Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1920

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Mubes Star Field, Ronan Star.

Under the lights, a pen fell on the paper, writing each and everyone Earth text. There was a rustle in the room, and there was a sense of tranquility. The light shone on a youngster’s face. He has silver-gray hair and a handsome face. Under the shining of the fire, the golden pupils seemed to glow, emitting brilliant rays of light. He was writing in his diary, and the diary wrote:

23rd day away from Earth.

Today, I came to Ronan Star based on clues. Sorry, father, did not attend your wedding, but you are right, your journey has come to an end, and I should start my own journey.

It seems a bit digress.

Ronan Star, humans also live on this planet, of course it is still different from the humans on Earth. The civilization of this planet is still very lagging. At this moment, I am staying in a city. There is a legend about this city. It is said that there is a giant snake sleeping in the depths of the city. It is the Guardian God of the city. Once a disaster occurs in the city, it will wake up from its deep sleep.

I have collected a lot of information about this legend, it looks a bit like my race, I decided to stay here for a while.

The universe is vast, and I believe that in a certain corner, my race must still survive.

At this point, the youngster stopped and closed his diary.

At this time, footsteps sounded outside, and human voices gradually became noisy. Youngster hid the diary, walked out of the room, and went to the street outside. From a distance, you can see the fire coming from the direction of the city square. He grabbed a passing person and asked: “What happened?”

“It’s a major event.” The middle age person said: “Someone entered the Earth Palace without permission from the lord. The lord thought she had offended the Guardian God and wanted to burn her to death. What’s more hateful is that this woman was full of nonsense. She said that there is no Guardian God under Earth Palace, there are only demons and its guards. Now, the guards of the demons are going to destroy the city. This is really terrible, this kind of woman deserves to be burned to death!”

After speaking, he ran away.

youngster narrowed one’s eyes: “Demon? Guard? Interesting…”

He also flooded into the crowd.

The city square is brightly lit, and a high platform is piled up in the middle. The high platform is made of wood and has been sprayed with fire oil. A tightly tied woman was lifted onto a high platform by two strong men, and then tied her to a wooden pole. It was a young woman. She obviously knew what fate she would encounter next, but she didn’t have the slightest fear on her face. She loudly said: “You must believe my words, after burning me, please leave this city immediately. The guards of the devil have already begun to stir, they will come to the ground at any time, when the time comes, this city will have blood flowing into a river. They will kill babies and will not let go of any a human being. Please trust me!”

“Nonsense!” said the lord in gorgeous costume sitting on the tall giant horse: “Immediately burn this woman to death!”

Then Archer lit a fire on the arrow, and then shot an arrow on the pile of wood, and the high platform made of wood suddenly became Combustion. People shouted “burn her to death” excitedly, listening to these voices, a sad expression appeared on the woman’s face. Suddenly, the color of the flame changed from fire to blue, and then the high platform and the flame became frost. Such a natural phenomenon has shocked people. I don’t know who yelled “the devil is coming”, and people around rushed to flee the square.

Even the lord left under the guard of the soldiers.

When the square was empty, someone walked up to the platform. It was the youngster with the silver-gray hair. He reached out and pointed at the rope of the woman on the body. The rope froze and then disconnected. The woman regained her freedom and looked at him in amazement.

youngster said with a smile: “Follow me.”

2 People left the city and came to the small woods outside the city. The youngster untied the cloak on the body and spread it on the floor and said, “You can sleep here.”

“Who are you?” the woman asked, and then said, “My name is Rolan.”

“You can call me white.” The youngster smiled and said, “Then Rolan Young Lady, have you really been to Earth Palace?”

Rolan sat on the cloak and said with a nod: “Yes, I have been there. My family has a detailed record of that Earth Palace. There is no Guardian God in that Earth Palace, there is only a demon. My ancestors had a relationship with This demon fought against it and captured it. But we couldn’t kill the demon, so my ancestors built the Earth Palace to seal the demon in the depths of the earth forever. After that, our family took root in this land, where at first everything No. Later, a village was formed, and then a small town. A few hundred years later, there was only such a city as it is now.”

“It looks like your family has withered.”

“Yes, in a few hundred years, sufficient to let a prosperous family die out, I am the last member. Recently, the city was threatened, and the lord used the legend of the Earth Palace Guardian God to appease everyone, even to the Guardian A sacrifice was made. This is extremely stupid. They sent food to the devil. With food, the devil will become stronger again. I was worried that the Earth Palace could no longer contain the devil, so I went down to confirm it. Sure enough, The devil’s guard has already begun to wake up, but the people on the ground don’t know it!”

Bai patted on Rolan’s shoulder: “You take a break, then take me to see. If there is a devil, I will help you get rid of it.”

“You?” Rolan obviously didn’t believe it. She shook her head and said, “You can’t do it, sir. You should leave here now.”

“how about you?”

“I plan to go back and have a look. If there is really no way, then I will blow up the Earth Palace. Fortunately, our ancestors foreseen that there will be such a day, so we prepared some necessary institutions in the Earth Palace.”

Bai said indifferently: “Perhaps you don’t have to do this. In short, you should sleep for a while. I’ll get some things. When we come back, let’s go to Earth Palace together.”

He went back to the city to fetch his suitcase, and when he came back, the woman was no longer visible. Bai shook his head, smiled, his eyes lit up. After a while, he found the woman’s footprints and followed him to the foot of a mountain outside the city. There was a cave at the foot of the mountain, and Bai walked in and went deep into it.

He came to an underground palace. The entrance of the palace was two sculptures, which were a kind of monster. The body of the human body and the head of the snake could not help but froze for a moment, which was a bit beyond his expectation. He went deep into it, and soon he had seen a hall. There was a woman’s scream in the hall, and the white figure swiftly, and in a blink of an eye she saw a monster attacking the woman. It was a giant monster with several meters high body, with 2 snake heads, holding a battle axe and gigantic sword in his hand, and was chasing Rolan.

Seeing that Rolan was about to be chopped by gigantic sword, Bai Shan walked up to her and reached out to hold the sword edge. Then at the point where the two touched, the gigantic sword quickly spread a piece of frost, and finally the giant was frozen into an ice sculpture.

Rolan looked at Bai in shock and said, “Why haven’t you left yet.”

“I’m leaving, you are dead.” Bai extended the hand, pulling her up: “Let’s go, let’s see the demon you said.”

They went deep into the Earth Palace, passed many institutions, and encountered various monsters along the way. Finally, they came to the depths of the palace. This is a hall, but in the middle of the hall is a huge skeleton. Judging from the shape of the skeleton, it is exactly the same as the sculpture outside the palace. It has a human-like body, but the skull is obviously snake-shaped.

A thick iron chain is still locked on this skeleton. The iron chain is tied all around the hall. After a long period of invading, the iron chain has been rusty.

White said: “It seems that no matter how powerful the demon is, it can’t beat the invasion of time. It is dead, as for those guards, it may be a mutant descendant after combining it with underground creatures.”

“Dead…” Rolan somewhat absent-minded, then laughed: “The devil is dead. We want to protect it for generations. Is it a skeleton?”

Bai patted her on the shoulder and said: “Don’t be sad, the understood answer may not be a good thing now. You see, at least you don’t need to stay here anymore, you can look around.”

“But I don’t know where to go?”

“Well, I will travel everywhere, if you want, we can be a company.”

“Can you? If that’s the case, then it’s very good.”

It was already morning when they walked out of the Earth Palace. There was explosions and fires in the direction of the city. Rolan said: “Here, it is the army of the Masi people. They finally attacked the city.”

Rolan looked at the cave at the foot of the mountain again: “Unfortunately, their Guardian God did not appear in the end.”

“Let’s go, it’s no longer our business here.”

2 people left facing the rising sun.

One day in the evening, I took out a diary for nothing. Rolan was cooking the broth, and she said strangely, “You still record?”

“Yes, my father said, record things along the way. When I no longer travel in the future, I will reap extremely precious memories.” Bai said with a smile, opened the diary and began to record.

Coming to the third week of Ronan Star.

I was looking for a legend about Guardian God in a city before. I thought it might be related to my race, but unfortunately, even if it is really the Snake King family, it has become a skeleton. Yes, it’s dead, dead under the murder of time. I looked at the skeleton and wondered whether my race has become like this, am I the last member of the Snake King family?

This is an unanswered question, unless I travel around every corner of the universe and confirm that no other Snake King is alive, can I come to this conclusion?

But it was not without gain, at least, I met Rolan, a pretty good woman. I will travel with her on Ronan Star for a while, and now I heard that there is a country that worships giant snakes in the depths of the desert, and I want to visit there.

Father, maybe when I go back, Rayan is already a great accomplishment person. But as you said, this universe is so vast, and there is a universe outside the universe. It seems that I will travel for a long time.

“The soup is ready, come and drink it.”

After closing the diary, I heard Rolan yelling, and Bai smiled and stood up and said: “After drinking, hurry up to bed. We are going to the desert tomorrow.”

“What are you looking for?”

“I don’t know, but one day, I will know. But before that, there are countless adventures waiting for me.”

“You really like adventure.”

“This is what makes life so attractive, isn’t it?”

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