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953. Chapter 953, Charging in the Snow

492.第492章 候着

Chapter 953, Charging in the Snow

    第492章 候着

Wang Yao stared at Jia Zi, and smiled slightly.


“What happened to Mr..”


“You look at the girl and look very carefully?”


“Ah, no, this is my professional habit.” Jia listened and scratched his head.


“Don’t dare when you are with Hu Mei?”


“That is, when she was with him, she basically saw a woman. I saw a man.”


“Don’t forget to go at night!”


“I know, I must go.”


“Right, let the uncle go together, isn’t the uncle also good to drink two?” Jia said.


“Well, I will ask him when I am.” Wang Yao said, but this thing his father would not go in ten or ninety, because he asked more than once.


Jia left for a while and left.


Wang Yao sat there and considered the girl just now. In fact, he really wanted to treat the girl. After all, it was the first time that he was exposed to such a patient. Some doctors were always interested in some intractable diseases. The same is true of him. He has been in a place like him. The general illness is already irritating to his interest.




Although people did not agree to receive treatment from him, this did not prevent Wang Yao from recording the patient’s condition, and then listed the treatment plan he considered in detail below. In fact, the so-called moving knives are not as terrible as their mother and daughter imagined.


There are not a few patients on this cold day.


When I went home in the afternoon, Wang Yao told Jia’s father about the incident at night, and he really couldn’t say it.


After all, they are all young people. What is the history of a man who has nothing to do with his old age? There is no common language.


It was just dark, and Wang Yao came to Jia’s home with two wines.


“Sir, come and sit.”


The hot fish was on the table, and the cauldron was simmered for an afternoon. The milky white fish soup was fragrant and scented, and there was appetite.


Thousands of tofu, 10,000 fish,


Hu Mei also fry a few side dishes, and her cooking skills are very good.


Four men and women,


Eat fish, drink, gossip,


Outside the house was a cold wind, and the room was full of heat.


“Let the New Year, don’t you go back to your hometown?”


“Hometown?” Jia Zi ate a bite.


“Oh, sir, if you don’t mention it, I have forgotten where my home is. I remember when I left, there should be a few broken houses at home, and I don’t know if I am still there. It is estimated that I will not be seen.” Now, there are no relatives in the family. Now I am going back. The things are wrong, but it is a sentimental feeling, or it is not good to go back.”


At the wine table, they chatted about the New Year and talked about their home. Jia was also talking about the darkness of the past. Now I think it is quite unbearable.


“Compared with the present day, it was really dark at that time!” he said with emotion.


“What about you? Don’t go back to the old home for the New Year?” Wang Yao asked Zhong Liuchuan.


“Go home, I have forgotten what my hometown looks like.” Zhong Liuchuan recalled a moment.


He and Jia are in a similar situation. They have been away from their hometown for more than ten years. During this time, they only went back a trip. There are no relatives in their hometown. Going back, what to do?


“Sir, since then, this village is our hometown.” Jia said.


They are here to settle down and have taken root. Even they moved their accounts.


“We are also a family, is it Mr.?”


“Yes, it must be.” Wang Yao smiled.


“Come on, cheers.”




Zhong Anxin also smiled and lifted the cup filled with juice.


The room was very warm, their hearts were warm, and everyone’s faces were filled with happy smiles.


One was at nine o’clock in the evening before they went home.


Wang Yao went to Nanshan under the cold night, and the moon was like a hook, and some were lonely.


Above the Nanshan, it is as warm as spring.


Nothing in the night.


The next morning, Wang Yao just went down the mountain and saw an acquaintance waiting outside the medical hall.


“He Big Brother, some days have not come, please, please sit in the house.” The person is He Qisheng, but it has not come for a long time.


“It’s busy recently, I don’t have time to come to you.” He Qisheng smiled.


He was taken into the house and poured a cup of tea.


“I heard that you opened a pharmaceutical company?”


“Yes, right in the town over there, not far from here.” Wang Yao said, “Is it very good recently?”


“It’s good.” He Qisheng smiled.


In fact, he came here purely for the past few years, came to contact the feelings, every year during the holiday season, he represented Guo Jia, who was brought over by Guo Sirou.


“Come on, come with something!”


“Isn’t this going to the end of the year? It’s a bit of a treat, it must be accepted, otherwise I will not be able to explain it back.” He Qisheng said.


“Well, I accept it, but I can’t let you go back empty-handed.” Wang Yao also gave him a box of good tea. There are not many things, but the mind is just fine.


He Qisheng stayed for more than an hour, two people were chatting, chatting a lot, and vaguely revealing some recent developments of Guo.


“Slow down,” Wang Yao sent him outside the door.


He saw it, this big brother is very worried.


“The heart is too tired,” he sighed.


In the morning, I came to a patient. The head was uncomfortable. The reason was very simple. It was cold. When I went out, I didn’t pay attention to it. I was dyed with cold. Wang Yao gave him a massage. I sweated and then gave him a drive. Two drugs.


“Okay, just go back and eat.”


“Thank you.”


When he was treated, this person kept complaining about it, and the work was not easy. At the end of the year, the boss did not give money.


Life is hard and life is not easy.


Wang Yao just smiled and listened to him a few words. This is not the first time he has encountered such a thing.


After these people complained, the mood will be better.


Not far from the mountain village.


Nanshan Medicine, today came three people, people from other provinces, they came to Zheng Weijun.


“Zheng, hello.”


“Hey, Pan, how come you have time here?”


The arrival of the three of them made Zheng Weijun very surprised.


“Zheng Zong, you are really hot here!” Pan always smiled.


“There are more orders, more work, and some stocks. This is the end of the year, so it’s a good holiday.”


“We are here to discuss with you, we hope to increase orders.”


“How much?” Zheng Weijun listened.


“This number.” Pan always extended his fingers and spread out.


“Fifty percent?”


“Five times.”


“Five times?!” Zheng Weijun was shocked after listening.


“Also, I want to be able to obtain exclusive rights to the provinces of Jiangsu, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is not just this kind of medicine. It is the sole agency of Nanshan Medicine.”


To be honest, at the beginning, he was not optimistic about the pharmaceutical company that had just been established last year. It was not too good to promise Zheng Weijun before, and promised to help. In the beginning, the drug was useless. He is no longer in the heart, but in the last two weeks, almost all the people who sold the drug by him demanded an increase, and the amount was not as large, it was several times. This made him very surprised, and then immediately arranged for people to investigate. The result was that the use of this medicine was very helpful, and the audience was wide. Once the word-of-mouth was spread, the effect was quite amazing, which made him pay attention to it. This is the trip.


“The second request, I can promise you.” Zheng Weijun said.


After all, at that time, for this new company, for the new products to go to those so-called friends, I hope they can help, this is only the very happy promise of the moment, although the amount is not large, but for him That is the charcoal in the snow, this friendship, he is in mind, so this time is also very happy, but the first request, made him a little difficult.


“What about the first one?”


“You can give up to two and a half times the amount, no more.”




“Now the amount is increasing everywhere.” Zheng Wei said.


He is not deceiving. Up to now, he has received requests from five people and hopes to increase the supply. However, his output is really too high. The production capacity of the equipment is there, but the raw materials are not good. Wang Yao mentioned The requirement is that wild medicinal materials must be used, and at the very least, it must be artificially planted in the mountains. This is very demanding, but he directly tells the purchasing department that he can not make a discount. He has found that the relevant personnel are directly rolling up the cover. Leave people!


In order to ensure this, he also specially arranged a crone staff to sample the raw materials of the medicinal materials from time to time and then sent them to a third-party testing agency for testing. Up to now, the company has implemented this regulation very well, and all the raw materials of medicinal materials are almost the best in China.


“What about capacity?”


“I don’t want to, but I can’t, I have to follow the process, step by step, and I can’t discount anywhere. Otherwise, the little word of mouth that has just accumulated can be lost.” Zheng Weijun said.


“OK, then this amount.”


The two of them signed the contract on the spot.


“Happy cooperation, as before.”


“Happy cooperation.”


Both of them were very happy. Zheng Wei had done the best of the landlord and hosted the Pan. When he was chatting, he knew that Pan was ready to go to the capital to ask a doctor to see his mother.


“The old man is not feeling well?”


“Hey, it used to be a leg pain. This year it was a painful pain. I didn’t dare to get out of bed. I saw a lot of doctors on our side. The effect is not good. I don’t want to go to the capital to see.”


“Good doctor, I know one.” Zheng Weijun said with a smile.


“Yes, where is it?” Pan always hurriedly asked after listening.


“Not far away, it’s near here.”


“That’s great, can you recommend me?”


“no problem!”


(End of this chapter)



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