Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1913

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The sun is shining, ten thousand li is cloudless.

It’s just that in addition to a brilliant sun on that day, the outline of the planet can be vaguely seen in the distance, obviously this is not Earth. But it has a landform similar to Earth, at least the yellow sand here is endless, just like the desert on Earth.

There are always countless similarities in the universe, and this place is no exception.

In the depths of the desert, there is a very old but elegant city, even if the sky is full of yellow sand, there is no way to hide it. Because the city has a shield that protects this ancient city day and night. The buildings in the ancient city were mostly made of stone, but the temple in the center was made of some unknown metal. There is a minaret erected behind the temple. This minaret has no doors or windows, so for so many years, no one has ever been able to enter the minaret.

The spire towers straight up cloudy night, and it looks like a huge pillar supporting Heaven and Earth from a distance. It gleams and reflects the brilliance of the sun. It can be seen even at a distance.

“Look, everyone, that is the most famous building in the city of Holy Relic, Divine Spire. In countless years, no one has ever been able to enter the spire. Once, there was a Supreme who wanted to enter the spire and wanted to enter. No way. After ten years of staying near the minaret to no avail, I had no choice but to leave. That’s why people call it Divine Spire, after all, even Supreme can’t open it.”

On a spaceship, the front end of the spaceship is an open porthole. People in front of the window can see everything outside the window.

The passengers sitting on this spaceship are not humans, but grotesquely shaped foreign star’s people. There is a guy with a big head but a very small body. Its head is even soaked in a liquid-filled helmet; there are also those who look like sea urchins but with hair all over their bodies; and the head is flat and long, with ten A few asymmetrical eyes; some look like insects; so all kinds of things.

Judging by human standards, one of the passengers sitting quietly in the seat and wrapped in a dark cloak seemed much more normal.

This is an interstellar tour group. In this high-dimensional universe, there is no war and disease has been eliminated. All living creatures are actively seeking more mysteries of the universe, and even have begun to migrate to other dimensional universes. Of course, not everyone is willing to leave everything they are familiar with and devote themselves to the exploration of the Mochi dimension. Therefore, the planet traveling around various star fields has become a very popular business.

At first, interstellar travel was just people simply going to an unknown planet for sightseeing. Later, people’s tastes became more and more sophisticated, so tourism projects became more and more complicated. Among these categorized tourism projects, archaeological travel has become very popular recently. Many people like to go to those ancient planets to explore the traces that may have been left by their ancestors in order to remember them.

Of course, those ancient civilizations with real value have been strictly protected, and those that can be opened up have lost their research value. No more, just like this Divine Spire, no matter how much you study, you can’t study it.

The spaceship begins to enter the ancient city, head to the anchor port of the ancient city, and then take the Land Speeder to Divine Spire. Passengers in the car discuss spiritedly. Although they come from different star fields and different planets, today’s cosmic language translator can let them speak freely. Only one passenger remained silent, and that was a weird man in a cloak.

The leader of the group is an alien woman who can be called beautiful by human standards. She walked to the cloak by one’s side and said: “Sir, are you not satisfied with this trip? If so. , You can tell your suggestions, we will listen carefully, and if it is of positive significance to us, we will be happy to adopt it.”

“No.” A very magnetic voice sounded from the cloak: “You arranged it well and I am very satisfied. It’s just that I don’t like being too close to people.”

“So, then I understand.” The tour guide retreated very politely, and said: “If you have any needs, please feel free to tell me.”

The car finally stopped, and the passengers got off the car one after another. The tour guide has already begun to explain the history of Divine Spire: “In 10000 3000 years ago, this place was still barren. At that time, this desert swallowed everything. Until one day, someone was there. I saw a bright light on the desert, and then I saw something steadily rising. Yes, that is Divine Spire. No one knows why it appeared, and what is the meaning of its appearance. Only when it appeared, the desert became docile Many, many oasis have emerged, allowing people 10,000 years ago to build a city based on these oasis. This Holy Relic city is the earliest city, and it was built on the largest oasis under Divine Spire.”

The tour guide retreated to the side. Ahead was green with lush greenery, tall trees, and a cool breeze, which did not make people feel any warmth at all. There is a big lake there. There are many unnamed plants floating on the lake. They have white’s stamens and shallow purple leaves. Divine Spire stands in the middle of the lake. It rises from the big lake and points directly to cloudy night.

The man in the cloak moved towards the shore of the lake. The tour guide noticed the weird man and reminded: “Sir, it is best not to approach the holy lake. The locals regard this lake very importantly and regard it as a treasure of the desert. They can approach it for anything The people of the holy lake are desperate, if you want to observe the minaret, I know there is another place, oh no. Sir, please stop.”

Seeing that the weird man had stepped on one foot into the soft soil on the lakeshore, the natives living nearby in Holy City had shown hostile eyes, and the tour guide hurried forward. At this moment, the top of his head was dark. When she looked up, she saw a black rainbow across the sky. The shield of Holy City was nothing but a false throw to it. It easily crashed into Holy City, circled around the dust tower, and then fell vertically, blasting into the holy city. In the lake.

Suddenly the lake waves are overwhelming!

I saw the tsunami-like lake water towards oneself photographed, and the face of this tour guide Young Lady turned green. Suddenly, the man in the cloak seemed to sigh, and then raised his hand. The lake water was suddenly divided, and he and the guide Young Lady 2 behind him rolled over, not knowing how many tourists and indigenous people were washed away. Then the tour guide, Young Lady, listened to the mantle: “Get out of here, Young Lady, the man opposite has a bad temper.”

The tour guide left in a panic and looked at the man in the cloak from a distance before he really left.

The man lifted his hat, revealing a silver White’s hair and a handsome five official. It’s just that he looks very young. For some reason, there are vicissitudes in his eyes that have to be accumulated over a long period of time. He sighed and said, “You are not finished. After you came to this universe, you chased me around, how many star fields you crossed. I think you know better than me.”

Under Divine Spire, there was a black light, and some of them said: “Even if you escape to another universe, I will chase you to the end. Now I have nothing to ask for, I just want to kill you!”

“Is revenge so important to you?” said the man in the cloak: “Look at this universe, don’t you think that the past is far away from us. We obviously have more time to explore the mysteries of this universe, why bother you? Hold on to me. It’s not fun for you or me.”

“Of course you would say that, because it is a pleasant thing for you to be able to explore the universe where your creator is. But it is not the same thing for me. If I give up chasing you, my life What’s the point!”

The cloak man shook the head, pointing his finger at the sky and said: “You have to understand that this is different from our original universe. There are 12 Supreme in this universe. Oh, a bad luck guy killed that person. But. Even the weakest of the remaining eleven people is far stronger than us. If you and I start your hands, do you think they will not interfere?”

“What do you mean?”

The cloak man looked towards the Divine Spire and said: “When chasing you around the world, I collected more information about this spire by the way. It should be left over by the Creator. After all, until now, who I haven’t been able to enter the minaret. I think I can open it with some eyebrows, but it will take a while. If you can help me do some research, when the dust tower is opened, I will give you the opportunity to fight with all my strength. . In the fight there, Supreme can’t interfere, how about it?”

“Don’t come to this one, I’m not the number one genius to know you. You guy must be thinking about it again.”

The cloak man said, “Come on, then, I bet that as long as you do it, the Supreme of this universe will interfere. They are strange, even if the Creator no longer exists, they still maintain this universe.” The most basic order is peace. They hate war, but it does not mean that they are softies. You know, we are not that man, we just killed a Supreme with no battle strength. I ask myself that I don’t have this. ability.”

“Damn it, all right. But I’ll keep an eye on you all day, so don’t try to play tricks on me.”

“Of course.” The man in the cloak laughed: “Anyway, you will always find me. What tricks can I do.”

The black light approached, and a man in armor came out from inside. He held the handle of the long sword around his waist and said, “So, what are you doing next?”

“It’s very simple, the first thing, we have to disappear from here, and then change into another identity, if you don’t want to attract attention.” After speaking, the cloak man turned and walked.

The black-clad man quickly followed, and the two followed suit and left Holy City in a flash. On the 2nd day, there were 2 more tourists in Holy City. This is a tourist attraction, not to mention 2 more tourists, even if there are 2 2 more tourists, it will not be noticeable.

However, three days later, when the sky was just getting dark, someone roared into the sky: “Damn Spanac, you broke your promise! I knew I couldn’t believe you, old bastard, you bastard, even if I chase into other universes, I won’t Let go of you!”

The residents of Holy City, who were awakened by the sudden loud sound, when they ran out of the house, they saw a black rainbow light breaking through the shield and disappearing quickly.

This is destined to be an indefinite pursuit.

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