Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1918

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Paradise Star, the land of the border.

A carriage is heading to Sol city, and now this city, which has been transformed into a Starship port, has basically been blocked to the outside world. Only people or things with relevant certificates can go to Starship Port via Storm City. On the only way, a checkpoint guards the traffic arteries, and there is enough force of a regular battalion to ensure that horse thieves in the border land will not attack Sol city. But in fact, in the years when Higgs ruled the Borderlands, violent bandits and horse thieves have been extremely rare.

The carriage stopped before the checkpoint, and a team of soldiers stepped forward to ask for a clearance certificate. When they saw a customs clearance certificate with a golden cross embedded in the cover, they all crossed their hands and quickly opened the door to let the carriage pass.

“Who is it on top?” a young soldier asked.

Little Captain smiled and said, “That’s a great man, kid. On the carriage, there is Saintess Vera.”

Now, with Christianity being designated as the state religion by Empire, the power of the church has penetrated the country. Almost every large and medium-sized city in Bayregund will set up a church to change the chaos of the Empire before. Saintess Vera has demonstrated the ability to peer into the future more than once. It is rumored that God is observing this World through Saintess’s eyes. In the church, Saintess’s prestige is irreplaceable. Her brilliance even overshadows the church itself.

Her followers are all over the country, and there is no need to kneel down even to see the king. Such an honor can already explain everything.

At this moment, Vera, sitting on the carriage, was holding a letter in his hand.

The letter was sent to her by Edward, but the person who wrote the letter was not Edward, but Allen.

Allen wrote in the letter:

See words like face.

In the twinkling of an eye, I still remember that when we boarded The Dawn, we were disappointed in our ideals, but now we have to separate things. It’s just that all good things must come to an end, but also such is human nature. On this planet, I have left many memories. Among them, more are the experiences of birth and death with your friends. This experience will carry my heart, even if time goes by, it will not hurt anything.

Vera, my friend. When I first invited you to join, I promised you that I would take you to a place. It’s a pity that you haven’t realized your wish, and I am very ashamed. Fortunately, I asked all this about where the understood is. So I would like to ask you to go to Sol city when you receive the letter, a Starship will wait for you indefinitely. When you board it, you will arrive where you are going.

Perhaps the only thing I can do for you is this.

I wish you peace and happiness.

The signature is Allen Beskard.

After receiving this letter, Vera disregarded the opposition of the church and resolutely turned back from the northern lands to the southern border and rushed to Sol city without stopping. The church’s crusader knight group and the Empire military have been escorting her to Violet Harbor, and Vera and ten elite knights completed the rest of the journey.

Sol city is already in sight.

The city’s appearance remains the same, but the inside is quite different. Paradise Star and Earth are in frequent exchanges nowadays, and you will see Starship landing from time to time. The loyalty of those knights is not a problem, but when they saw this scene, they were still shocked and inexplicable. Vera has a calm face in the carriage, but judging from her holding the envelope from time to time, it can be seen that her heart may not be as peaceful as the surface.

When she came to Sol city, she had a Starship to stay for her. This medium-sized ship bears the Beskard logo, and the ship’s escort force is full, even if it is attacked, it has enough counterattack force. Vera bid farewell to the Knights here and went to Starship alone. After a while, she was already in space.

Paradise Star fades away.

Starship obviously already knows where his destination is, and the warp speed channel has been applied for early in the morning, and he can go to the destination at any time.

After the Gemini Space Station opened a channel, Starship did not enter the channel. When it came out, a space station could be seen far away. The porthole baffle in front of Vera’s seat rose slowly, allowing the girl to see the space station. Vera’s eyes were so blurred, she put her hand on the cabin window, concentrating on the space station that was no longer in use. The space station is as quiet as a tomb. There was an attack here 5 years ago, and Vera’s parents were both buried in the attack. After that, she lived with grandfather Hughton.

“Time must be the most terrifying thing in this world. Today, ten or five years ago, when I heard their news, my heart was like a knife. But now, I am so calm.” An old voice suddenly sounded behind Vera.

The girl turned her head and saw an old Cong walking towards her, who else would be if not Hughton.

“Grandfather…” Vera immediately plunged into the arms of the old man. No matter how she was on Paradise Star, she would always be just a little girl in front of the old man. Hughton hugged his granddaughter said with a smile: “This kid, Allen, recently liked to do some little mysterious. When he sent me aboard, he only said that he would give me a surprise, but he didn’t want to tell me what it was. When I arrived at Paradise Star, I guessed it was this one.”

Vera said with a nod: “He fulfilled his promise.”

“Yeah, I really lost my eyes. Who would have thought that a The Surface kid who came to Babylon to participate in the death ring would have such an achievement today.” Hughton haha ​​said with a smile: “Now everyone knows I am His Teacher, not to mention the beauty, wherever he went, there was a call to General Hughton, even though I had been decommissioned for so many years.”

“But no matter how beautiful it is, it would be better to reunite with my baby.” The old man touched Vera’s head and said: “This time, grandfather is not going anywhere, it’s up to you.”

Vera hugged the old man, nodded hard, and then stared at the space station in the distance.

Grandpa and grandson were speechless for a while.



Unknown town.

“Let’s take a look at Luo, fresh fruits and vegetables, to ensure that there is no pollution.”

“I sell beef jerky, marinated in secret technique, delicious and refreshing, you want to buy it after eating it.”

The small market in the town is very lively, there are hawkers everywhere, people coming, people going, and the stream is endless.

Two people in cloaks walked in the market, and it can be seen from their figures that they are a man and a woman. The man stopped from time to time to buy a few apples, a bag of beef jerky, and a bag of dried fruits. Just walk and eat like this, and from time to time pass it to the female partner next to him, but obviously the female partner shows no sympathy. Rejected again and again, but the man was not too troublesome and handed it to her again and again. Finally, the female partner took a bite of beef jerky, and the man laughed heartily like a boy who got his favorite toy.

They passed through the bazaar and walked into a secluded alley when suddenly a few men rushed out and outflanked them.

The man said, “Don’t you say that the people here are very kind? Why don’t I think so.”

“Because this is not the old village anymore.” The female replied.

The first burly man shouted: “What did you whispering say? I haven’t seen you before, ah. But it doesn’t seem to be short of money, so I will leave your valuable things. We only want money and don’t want to hurt you.”

The man in the cloak said with a smile: “I will come if you come.”

“I’m a half master, let me come.” The woman sighed.

The man said: “People just want to make money, but don’t want to kill. You should do it lightly.”

The woman hummed, and then took a step forward.

In one step, he came to the back of the leader. Then, without knowing what technique she used, the leader threw it out and fell into the drain. The fall was not light, but the man was still alive. The next few men were thrown out, and the woman clapped her hands and said, “Let’s go.”

The man in the cape had time to pick up a piece of beef jerky and chewed it in his mouth and said, “You shot too fast. Slow down next time. I’m going to watch a good show.”

The woman snorted in her hat, coldly.

The last two people stopped in front of the ruins of a house, which was long gone, only a few corners remained. Weeds grew everywhere, and when the wind blew, the weeds undulated like waves. Where it should be the gate, here is the barren, it seems that someone has been here to weed. There is also a wreath on the gate, which seems to have been placed these two days, and the flowers on it have not withered yet.

The woman walked over, squatted down, gently placed her hand on the wreath and said, “Who would it be?”

“Don’t you know?” The man put some apples on the edge of the wreath and said, “I’ll weed.”

“No, just come back and have a look, but I didn’t plan to come back to live.”

“It doesn’t matter, it won’t take much time anyway.” He took off his cloak, his conspicuous silver hair gleaming in the sun.

Then he dialed the draft diligently, and occasionally looked back and smiled at the woman. The woman also took off her hat, and two ponytails of different colors came out. She laughed, she knew that if he wanted to, let alone weeding, even if the town disappeared, it would be no more than a finger stretch. But he was bent over like an ordinary person, she knew what it meant.

“You are… are you Catherine?”

A voice rang behind them, and the girl turned her head and saw a middle-aged woman in ordinary dress approaching. She also held a wreath in her hand. Obviously, she put the wreath by the door.

The girl suddenly remembered something and said, “Are you Ajani?”

“Yes, it’s me.” The woman’s wreath fell to the ground, and she hugged Catherine abruptly and cried: “How many years are there. I thought you were already not in. Didn’t expect you to be alive. That was the day.” A terrifying disaster. If it weren’t for the big snake, you and your father should still be living here.”

Next, the two people chatted for a long time at the door. By evening, Allen had wiped out the grass in the ruins. In front of the door, there was an extra wreath. They sat on the hillside in front of the ruins and watched the sunset together.

“Who is that person?”

“Her name is Adjani. When I came to this village with my father, she was still a beautiful woman.”

“It seems that she likes your father very much, otherwise, she won’t always send wreaths.”

“Well, they still had a relationship back then, but Ajani’s family disagrees. After all, my father is a widower and brought me such a drag oil bottle.”

“It seems that your father is quite attractive.”

“Of course, he is the most handsome man I have ever seen.”

“what about me?”

“You are the second most handsome.”


Catherine laughed, her smiling face is so brilliant in the sunset. Suddenly, she paused, then looked back at the ruins.

In the ruins, there seemed to be a man smiling gently at her.

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