Embers Ad Infinitum Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Approaching
“On the journey of the road, the world is the public, choose the talents and capable, and maintain faith and harmony…”

Long Yuehong sat in the back row to the left, holding a book, and muttering.

After reading this paragraph, he lifted his head and looked forward suspiciously:
“Team leader, why doesn’t the company teach this ancient essay?”
“Does anyone remember it?”

The book in his hand was all bought from Shuiwei Town for food.

At this time, the setting sun was thick, and Jiang Baiman had to wear sunglasses.

She thought about it for a while and said casually:

“When I was a kid, I read on extracurricular books, which shows that many people still remember it.

“It’s just that, the company’s executives may not want everyone to learn this ancient text, lest they all pursue the Datong society, which is not conducive to management.”

“Isn’t it?” Long Yuehong expressed his thoughts, “Although the company has not done the world for the public, the selection of talents and ability, but at least let everyone have an end, strong and useful, young and strong , Uh, those who are underprivileged, widowed, lonely, alone, and disabled all have support.”

Halfway through, he had forgotten his words, so he could only look down at the book again.

Jiang Baiman laughed:
“There is a saying called “Prevention of micro-duty”.

“You see, employees like you who haven’t been working for a long time know that the people above often use power for personal gain and nepotism. This shows that everyone still has a steelyard in their hearts. On the surface, they dare not object, and they are pointing fingers in private.

“If generations of generations have accepted ideas similar to Datong society, how can they play? How can Big Boss transfer rights smoothly?”

Long Yuehong was somewhat persuaded, but still felt that it was not so serious:
“Should no one directly oppose the high level?

“Everyone is quite satisfied with the current situation.”

Compared with the many wilderness wanderers settlement on the earth, the “Pangu Creature” is stable and calm inside. As long as you work hard, you will get a certain degree of return. Don’t worry about starving to death.

“Not necessarily.” Jiang Baiman said as he let the jeep turn and walk along a small river.

Long Yuehong immediately said with a smile:
“How could someone be willing to sacrifice so much just to help everyone fight for their rights?”

After questioning, he subconsciously looked at Shang Jianyao next to him.

He suddenly remembered that this friend and colleague often talked about saving all mankind.

“Yes.” Shang Jianyao said, staring at him brightly.

“…” Long Yuehong felt that he could not argue with this guy, and instead said, “Aren’t you sleeping?”

During this period of time, Shang Jianyao would sleep every day during the day, as if he had entered an intermittent hibernation period.

In this regard, Long Yuehong is not surprised. In this big half a month, every day is on the way, and there is basically no other life. Apart from sleeping, chatting and restoring physical exercise, there is nothing else to do.

“I’m a little tired, wake up and take a break.” Shang Jianyao said the truth that sounded strange.

Recently, he often wandered into the “Sea of ​​Origins” in search of a second “island”.

“Isn’t sleeping with you resting?” Long Yuehong scolded with a smile.

He suddenly divine light flashed and looks at Jiang Baiman’s back again:

“Team leader, why did Shuiwei Town teach this text? As you can see, their senior leaders have their own careful thoughts. They don’t want the world to be the public, and they don’t want people to kiss themselves…”

Jiang Baiman said “um”:
“Maybe it is to prevent this from happening that similar articles will be put into the classroom.

“Different original intentions resulted in two different choices.”

Bai Chen, who was in the co-driver’s position, glanced at the group leader, and said in a voice neither too big nor too small:
“Actually, it’s not that complicated.

“When the Shuiwei Township was founded, they used whatever textbooks they had. Everyone didn’t think about that many, and then it became a tradition.”

Jiang Baiman wanted to look at Bai Chen sadly, but his eyes were completely blocked by sunglasses.

She suddenly lost said with a smile:

“You can’t dismantle my stage when I’m reasoning!”

When she said this, she was still in a good mood, because Bai Chen was recovering well.

She thought that the death of Tian Erhe would not slow Bai Chen for a long time. As a result, after the handover, on the 2nd day after leaving Shuiwei Town, Bai Chen could not see anything unusual, but his mood was a little bit depressed.

In the last few days, she is no different from before.

Jiang Baiman also understands this:

Which wilderness wanderer is not used to seeing life and death?

As long as there is no direct breakdown or psychological problems, they will not be affected by similar things in their daily life soon. Of course, it may be a long time later that they will still feel deep in one’s heart in retrospect.

After finishing this topic, the jeep fell into silence again.

After such a big half a month, how can there be that many talks?
Long Yuehong immediately looked out of the window and saw the low-hanging lead cloud, the yellow wilderness, the brown soil, and the mountains and trees in the distance.

Apart from these, there is nothing, not to mention humans, even animals are stingy in showing signs.

This is the winter of the earth.

This kind of scenery is really depressing and irritating after seeing it for a long time.

In order to rush to the Yecao City as soon as possible and avoid possible dangers, the “old tune team” chose similar places along the way. So far, it has been half a month.

——They did not take the conventional route and detoured far, far, and it was delayed for many days because of the environmental changes and bad weather conditions in some places.

“When can I meet people?” Long Yuehong exhaled slowly.

If this continues, he feels that one day he will go crazy because of it.

“What then? Will you chat with them?” Shang Jianyao asked quite excitedly.

“Uh…” Long Yuehong thought about it carefully, and felt that he shouldn’t be so reckless, “I just want to see other people, otherwise, I would feel that the whole earth is only four of us .”

“Who do you pick? For human reproduction, you must make sacrifices.” Shang Jianyao seemed to imagine the scenario in Long Yuehong’s hypothesis.

Jiang Baiman is about to stop this guy from continuing to say, Bai Chen suddenly opened the mouth and said:

“This season, it is better not to meet people in the wilderness.”

Long Yuehong has some experience, and said thoughtfully:

“In such cold weather, the wanderers who still enter the wilderness have no food?”

“Yes. Moreover, their food is seriously insufficient.” Jiang Baiman replied.

She immediately sighed:
“When the time comes, it’s okay for them to try to grab you. If you kneel on the side of the road, hold your child, and beg, will you save it or not?

“If you choose to save, can you give them food for a few days? How many more can you save?
“After the rescue is over, if they feel that this is still not enough for the winter, they decide to take the opportunity to grab you, or even kill you to make food reserves, how would you feel?
“Even if they know how to be grateful, they didn’t do it, and they turned their heads for food to spend the winter, and wiped out some other people you saved, even the poorer ones, would you blame yourself?”

These rhetorical questions like a sharp arrow inserted into Long Yuehong’s heart accurately, causing his lips to move and unable to answer.

“No one can be saved.” Bai Chen replied on his behalf, “Our food is only enough for us to eat the Weed City, and it is winter now.”

“Unless you are willing to starve yourself to death, otherwise, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.” Jiang Baiman added.

She laughed like self-deprecating:
“Individual power cannot save the earth.

“The founders of the ‘Salvation Army’ decided to unite after experiencing similar things time and time again to establish an organization that is equal to each other and aims to save all mankind.

“They hope to use a powerful collective to rebuild the social order and production system as soon as possible, and then to accommodate more vagrants, produce more food and other materials, and snowball to grow.

“It’s a pity…”

What she laments is that the “Salvation Army” established by idealists has finally fallen.

“There are always latecomers.” Shang Jianyao replied solemnly.

Jiang Baiman did not continue the topic, pursed his lip, and said heavily:
“It’s time to consider what to eat at night.”

Hearing this sentence, Long Yuehong’s expression suddenly collapsed, and Shang Jianyao did not raise his hand to wipe the corners of his mouth.

They have only three choices:

Energy bars, compressed biscuits and military cans.

Although there are different flavors and different types, in the final analysis they are energy bars, compressed biscuits and military cans.

And when the big half a month comes, everyday all eat these things repeatedly, they will inevitably be in a bad mood and even a little sick when they hear similar topics.

“When I go back this time, I will definitely never want to eat canned food again.” Long Yuehong sighed sincerely.

Those cans are indeed delicious, but who can stand it every day?

Seeing no one answered Jiang Baiman, he glanced at the setting sun hanging on the horizon and turned his head to Bai Chen:

“What is a suitable settlement for the wilderness wanderer nearby?”

Although the map provided by the company has several settlements that are more famous in this area, Jiang Baiman feels that it is more straightforward and more convenient to ask Bai Chen.

“In addition to trading food, what are the requirements?” Bai Chen asked directly.

She is very sure that the team leader is not the one who needs to change the itinerary just to change the recipe.

Jiang Baiman laughed:
“We will be in Yecao City in one or two days, so we have to make some preparations in advance.

“You can’t just swagger into the city, right?
“Even if the’Life Sacrifice’ cult is not so extreme and not so powerful, and has not obtained the information that we are going to Yecao City at all, we must also consider the factors that caused the disappearance of the other’Old Tune Group’.

“So, it is better to find a suitable wilderness wanderer settlement and do some necessary disguise, for example, mixing in the caravan going to the wild grass city.”

Pa pa pa, Shang Jianyao sincerely applaud. Long Yuehong also praised from the bottom of his heart that the team leader was thoughtful and thorough.

Bai Chen gently nodded:

“I understand what you mean.

“Then go to the nearby ‘Rootless’ camp.

“In winter, they should all be here.”

“The rootless?” Long Yuehong made a confused voice.

“Are they all eunuchs?” Shang Jianyao asked.

Jiang Baiman also said with interest:
“I have heard of’rootless ones’, but I don’t know much about it. What is the specific situation?”

Bai Chen smiled slightly:
“When you see it, you will know that they are not sub-humans or eunuchs. They are just a group of normal humans with unique customs and habits.”

“Yeah, I have learned how to sell products.” Jiang Baiman joked, “Where should I go?”

Bai Chen had long been sitting upright and pointed the way seriously.

(End of this chapter)

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