Embers Ad Infinitum Chapter 120


Chapter 120 Camp
Before the day was completely dark, the “old tune group” arrived at the “rootless” camp.

Looking from a distance, the first thing that catches their eyes is one huge vehicle after another.

These vehicles are several times the size of Jeep. The carriages are long and tall, and the paintings are different. They may be brown and white interlaced, or white background dotted with black blocks, or stripes set off silver gray.

“This is all, RV?” Jiang Baiman hadn’t worn sunglasses for a long time, slowed down, and carefully distinguished for a few seconds.

“en.” Bai Chen nodded, “The RV is the home of the’rootless’, and each car represents a family.”

“This way…” Jiang Baiman saw more details when he looked at the camp again.

The vehicles in the camp are mainly RVs. There are at least dozens of vehicles, maybe even close to one hundred.

Among them, the RVs with the largest body are parked on the edge, forming a circle of steel walls, leaving only one opening for vehicles to enter and exit.

Through the gap between the “walls”, you can see that the cars inside are all parked neat and tidy, and there seem to be a few even larger vehicles called giants at the core.

“What is a RV?” Long Yuehong asked if he didn’t understand.

Shang Jianyao took the initiative to help explain:

“It is the vehicle that puts the house in the carriage.”

“Have you seen?” Long Yuehong asked in surprise.

Everyone is a person who has the same education and the same experience of going out. Why have you seen an RV, I haven’t seen it?
Shang Jianyao shook the head:
“I haven’t seen it.

“I guessed it.”

At this moment, Jiang Baiman laughed:

“What Shang Jianyao said is not a big problem.

“A RV is a vehicle that turns the carriage into a residence. It has a bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen, and some even have a living room and dining room.”

“Luxury.” Shang Jianyao and Long Yuehong also commented.

Such a room can only be allocated D7 and above in the “Pangu Biology”, or the couple has reached D4.

Bai Chen followed and explained:
“It is said that the original “rootless people” all came from the RV camps of the old world, which are camps for those who drive their RVs to stop.”

Although she doesn’t understand why the old world had to do this, she still repeats what she heard at the time.

Fortunately, Shang Jianyao not at all raised an objection to this.

Bai Chen looked at the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on the car window and continued:
“You also know that at that time, it was mainly in the big cities where innocence broke out. It was good for places like RV camps, and there were no various attacks against them.

“So, they are lucky enough to survive the destruction of the old world, but they will never return to their hometown.

“They may have tried, I don’t know, but judging from the results, they must have failed in the end.

“In the chaotic years after the old world annihilation, they felt that it was better for everyone to gather together. There was a lot of people and strength. Then, they also found a place to settle and farm, but they were chased by wars and monsters The unintentional attack was driven away from the original settlement by the changing weather and environment.

“Later, they were completely accustomed to the life in the car, also used to the wandering of such a large team, no longer settled, claiming to be “rootless people”, well, we prefer to call them “rootless people” ‘.”

Shang Jianyao asked a very serious question:

“Then what do they eat?”

“Yes, yes.” Long Yuehong said he wanted to ask the same.

Not settled means that it is impossible to cultivate and there is no fixed harvest.

Bai Chen looked at the entrance of the camp getting closer, and his speech speed increased a little:
“Their initial state is closer to relic hunters, obtaining fuel, food, weapons, high-performance batteries, and various materials from the ruins of the city after a large number of unintentional deaths.

“At that time, every city ruin was a rich mine.

“When the era of chaos was over, Great Influence was established one after another, and their large fleet soon became the target of use. They also took the opportunity to change their identities and become exchanges between various forces, undertaking cargo transportation and Armed caravans that change hands.”

“Why didn’t Great Influence do these businesses on their own?” Long Yuehong remembered that there were many large vehicles in the company’s parking lot, much more than the “rootless” camp.

Hearing his question, Jiang Baiman ridiculed:
“Why does the company have so many people?

“Even a newcomer like you can get the ‘old tune group’, and you will know how tight the staff is.

“We are not a’mechanical paradise’. We have neither resources nor technology to produce that many intelligent robots.”

Long Yuehong suddenly realized.

Bai Chen casually added:
“For many Great Influence, materials that are not particularly important, and they don’t like to send their own people to escort them.

“There was a relatively large settlement before, because the leader sent a large number of guards to deliver goods, but the interior was empty and was given.

“Moreover, neutral caravans are more convenient to pass through in many sensitive areas.”

Seeing that Long Yuehong and Shang Jianyao no longer have problems, she said again:

“As long as you have fuel, food, high-performance batteries, and various relatively good vehicle accessories, you can hire the ‘rootless’ group and let them deliver the goods for you.

“They claim to be living by petrol and electricity.

“When the weather cools down and the transaction volume decreases, the rootless people will migrate to similar camps and spend the whole winter using the food they have previously stored. At the same time, they will receive Transportation and trading.

“This is the largest group of ‘rootless’. They often choose this camp because there is a water plant nearby that can still be used.”

While speaking, Jeep has come to the entrance of the “Rootless” camp.

Upon seeing this, Bai Chen quickly emphasized a few more words:
“After entering, you must remember that you must not damage other people’s vehicles.”

“For the ‘rootless’, the vehicle is their most precious property. A person who does not have a car and no other ‘rootless’ family takes in will only be abandoned.

“Also, in the past three generations, they were all born in the car. They grew up in the car and have a unique feeling for the car. They no longer regard them as items, but family members.

“If you hurt their family members, you can’t do anything good.”

Jiang Baiman was very interesting, and patted the steering wheel:
“It really is a relatively unique customs and habits.”

At this time, the guards standing at the front of the two large RVs raised the muzzle of the submachine gun in their hands and signaled the newcomer stop.

Bai Chen pressed the car window and stuck his head out:

“Let’s do business.”

The one with the beard in the guard took a closer look and his eyes lit up and said:
“Good-looking and good-looking, this Jeep is good!”
“What’s the motivation?”

“Using high-performance batteries.” Bai Chen answered truthfully.

Guard Beard is becoming more interested:

“Do you want to change your wife and leave it behind?”

“We are true love!” Shang Jianyao poked his head out at some point and replied loudly.

The guard Beard gave a thumbs up:
“Have a vision.”

He immediately lowered the muzzle and pointed at the camp with his chin:
“Go in.

“Stop as instructed, otherwise you can’t blame us for losing your wife.”

When the Jeep passed the entrance, Long Yuehong inside the car muttered to himself quite surprised:

“So simple?”

There was no proof of acquaintances, and weapons were confiscated, so the “old tune team” entered the camp.

Jiang Baiman glanced at the rearview mirror, said with a smile:

“For the “rootless” caravan with plenty of firepower and sufficient personnel, it may be that only outsiders dare not enter, afraid of coming in but not getting out.”

“It’s also…” Long Yuehong thought and said, “Then we have to be vigilant and we can’t completely trust these people.”

“en. “While following the instructions, Jiang Baiman moved slowly on the marked road, while turning his head to Shang Jianyao and said, “Next, you have to play hard!”

“I’m not a car.” Shang Jianyao was a bit “difficult”.

“Yes, our little Bai Chen is such a pretty girl, they didn’t even look at it, so they patronized this jeep.” Jiang Baiman teased.

Bai Chen originally wanted to say that he was older, but after taking a look at Jiang Baiman’s height, he silently gave up this plan.

With the help of the guide, they quickly stopped the car and walked off the jeep.

With a glance, Jiang Baiman found that the giants parked in the deepest part of the camp were dragging giant silver-gray metal cans.

“Oil tanker…no wonder it is strictly protected.” She sighed, and heard the roar of the engine from a motorhome painted in blue and white next to her.

And a middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap stood in front of the car, touching the hood while listening to the movement.

When the engine roar stopped, he thoughtfully nodded.

“What are you doing?” Shang Jianyao asked curiously when he jumped past.

The middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap is of medium height, thick build, slightly darkened skin, and there seems to be some oil stains on his clothes.

Hearing Shang Jianyao’s question, he stretched his brows and eyes, who was originally a bit fierce:

“The big guy has a temper. You have to listen to what it is dissatisfied with.”

Seeing Long Yuehong and the others, it seemed that he didn’t understand. He touched the RV’s slightly outdated blue and white paint, and smiled again:

“The big guy has been a member of our family since I am grandfather. Now that he is getting older, his temper has become a little bit worse and he is much more boisterous.

“Haha, do you have old people in your family? They are all for coaxing.”

Shang Jianyao took a step back, took a closer look at the RV, and pointed to the car lights:
“Its eyes are so beautiful.”

“This has been repaired twice, and it looks better when I am young…” The middle-aged man seemed to have found his soulmate, and said Danger Land.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Baiman said to Bai Chen and Long Yuehong:
“Sometimes, I really think Shang Jianyao has an innate talent for making friends.”

They chatted for a while, and the twenty-something young man in the driving position came down with the toolbox, and together with the middle-aged man, he opened the hood and skillfully started repairs.

Shang Jianyao immediately retreated, followed Jiang Baiman and them, through a caravan, and walked to the busiest part of the camp.

Bai Chen looked back at the place just now, and said with a light smile:
“If any of you has very good car repair skills, you can even marry a few wives here.”

(End of this chapter)

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