978. Chapter 978 is a bit interesting

Chapter 978 is a bit interesting

“Xiaorui, how do you feel?” After the car, the middle-aged woman asked softly.

“It’s good.” The boy was silent for a while.

“Ah?!” A middle-aged woman.

“Really, I really feel very good, my body is warm, I feel a little strength.” Juvenile said.

“Okay, okay, it’s good!” The woman was happy after listening.

“This Physician Wang is really capable!”

They went to Lianshan County and lived down to find the best place.

In the evening, the teenager was lying in bed, not sleeping. Although he was very tired, he thought a lot of things. In the past few years, he has seen too many experts and received too many treatments. Today, it is the quickest, and the body has changed significantly.

Very magical, this is his feeling.

“Maybe, this time I can really cure my illness.” Juvenile said.

After extinguishing the hope for a long time, it was re-burned.

Hope, even if it is a point, it is good.

The next morning, the sky was a bit gray.

“It’s going to change.” Wang Yao looked up at the sky.

“change of weather?”

“Well, it will snow in the afternoon or so.” Wang Yao looked at his mobile phone.

“Really?!” Su Xiaoxue smiled. “I saw the weather forecast last night. There is no snow today.”

“Yes.” Wang Yao smiled.

“Go, go to the hospital, drink tea.”

The two of them entered the hospital.

“Do you think this is very stuffy?”

“No!” Su Xiaoxue smiled.

“This way, I will accompany you out for a walk in the afternoon.”

“Really, I don’t think it would be nice to be with you.”

“In the afternoon, take you to a place where there are stones everywhere.” Wang Yao smiled.

“That line.”

At noon, Wang Yao’s parents were busy for a morning and made a lot of good food. In fact, in the days when Su Xiaoxue was here, she would do a lot of dishes every day, and she would not be heavy, and she would be embarrassed to eat Xiaoxue. It is.

“Auntie, you don’t have to do so many dishes.” Su Xiaoxue didn’t know how many times he said it.

“Nothing, nothing, do you like to eat?”

“Like, like, I am fat a few pounds.”

“Not fat, not fat, I didn’t see it at all.” Zhang Xiuying smiled.

“Mom, don’t be busy, eat together.”

“Come on, I will come.”

After eating, I chatted with my parents for a while, then went out with Su Xiaoxue, drove out of the mountain village, and then headed north along the road.

“Where are we going?”

“Don’t you say it, take you to see the stone.” Wang Yao smiled.

After driving for about fifteen minutes, the car went down the asphalt road and entered a country road with a width of three meters, and then listened to it in a wide area on the side of the road.

“Look at how this mountain is?” Wang Yao pointed to a mountain not far away.

“It’s really a stone!” Su Xiaoxue looked at the mountain in front of him and was shocked.

This is a mountain of pure stone, looking out, out of the pine trees that grow between the cracks of the rock, no other trees, no soil.

“Go, go and see.”


There is a piece of heaven under the mountain with stones. In the winter, most of them are idle, and there is no such thing. There is no obvious way.

“Go, I am past you.”

“Ah?!” Su Xiaoxue.


Wang Yao carrying Su Xiaoxue, a few jumps, and then came to this mountain.

Looking up at the bottom of the mountain, this mountain has some meanings. The stones are all stone, square, round, and irregular. These mountains are purely made of these stones.

“Go and see?”


“Don’t worry, remember how I taught you the footwork?”


“You can try it on this.”

“On these stones?”


“I am demonstrating in front, you have a good look.”

Wang Yao started to move, and a few jumps, like a flexible ape in the steep mountain rock, but a few breaths between the two, he came to the mountainside, and then stood there Looking down, looking at the following Su Xiaoxue, in fact, if he wants, you can reach the top of the mountain in an instant, just suddenly interested, want to teach Su Xiaoxue some interesting things.

“Come up, slow down.”

“Ah, well, I will try.” Su Xiaoxue listened.

Then she took a deep breath, then a vertical height of more than three meters, fell on a stone, and then borrowed to continue to jump up, several times, suddenly under the foot did not step on, then the body glanced, seeing I have to fall. At this time, suddenly a Strength dragged her all at once, then she stood still, turned and found that I don’t know when, Wang Yao stood in front of her.


“At the beginning, don’t worry, take your time.”

The two of them jumped back and forth among the ridges. In fact, they did not have too much work to reach the top of the mountain.

On the mountain, the cold wind whistling.

“It’s not cold.”

“It’s not cold, it’s not cold at all.” Su Xiaoxue said that after the jump just now, she was still hot, and she felt very excited and very exciting.

“Like it?”

“Like, I like it.”

“Let’s go, I will take you to another interesting place.”

Wang Yao led the way in front, walking and walking, the sky suddenly snowed.

“Well, is it really snowing?” Su Xiaoxue lifted his wrist and looked at the time, a little over five points.

“Oh, sir, you are so god.”

“This is nothing.” Wang Yao said.

Nothing is idle, he often observes the sky in the medicine field, so he has a lot of experience with this. This seems to have no regular sky. In fact, there is no limit to the sky. Once you enter the door, you will like to go to the sky. This is why Wang Yao looks up at the sky every day because he finds the mystery.

“Wind, rain, and snow are all signs.” Wang Yao pointed to the falling snow in the sky.

The two of them were in the snow, walking on this steep eye.


On the top of the mountain, several large stones sandwiched an irregular empty area.

“Come.” Wang Yao waved at Su Xiaoxue.

After entering this area, Su Xiaoxue was surprised to find that there was no wind here.

“This, there is no wind here!!”

“It’s amazing?”

“It’s amazing.”

“The few stones in this look at the magical side. In fact, these stones, together with the nearby peaks, are blocked from the wind blowing from the north, the west, and the east. “”

“Ah, there is the south side, you look from here, look there, the wind in the south will be blocked.”

“So, this place will not be windy?”

“Basically it’s not going to happen.” Wang Yao smiled. “I have been there several times, spring, summer, autumn, winter, there is no wind, a strange place.” Wang Yao smiled.

(End of this chapter)

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