Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1919

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Aidahua Star, Imperial Family Cemetery.

Since the last time was patronized by Spanac, the Imperial Family Cemetery of Aidahua Star has increased its defense forces to ensure that the sleeping place of members of the Royal family will not be disturbed. At this moment, in the temple, Lucy stood alone in the empty hall. In front of her, there was a holographic image of a young woman. Her appearance is similar to Lucy has several points of, and she is running happily, laughing like silver bells from time to time.

She was laughing, but Lucy was already crying.

“Mother, I will get married tomorrow. Don’t worry, he is very good, although he has a lot of women by one’s side, but at least, I will not be lonely in the future, will I?”

“Mother, it would be nice if you could hear me.”

“Mom… I miss you so much.”

The woman in the video turned to Lucy’s direction and stretched out her hand with a smile on her face. Lucy also raised his hand, trying to catch her, but his hand passed through the image without catching anything.

She covered her mouth and choked up.

A big hand fell on her shoulder and hugged her tightly, and Orpheus’s voice sounded above her head: “Don’t worry, she can hear it.”

“Royal father.” Lucy looked up.

Orpheus shook his head and said, “Now standing in front of you is just a father, not the Emperor of Aidahua Star.”

“Dad…” Lucy hugged him tightly.

“Okay, don’t cry. My daughter will be a beautiful bride tomorrow. What if she cries and swells her eyes.” Orpheus touched her head with a big hand, and said softly, “Time flies. Holding you in my hand seems to be yesterday. At that time, I was convinced that you were the best gift that God gave me. Unfortunately, the departure of your mother made you and me misunderstand each other. You know, my baby, that period In the terrible time, I imagined today’s picture more than once, but I didn’t have the confidence to realize it.”

“Now, it is alive before one’s eyes. My daughter is finally getting married.”

Lucy wiped away the tears and said with a smile: “You must be very happy, right? No one will bother you anymore.”

“Of course I am happy, but not what you think.” Orpheus raised his head, as if concentrating on the dome: “If possible, how much I hope time will stop forever, how much I hope you never grow up, how much I hope this day will not Will come. In this way, I can always hold you in my palm, you are my treasure, even if I exchange the entire universe for the wealth I am willing to give away. How I want you to know how much I love you, in In my time without you, memories will only make me sad. Because my loveliest daughter can no longer grab my beard and play, don’t sleep with my arms around my neck, and don’t let me carry her to see this World.”

“There is a man who will take my place. He will take my place to protect you from the wind and rain, carry all the suffering for you, and bring you happiness that I cannot bring you. I should have been happy, but at this moment , I am a little jealous of him. I can only accompany your top 20 years, and he will stay with you for a lifetime. Just…”

“In any case, I have to let go, so that you can truly grow up and become what your mother wants. So, I will bless you, child, happiness and sweetness will always be with you, suffering and sorrow Will be far from your by one’s side.”

“My favorite daughter…”

He hugged Lucy tightly, and then said, “Go, you have to try on the wedding dress, so don’t disturb me and your mother.”

Lucy nodded, catching the hand of the Great Emperor: “I love you too, father.”

Until she left, the Great Emperor dared to lower his head, then wiped his eyes hard, looked at the woman in the holographic image, and said: “I’m really old and useless. If Lucy sees me crying, Do you think she will laugh at her stomach.”


The video certainly won’t answer his words, so the woman inside just smiled softly. Orpheus emptied the air, and the image was frozen, he just stared at her.

At this moment, the Imperial Palace in Golden City is busy, and everyone is making 100% preparations for tomorrow’s wedding. Especially for a female officer in charge of several brides’ wedding dresses, she always felt that it was not strange that she collapsed at the next moment.

“Why do you want to wear this kind of clothes?” Looking at herself in the mirror, Laura protested loudly, “It strangled me so fast that past one’s prime is here, and you see, the chest strap is too tight, and There is too much leakage, there is no defensive power at all. As for the skirt, it is my most dissatisfied part. It is too long and mopping the floor, so it is easy to mix.”

Wearing a gorgeous wedding dress in the style of Aidahua Star, Laura strongly protested, and Windsor Bellow, who was holding a pot of fruit next to her mouth, said: “In your opinion, how do you need to change it?”

Laura pointed at the chest, shoulders and other exposed areas and said, “Here, and here, there should be armor protection. And the skirt, which must be cut short, at least the calf must be exposed, otherwise it will be too flexible.”

After hearing these words, the experienced female officer finally fainted. Windsor Bellow sighed: “Young Lady, you have to know that I am wearing a wedding dress, not a battle suit.”

Laura put her hands on her waist and said, “Strange, why don’t you try on these strange clothes.”

“It’s very simple. I’ll tell him. He can be my man, and I am willing to be his lover. But I can’t do it as a wife.”

Laura yelled, “Then I will be his lover too, so I don’t want to wear such strange clothes.”

“Can’t say that, Laura.” Someone pushed in, it was Xiagelin. She also wore a gorgeous and complicated wedding dress on the body, but this wedding dress was worn on her on the body, and she wore luxuriously. Xiagelin, who is already a mother, has not been compared with other girls, but has a mature beauty. That kind of beautiful is something that few girls who are not mothers don’t have.

Behind her, Adele and Elise also walked in. The wedding dresses of these two girls on the body also have their own characteristics, and they all set off their temperament very well. They all laughed lightly when they saw Laura being awkward.

Xiagelin said: “If you feel uncomfortable, just say it, we will help you adjust.”

Then came forward with the two Adele girls and adjusted the wedding dress for Laura. Laura hummed: “The wedding is about to take place tomorrow. You see, he hasn’t returned yet, maybe the wedding won’t be held tomorrow.”

“Nonsense.” A voice came in suddenly, and the space door opened. Allen pulled Catherine into the hall and said, “How could I miss such an important thing tomorrow. Laura, talk nonsense again, and be careful that I spank you.” “

Laura slapped haha ​​and provocatively said: “Come on, I’m afraid you won’t make it.”

As a result, several people became a group.

Seeing all the girls put on wedding gowns, even Catherine also put on white gauze, Allen was so happy that he could not close his mouth from ear to ear, but pushed away a few female officials, saying it was impolite, so he could only go to Orpheus. But the Great Emperor had not returned from the cemetery, so Allen had a “lonely” evening.

The next day, a loud bugle horn sounded in Golden City, countless colorful flowers floated in the sky, and Floating Void City Avenue 2 was full of people watching the ceremony. A land vehicle departed from the port and drove slowly towards the Imperial Palace. Allen stood in the car, receiving congratulations from everyone. Sitting next to him were Horn and Rodey. Horn was okay. Rodey couldn’t laugh from ear to ear, and seemed happier than he got married.

No matter how slow the car is, there is a moment to reach the Imperial Palace. Allen got out of the car in front of the palace gate and was taken into the great hall by the courtesy officer. On the high platform of the great hall, Orpheus is dressed in gorgeous armor, leaning on the gigantic sword, and looking towards Allen majesticly. The Palace of Ceremony signaled Allen to come forward. In the next section of the road, he was the only one who walked over, while Horn and Rodey stayed behind to observe the ceremony. In front of Allen were two red-clothed knights with silver helmets. They held up the long spears one by one, and then staggered across Allen’s head. Allen walked through the “doors” built by these long spears and came to the front of the platform. .

Orpheus loudly said: “Today is an extremely important day. I think everyone here knows who this man is. Some people call him Savior, and some people say that he is a living Legendary. For me These identities are not important. I only know that today, I will entrust my daughter to him and witness his happy moments with multiple girls.”

“So now, we should bless them with applause and wish these newcomers happiness forever!”

There was thunderous applause in the great hall, then Orpheus turned his head and a silhouette appeared behind him. It was Lucy, and even though her face was covered in white gauze, Allen still recognized her at a glance. Next, Orpheus took Lucy’s hand and walked down the high platform, walked in front of Allen, and then put Lucy’s hand in Allen’s hand: “Please take care of me instead of me, and promise me that you will never leave her. Each other, until the heart of life, only death can separate you!”

Allen solemnly said: “I promise, I will use all my strength to protect her, care for her, and cherish her until the end of time.”

Orpheus just clicked nodded, and then made a gesture, and a courtesy officer came over with a brocade box. Orpheus opened it, and inside was a silver white pistol, which was very gorgeous and elegant. The important thing is that it exudes a faint breath of origin force.

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Orpheus said: “This is Redemption White Bell Orchid, and Annihilation Golden Wild Rose was originally a pair. It’s just that Lucy and White Bell Orchid are incompatible with each other and cannot be driven, so they have been kept. Now I regard it as your wedding. For the gift, I believe that your descendants will have someone who can drive White Bell Orchid.”

Allen nodded: “I will keep it safe until someone who can use it appears.”

The Great Emperor’s face broke with a smile at this time: “You know, kid. Now even I am a little jealous of you. It doesn’t matter if I marry my daughter, and simultaneously marry that many beautiful and kind girls, you Good luck kid.”

After speaking, he stepped aside. On the high platform, Catherine, Xiagelin, Laura, Adele and Elise walked down one by one under the hands of each and everyone female officer. The dome of the great hall rained down, and the band played festive music, announcing the official start of the wedding of Allen and many girls!

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