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956. Chapter 956 homesick

495.第495章 又见春暖花开

Chapter 956 Homesick

    第495章 又见春暖花开

“Right, I listened to Wei Jun, are you acting on behalf of Nanshan Pharmaceutical?”


“Yes.” Pan Jiayou said.


“Is this small Pei yuan soup sold?”


“It’s quite good, it’s in short supply!” Pan Jiayou said, “The main word of mouth corresponds, people who have used it say good.”


“How do you listen to advertising words!” Wang Yao smiled. “Is it used for the elderly?”


“My mom has been drinking, saying that after drinking, the body has a little strength.” Pan Jiayou said.


“Well, Xiao Pei Yuan Tang’s medicinal properties are mild and have no toxic side effects. It can be used as a tonic for a long time, but the main problem for the elderly is poor blood. Although this medicine is useful, it absorbs less and plays a role. It will be bad.”


“What kind of medicine does Mr. use now?” Pan Jiayou asked.


“This drug is called Peiyuan Tang.” Wang Yao said.


“Is this the ancestor of Xiao Pei Yuan Tang?” Pan Jiayou laughed and teased after listening.


“You can understand this too.” Wang Yao said.


Xiao Pei Yuan Tang is indeed formulated on the basis of this taste of medicine. It replaces the “spirit grass” in this “Pei Yuan Tang” with the more common medicines. The potency is naturally greatly reduced. After all, these kinds of “spirits” “In this medicine, it is “Jun”, the “Junchen Zuofu” among the traditional Chinese medicines, the most important one is the middle “Jun”. It can be said that changing it is equivalent to changing a pair of medicines.


Not long after the old man drunk the medicine, Wang Yao began to give the old man a unique massage massage to help him push the blood, speed up the circulation of blood, promote the absorption of the drug, and in a short time, the pale face of the old man It has become ruddy. The effect of this medicine is ten times stronger than that of “Xiao Pei Yuan Tang”, and it is more easily absorbed. This is the wonderful place of “Lingcao”, not only the magic effect, but also the medicine is easier to absorb, Wang Yao focuses on massaging the old man’s waist and the old man’s legs.


“Oh, it’s so comfortable!” the old man said at the time.


Wang Yao massage really makes her feel very comfortable.


After this treatment, it took him nearly two hours.


“How do you feel?”


“Oh, comfortable, warm and healthy, the key is that the legs are also warm, used to be cold pain.” The old man said.


In the past, she felt that the most uncomfortable thing was her own two legs. It was cold, painful, unable to stand up, and still tired of sitting and lying down, and sleeping well at night. It’s better not to have it, but still in my heart. Fantasy, maybe one day I can find a good doctor, cure myself, and let myself stand up again.


“This is a normal reaction, come back this time tomorrow.” Wang Yao said to Pan Jiayou.


“Okay, trouble you, Dr. Wang.” He changed his mouth.


After seeing the treatment of Wang Yao, he believed a few words about Zheng Weijun. Say thank you, after paying this time, he left with his mother.


“Mom, how do you feel so good?” After getting into the car, Pan Jiayou whispered, and when he spoke, he still gave his mother a leg to help her muscles.


“Of course it is true, this mom lie to you to do something. This feeling was felt three years ago when the old Chinese doctor of Jiangsu and Zhejiang gave me treatment.”


“Oh, that’s good, that’s good.”


Three years ago, Pan Jiayou did go to an old Chinese doctor with his mother. His treatment method was also effective. Unfortunately, the age of the old man was too big. He died a long time ago. His mother Naturally, the disease cannot continue to be treated.


“So let’s stay here for three days?”


“Well, go home before the young year.” The old man said.


“This arrangement, I will definitely be able to go back in the early years.” Pan Jiayou said. He knew that the old man still missed his grandson and granddaughter at home.


“This small mountain village looks very deserted.” The old man sat in the car and looked at the road. The road came over and only saw two people, all of whom were old people.


“Now there are young people who are willing to live in such a village, but if they have a certain condition, they will move to the city.” Pan Jiayou said.


“Hey, what do you think Dr. Wang thinks, are you willing to live in such a mountain village where the elderly are old?”


“People have their own aspirations. These people with extraordinary abilities are always different from ordinary people. Besides, I feel that there is nothing wrong with such a small mountain village. At the very least, the air is clear and more quiet.”


“This is also true, just like the home.”


I am used to living in some big cities, and sometimes I still miss the taste of my hometown.


They went to Lianshan County and found a place to settle down.


Among the “Thousand Medicine Valleys” thousands of miles away, Miao Qingfeng and Miao Changhong also returned from Hexian County, and reported on what happened outside with Miao Xihe.


“This locust lasts for a month and should be noted.”


“Hey, I am in a hurry. It’s less than a month before the New Year. I think they must have gone there a year ago. I specifically said to people who stared at them outside. Let them pay attention.”


“it is good.”


On the second day after they came back, Lu Xiufeng and Yang Guanfeng followed the “Thousand Medicine Valley”. In the words of Lu Xiufeng, this is a hot fight.


They met Miao Xihe and first expressed gratitude to him. Then I implicitly mentioned their thoughts. I didn’t expect Miao Xihe to be very interested in this proposal. I asked very carefully.


At noon, they hosted the two of them, and Lu Xiufeng drank again.


“The patriarch, do you really agree?”


“Use me as a bait to bring up Miao Tianchuan. This idea is really good!”


“Miao Miao Tianchuan is now a madman. He can do anything dangerous, and you don’t have to take risks.”


“I didn’t agree.” Miao Xihe smiled.


“How is the river?”


“The situation is very stable.”


“Good, good, very good.” Miao Xihe smiled.


Miao Xihe did not give Lu Xiufeng their positive reply, but there was no direct rejection. This is to think about it.


“No consent!”


“I didn’t listen to him, I didn’t agree, but I didn’t refuse it. This shows that there is room for it. After all, it is going to be a New Year. He is the patriarch of this stockade. It has been a matter of time before, and it always needs stability. Let’s talk about it?” Yang Guanfeng said.


“Well, then let’s come back after a year?”


“Well, this is the only way. I think now, Miao Tianchuan, who doesn’t know where it is, don’t give us a surprise when we are nearing the New Year!” Yang Guanfeng is sitting in the co-pilot position. On, lit a cigarette.


“Hey, you are studying criminal psychology. The analysis is scared. What is Mr. Miao thinking now?”


Lu Xiufeng listened and stared at the front, and did not speak.


“To be honest, I really can’t analyze it.” After a while.


“However, he certainly will not be so idle, he should be brewing something, big things, enough for us to be surprised.”


Among the towns hundreds of miles away, Miao Tianchuan and Miao Qingshan are surrounded by a hot pot.


During this time, they have been nearby and never left.


“Let the New Year!” Miao Qingshan sighed.


As usual, when the official stockade was busy at this time, everyone was busy, preparing for the New Year, and the New Year is also the most lively time in the stockade, but now, the kind of excitement has nothing to do with him, and will be like this in the future.


They are easy to eat, and now they can still eat a hot pot, but in the recent period, the investigations in the vicinity have become more and more powerful. When strangers check their ID cards and ask questions, on several occasions they were stopped by the police. He felt that his heart had jumped to the eyes of the blind man, thinking that he was going to be exposed. Fortunately, Miao Tianchuan had coped with the past and jokes. As a Miao Tianchuan who used to be a hawker and smuggler, this kind of thing was much more. Go, so he is very calm.


“I want to go back to the past!” Miao Qingshan sighed in the heart, then picked up the glass on the table and sipped it.


“What do you want?” asked Miao Tianchuan.


“I want to stock up, I want to spend the New Year, I want to plan for the future.” Miao Qingshan, he did not lie, what he said when he thought of something.


(End of this chapter)



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