Elixir Supplier Chapter 982

982. Chapter 982

Chapter 982

“it is good.”

So these unqualified medicaments are all discharged into the sewage treatment system. In fact, if these medicines are bottled and put on the market for sale, the effect will not be too bad, even better than most of the similar products, because he The raw materials are good, and the prescriptions are more reasonable by Wang Yao’s adjustment, but in the eyes of Wang Yao, these are unqualified drugs.

It took two days to use, and they passed the trial of this “Qingre San”.

“Call, it is finally a qualified product.” Responsible production of comrades.

He has been concocting medicine for many years. This is not bio-fermentation. It faces a lot of uncontrollable factors. Relatively speaking, the preparation of this traditional Chinese medicine prescription is simpler and easier, because Fangzi is ready-made, just follow Composition, these medicines are added together to cook, and then the subsequent filtration, packaging and other procedures can be done, not to mention a success, but only a few times, but this Wang Yao obviously requires quite strict.

“This is only a small-scale trial production. If it is a large-scale production, it is estimated that it will take some weeks.”

This is just a trial production. There are still a lot of things that need to be handled by the program.

Mountain village, in the medical hall.

On this day, for the third time, the boy who was named Xiaorui was treated.

His condition has improved a lot, and the whole popularity is much better.

The same treatment as the previous two, lasted for half a day.

“After this treatment, I have to go to Beijing for a while with Xiaoxue. I can’t carry out the next treatment. You should take this medicine and take it according to the time. The medicated bath will be released first.”

“Oh, we just want to go back to Beijing, let’s go together?”

“Well, no aunt.” Su Xiaoxue smiled.

“Is there a medicinal bath in the capital?”

“Not in Beijing.” Wang Yao shook his head.

“That’s good.” She was very satisfied with her son’s current treatment.

It took some time for their mother and son to leave the capital, and they just wanted to go back.

Getting used to the life of the capital, suddenly came to such a small county, it is really not suitable.

Wang Yao and Su Xiaoxue stayed with their parents for a day at home, did not go to the medical center, did not go to Nanshan, just accompanied them to talk, family together, warm and happy.

The next day, they left the mountain village and flew directly to Beijing. The day I arrived at the capital.

When I saw my daughter coming back, Song Ruiping was naturally very happy.

In the evening, I arranged for a table to be delicious.

“Come, come, eat more.”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Wang Yao can only express his gratitude. As a result, the meal has been eaten a lot, but his meal is big enough. Looking for his current physical condition, if he wants to eat, maybe he can really eat a cow.

The next day is the fifteenth day of the first month. In fact, some places have already prepared lanterns.

Watching the lanterns on the 15th day of the first month

The lanterns in Beijing are undoubtedly the most beautiful and colorful, and there are many people who come out to see the lanterns at this time.

Su Xiaoxue was very happy because Wang Yao was always with him.

The streets are basically crowded, but when these people are next to them, they are pushed away by the invisible Strength. No one can touch Su Xiaoxue, even if it is the corner of the clothes.

This night, the two of them went home very late.

“Happy tonight?”


The next morning, the sky was a bit gray, so the winter weather is not uncommon in the capital.

Minnan, thousands of miles away,

In the early morning, I don’t know where the people came from, driving two cars and driving on the road of temporary construction.

“No, Wei Shao, are you right, don’t even have a navigation?”

“Yes, it is here.” A young man who took the lead said.

“Oh, how do you say people in such a place come in and out?”

“The people who lived in the days of the paradise did not want to be disturbed by outsiders.”

Shashasha, what sound came from the woods.

“Hey, what sound?”

“Where is there, do you hear it?”

“No, really, I seem to have seen something. Do you say that there are tigers, leopards and the like?”

“Fart, I checked before I came here. There aren’t those things in the jungle. Then I said, brother, I brought something with me.” The young man took out a bow.

“Do you use it?”

“Take that out, I used to hunt and kill the deer!”

The car continues to travel in the jungle, the speed is not fast, they think it will not be fast.

In the “Thousand Medicine Valley” in the depths of the jungle,


“Two cars, a few young people, I don’t know how to be tall.”

“Look at it.”



“Hold the grass, it’s a leopard. Don’t you say that there is no such beast?”

“What are you afraid of, we are in the car, it can’t get in.”

“Wei Ge, let’s go back?”

“Go, all here, it’s coming soon!”

With a bang, suddenly, a person descended from the sky and fell on the front cover of their car. Blood on your face,

With a bang, the car suddenly stopped, and the man fell off with a back.

“Is it just an individual?”

“Yes, the face is blood,”

“You stay in the car, I will go down and see.” The young man who took the lead took the bow and took the car.

“Hey, buddy!?” He carefully got out of the car, came to the front of the car, and then the whole person stayed a bit, the front of the car was bloody, but no one. He circled around the car and did not even see the personal image.

“How?” The window opened, and a young man asked him from the window.

“Nothing.” After Wei Shao got on the bus, his face turned pale, his eyes were dazed, and his sweat on his forehead came out.

“No, Wei Shao, man?”

“no one.”

“What, we have just seen someone, and the face is bloody.”

“I said, no one below, only a blood on the ground!”

“What about that person?”

“how could I know!”

“Oh, this is strange!”

With a bang, the young man sitting next to the co-pilot suddenly squatted on the bridge, then spit foam and was unconscious.

“Xiaoyuan, Xiaoyuan, you wake up, you wake up, feed!” He shook his opponent hard, and the other party did not react.

“This, what’s wrong with this?”

“Is it a sheep crazy?”

“Nonsense, Xiaoyuan has no such problem at all.”

“then what should we do?”

“What can I do? Hurry, turn around, go to the hospital!”


The two cars turned around very hard on this muddy road and rushed out at the fastest speed.

Not long after they left, a man came out from the side, standing on the road, his face full of blood.

“Oh, these young people, really, oh, it’s hard for me to play!”

This wave seems to have passed.

The next day, another car entered the jungle to find a stockade.

“what happened?”

(End of this chapter)

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