Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1916

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Garden of Eden.

In Blood Gate Stronghold, stronghold gradually became alive after the military expedition returned. But compared to the past, the number is still much smaller. This time he participated in the Ebouins war, Russen transferred all the troops that could be transferred, but returned more than ten. With an army of more than 3 and 20, only 10000 have returned now. This number is even more sparsely divided among the bases. For this reason, Russen has even considered whether to abandon some occupied areas.

But today, what he has to consider is not this issue, but attending the funeral of the war dead. There is no return of the bones of the war dead, and even the nameplate of the dead is too late to take back. Only after counting the list of survivors, the list of war dead can be determined by the method of exclusion. Finally, a large cemetery suddenly appeared on the Blood Gate Stronghold. Crosses are inserted in the cemetery, these are the tombstones of the war dead.

More than 10000 tombstones make people feel heavy. Even if the funeral is over, Russen, who is still in the cemetery, does not raise at all.

He held a military cap in his hand and looked at these tombstones silently, without words.

The footsteps were resounded and stopped behind him, and then a voice said: “Their spirit of a martyr will return here and rest here.”

Russen paused, shrugged, said: “So, is the Federal President still acting as a pastor? The pastor will be unemployed that day.”

“Black humor doesn’t suit you very well, Russen, and I want to correct it. This is the former president.” Mobile was wearing a military uniform, carrying both hands behind and standing straight. He said indifferently: “Morbit will not appear again. I am very sure that the new president of the Confederation can take the Confederation in a new direction. The next time should be a peaceful era. People like me are not suitable to lead the Confederation through this. Era. If the Federation continues to let me manage, I’m afraid it will go to the wrong era.”

Russen shrugged: “You can put it down?”

“I have to let go.” Morbit said, “Russen, you should let go. People like you and me are not suitable for the next stage. There are enough people dead. Don’t let more people because You and me continue to be involved in the fire of war. After experiencing all this, they should have a better life, not war.”

“It’s not you or me.” Russen said, “Even if I step back, can you be sure that there will be no second and third Russen?”

“Yes, but at least, don’t show up now.” Morbit said solemnly.

Russen narrowed one’s eyes: “If I don’t agree.”

Morbit laughed: “You should know better than me.”

Russen suddenly laughed haha, “If I don’t agree, then next time you come to talk to me, it should be the adult.”

“He asked me to tell you that retirement is not necessarily boring. And it may not be fun to stay where you are. As for, the choice is yours.”

Russen pulled his face down: “Is there any other choice?”

“I guess not.”

Russen scolded, “Speaking asshole, after all, I can only make a choice.”

“You don’t have to complain. Whoever has the big fist makes sense, and you don’t understand.”

Russen sneered: “Then what’s going on now, does he intervene in all kinds of affairs and regard himself as a Savior?”

“He did save this World.” Morbit said, “He said, he only hopes that the people he cares about can live happily. At least in the short term, he doesn’t want to see war. This is his wish. , And we all owe him a great favor, so you see, it’s not a worst thing to pay back this favor. I heard that you have a good fishing hand, maybe in the future, we can play together?”

“Mr. President, with all due respect, don’t show your fishing skills.” Russen snorted, then whispered: “Please tell him, his wish will come true.”

“I’m waiting for you on Earth.” Morbit left the cemetery.

Russen looked at the tombstone of before one’s eyes, muttered: “You only got a little right. There are too many dead people. Hidden Light Council… Maybe it should be back in the shadows again.”

A few days later, Russen announced that it was decommissioned, and the defense of the Garden of Eden had fallen into the hands of the young General Sirfa.


The bugle horn sounded, and the entire Demon Ring City was clearly audible.

Today, the direction of the Castle of Shadow continuously blasts the brilliance of various colors, which exploded in midair, forming a firework-like rays of light, reflecting on this ancient castle. Leaders from all over Specter Country, Empire ministers, and even the General who guarded the gray area rushed back.

Because today, a major event will occur in Specter Country.

In the Shadow Hall, the hall was crowded with people, and the hall that was once empty, now it was crowded with a few hundred people.

Bavaria is very excited. This is the first time he has seen such a scene since becoming the manager of the Imperial Palace. After all, gather all the important officials from all over the Empire, including many generals in the Empire army, with hundreds of people gathered together. Such a scene is rare. He endured his excitement and coughed dryly: “Please be quiet, everyone, now we invite our Emperor, the honorable Allen Your Majesty, to announce a major event for everyone.”

After the military expedition is over, both Specter Country and Dobiya have strength and great injury. The number of military and powerhouses has shrunk by more than half compared to its heyday. Once the Empire’s ten General, now only Jalene and the other two remain. The three remaining Generals stood at the nearest position of the distance high platform. They seemed to have received the news, and they all moved. Others speculated, discussing spiritedly, until Bavaria reminded them again, these people finally calmed down.

Then there sounded heavy footsteps, and everyone saw that Allen was wearing Demon Monarch armor, walking up the high platform, but never sat down on the throne, but standing under the high platform and scanning the hall. face.

He cleared his throat and said indifferently: “Believe I am just a stranger to many people. The truth is that I am not from Agares. For some reason, I am here. Many people should Clearly, I walked out of the Great Wasteland and walked all the way here. To be honest, when I arrived in Agares, I never thought that I could stand in this castle and stand in this hall. But Spanac gave me such a Opportunity, let me stand on the peak of the power of Agares.”

“Now, Spanac and Frius have left this universe to explore the endless mysteries of other dimensions. And I not belong to here, unfortunately, I have to leave.”

As soon as this was said, the whole hall exploded.

Bavaria, who had already guessed something, trembled all over, the three Generals showed different expressions, and more people were shocked.

Allen raised his hand, motioned for them to be quiet, and then said: “Everyone has what he wants to do, and now I have found the meaning of life. So I’m leaving, leaving this place not belong to me, and go to Pursue my life. Of course, I’m impossible to leave Empire and leave. Therefore, I want to entrust her to manage this country. Please believe me, she is the most suitable candidate, and she will lead you to a more glorious future. She That is, Empress Alice!”

The door of the hall opened, and a strong aura immediately enveloped the hall. Everyone turned around and looked, and a beautiful woman walked in. She was dressed in great costume and had a noble temperament. More importantly, for some reason, every Barr people who saw her gave rise to a sense of familiarity that seemed right but actually isn’t. For Barr people, Alice is their mother of all beings. Even after countless years, the blood flowing within the body still pointed this out clearly.

Let Alice manage Specter Country instead of herself, Allen is convinced that this is a right decision. Barr people originated from Alice, and these should have been her subjects. And this time, Allen just returned her subjects back.

No one dared to question Allen’s decision. Coupled with Alice’s special aura, this throne change went smoothly. After Alice took the throne on the high platform, Allen quietly left.

The next day, walking into the garden of the Imperial Palace, Alice saw Allen squatting in front of a pair of tombstones. She softly said: “These are the two sisters you mentioned.”

Allen stood up, said with a nod: “If you can, please let them continue to sleep here.”

“As long as I’m still there, no one will dare to touch their tombstones.” Alice said, “Are you leaving?”


“How similar is this scene to when the creator left.” Alice was a little confused.

Allen walked up to her and hugged her. Alice felt stiff all over, then relaxed. She hugged Allen tightly and felt the warmth of Ranger in his on the body. Allen softly said: “I am not the same as your creator. I will not go forever. If I have time, I will visit you. Thank you for everything you have done for me, Alice. Unfortunately, Shana insists on Seek death. Otherwise, with her company, you will not be lonely.”

Alice let go of him. Although he was not willing to be warm, Allen was not a Ranger after all. Not her father, she said with a smile: “Don’t worry, managing the country is also an interesting attempt for me. At least, my interest can be maintained for 100 years left and right. Moreover, I decided to talk about it. in love.”

Allen haha ​​smiled and said, “That must be a funny thing, trust me. Find someone you love and he loves you too. You will find that the world has nothing to do before.”

Alice lost said with a smile: “It’s a pity that I can’t go to your wedding.”

“It doesn’t matter, I did receive your blessing.”

Allen stepped back 2 steps, “Then, I’m leaving.”

“I look forward to seeing little Rayan when I meet next time.”

“Yes. Alice, my queen Your Majesty, take care.” Allen turned around, a space door opened, and he walked in and disappeared into the garden.

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