Elixir Supplier Chapter 983

983. Chapter 983 let them come

Chapter 983 let them come

“Is this true and false?”

“Of course it is true, this is a real video!”

“Where is this place?”

“Look, people have even labeled the map.”

“A few brothers, let’s go see it?”


In the past two days, on the Internet, a place called “Thousand Medicine Valley” suddenly burst red.

It is deep in the jungle and is a true paradise. The only access to it is a suspension bridge that hangs over a rushing river, then a small road, a canyon.

These are not just textual information, but also accompanying the picture. This is a lot of credibility.

There are always some, the more remote the place, the more they are willing to go, so more and more people are heading for the “Thousand Medicine Valley”, and then they have encountered a lot of strange things on the road, such as the sudden break of the car. Tires, people suddenly fainted, bloody geeks falling from the sky, etc. These abnormal strange events were sent to the Internet by those who wanted to go to the “Thousand Medicine Valley” but did not go to the Internet, which caused a fever .

Some people say that there is a place protected by the gods, a clean paradise, and unwilling to be disturbed by outsiders. Some people say that these things are purely coincidental, and some people say that these things are the ones of the “Thousand Medicine Valley” in order to avoid being outside. The person disturbed to do so deliberately.

But the more so, the more people’s curiosity has been stimulated, so the people who explored the “Thousand Medicine Valley” have not decreased, but have increased.

“What, more and more people?”

“Yes, if you go on like this, I am afraid it is not the way!”

“It must have aroused their curiosity.” Miao Xihe drank a cup of tea.

“Can’t stop it.”

“Let them come in?”

“Let them come in.” Miaoxi River.


“Let them come in and let them regret coming in.” Miao Xihe said lightly.

“Yes.” I don’t know the Miaoqing wind.

He didn’t know what the patriarch was going to do, but listening to it was estimated to be a decision.

“Let outsiders look up, there are things inside.”

“Yes, I am going out.”

“Yeah.” Miao Xihe waved his hand. “come on.”

On this day, the sun set, a group of five people, overcoming the difficulties, finally saw the suspension bridge hanging above the river, and the faintly visible stockade at the end of the suspension bridge.

“Thousand medicine valley, finally found.”

They walked through the swaying suspension bridge, stood at the mouth of the valley, and saw the scene inside.

The ancient road paved with stone slabs, bamboo buildings and wooden houses, smoky smog, and green hills on both sides, it is indeed a scene of peace and tranquility.

“It’s beautiful here!”

“Yeah, it’s really like that in the picture.”

They don’t forget to send friends in the first time.

“Thousands of Medicine Valley, the place in the legend, we found it, and it is as beautiful as the painting.”

“It’s indeed a paradise.”

“Look, it’s a thousand miles away, the day’s rushing and bumpy, worth it!”

“Let’s go, let’s go in and see.”

Five of them passed through the mouth of the valley and came to the stockade. I saw the people in the stockade, wearing a pair of earthen cloth, walking leisurely.

“Hello.” They took the initiative to say hello.

The man in his forties heard the voice and looked at the five of them, then opened his mouth and said something they could not understand.

“Well, what does he mean?”

“Isn’t this local dialect?”

“should be!”

Five of them were paralyzed. No one can understand what he said, and the other party can’t understand what they are saying and there is no way to communicate.

“This is how to do ah?”

“Well, let’s go around and find a place to live.”

“Wait, I don’t think it’s too early, how can I find a place to live first?”

“Yes, hurry.”

This is the setting sun, the sun is coming.

“Well, it has to be turned around!”

Several of them were wandering around in this stockade and met a dozen people. As a result, the language was unreasonable and they could not communicate.

“Oh, I have to sleep in the tent this evening!”

“Look, there is a big lake here!”

They saw the “Anshen Lake”, and in the setting sun, the blue waves rippled, peaceful and peaceful.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Take a decisive photo and then send a circle of friends.

“It’s a worthwhile trip, look at this lake, it’s so fascinating!”

“Too value!”

Until the evening, they did not find a suitable place to live, but they gave people the initiative to ask them, but they also could not understand what the other party said.

“Let’s make a stay at this lake?”

“Don’t be at the lake, the wind is cool here, let’s say, maybe there are rules and customs here. You see there are statues on the lake.” It seems that the young man at this head pointed to a place by the lake. The stone statue looks like a person, and there is a big fish underneath.

“Where is that going?”

“Just in the mouth of the village. When I came in, I saw an open space there.”

“Well, then go there.”

Several of them have returned to the entrance of the stockade, where there is a large open space, relatively flat, with a cliff on the side.


They took out the tent that they carried with them, tied them up, and then lit up the campfire.

This day, I was tired of running around. After eating something, I said that I had a group of two people, took turns to watch the night, and then started to sleep.

Night, very quiet.

On the second day, several people got together and found that one person was missing.

“Hey, Xiao Ming?”

“I went to the tent last night!”

“What time is it?”

“Three o’clock, when we changed jobs, I saw it with my own eyes!”

“Let’s find it again!”

Some of them are anxious.

“Xiao Ming!”

They shouted and looked around.


Under a tree in Taniguchi, they found a comatose companion.

“How come here?”

“What happened to him, fainted?”

“There is still breathing, and the heartbeat is normal.” A companion gave him a check afterwards.

“Here, hurry, send him to the hospital.”


Although they were unwilling to come here, it’s hard to come here, such a beautiful scenery, I haven’t had a good look at it, I have encountered such a thing, but there is no way, the life of my friends is more important, they drive their companions, and they have passed quickly. Suspension bridge, then returned to the car and drove away quickly.

Not long after they left, there were several figures on the edge of the valley.

“Do people not die?”

“No, it will be a coma for a few days.”

“That’s good.”

“As I said, a few people will die. This wave is gone. There must be another wave. When is it?”

“The patriarch arranged, we will do it.” Miao Qingfeng cold face.

This thing is definitely not over.

The five of them drove the car on the way back, oh, and they stumbled again.

“What is going on here?!” The remaining two people were panicked. If there were any problems, they would all fall in the jungle where they couldn’t wait for the store.

(End of this chapter)

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