Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1914

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Paradise Star, Bayregund Empire.

That morning, Royal capital Orlisige sounded a deep and long bugle horn, and the sun was rising, illuminating the foot of Morning Light Mountain, reflecting 10000 things like a layer of pale-gold, holy and brilliant. The residents of Orlisige came to the street early, and a team set off from the Empire mansion and walked along King Avenue to the Castle of Dawn on Morning Light Mountain. The head of that team is a white war horse, immediately wearing a golden stomach. Immediately knight is slender and handsome, wearing a white robe and a golden soft armor. He is so honorable that everyone who sees him can’t help but bow their heads.

“That’s the Count from the South?”

“Shhh, keep your voice down. Now he is a Marquis, and today the King Your Majesty will personally award him the honor.”

“This is the first time since Julian Your Majesty became the throne, he has personally awarded him an honor. How honored is this Marquis.”

The whispers of the residents were submerged in the sound of ritual music along the way. Knight not at all, who was on the horse, heard everyone’s discussions spiritedly, but could not hear it or guess it. With a faint smile on his face, he rode forward. .

It has been more than an hour before I arrived at the Castle of Dawn. The 2 teams of court guards stood in front of the castle. The iron armor lance in the castle was replaced with a ceremonial dress, adding a festive atmosphere to today’s event. Knight dismounted in front of the gate, and was led into Triumphant Return Palace by the court supervisor and a group of ministers.

The two sides of the palace were crowded with ministers. On the high platform in the middle, Julian even stods up. Knight was led to the middle, and the people on the 2 sides retreated. Julian stepped down from the high platform and came to Knight.

knight one-knee kneels down.

The palace chief personally handed over a gorgeous long sword. Julian took the sword and softly said: “Empire has many journeys. We rise in the dark and move forward in suffering. After countless wind and rain, today’s harmony can only be achieved. Tranquility. Among them, how many Major General staff made huge sacrifices for Empire, and how many people silently paid for Empire, regardless of return. However, I said that he made contributions to Empire, and I must see it in my eyes. . He is a selfless giver of Empire, and I will be rewarded.”

“So today is the time for me to fulfill my promise. Here I declare that Edward will be officially conferred the rank of Marquis, and his heirs will be honored forever. Unless Empire ceases to exist, the rank of Marquis will be replaced hereditary. !”

Then Julian patted the sword lightly on knight’s shoulder. The knight was naturally Edward. He raised his head, clenched his fist and beat 3 times in the chest to show his loyalty to Empire.

This is undoubtedly heavy news for the people in the palace. Obviously before this, even though these ministers knew that Edward would be awarded the position of Marquis, they didn’t expect that it was still a hereditary position. That’s fine for the northern border, but for the southern border, it’s shocking news. That means that the power pattern of the southern border will have a new atmosphere, and Hoy is no longer a marquis of southern border. More importantly, even Hoy’s title is not hereditary.

Unexpectedly, Julian announced some more news, including the change of Hoy’s title to hereditary. This is another great news, but it is not as shocking as Edward’s.

After the ceremony was over, Edward met Julian in the study of the Imperial Palace.

Julian changed into casual clothes, said with a smile: “It’s been a long time since Prince Allen has heard from him. Has he never returned?”

Edward replied: “Since the last time, there has been no news from the Prince. I only know that there is an important war waiting for him. Counting the time, since I can stand here to meet you, the Prince of this war should be I won.”

“Oh?” Julian was startled, “What kind of war can actually affect the meeting between you and me?”

Edward indifferently said: “The battle for survival.”

Julian was shocked: “Why didn’t he tell me about such a major war.”

Edward smiled and said, “He doesn’t want Your Majesty to work hard.”

Julian bitterly laughed: “Okay, don’t pick it up and say it nicely. Why don’t you worry about my hard work, you should say that I can’t help at all, right.”

“In fact, none of us can help.” Edward said.

“Then what are your plans next?” Julian said, “You are now a marquis, but I heard that you only have a wife, and you are also the daughter of a Baron on the border. This is not worthy of your current status. Don’t want me to find a couple of wives for you in Royal Capital. It happens that Minister Rofin’s granddaughter is just the right age. Look is not bad, her status is not good, but she can barely be your wife.”

Edward shook his head and said, “I appreciate your kindness, but I think it’s enough to get married once. In fact, I’m about to say goodbye to you. If there is nothing important, I want to go back tomorrow. I’m going to Storm Wind city, take my named wife over. In the past, Empire fire of war flew around. I didn’t know if I could still survive, so I didn’t dare to take her to by one’s side. Now, it is also my responsibility as a husband. Up.”

“In this case, then I won’t force you.” Julian said with a smile, “There is nothing else to give you, I can only wish you happiness.”

“Thanks Your Majesty.”

More than a month later, Edward saw the city wall of Storm wind city. Recall that when he and Allen came to this planet, they were just Outsiders. Now Allen is the Prince of Glory, and he himself has become the Marquis of Real Power. Thinking about it now, it’s like a dream. Back at the moment, Edward didn’t notify anything, and by one’s side only brought a guard, and Broy.

When the city guards saw Edward’s paperwork, they were startled and knelt down. After Edward got them up, he entered the city. The city is now more prosperous than ever. The city has been expanded three times, the number of residents has doubled, and an Academy has been built.

Arriving at City Lord Mansion, Nell, who had heard the news, came to the study of City Lord Mansion. Pushing open the door, he saw a tall and straight silhouette standing in the sun, and he was looking at the bookcase. He turned around when he heard the sound, and smiled slightly: “I’m back.”

Nell’s eyes just became blurred.

Edward walked over, pulled her up and sat on the chair. Edward watched her and sighed, “I’m sorry for all these years. I owe you an apology, but I can’t say it until now. Back then, We got married in Sol city out of political needs. But until now, I can’t fulfill my duty as a husband. You always blame me for loving you. Yes, I didn’t love you back then.”

“What about now?” Nell asked calmly.

Edward squatted down, holding her hand and said seriously, “Now I want to pick you up.”

“I don’t need to make up. If you don’t love me, then let me go.”

“No, I want to try to have a relationship with you. Let’s start all over again. I don’t know if you are willing to give me a chance.” Edward warmly and gently said, “Maybe you can’t understand it. Under conditions, I dare not like any a person. Because I don’t know if I will have a tomorrow. But now is different. I am already a marquis, and the title is hereditary. I have been able to gain a foothold in Empire. , You can pursue what you like.”

“So I want to pursue you again. I can’t guarantee how well I can do it. I can only say that I will spend the rest of my life to love you. This is not compensation, but I discovered that I have never forgotten you.”

Nell finally couldn’t help it, and cried out. She slammed Edward on the shoulder, as if to vent all the grievances of these years. Edward just hugged her tightly and let her vent until she calmed down.

He just asked: “Are you willing?”

Nell had tears in his eyes and smiled nodded.

After the two of them left the study, Nell began to pack things, but at this time a guard reported to Edward that someone wanted to see him. The guard handed over a card. The black card showed the figure of a silver snow wolf. Edward said immediately, “Where is he now?”

“It’s just outside.”

“Quickly let him in.”

After a while, a man in a cloak came to the study. After the door was closed, he lifted his hat and said, “It’s really a big change here.”

Edward was already prepared, but his whole body was shaken, and then he calmed down and said: “Indeed, even when I saw it, let alone you. Young Master, when did you come back? Why did I No news at all.”

That person is Allen, he faintly smiled and said: “This is different from the past. Now I have several brushes. Interstellar travel is much easier than ahead. Are you okay, Edward, and anyone else?”

“Everyone is fine, Julian is thinking of you very much. Since you have come back, then…”

Allen repeatedly nodded, “Yes, we won. Everything is over, there will be no more Universe’s Dusk in the future. I am here to tell you, let you tell others, you can live here with peace of mind, in a few days you will When a Starship arrives, it’s best to inform Williek that they will come to pick you up. It’s a little surprise for them.”

Edward looked at him, said with a nod: “Then I will inform Williek to come over, Young Master, what are your plans for the future?”

Allen mysterious smiled: “The recent plan is to hold a wedding and give birth to a bunch of children. When they grow up, we will tell them our story.”

Edward said with a laugh: “That must be a long story.”

“Yes, it will be very long.” Allen suddenly hugged Edward and said, “I’m leaving, my friend. But we have plenty of opportunities to meet in the future. I appreciate your company along the way. Without you, maybe I You can’t walk that far on this planet. Take care, Edward, my friend!”

Then he let go of him, and stepped back. Allen smiled and stretched out his hand to flick in the air, and a space door opened behind him. He waved his hand, retreated into the space door, and disappeared into the study.

After standing for a while, Edward came back to his senses.

A week later, a Starship arrived in Sol city. When the hatch opened, a girl walked onto the deck. The girl seemed a little nervous, but she heard a shout: “Mary!”

She saw it, tears burst into her eyes, and then she waved yelled: “Williek big brother!”

On this day, Williek’s adopted children and Broy’s relatives arrived at Paradise Star. This was a gift from Allen.

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