her eyebrows, and she fell down.

Allen hugged her quickly, Twilight looked at Allen and said indifferently: “It’s okay, I won’t really die, but I will take care of you next.”

Then her hands dropped, and she closed her eyes quietly. Her body became heavy, and her whole body turned into black rock. In that rock, a gap was opened, and a bright and flowing bead rose up. It was the Seed of Fire of Twilight. It’s just that there will be no Ebouins from now on, so where will Twilight be reborn?

No matter what, Allen caught Twilight’s Seed of Fire, as for Twilight’s body, then spread out in his hands.

“Lucy…” Until then, Orpheus came back to his senses and shouted: “Lucy, What are you doing!”

On the platform, Lucy turned the head of the gun at the sound, and then another shot.

Allen hurriedly took a virtual shot in the direction of Orpheus, and the huge figure of the Great Emperor immediately slumped away, which was able to avoid the dazzling golden light. Allen’s eyes lit up, Lucy became transparent in his eyes, and then he saw a light. Allen yelled, “Leave Lucy, the bastard is on her body!”

Everyone was shocked on the platform of Dusk Hill. However, Catherine reacted the fastest, and as soon as he pulled Laura, he flashed away from the platform. White and Hubble and the others also retreated and jumped off the platform. After a while, only Lucy was left on the platform. She laughed, and Golden Wild Rose in the hands of shake said: “Didn’t expect this kind of Source Device in this low-dimensional universe. The so-called Source Device is the embodiment of the rule of the universe. It is the origin of the universe when it was born. Some energy split out. But this Source Device has the ability to strike directly at the original source, but it is rare.”

“It seems that I picked up a big bargain, and I just found someone close to you as the carrier of will. I only wanted to make you a little bit afraid, but didn’t expect this creature to have this kind of killer in his hands. “Lucy said with a smile, “This thing, if it hits the right place, it will kill even me. Now, it’s my turn to ask you what to do? Do you want to even this one you love the most? Destroy together?”

Then she raised her gun and shot.

Allen was no longer in his original position. When he reappeared, he held Lucy’s hand yelled: “Fight against him! Lucy, I know you can hear it! Fight against him, use all your will to expel him and remove him from yours. Drive out from the body!”

Lucy shook his head: “Impossible, her will may have disappeared. Even this body won’t last long. But it doesn’t matter, you still have that many people close to me. I have many choices.”

“You bastard!” Allen nodded, “Since you like to invade other people’s will so much, how about visiting my world?”

His eyes lit up suddenly.

The expression on Lucy’s face froze, then showed a struggling expression, but stopped after a moment. After another minute, she raised her head and whispered, looking up at Allen, “What’s going on? My head hurts.”

But Allen didn’t respond to her.

Lucy held Allen’s shoulder and shook it: “Allen, what’s wrong with you, can you hear me!”

“Don’t move him, Lucy.” Orpheus returned to his normal shape and landed on the platform and said: “You were invaded by the Creator’s will just now. It seems that Allen should have used Spiritual War and forcibly pulled the Creator in. His will is in the world.”

Lucy’s face immediately turned pale. She knew very well the degree of danger of Spiritual War, not to mention the huge existence of the Creator that level.

When eyes opened, I saw the sky blue sky with a few white clouds hanging in the sky.

He lowered his head and found himself on a mountain road. The mountain road stretches down to a deserted town. He walked down calmly, deep into the town, and stopped in front of a sunflower. There is a tin house in that sunflower, and the house is also full of plants that face the sun. The golden-bright and dazzling sunflowers are shaking in the wind, just like the golden sun of each and everyone very small.

“Is this the best place in your heart?” he said.

Then Allen’s voice sounded behind him: “Yes, for me, these sunflowers, this tin room, are the center of the universe and the most beautiful place in the world.”

He turned around, Allen passed by him by one’s side, squatted down, stroked a sunflower and said, “Once upon a time, there were two people who loved each other. They came to a small town alone in order to be together, regardless of the opposition of their relatives. Originally they thought they could live happily like this forever. But one day, the man left. The woman gave birth to his son in resentment, and said to his son that when he grows up, he must find the man who is heartbroken. And killed the man with the dagger he gave her.”

“Many years later, the child grew up, and returned home after a long trip. He saw the man and realized that the man had left their mother and daughter. The man planted a large sunflower in his former residence, hoping These lovely plants can pass his apology to the woman in heaven.”

He shook his head: “What does this have to do with us.”

“Of course.” Allen stood up, “I am the child, the man, the agent you just lost.”

“Oh? Then?”

“Then this tragedy should end here.” Allen said: “Dusk Clan’s fate will end in my hands. I said that as long as you dare to enter the low-dimensional universe, I will destroy you. Now you come. No longer need to go back.”

the Creator laughed: “It seems like destroying me is a very simple thing. This is your will, the world. Maybe I can destroy you, and then occupy your body and take your power.”

“No, you Can’t do it.”

Allen didn’t seem to be in a rush to take a shot. He looked up at the sky and said, “Once, there was a priest named Miro. In order to create a cage to imprison Son of Dusk, he separated part of his will as the cage’s The bottom-level Rule. Use this as the cornerstone to create a country where no Rule can be used.”

“Oh, did you do this too? Then let me remind you, you better not do it. Separated will is not cracking a joke. Even if you succeed in imprisoning me, incomplete will, but in the end, your will It will also dissipate, and finally become a walking corpse.”

Allen smiled: “You are nervous.”

The Creator suddenly raised his hand and waved at Allen.

Only wind blow ever.

The sunflower group swayed slightly, but nothing happened.

The Creator’s pupils dilated slightly: “You really did this! You are crazy, we are the ultimate life of the universe, even if the universe is destroyed, we can also go to other dimensions. But now, you actually want to follow for a low-dimensional universe I’m perish together!”

“That’s because I love this universe. There are traces of my parents’ love each other, and there are stories created by me and many people. Even before I faced you, my flesh and blood was born into this world, and he will also Will be a great person. So for all of this, I will destroy you at any cost, even at the cost of myself.”

Allen said again: “But don’t worry, I will live well. Because it is not me who became the cornerstone of the cage, but them.”


“Yeah, they…” Allen indifferently said, “If your agent is still there, he will remind you that before that, I combined 5 Will of Dusk. That is a gift from the 5th generation Son of Dusk. , And now, they have become the cornerstone of your imprisonment. This is the true meaning of the Daybreak Plan. Because Dusk will be imprisoned here, and Daybreak will surely rise.”

“No…impossible like this.” The Creator stepped back, “I am the Dominator of the universe, how could I be imprisoned by you here!”

“That’s because you are too proud. There is such a saying on our Earth that arrogance is one of the 7 original sins.” Allen moved his shoulders and said with a smile: “I hope you have fought before, I’m sorry. I can only beat you up here as well.”

Then he hit the Creator’s nose with a punch, making him back again and again.


“Look!” Bai pointed to the planet outside the dimension wall. Suddenly a mountain peak fell down on the surface of that planet.

Everyone looked at the sky, the Creator’s planet kept banging loudly, a piece of mountain fell one after another, Mother Earth cracked, sea water poured in, and ground fire spurted. I don’t know why, the Creator’s planet has suffered a huge disaster, as if the Creator is about to collapse.

When Orpheus also had this idea, he suddenly looked towards Allen. I saw a charming smile on Allen’s face. From that smile, the Great Emperor saw the pleasure of revenge.

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