Embers Ad Infinitum Chapter 118


Chapter 118 Early Morning
Seeing that the house was empty again, Jiang Baiman walked to a wooden chair and said with a smile:

“Our company, you know by its name, is researching biotechnology, and the relationship between biology and medicine has always been very close, so we are relatively strong in the corresponding field.”

While speaking, she has raised the wooden chair and walked to the bedside of Tian Erhe.

In the process, her gaze seemed to inadvertently swept across Shang Jianyao, Long Yuehong, Bai Chen, Li Zhengfei, Wireless Electronics transceiver and the other side of the bed window.

She originally planned to let Shang Jianyao and Long Yuehong return to the jeep position to guard the most valuable property of the “old-tuned team” and the spare batteries and a large amount of food.

But she quickly gave up this idea.

It is better not to separate the members of the “old tune group” in this very likely dark night.

“Anyway, if the car is lost or the things are robbed, the company will make up for it…

“The most important people now are Mayor Tian and Zhengfei Li, and the most important item is the Wireless Electronics transceiver that keeps in touch with the company. They are here, so they don’t need to split their hands to go to the jeep… …

“What is really going to happen, it is not easy to run there, it is easy to be surrounded, it is not so easy to get over the wall…

“Behind this room is the wall, you can see the fields not far away, when the time comes, if you can’t hold on here, just open the window and jump down to break through halfway…

“It’s not difficult to fight guerrilla over there, people who insist on coming to the company come…

“Well, the pistol and the corresponding bullet are all on him…” Jiang Baiman’s thoughts were turned around, and he had already considered what to do in the worst case.

She immediately placed the chair by the bed, sat down, and introduced Tian Erhe, Li Zhengfei and the two town guards in the room to the various situations of “Pangu Biology”, focusing on the treatment of regular employees and other The situation of vassal forces.

Of course, before Shuiwei Town is officially accepted by “Pangu Biology”, there are certain things that cannot be said, including the existence of underground buildings and the location of the company’s entrance.

Here, Jiang Baiman also deliberately skipped the topic of genetic improvement and other topics casually. She knows that on the earth, many people hate these technologies that they think seriously violate nature and bring disasters, but she cannot be sure whether the opposite Tian Erhe and Li Zhengfei are such people.

Although the name “Pangu Biology” can make everyone think of similar aspects, since the other party did not show it, Jiang Baiman would not be too stupid to actively stir up sensitive topics.

Tian Erhe’s mental state is obviously not as good as what he just said. He has to close his eyes and sleep for a while after listening. Li Zhengfei and Bai Chen originally wanted everyone to leave this room and let the mayor have a good rest, but Tian Erhe always woke up again quickly and stopped them.

While they stopped chatting like this, the sky outside the window gradually became dim.

Early morning has arrived.

Seeing that the most dangerous time period has passed, Jiang Baiman secretly relaxed.

Throughout the night, she did not rest. She just left the chair and moved her body from time to time. However, Shang Jianyao, Long Yuehong and Bai Chen were arranged to sleep in turn to maintain energy.

Jiang Baiman was about to ask the team members to bring their breakfast, when suddenly he heard the Wireless Electronics newspaper make a sound.

“There is a telegram…” Jiang Baiman explained to Tian Erhe and Li Zhengfei, and walked over.

In the eyes of everyone’s expectations, she quickly translated the content of the message.

Her eyebrow raised:

“The people sent by the company came to the entrance of the swamp.”

“So fast?” Long Yuehong issued a question on behalf of everyone.

According to the normal process, the company should only start arranging manpower to prepare medicines now, which takes almost an hour.

If nothing happens on the way and everything is going well, the team sent should be able to arrive in the evening or earlier.

Compared to what was expected, it is now a full day earlier.

Jiang Baiman thought for a while:

“It’s not uncommon to march quickly at night.

“Moreover, the road conditions from the company to here are relatively good.”

She didn’t say that at least half of the distance was within the company’s actual control area. Many combat teams of the Ministry of Security had already figured out the situation clearly in that area and would not step into the pit with their eyes closed.

Of course, driving at night is indeed prone to problems. After all, the line of sight will be limited, but sometimes people have no choice. The environment is definitely not an empty talk.

Based on this, the senior management of the “Pangu Biological” Security Department consciously asked the various combat teams and action teams to add night marches to training subjects.

This is the difference between a regular army and a wilderness bandit.

“Will it happen that there is a team nearby?” Bai Chen saw that Tian Erhe and Li Zhengfei were still surprised, so he put forward his own guess.

Jiang Baiman shook the head:
“I have emphasized bringing doctors, medicines and equipment, but there should be no teams going out.”

At this point, she smiled at Tian Erhe and Li Zhengfei:
“Let you guess the approximate distance between the company and here.”

The distance for a team to march quickly at night.

“That’s good, come early and feel at ease.” Tian Erhe gave up the worry just now, and sighed.

This made him cough a few more times, and Bai Chen patted him on the back worriedly.

Jiang Baiman took a look and said directly:

“Let me pick them up. The route into the town is full of twists and turns. People who come here for the first time will definitely get lost.”

“Good.” Tian Erhe doesn’t think there is any problem with this.

Li Zhengfei thought for a while, and said to the “dog” Ding Ce who was guarding in the room:

“Xiao Ce, you go with her.”

When he said this, his eyes were dignified and his head slightly.

Ding Ce understood what the boss meant:
If you find something is wrong on the way, you must also notify the people in the town if you are fighting for your life.

“Yes, boss!” Ding Ce’s blood surged, and his chest straightened out.

He was a little scared, but he felt it was worth it.

Jiang Baiman did not refuse, and told Long Yuehong:
“You and me together.”

It is obviously more dangerous to stay here than to pick up the company. Therefore, Jiang Baiman asked Long Yuehong to follow him.

When the time comes, if the situation in the town changes suddenly, Shang Jianyao, who is good at making friends, and Bai Chen, who is familiar with the environment, have a higher chance of survival.

“Yes, team leader!” Long Yuehong replied louder than Ding Ce.

This is a habit.

When Jiang Baiman and the three leave, Bai Chen faces Tian Erhe Road:

“You should feel at ease now?
“Sleep for a while, they won’t be so fast.”

Her tone is like comforting a little child.

“Will they really feel at ease before they enter the town?” Tian Erhe stubbornly shook his head.

He looked at Bai Chen and coughed twice:

“I wanted to ask you before, why do you always wear this scarf?”

There is a stove in the room, and the temperature is not so low.

There is a slight change in Bai Chen expression, and then said with a bitter smile:

“There is something bad…”

Tian Erhe didn’t ask any more, and half closed his eyes, as if his energy could no longer be supported and he needed to slow down.

Upon seeing this, Li Zhengfei turned his attention to Shang Jianyao, as if he wanted to spend the rest of the time with small chats-this may be able to get more information.

However, Shang Jianyao used his fingers to pull the zipper in front of his mouth, wu wu twice.

“Huh?” Li Zhengfei looked blank.

Bai Chen tried to explain with some speculation:
“What he means is that it is not convenient for him to speak.”

He may be afraid that a twitch of his brain will destroy this somewhat sad and solemn atmosphere… Bai Chen made up the remaining words in his heart.

Shang Jianyao has repeatedly nodded, saying that’s it.

Seeing that his guess has been confirmed, Bai Chen looked towards Shang Jianyao’s gaze became a lot softer.

She didn’t expect that this teammate who had mental problems and was very free to make such a big effort and sacrifice silently.

However, Bai Chen also inexplicably feels that Shang Jianyao’s situation seems a bit more serious than before.

Li Zhengfei couldn’t understand why Shang Jianyao was inconvenient to speak. He could only think that this was a more tactful way of refusing to disclose more information.

He had to turn to look at Bai Chen, but Bai Chen got busy, cleared the spittoon, opened the door for ventilation, and cleaned the room.

I don’t know how long it took before Tian Erhe woke up. He tilted his head, listened for a while, and asked weakly:
“What’s the voice outside?”
“Are you here?”

Bai Chen walked a few steps to the aisle outside, supported the railing with both hands, and looked at the gate of Shuiwei Town.

There is no Outsider there yet, only the voice of “one, two, three, four” and “one, two, three, four” faintly floated.

“The outside voice is’one, two, three, four’,’one, two, three, four’.” At this time, Shang Jianyao imitated what he heard.

Tian Erhe’s expression quickly became soft, and wrinkles unfolded in sequence:

“It’s the children doing morning exercises…” He said to himself with a smile, and his mental state seemed to improve.


Outside the swamp, Ding Ce followed Jiang Baiman and Long Yuehong to see the team sent by “Pangu Creatures”.

The cars with flashing metal and glass rays of light, the soldiers in the gray and green uniforms, and the weapons that gave people a new feel deeply shocked him.

Jiang Baiman is slightly nodded and praises the person responsible for this matter in his heart:
“Sure enough, the company is still very experienced…

“Knowing that similar receivers must have a glamorous appearance, and they will be defeated without fighting…”


Outside the room of Tian Erhe, Shuiwei Town.

Bai Chen no longer knows that this is the first time he has been urged by the mayor to the corridor to see if Jiang Baiman has come back.

Finally, she saw the motorcade slowly approaching the town and the familiar gray green jeep.

“Here! They are here!” Bai Chen quickly turned around and shouted into the room.

Tian Erhe relaxed in an instant.

He took a few breaths and turned his head to Li Zhengfei and said:

“You arrange manpower to maintain order.

“As soon as I meet, I will gather everyone to announce this matter.”

Li Zhengfei has already got up and answered:
“Go right away.”

Bai Chen still stayed in the corridor, pressing on the handrails with both hands, and continuously turning back to report the situation to Tian Erhe, like a little girl who was a little excited:
“They passed the gate.”

“They got off the car.”

“They are lining up and passing through the square.

“Everyone was a little confused, but order was restored soon.”

To report back here, Bai Chen suddenly stopped.

She felt that the room was terrifying quiet, without any echo.

Bai Chen turned and looked around, and saw Shang Jianyao standing closer to the door, looking at the bed with a solemn expression, while Tian Erhe had shrunk down sometime and changed from sitting down to lying down.

A bad premonition emerged in an instant, Bai Chen expression changed, quickly ran in, and squatted beside Tian Erhe.

She saw that the mayor’s face was azure black, without any gloss.

She tremblingly stretched out her fingers and reached the end of Tian Erhe’s nose.

More than ten seconds later, she withdrew her hand suddenly and tentatively shouted:

“The mayor!”

This time, there is no more response.

Bai Chen’s vision was blurred, his knees lost support, and he knelt to the ground.

She lost her self-control and grabbed the bedside, her voice seemed to be blocked most of her shouting:



Under the gaze of the townspeople with messy and dirty clothes, Jiang Baiman took the people sent by “Pangu Creatures” through the chaotically built area of ​​mud houses, brick houses and tents.

Just walking to the flag-raising platform, she suddenly heard a neat and tender voice from the deepest building in Shuiwei Town:

“On the journey of the great road, the world is the public, choose the talents and capable, and emphasize faith and harmony.

“The deceased will not only kiss his relatives, not have only children and his sons, so that the old will have end, the strong will be useful, the young will be strong, and the lonely, widowed, lonely, alone, and the disabled will all have support…”

Note 1: Quoted from “Book of Rites”

(End of this chapter)

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