Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1912

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The collapse continued, and the speed was accelerating. The Creator’s mountains deep into Ebouins are also falling off in pieces, and the rock-cloth boulders that have shaken down throw out billowing dust. Inside the Creator’s planet, there is a muffled sound of explosion from time to time. The sound can be transmitted into Ebouins through the dimension wall, one can imagine how loud the volume is.

Looking at the disaster on the Planet of the Creator, everyone gave rise to the same idea: the Creator is over.

The Creator is indeed going to end, the planet has begun to collapse, the towering mountain peaks continue to collapse, Mother Earth cracks countless holes, and the screams of the creatures on it are faintly heard. From Ebouins’s point of view, the surface of the planet is rapidly enveloped in flames. After a while, the entire planet seemed to be in Combustion, and this was only a corner of the Creator’s body. At this moment, the entire planet must have been in flames.

At this time, Allen moved, and extremely strong rays of light were transmitted from his eyes. The rays of light burst into his eyes like inflammation, which condensed into a fist sized ball of light in midair, and it was about to rush upward. . Unexpectedly, when the ball of light moved, it squashed and bounced back as if it hit an invisible wall. This ball of light was a bit of horror, running around in 4 places, but the surrounding space was like an invisible prison, trapping it in it.

Allen did not know when he raised a hand, he coldly snorted and said: “You are also amazing, so you can escape. But now, how much of your power is left, 0.1%? 1/10000th? Or 100000000 1/10000th?”

The Creator’s voice rang loudly on Dusk Hill: “Let go of me! There is no need for war between Dominators, because war is meaningless to us!”

“It sounds good, if that’s the case, why didn’t you go before!”

“I admit that after witnessing you destroy a star field, I was very angry. But I never thought about starting a war with you, I just want to get some compensation, nothing more. Listen, you should let me go. Otherwise. , Other Dominators will notice this low-dimensional universe, and you will never have peace!”

“Is this a threat?” Allen shook his head and said with a smile: “I will give you a lesson. Your threat is not only weak, but it will make me want to kill you even more. Other Dominators? What if? They dare to enter, I will call them went but never returned!”

Then he said to Lucy, “Just now he invaded your will and wanted to kill me with Golden Wild Rose. It seems that this Source Device is also useful for Dominator, Lucy, how about your marksmanship?”

Lucy smiled charmingly: “100 shots and 100 hits.”

Then the golden rays of light escaped from the whole body, and the rays of light bloomed with roses. At this time, the golden wild rose was the last dazzling rays of light before it bloomed. Even Lucy was surprised. The Source Device in his hand began to evolve to the 3rd stage, which is also Annihilation Golden Wild Rose. This is the true form of Golden Wild Rose. In Lucy’s hands, Golden Wild Rose has transformed into a golden sniping gun. On the body, it exudes a breath of hard to describe. It is elegant and ancient, but it makes people Feeling an invisible threat.

A circle of ripples appeared on the surface of the trapped ball of light, and then the Creator’s voice was resounded: “You are all crazy!”

The voice was still ringing, the ball of light suddenly exploded into countless small dots, and the golden light faded away like a meteor.

Then the breath of the Creator completely disappeared.

Only then did the gunfire resounded, and in the distance, a huge Golden Wild Rose flower swayed and bloomed!

“Well done. That guy invaded your will and raised your level in order to kill me. Maybe you didn’t even notice, but you are already the dominator, Lucy.” Allen gave a thumbs up, then He looked up towards the sky again and said: “Next, I will send this big fellow back and let it be destroyed here, not to mention Ebouins, I am afraid this universe will also be affected.”

Allen nodded to Lucy and said, “I will come as soon as I go.”

Then skyrocketed.

A magnificent golden light rushed to midair, Allen’s voice echoed in the sky: “Other people leave here immediately, the Creator is over, and Ebouins will no longer exist. Just take advantage of the space door hasn’t closed. You don’t have to wait. I!”

golden light away.

Orpheus yelled: “Still stunned What are you doing, get on the boat and go home!”

The remaining Star Alliance fleet began to evacuate, and Allen had already broken through beyond the dimension wall. When he left Ebouins, the engraving on the center of the eyebrows unfolded again, forming countless symbols appearing on the body, strength and Rule reintegrated with him, and Allen stepped into the realm of Dominator. He looked at his hands and softly said, “Fortunately, it seems that I have already remembered the feeling of simulation, even without Will of Dusk. Then…”

Allen looked up, and the Creator’s body was exploding violently. After leaving the Dimensional Wall, the destruction inside the planet was more clearly seen from here. The core of the planet was being destroyed, and the body continued to collapse. Soon, I’m afraid there will be a supernova explosion. Even if the Creator’s will has disappeared, its body itself still contains huge energy. If this energy is exploded, Ebouins will definitely be finished, and the connection with Ebouins and the universe will be affected or even destroyed.

Allen exhaled, then raised his hand, making an upward push.

There was a loud voice in the space.

The planet began to rise, Allen wrapped the entire planet with his own power, followed the route between the Creator and the high-dimensional universe, and pushed the planet back.

At this time, in a fairly quiet space in the high-dimensional universe, a variety of minimalist spaceships are shuttled back and forth. Suddenly there was an expansion phenomenon in space, strips of black light flew radially, and then a Combustion planet gradually appeared in space. When the entire planet jumped out of space, the terrifying universe storm destroyed countless Countless spaceships exploded, but the flames they set off were fundamentally insignificant to that planet.

Then at the next moment, the planet exploded. This was a supernova explosion. The star body turned into 100000000 million pieces of debris and ejected into the depths of space. The huge energy destroyed the planets in the surrounding star field. With this explosion, the energy released by the complete destruction of Dominator impacted the dimensional wall of the high-dimensional universe, forming a multi-dimensional resonance. With this resonance, a new breath instantly spreads across countless universes.

“All Dominators who received this message, what you just saw is the fate of a guy who believes oneself infallible. This is the result of his unauthorized invasion of the low-dimensional universe. The low-dimensional universe is not what you imagined. The sheep that can be slaughtered by you. If you provoke us, the sheep will bite you. This is my warning to you. I will reinforce the dimension wall. If you still want to repeat the same mistakes, I will be outside the gate. Greet you, and then…”

“Destroy you!”

Standing outside Ebouins’ dimensional wall, Allen finished speaking, and then vaguely heard countless voices. There was anger, surprise, ridicule, and doubt. Allen shook the head, these voices disappeared. He looked towards Ebouins, Dusk Hill was already collapsing and this World began to destroy. Allen nodded in one of Ebouins’ directions, and the King’s Warehouse on Ebouins exploded.

The King’s Warehouse exploded, and the linkage with several other King’s Warehouses in this universe came to an end, and the space gate connected to this universe began to disappear. Allen exhaled and softly said, “It’s finally over.”

Then he took a step forward and disappeared into the space.

The remaining coalition forces of the Star Alliance and Paused Treaty Star Field withdrew from the space door. When the last Starship slid out of the space door, the space door suddenly disappeared, so the second half of the Starship stayed in Ebouins forever, and the Starship fell to the ground. All the personnel in the hull were thrown out, creating a disaster of neither too big nor too small.

Orpheus was standing on the unnamed planet’s Mother Earth. At this time, an invisible impact swept across Mother Earth, overwhelming countless people. People have lingering fears, but Orpheus knows that it is the aftermath of the destruction of Ebouins.

The Creator fell in this low-dimensional universe, Ebouins was completely destroyed, and Dusk will never come to this universe. If it will be destroyed, it is also caused by the hands of the creatures living in it. However, after passing this time, the Great Emperor believes that every creature will change, and everyone will contribute all of their power for the long-term development of the universe. Because from this moment on, it finally belongs to the homeland of all creatures in this universe.

“Why hasn’t Allen come back?” Lucy stood on the deck of an Aidahua Star Imperial Family Starship, beside her, there were Laura and Catherine and the others.

Catherine shook his head and said, “I don’t worry about him at all. He is already standing at the height of Spiritual God. It is easy for him to travel through various spaces. The universe has no secrets for him. Space and distance are also no secret. Already can’t be called obstacles. The only thing that worries me is whether he will be fascinated by the exploration of the universe, in that case…”

“I promise that that kind of thing won’t happen, at least it won’t happen now.” A familiar voice came from behind them, the outline of a door appeared in the air, and Allen walked out from there, he said with a smile: “There are still people and things that I can’t give up. I haven’t watched Rayan grow up, haven’t made your lovely belly bulge, and there are so many things I haven’t done. I can’t bear to explore now. Infinite universe.”

Catherine snorted, and then gradually smiled on her tight little face. Lucy has already plunged into his arms and gnashing teeth said: “Never mind Xiagelin Teacher. Next, I will be the first to give you a child!”

Allen haha ​​smiled and said, “Don’t worry, there will be one.”

Laura hugged the sword and said, “It seems I can rest for a while.”

Windsor Bellow looked at the star on his shoulders, closed his eyes and said: “I don’t know if Mr. President will accept my resignation.”

“If you dare not accept it, I just sit in his office every day.” Allen blinked.

Then everyone laughed, and the smile was bright and relaxed.

Allen stretched, softly said: “Okay, it’s time to go home.”

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