Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1915

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The federal military expedition army has successively returned to Earth. For the residents of Earth, many people do not know that they have passed an era quietly. Yes, Universe’s Dusk is over, and the high-dimensional universe will not be visited for a long time in the future, which represents the arrival of a new era.

However, for many people, life is not at all obvious changes.

Only a few people will ever see significant changes.

After returning to Earth, the Federation announced that it would abandon the Babylon reconstruction plan. However, it will rebuild the city on the floating island and name it New Babylon. The new occupancy policy has been announced before construction has started. This time the Federation will randomly select families from many administrative districts of The Surface to stay in New Babylon, which is undoubtedly exciting news for the civilians on The Surface.

This is also the first time the Federation has attempted to deal with the contradiction between civilians and nobles since the crisis of division.

Of course, this contradiction will not be eliminated all at once, but with the efforts of the Federation, it will gradually be smoothed out.

For the various families after the war, the federation’s actions were not considered as infringing on their interests. Even after the war with the high-dimensional universe, it was like a new life for many families. Many families, including the wealthy, are willing to give up part of their interests in order to reconcile their conflicts with commoners. Because they all know that there should be a long enough period of peace, not years of war.

After all, even the most militant people are tired after experiencing this military expedition.

On one the sun shines brightly in the morning, a speeding car with the Beskard logo was driving on the highway. Now the name of Beskard has surpassed all the families, not only because this family has made a huge contribution to the Federation, but also because this family has a young Supreme. Obviously, the Beskard family will be glorious forever before the Supreme is gone.

Surprisingly, even though he already has the supreme momentum, Beskard is even more low-key than ever. But all this not at all makes people underestimate this family and win more respect instead.

The speeding car finally stopped, because the road had reached the end, and further ahead, it was a vast desert area. But under the highway, there is an oasis. Some building remains can be seen on the oasis, which seemed to be a town in the past. The door of the speed car opened, and an old man with white’s hair and beard walked down from it. A Butler-like person opened an umbrella next to him to block the hot sunlight for him.

The old man looked at the oasis and sighed and said, “I’m here, but after all, it’s still late.”

“It’s better to be late than not.” Butler softly said.

“You are right.” The old man walked off the highway.

Two people came to the oasis. When they got here, the temperature dropped significantly, and the coolness of Xixi made people very refreshing. Some animals haunted the oasis, and then hid away in fear, only daring to look at these two uninvited guests from far away.

These two people finally stopped in front of a tin house full of sunflowers. These golden-bright and dazzling plants moved in the wind, dazzling people’s eyes.

“Let me sit down by myself.” The old man said.

Butler closed his umbrella and left.

The old man came to the tin room, where there was also a chair that fell to the ground. He lifted up the chair and sat down, and the chair made a rattling noise. The old man closed his eyes and softly said, “Do you live here? Vinnie, my daughter, I don’t ask for your forgiveness. But I still have to say to you, I’m sorry, because I owe you this. One Owe, for so many years.”

A hand quietly fell on his shoulder, and then a voice said: “In my memory, mother never said a word that hates you.”

The old man opened his eyes, landed on the body of a youngster next to him, smiled and said, “You are here too.”

“Well, because I have a news, I want to tell them both.”

“Yes.” The old man had a faint smile on his face, “They should be proud of you, because they have an excellent child.”

The youngster laughed and said, “I just want to tell them that I am getting married, and the wedding will be in a few days.”

“Really, I just want to know, am I on the invited list?”

The youngster squatted down, put his hand on the old man’s lap and said, “Of course you are indispensable, grandfather.”

The old man laughed heartily.

“Forgot to tell you, I already have a child, his name is Rayan. If you see him, I guess you will like him.”

The old man shook his whole body, happily said: “Is this true? Oh Heavens! I have a great-grandson, which is really surprising. I can only say, good job, kid. But more Work hard, how can a child be enough.”

“Well, I’ll do my best.” Youngster said awkwardly.

“I want to sit here for a while, how about you?” the old man said again.

The youngster sat down on the edge of the house, “I’ll be with you, but at evening, I have a date to go first.”

“It’s okay, I have a car to go back, you don’t need to send it.”

So the two people sat quietly in the tin room for an afternoon without speaking, each immersed in their own world. In the evening, the youngster left, facing the sky full of sunset clouds, and went lightly.

Beer City.

This beer-rich city is still so lively, but after the return of the federal military expedition, it became even more lively. When the sun went down, the White Country Bar was already overcrowded, and an old-time modified car parked in front of the bar. A man jumped out of the car and threw a Gold Coin to the doorman, who helped him drive the car to the parking lot. The man walked into the bar, dressed in a hot female bartender, and stepped forward: “Excuse me, have you booked? If not, you can only ask you to go to the outdoor deck outside, because you have also seen it here. There is no more crowds.”

The man drowsily reported a name, female bartender eyes shined, and said: “So it’s you, please follow me.”

She took the guest to one of the decks and left. When passing by the bar, her companion asked him: “Is that who?”

“The rich.” Bartender whispered, “He bought a deck, it is his exclusive.”

“Wow, it turned out to be a gold master, then I have to dress up.”

bartender rolled the eyes.

After the man took his seat, he leaned on the chair and whispered: “It’s really slow, two of them are like this. They won’t forget today’s date.”

“I definitely won’t, as for Liancheng, that’s hard to say.”

Suddenly, a youngster appeared on a chair opposite him. The bar was crowded with people, but no one noticed how he sat down. But the man was not displeased except for being startled. Instead, he laughed: “Asshole boy, you are finally here. But you are late and have to be fined a glass of wine.”

“When it comes to being late, it can’t be compared to Liancheng.”

“He will fine 3 cups.”

These two people, the former is Leon, and the latter is of course Allen. Leon stood up shouting: “Bring me a case of the best wine here!”

Allen smiled wryly: “You are going to get us drunk.”

“Brother, you are going to get married. There will be no such opportunity in the future, so you have to have fun in time.” Leon laughed heartily.

“You know, when I came, Adele said you would definitely do it.”

“Adele.” Leon sighed, “Unfortunately she didn’t come with you.”

“She is busy now.”

“What are you up to?” Another voice came in, and a young man with an oriental face squeezed into the deck. He shook his head and said: “Oh Heavens!, Leon, you have to set the meeting place at this kind of ghost A place? I almost can’t get in.”

Leon smiled hehe and hugged him and said, “Stop talking nonsense, Jin Family’s Young Master, you will be here at the latest and you will be fined 3 drinks.”

Allen shrugged at him and said, “Leon has become an alcoholic now, so it is not surprising that he will meet in this place. Liancheng, how are you doing?”

“Of course it’s not as good as you, Allen. But it’s not bad, I have already begun to take over the main business of the family.”

Leon sat down and said, “One of you has dragged the family away, and the other is going to get married. I’m left alone. Don’t you have any sympathy for me?”

Allen and Jin Liancheng exchanged glances, and then shout together: “get lost!”

Three people laughed heartily up, and tears came out of their smiles.

At this time, the bartender delivered the wine, Leon filled the glasses of the 3 people, and then the 3 people made a drink. Putting down the glass, Leon muttered: “Remember when we drank at the Venus Hotel in Babylon?”

Jin Liancheng stroked the glass and said, “How could we forget that at that time, the three of us and one Adele formed an alliance of four, and we agreed to support each other and make a career together.”

Leon nodded, said with a smile: “I’m very fortunate that after so many years in the past, we can still sit together. Among them, of course, our Allen Young Master has contributed the most. If it weren’t for him, we are afraid of the universe now It’s not for the Creator to destroy it.”

Allen smiled and said, “Then are you going to take out the good wine you have collected to thank me?”

“Don’t think about it!” Leon then said with a smile: “It would be great if Adele was here too. In this case, the 4 of us can get together again.”

“It’s not that there is no chance. Do you remember to come to my wedding. Then the 4 of us can get together?” Allen looked towards the crowded silhouette outside the deck and said: “Now I think all the hard work is worthwhile Yes, even for this moment. Brother, I respect you.”

He toasted.

The three wine glasses met together.

Leon said, “I’ll toast you too, more to this…”

“Shocking and glitzy!”


The most indispensable thing in the bar is the sound of toasting. The drinkers are busy pushing and changing, but no one knows what they are missing. This night, Leon and Jin Liancheng were both drunk, but Allen still couldn’t fail 1000 cups. It’s not that he doesn’t want to fall, it’s really hard for him to be drunk now. He could only shook his head and carried the two good brothers out of the bar.

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