Elixir Supplier Chapter 981

981. Chapter 981 New Drugs

Chapter 981 New Drugs

“Go there, after all, it is closer to the county.” Guo Zhenghe said.

“Yeah.” Chen Zhouchuan nodded. “It’s Wu’s rules and temper, you have to be mentally prepared.”

The temper and the rules are strange, and who is the score.

For Wang Yao, he didn’t want to go to the door.

On the same day, he used the relationship at home and went directly to Weinan to find the “Medicine King” Wu San.

It is said that it is in a remote stockade, and it is a strange rule, but as Guo Zhenghe said, since it is in contact with the outside world, it is inevitable that it is a secular person. After all, he also has family members, relatives, and sometimes rules can be appropriate. Relax a bit, especially when a big leader in the province comes to the door.

“Only this time.”

People have to give, the rules still have to be.

“Yes, only once.”

“Well, bring it in.”

Guo Zhenghe entered the wooden building and saw the “Miaojiang Medicine King” Wu San.

It seems that it is only in the age of forty, and the maintenance is very good.

I feel that I have the same taste as the Miao Xi River.

“Is this?” Wu San’s brow was slightly wrinkled after Guo Zhenghe’s diagnosis.

“Is the locust right?” Guo Zhenghe asked directly.

“Yes, have you been in the county?”

“I am the secretary of the county.” Guo Zhenghe said bluntly. “There were locusts in the past, and it was solved by the people of Thousand Medicine Valley.”

“This way.” Wu San did not speak after listening, and my heart is already clear.

“Miao Xihe, what do you want to do?!”

This kind of locust naturally knows that it is indeed from the stockade and can be solved.

Soon, Wu San cleared the mites on his body.

“All right.”

“Thank you.”

“Polite.” Wu San waved his hand.

He felt that he might be involved in a big trouble.

“Be careful after going back, I don’t want to see you again.” Wu San finally said such a sentence.

Guo Zhenghe heard a glimpse, and his face was a bit ugly. I resisted what I didn’t say and went straight out of the wooden building.

“how is it?”

“All right.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Although he was in Weinan, he did not rush back, but returned to the capital. On the road, he has been thinking about how to completely solve this trouble.

When he returned to the capital, he unexpectedly discovered that his father had returned.

“Dad, how come you are back?”

“I have a business in the capital, how is your body?”

“There is no problem, I plan to go to the hospital to check again.” Guo Zhenghe said, although the Wu San said that it is okay, and I can not feel the pain, but still not assured, go to the hospital It is better to check it out.

“Well, I have to check it. I just discussed it with your father. You can’t stay in the county. It’s too dangerous.” His mother said that as a mother, the most worried thing is the health of her son. As for the other things, they are slightly less important.

“This, I want to stay for a while, after all, it is not very responsible for leaving this time.” Guo Zhenghe said.

He County has just had so many things, and now it is time to leave, it is indeed a little responsible.

“I also advise you not to stay there. Recently, Beijing is preparing to organize a training course for cadres. You are ready.” Guo Zhenghe’s father said.

“That line.” Guo Zhenghe thought for a moment and nodded.

The gentleman does not stand under the wall, when should he rush, when should he retire, he still knows.

“Have your sister ever been injured there?”

“Yes.” Guo Zhenghe said. “It was just a few years ago.”

“Well, what is the place in the Thousand Medicine Valley? It’s too much!” Guo Gaoguan said, he said this is heavier, and he also expressed his extreme dissatisfaction with this place. After all, this is his son. And children, who are the people of Guo family, when they were bullied, not to mention this life threat.

“Yes, I am thinking about this thing these days.” Guo Zhenghe said.

“The patriarch is called Miao Xihe?”

“Yes, this is the person.”

“What kind of person is he?”

“There is ambition and I don’t want to be over-focused,” Guo Zhenghe said.

“The ambition, are the causes of these things all about him?”

“It’s all because of him.”

“Since it has caused so many things, it has to bear the corresponding consequences.” Guo Gaoguan said such a sentence.

“I already have some ideas.” Guo Zhenghe said.

“Hey, talk about it.”

“He doesn’t want to avoid the world, not to be noticed by too many people, then let them completely expose them and show them in front of people.” Guo Zhenghe said.

“Well, this idea can be.”

Among the mountain villages thousands of miles away,

In the medical hall, the teenager, who is as fragile as glass, received a second treatment.

After three days of absorption and recovery after the first treatment, the young man’s physical condition has changed a lot. This is the most obvious of his own feelings. He has strength in his body, and the whole person has become Spirit. Love to eat, and his, always concerned about his mother can naturally feel this change in his son.

“This is my Physician Wang’s medical technique is superb!” The woman praised more than once.

The second treatment was very smooth, and the boy was also very active.

“Physician Wang, our family Xiaorui can be cured, right?”

“According to the current situation, it should be no problem.” Wang Yao said.

What he has to do now is to reverse the foundation of this boy. His illness is not acquired, it is congenital, brought out from the mother’s womb, it is in the bones, so it is more troublesome to treat. What Wang Yao does is fundamentally Healing, reverse his Constitution.

“That’s so good.” She had already asked this question once.

“Okay, come back in three days.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The woman was very happy.

“Physician Wang, Xiaoxue, are you free this evening?”

“Auntie, are you having something?”

“Ah, I want to ask you to have a meal together and express your gratitude.”

“No,” Wang Yao said with a smile.

In the end, he still refused the invitation of this woman.

“After the third treatment is over, I will accompany you back to Beijing.”

They have already discussed it, and Wang Yao accompanied Xiaoxue to spend the Lantern Festival in her home.


In the town, concocting medicine has come in a batch of herbs to prepare a second drug.

Clear heat,

After the medicinal materials came in, Zheng Weijun specifically told Wang Yao that he had drove to the company and personally checked it again, confirming that the medicinal materials had no problem before starting trial production.

The amount of the first input of the medicine is not much, this time it is concocting medicament, and there is no intention to make a granular powder.

The first trial production seemed to be very smooth, but after the medicine came out, Wang Yao knew it was wrong.

“This medicine is unqualified and it takes a long time to cook.”

“Long?” The person in charge of the production process hurriedly recorded this.

“So how long does it take to shorten your time?”

“Is the order of the drugs added according to what I said?”


“After all the drugs are added, the cooking time is shortened by one and a half minutes, and the effect is seen.”

“it is good.”

On this day, Wang Yao and Su Xiaoxue stayed in this Nanshan medicine. The result was a waste of seven batches of medicinal materials in one day, and no medicinal materials that made Wang Yao satisfied, mainly time and The grasp of cooking heat.

“Almost, come here today, I will come again tomorrow, we will continue to debug.”

“Okay.” The person in charge of the production process listened.

Originally, the production of new drugs was not so simple. Few of them succeeded. The last time, “Little Essence Nurturing Soup” was under the guidance of Wang Yao. They also spent a lot of time wasting a lot of time. The medicine can be successful.

“How do you treat these drugs?”

“Go to the sewage treatment process!”

Unqualified products are waste products. This is the most basic rule. It is absolutely impossible to recharge. In order to deal with the waste water generated in the process, this concocting medicine company is specially equipped with very advanced sewage treatment equipment. The equipment has invested tens of millions.

(End of this chapter)

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