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955. Chapter 955 is to be content

494.第494章 等死

Chapter 955 is to be content

    第494章 等死

At this time in the Jinmen, he did not have to worry about the whole day, worried that people in the stockade would come to find their own troubles, sleep, eat, and naturally look a lot better.


In addition, with the help of Xu Xinyuan, he also found a job, the salary is not very high, the work is not very tired, but he has no education, and there is no skill, this is already very good, he also Very satisfied.


“I hope that this will continue in the future.” This is his desire for a peaceful life. Now he saw a little hope.


“If Miao Tianchuan can succeed, it would be better.”


He still hopes that Miao Tianchuan will succeed in revenge and kill Miao Xihe.


In response or a corresponding reciprocation, he told Xu Xinyuan a little bit of news about the “Thousand Medicine Valley”.


“Refining the body with drugs?” When he heard this, Xu Xinyuan was very curious.


“How to do it?”


Miao Chengtang did not answer this question. He did know that it was limited, and he could not finish it all at once. Otherwise, he would lose the value of his use and he would be thrown aside.


This thing he once concealed and passed through Miao Qingyuangou, and his meaning is the same. He can’t say everything he knows in his stomach. He always has reservations. The so-called waiting for price is not a talent. There is no rich knowledge and no special ability. What you can rely on is the secret in your stomach, and these secrets will not increase. If you say it, you will have less.


In fact, he still knows a little about medicine. In the stockade, almost everyone knows this. In addition, he will have a special means, but he can’t play much role in this bustling city of reinforced concrete. After that, look at the changes in the situation. If within a year or two, the people in the stockade did not find him, or directly gave up the revenge against him, then he would find a way to open a door, practice medicine, significant He can’t see the disease, but he can still heal if he has bruises and headaches.


This evening, Miao Qingyuan asked him to come out to eat.


The wine has been drunk a lot and the words have increased.


“Actually, I also hope that Miao Xihe will die in the depths of my heart, and it is tragic!” Miao Qingyuan said that when he said this, his expression was embarrassing.


No one wants to leave their hometown, not to mention the kind of lonely way to escape. After escaping, it is also a worrying year. Over the years, his inner hatred has not really dissipated with the passage of time. Instead, it has gradually accumulated and fermented with the accumulation of time. Some nights, when he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep, he would think about these things.


“Unfortunately, just think about it!”


Miao Chengtang did not speak after listening. He took a glass of white wine on the table and drank it.


“This hatred, I am afraid I can’t report it myself, I can only rely on external forces.”


“External force, Miao Tianchuan? He can’t.” Miao Qingyuan shook her head.


“A wanted man, a madman who lost the bottom line, he will do crazy things, but the crazy thing can not help the Miao Xihe, naturally it is not.” Miao Qingyuan said.


“What good way do you have?”


“External force is just in front of you.”


“In front of you, do you mean Xu Xinyuan?” Miao Chengtang said.


“He is still worse, I mean the forces behind him.” Miao Qingyuan said.


“After him?”


Immediately, Miao Qingyuan said that he had known about Xu Xinyuan carefully and Miao Chengtang said it again.


Although he is in the cottage, he rarely touches the outside world, but this does not mean that he knows nothing about these things. After listening to Miao Qingyuan’s words, he knows that Xu Xinyuan’s body is actually a big family, very powerful. That kind.


“How to use their power?”


“There are only two possibilities that can attract enough attention. One is sufficient interest, and the other is a threat that is large enough.” Miao Qingyuan said.


“Threats, what happened in Hexian County has already threatened his future. Is this threat not big enough? As for the interests, what kind of benefits can we come up with?”


“The threat of the future, in fact, several vicious incidents with the county did have a great impact on him, but now it has not only happened in the county, Qushan does not happen? No longer the case, he is still young Very, in a few years, this thing may not be remembered, so that, the threat is not big enough.” Miao Qingyuan said.


“Not big enough, what threats are big enough, is it?” Miao Chengtang’s face changed.


“His life?!”


“Well, this threat is enough.” Miao Chengtang nodded after listening, and at the same time stunned.


“But, his news is well-informed. Now it has been determined that those things are done by Miao Tianchuan. He just wants to plant a blame. Who will pose enough threats to him now?”


“This needs to be arranged and needs to be planned.” Miao Qingyuan said.


“Qingyuan, you already have a wife, a child, and you don’t hate you so much in the stockade. If you don’t listen well, in the eyes of Miao Xihe, you are a dispensable character. Unlike me, he wants to get rid of it. And then fast, you can continue to live like this, you think, if you consider calculating them, if they are discovered, no matter which side of the anger is not what you can afford.” Miao Chengtang said.


“Hey, I am not willing!” Miao Qingyuan said.


He has not been as calm as he has been for years.


“I think that you are very good now, really, I envy you.” Miao Chengtang.


“Revenge is to give revenge to the dead, but this can not affect the living people, you and me, and Miao Tianchuan are not the same, we are all bachelors, no concern, we can fight out, can be revenge, but you can’t You have to think about your family.” Miao Chengtang advised.


He is not a good man or a woman. If he has the opportunity, he will do his best to kill the Miaoxi River and solve the problem permanently. But there is no such opportunity. Instead, there is another opportunity. One can let him change his life and continue. The opportunity to survive is second to none. He wants to take the initiative to seize this opportunity, but now, the Miao Qingyuan, who is opposite him, suddenly talks to himself about such a thing. With his temperament, he can say it. It means that he has been thinking for a long time. This idea is very terrible to him. This idea is very dangerous and will break his hope of retreating for the second time. Therefore, he decided to persuade the other party that the real purpose is not for the other party. It is for yourself.


This is the calculation of your own lord!


If you do this, what are the consequences, what will they do?


When you think about it, the results are easy to think about, and don’t say how troublesome this program will be.


“Hey, I drank too much, you just said that I was drunk.” Miao Qingyuan said.


“Well, this thing should not be said in the face of Xu Xinyuan.”


“I have never mentioned anything that I have had with my family.” Miao Qingyuan said.




With a bang, the glass touched in the air, and the two drunk the wine in the cup.


In this case, they are all glory, and they are all damaged.


A person in a stockade, old acquaintance, and in such a hometown, any one person has a problem, will definitely consider another person.


After drinking, they each returned to their place of residence.


A person has a wife and a child who are hot-headed, and a person lives alone in a rented house.


To tell the truth, Miao Chengtang is really envious of Miao Qingyuan. At least he has a home outside. The home is a harbor where the mind is moored. Unlike his current, he always feels like he is floating. Ping, I don’t know where to drift, where I will settle.


“It’s content!”


If it is easy to get along, he will be very contented now, what revenge, can be ups and downs with the family, that is the most important.


I don’t know how to be blessed in Fu


Days are like this day,


On the morning of the morning, two cars came in the mountain village, one of which was a rare modified car.


The person who came is Pan Jiayou. He brought his mother from the province of Jiangsu and asked Wang Yao for treatment.


The old man was lifted from the car, placed in a wheelchair, and then pushed into the hospital.


This is a very thin old man with a white face, pale face and no spirit in his eyes.


Poor blood, lack of resources.


This old man is mainly on the legs, she has the problem of the old cold legs, and with the increase of age, this problem is constantly increasing. Over the years, Pan Jiayou has been trying to treat his mother, the famous doctor met Less, the money spent a lot, but the effect is not obvious.


“Mr. Wang, I am in trouble.”


“Good to say.”


The old man’s legs are thin and lean, the muscles are shrinking a lot, the lower limbs can’t use force, the physical activity is poor, and the blood circulation is also poor, which causes her whole body to be in a very bad state. This is a Vicious circle.


“The old man’s illness can be cured, but it can’t be cured for a while. I think, take a few steps, first make up the blood for the old man, let her bones better, then put down the needle and medication, so that she can stand up and walk. Next is the systemic conditioning of the whole body, let her return to the healthy state of this age, how do you see it?” Wang Yao asked.


“Well, I have no opinion.” Pan Jiayou said.


“That’s good. If there is nothing urgent, you stay here for three days and receive treatment. After three days, I have something to go to Beijing. I can’t continue to treat the elderly. Take a few medications and take them back to continue taking them. After the end of the year, bring the old man to receive treatment.” Wang Yao said.


“it is good.”


“That’s it.”


Some things, Wang Yao and Pan Jiayou explained, mainly in the process of treatment for the elderly will use the “lingual grass” formulated drugs, the price of these drugs is very expensive. The matter first explained, Pan’s family said that he would be willing to pay for the elderly’s illness as long as he could cure the disease.


He first gave the old man a “Pei Yuan Tang”, medicine, he was already ready.


(End of this chapter)



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