Embers Ad Infinitum Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Taste
How many wives? Long Yuehong, who was born in an underground building and grew up in an underground building, could hardly imagine such a thing.

Shang Jianyao seriously discussed:
“It must be too busy.”

“This custom exists in some places, and in some places there are still several husbands for a woman.” Jiang Baiman recalled what he had seen and heard.

Shang Jianyao was suddenly curious:
“If people from these two places are put together and the two customs are mixed, what will it look like?”

Jiang Baiman thought for a while:

“Probably, my second wife’s eldest husband, third wife and fourth husband are my son?”

Long Yuehong was dizzy after hearing it, but for a short time he couldn’t figure out what the relationship was.

Sweeping his eyes, he suddenly saw a few meters away, in front of an RV, a few people wearing padded jackets and old down jackets standing there, bowing frequently to two red candles.

The two candles were shaking and burning, and there was a piece of air-dried meat, a cleanly shaved chicken, steamed buns, and wowotou in front of them.

“What are they doing?” Long Yuehong staggered slightly, trying to see more clearly.

Bai Chen glanced at that direction:
“They are worshipping the car head god.”

“The head of the car?” Jiang Baiman asked enthusiastically.

Bai Chen organized the following language channels:
“For the ‘rootless’ group, the vehicle is the most valuable asset and an important member of the family. Many of their customs and habits are derived from this.

“They are always worried about where the vehicle hits, where it hits, or gets caught in a swamp or overturned due to some obstacles, so they created a car head god to worship and pray for a safe journey Smooth wind, no failure.”

Shang Jianyao gave a “tsk”:
“Which person does not belong to the jurisdiction of the old age?”

“Yes, what they admire is not a certain old man.” Long Yuehong echoed.

Bai Chen’s smile flashed by:

“The executives are not so broad-minded. In many places, many people have only heard of this term.

“Well…many sects who believe in old age have tried to incorporate the car head god into their religion, in order to develop the’rootless’ group into their own believers. The best thing now is the crystal consciousness teaching. This is also a sect that worships the Buddha and Bodhi, who is one month old.

“In some other’rootless people’ groups, Chetou God has been renamed Chetou Bodhisattva.”

“The competition between Spiritual Gods is fierce.” Shang Jianyao commented positively.

Long Yuehong looked at the place where the god of Chatou was worshipped again, looked at the dried meat, cooked chicken and steamed buns, and Wowotou said:
“Will this be too wasteful?”

Even for the employees of “Pangu Bio”, this is also a meal-level food. It is not eaten like this during the holidays.

“It won’t be thrown away.” Bai Chen explained, “After the sacrifice, the food will be brought back and shared with the whole family. On the earth, except for a few places, there will be no waste of food.”

At this point, her expression softened a bit, and the corners of her mouth were slightly cocked:

“In many wilderness wanderers settlement, children are most looking forward to offering sacrifices to gods, which means that the next meal will be very rich, and only once or twice a year will be rich.”

“That’s it…” Long Yuehong equated this with the New Year Festival of “Pangu Biology”, and immediately felt the same.

While speaking, a group of four people came to the camp, which is the busiest place but also far away from the tanker truck.

It is relatively empty here, with only three longer and larger RVs parked.

They are loosely enclosed in an open “mouth” shape, and the side doors are all opened, revealing the tables, chairs, kitchen counters, cabinets and other things inside.

In the place surrounded by them, various tables, chairs and benches are placed in the outermost circle, and the middle part is completely empty.

At this time, on the top of the RV facing the gap, several spheres are constantly flashing green, red or purple, covering the entire area in the psychedelic rays of light.

There is a speaker on the top of the other two RVs. They play very rhythmic music, which makes the people who gather in the blank area can’t help but writhe.

Jiang Baiman stared for a while, stretched out the hand to grab Shang Jianyao who was eager to have a try:
“Don’t mix up.

“Go in first.”

Shang Jianyao reluctantly retracted his gaze, made up the tactical backpack that was about to be put down, and followed Jiang Baiman to the innermost RV.

On the way, they met a young man who shaved both sides of his hair.

Jiang Baiman stopped him, smiled and asked:

“Where is your leader?”

While speaking, she smelled a more obvious smell of gasoline from the other person.

In the cold winter night, the young man didn’t wear much, just a long-sleeved red cotton T-shirt and a pair of pants with wide trousers.

There is a faint sweat on his forehead, as if he has just experienced a violent exercise.

“Call the team leader.” The young man emphasized.

“Yes, team leader.” Shang Jianyao has always been kind.

The young man was choked at once:

“I mean, our leader is called the team leader. No, he is not the team leader. He is the leader of our Business Group.”

“Where is your team leader?” Jiang Baiman asked before Shang Jianyao’s mouth.

The young man pointed to the RV at the deepest point:

“The one that sells things.”

After answering, he looked Jiang Baiman up and down and said with a smile:
“Dancing together?”

“No.” Jiang Baiman refused without hesitation.

When they talked, they all let go of their throats, as if they were shouting because the music was strong and powerful.

For Jiang Baiman, this is like a fish back in water.

The youngster who was rejected did not entangle him either, his body swayed up and down in accordance with the rhythm, giving way to the road.

Looking at Jiang Baiman’s back, he raised his right hand, sniffed the smell on his forearm, and muttered to himself in doubt:

“She doesn’t like the smell of gasoline in this model?”

When the “old tune group” was about to arrive at the target RV, an old lady suddenly appeared in the shadows.

She is carrying a brown dustpan with many bottles and cans in it.

“Would you like some gasoline? Or, do you want diesel?” The wrinkles on the old lady’s face are already obvious, and she looks a little thin.

Long Yuehong and the others Feeling at a loss, Shang Jianyao asked very adaptively:
“Is it delicious?”

“…” The old lady was speechless for a while, “This can’t be eaten.”

She loudly said immediately:
“Sprinkle a little bit on your body to make you the most popular people in the camp!”

She freed her hand and pointed to a vial and said:

“This is the 15-type gasoline of the’Tangerine Company’, the purest kind, and the smell is just right.

“You just need to sprinkle a little, and I don’t know how many girls turn Divine Soul upside down for you tonight!”

Jiang Baiman heard thoughtfully and said to himself:
“Because many vehicles need fuel, many people here also love the smell of fuel?
“Perhaps, for them, the fragrance of flowers is far less attractive than the smell of gasoline or diesel.”

“Ah, what are you talking about?” The old lady’s hearing is a bit bad, and the environment here is very noisy.

Jiang Baiman laughed loudly, loudly said:

“We don’t need it!”

Watching the old lady return to the shadows with a little disappointment, the four “old-tune group” boarded the RV in the deepest part.

The space inside is quite spacious, and there are many tables and chairs that can be placed. Right outside, there is a milk-white platform to the chest and abdomen of Shang Jianyao.

There are a few high stools in front of the platform, and behind the platform there is a wooden cabinet displaying various bottles and cans.

Between the wooden cabinet and the platform, there is a man standing close to 1.8 metres.

He is forty-fifty years old, with short hair, a large circle of gray beard around his mouth, and a black leather jacket that shimmers slightly.

“Would you like to drink some wine?” The uncle asked with a smile.

“Do you have wine?” Jiang Baiman sat down on the high stool and asked back.

Long Yuehong also feels surprised:
“Pangu Biology” is a place with sufficient food. Alcoholic beverages are controlled products. The annual production is very small. Each person has only a very small quota. On the earth of famine everywhere, you can meet a seller Wine!

Uncle said with a smile of the head of the Business Group suspected to be “rootless”:

“Wild Tree Fruit Wine.

“I don’t know what kind of fruit it is. It grows here every summer, it is sour and astringent, no one will eat it, and it can’t be preserved until winter, but it turns into wine and the flavor is unexpectedly good. “

Until the rest of the “Old Tune Team” sat down, Jiang Baiman jokingly said:
“I think people who take the car as their home and driving as their lifelong career will not drink.”

The uncle suddenly said with a smile:

“That’s why we only drink frequently every winter.”

He sighed:

“My grandfather generation, because of the old world annihilation, cannot go back to their hometown, and their mental state is not very good. Many times they can only rely on alcohol to paralyze themselves.

“This also caused many accidents and lost some vehicles.

“When we reach our parents, there will be the first team rule. Everyone must have a tattoo on the body.”

At this point, he turned his body and pulled up his clothes, revealing his back.

On the bronze skin, two rows of azure black characters are very eye-catching:
“Drink without driving, and drive without drinking.”

(End of this chapter)

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