Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1917

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Paradise Star, Bayregund Empire.

Granier, known as Empire, has gradually spread the title of Lucky City recently. The origin of the title is because the city no matter if it is the previous Prince split and the north-south confrontation; or the subsequent invasion of the Coining Dragon Empire; plus the last raging The Burning Legion. In the fire of war, Granier magically avoided all fire of war and became the most complete city in the entire Empire.

Therefore, more and more people come to this lucky city, hoping that their future lives will be as lucky as Granier.

In Granier’s gold street, a pub has become quite famous recently. This pub, which has been renamed “Modrela”, almost closed down because of poor management, and was later taken down. The new owner of the pub, rich and imposing, advertised an adventurer for free for one month when it opened after the renovation. At the beginning, adventurers passing by just entered the store with the idea of ​​a try, but after they tasted delicious and free wine, more and more adventurers would wander in this pub.

The owner of the tavern also fulfilled his promise, serving more than a year’s worth of alcohol in the previous tavern during a month, and it became famous in Granier. Starting from the second month, the tavern starts charging, but as long as you show an adventurer certificate, you will get half price for the whole store. Although it is no longer free, the wine and food in this pub are very delicious, so the number of guests is increasing. In addition to adventurer, past business travelers, residents of the city also began to visit this tavern.

Most of the guests in the pub are men. In addition to these people coming for fine wine and half-price discounts, they are also simultaneously for the young and beautiful hostess. When the hostess of the tavern appeared in front of everyone, no one could believe that this beautiful, long-legged woman was actually a woman of the tavern. Of course, this thing of beauty is always easy to get involved with right and wrong, and before long, a group of local gangsters came to the pub to make trouble. What makes people stunned is that the hostess of the tavern not only looks beautiful, and uses the sword well, using the great sword with both hands.

Obviously, this woman is not an ordinary person. Later adventurers began to gather here, and the tavern began to evolve into a place for the circulation of various news, and news dealers began to enter this tavern. Of course, the tavern provided a venue for them to communicate and also received a certain percentage of dividends.

The Modrela Tavern has gradually become a scene of Granier. If the adventurers passing by do not sit in the tavern, they will lack the capital to brag about with their companions. What’s more, every quarter, the pub will launch several new categories of fine wines, and the business is booming.

At the beginning of the night, the Modrela pub was already full of people. Today, poets and dancers who have toured around the country performed in the tavern. Strange music was heard in the tavern. The dancers choreographed and danced on stage. The poet was singing a familiar poem for the guests, telling It is the epic war that Prince Empire repelled the monster army.

The hostess of the tavern was wiping the cups behind the bar. There were a few regular customers sitting beside them, but they were from the local Adventurer’s Association.

An old man took a sip of wine and said, “Below, to be honest, I can’t sleep if I don’t come to you for a drink every evening.”

The hostess named Below said with a smile: “Then you must come often, Mr. Buffon.”

The old man haha ​​smiled: “Of course I will come often. Now my wife thinks that I have also fallen under your pomegranate skirt. This is a big mistake. Although I have repeatedly stressed that it was Modrela’s wine that seduce me, but she is I don’t believe it. No way, who would let us Below be a great beauty?”

A few men next to him smiled knowingly. A man with a majestic appearance said: “Don’t blame me for talking too much, Below. Although you are strong and we are here to take care of you, nothing will usually happen. But you are always a woman, and I am not underestimating you. , I just want to tell you that the woman still has to find a destination.”

“Thank you, Mr. Veitch.” Below said with a smile: “But who told you I don’t have a man anymore?”

“Oh, then why have you been to Granier for almost half a year and haven’t seen your so-called man?” the old man Buffon said.

Below looked towards the door and said: “He went to the far door, and when he comes back, you can see him.”

Suddenly, there was screaming in the direction of the stage, and then the screaming of dancers. Everyone looked at it and it seemed that someone was making trouble. Below snorted, and the old man laughed and said: “Don’t worry, you just stay here. Vicki, go and see who is not long-eyed making trouble here.”

Vicky called the two men next to him and squeezed in. He thought it would just be the case. Suddenly, there was a strong origin force rays of light with a bang, and several Adventurer’s Association men staggered. A rough man walked out, full of alcohol, and yelled: “I heard that the owner of this tavern is a beautiful woman. Come out and see you Uncle Tanner. If I am satisfied, Uncle Tanner will give you some money. “

Below stepped out of the bar, coldly said: “You are not welcome here, please go out.”

The man’s eyes lit up when he saw Below, laughed heartily and said, “Sure enough, she is a beautiful woman. Stay with me tonight.”

Then strode towards Below.

On the body he appeared very strong origin force rays of light, the old man opened his eyes wide, loudly said: “Below you come back soon, this is the butcher Tanner, he is not something you can handle!”

But it was too late, seeing Below was about to pounce. A hand was placed on the shoulder of the man out of thin air, and the strong man who looked like a bear suddenly fell a dog to eat shit. He got up embarrassed and shouted, “Who is it?”

“Aren’t you going to see the owner of the tavern? I am the one, so you made a mistake.”

Below froze there, and then a misty light appeared in his eyes. In front of her, a man in a cloak took off his hat, revealing a rare black hair. He is tall and thin, with a slender figure, standing there facing Below lightly said with a smile: “Sorry, it’s late. Allen Young Master He…”

At the end of his words, Below had already crashed into his arms and hugged him tightly and said: “It’s fine to come back, don’t say anything else. As long as I can see you again, I’m already very happy.”

The man relaxed, put his arms around her and said softly, “Me too.”

Then the man named Tanner crawled up and shouted, “You seem to have forgotten me!”

The tall and thin man haha ​​said, “Look, I’m really forgetful. But I remember, Below just let you out.”

“Then you get out of me!”

The door of Modrela pub suddenly exploded, and a man was thrown out like a dead dog, lying on the ground motionless. He didn’t die, but passed out in a coma. Below looked at the door and said, “This door was only changed last month!”

The man hugged her and said, “I’ll change it. From now on, leave everything to me.”

On this day, people knew that Modrela had a male host, his name was Bellemodre.

Barbaric Rock Star.

On an unknown hillside, the scorching sun is burning. There are two burly silhouettes walking up the hillside. They are two Catu people. Even for their burly figures, they are too strong. The one walking in the front is obviously younger, on the body painted with red paint, carrying a battle flag, and planting the flag on the hillside. The latter one is older, but has a strong breath and sharp eyes. The most special mention is that he is draped with several iron chains on the body.

“How long hasn’t been here.” The young Catu said humanely. He seriously cocked his hands and said: “At least has 20 years.”

“To be correct, it’s 22 years and 3 months.” Catu, who was wearing the iron chain, said humanely: “Even after so long, I still remember the evening that day. As a warrior under your father’s account, that evening. , I should have died here with them, using the enemy’s brain as a decoration on my grave!”

Youngster sighed, “I’m sorry, Tiegu, I have regretted you for 20 years.”

The old Catu man named Tiegu shook his head and said, “No, today you can stand in this place again. I am proud of your father. Child, you have gone through many hardships, but the pain is not at all knocking you down. This One thing is very similar to your father. You are all people with great courage. I used to think that when our Tribe was razed, you would lose all courage. But that day when you stood in front of me again, I knew I’m wrong.”

“Now, you are the big tribal chief. If your father knows, he will say, well done, Hubble!”

The youngster knelt by the battle flag and looked up at the battle flag and said: “If he can hear his voice again, I am willing to trade everything for it, even if I am not the big tribal chief, I am willing.”

“What are you talking about…” Tiegu walked up and pressed his shoulder forcefully, shouted: “Listen to the sound of the battle flag being blown by the wind! Isn’t that the sound of his cheering to you!”

The youngster trembled, and then he closed his eyes.

At this moment, the only sound in his ears was the sound of hunting when the battle flag was moved by the wind blow. Just like that day, he was riding on father’s beast, and the flag behind the beast made this sound.

There was a roar on the hillside.

This wild roar reverberates endlessly on the hillside, sounding ten thousand li.

The battle flag was left on the hillside, it was a Tribe flag that had disappeared. He had thought about putting this flag back on the hillside a long time ago, but he didn’t do it until today. He stayed the battle flag, and there was a very small camp near the hillside. There are only a few soldiers in this camp, and their only task is to ensure that the battle flag will not fall.

This is the order of the big tribal chief. Although this order does not seem to have any meaning, the soldiers in the camp will faithfully execute it.

Perhaps only the big tribal chief will understand the meaning.

The battle flag will not fall, the spirit of a martyr will live forever!

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