Ember’s Gun Chapter 395


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It was quiet in the middle of the night, it was a good moment, and the hustle and bustle outside the window gradually disappeared, leaving only the monotonous silence.

Red Eagle was lying on the soft bed, just after taking a shower, he felt that he was scented.

One corner of the dim room was illuminated by the soft moonlight. It was clearly sleepy before, but Red Eagle was a bit unable to sleep. He turned over and looked towards another bed where Hybold was lying, but he Located in the darkest part of the room, even the moonlight is not bright, Red Eagle does not know whether he is asleep or not.

Now calm down, Red Eagle found that the job was not so bad, he was just an auxiliary job, and more specifically, he was responsible for assessing Eve. Haibod was responsible for detailed information on the work, and the real execution was from the beginning. In the end, only Lorenzo was alone.

In other words, even if there are mountains of daggers and seas of flames ahead, the invincible Lorenzo Holmos is the first one who has nothing to do with himself as a mortal.

When I think of it here, Red Eagle can’t help but feel a lot easier. Think about it again. Putting aside these jobs, this can actually be regarded as a labor trip. You must know that Red Eagle has not been to Galunalo yet.

Red Eagle is a native of Irvine, from an unknown corner, mixed in the lower city district of Old Turin. By a coincidence, it was incorporated by Burlau and became a member of the cleaning agency. As everyone is familiar with, it has developed to this day.

In essence, Red Eagle’s life is actually quite monotonous. Although in the eyes of others, serving a secret agency is a cool thing, but when cool things become daily tasks , Then there is nothing special.

Sometimes Red Eagle also feels that life is dim. Every day I wake up and greedy the dark for the purpose of hacking demons and preparing to hack demons. The mortality rate of this job is ridiculously high. Although the treatment is not bad, the amount of money is also earned. It is frightening.

However, Red Eagle is also a person who is easily satisfied, or he is easy to have fun for himself and pass the boring time. He is simply optimistic.

It’s probably this mentality that helped Red Eagle through one disaster after another.

Red Eagle opened his eyes wearily.

Can’t sleep.

He crawled to the bed, opened his luggage, took out a few books from it, and then turned on the lamp. Fortunately, the light is not very bright. If Haibold is woken up, Red Eagle will Feel a little sorry.

He sat up, picked up a book, opened it along the bookmark, and resumed his previous reading.

“Falcon in the Night”, this is a Knight novel secretly circulated in Old Turin.

Red Eagle has faintly heard of the spread of this kind of novel, because it is not recognized by the public, so it only spreads secretly in some channels. It feels like a secret gathering. When Red Eagle first came into contact with it, he was still visiting At the time of Burlau, Burlau discovered that someone had recently established a printing plant in the lower city district and was printing these things.

It may have something to do with his own code name “Red Eagle”. He was quite interested in this book, so he took a few of them back to pass the time.

The story is also quite interesting. It is about bad guys in the city, and when night falls, the protagonist will wear a mask to punish evil and promote good. No one knows who he is, but his deeds are sought after. Everyone and girls hope to marry him…

It’s strange that Red Eagle resonates with this kind of story. After all, think about it carefully, what the cleansing agency does is probably what the story tells, but it’s less romantic and more cruel. reality.

“What are you looking at?”

The sound rang, which frightened Red Eagle.

I don’t know when Hybold was awake, he looked at Red Eagle, wondering what this guy was watching without sleeping.

“It’s just a novel… Did you wake you up?”

Red Eagle closed the book and asked.

“Not counted, I can’t sleep either.”

Hybod stood up as he spoke, walked aside and took a glass of water.

The pajamas here are small for him, standing by the window and staring at the end of the sea.

“I’m thinking about why Irene was hunted down by the Iron rule bureau. They were originally in the same group. Could it be that some civil strife happened?”

“Eileen Ed Le.”

Red Eagle whispered the name. Before going to bed, Lorenzo finally found the file that was littered by him under the sofa, and Red Eagle knew everything about the whole sequence of events.

“What kind of person is she?”

“What kind of person?”

Hyboard looked at Red Eagle with some curiosity, not knowing how he suddenly became interested in Irene.

“Yes, in your terms, Ivar is a guy with a weird personality. Even his brothers can’t approach him. So what kind of magic does Irene have that even Ivar can easily conquer. , Even said that the design made him arrested.”

Red Eagle is very curious. It can be said that the biggest suspicious point in the entire incident is this woman named Irene Ed Le, who promoted the development of the entire incident.

One of the main reasons why the Viking nations did not protect Ivar is that they didn’t expect that this woman would approach Ivar so easily to achieve all of this.

“A very special woman, you have not met her. If you can meet her, you will understand…she has an indescribable magic.”

For this woman, Haibod doesn’t know how to describe it. His expression is very complicated, and it seems that Irene has also left him an unforgettable memory.

“It doesn’t sound like a good guy.”

Red Eagle feels a little scared. Speaking of which has lived so much, Red Eagle has never been in a relationship. After all, he belongs to the cleansing agency, but he has no channels to contact women of the same age. Talking to female colleagues at work…

Liu Shui’s colleague, Red Eagle in iron.

Red Eagle some not knowing what to do.

“Indeed, a bad guy, a guy that is difficult to control. It may be because of Irene’s uncontrollability that the Iron rule bureau started chasing her.”

Hybod speculated that this kind of thing is very common, and Irene has too many ulterior secrets in her mind, and her death is good for everyone.

“Just like Lorenzo.”

Hearing Haibold’s comment, Red Eagle couldn’t help but think of Lorenzo who was sleeping next door.

“Lorenzo · Holmes?”

This time, Hyblade is in doubt.

“How much do you know about him? I’m curious why both the cleansing agency and Nordelo praise him so much, obviously his behavior is so bad…”

This operation is very urgent, there is not much time for Hybbod to choose the manpower, and he needs Irvine’s support, and he has no right to choose.

Hybode thought he would follow an elite team, but after the actual departure, there was actually only Lorenzo alone, and the remaining Red Eagle and Eve were only for internship assessment.

“Like you, I can’t describe him well,” Red Eagle felt a headache. “He is like a Brat sometimes, yes! Brat!”


Hyboard’s expression became even more puzzled.

“That’s the kind of Brat that’s very troublesome. What’s more terrible is that this Brat has the ability to easily kill everyone. Sometimes he listens to the great principles you talk about, but more often it’s just The most helpless thing about accepting death without repentance is that he sometimes makes many obvious mistakes… and he himself knows that it is wrong, but it is like a stubborn donkey.”

“For example?”

“It fits his personality and ideas, but objectively speaking, it is wrong.”

Like the Pendant of Reichenbach.

Lorenzo could have escaped, but in the end he chose to use it as a battlefield and risked killing all the enemies. He didn’t think about the consequences, he only cared about the present.

“In comparison, he is more tricky than Irene. After all, Irene can’t beat him no matter what he says. He is the ceiling of our battle strength.” Red Eagle said.

“Demon Hunter human power? I just heard about it, but I haven’t seen it yet.”

Hyboard still knows this part of Lorenzo’s history.

“Have you seen a monster?” Red Eagle asked.

“I have seen, this thing is everywhere in the world, and our Viking countries are no exception, but unlike your Irvine and Holy Gospel Papal State, we do not have a complete confrontation system.”

Because of the corrosive nature, researching monsters is a technical job. In some countries that are not too powerful, fighting against monsters is a very difficult task. This is also one of the great things that Evangelion Church was able to control hundreds of years ago. The reason is that they have extremely complete power against demons.

“Then you can understand him as a monster who specializes in killing monsters.”

Red Eagle added.

Hybod was taken aback. This description was more detailed than Brat, but it also made him feel a little uneasy.

“In short, this is destined to be an unsatisfactory journey. You have the opportunity to witness Lorenzo’s ability. Don’t be too surprised when the time comes.”

Red Eagle lowered his head as he said, and continued to read the book.

The silence was a little weird. After a while, Red Eagle looked up stiffly. Hebold was still standing by the window, but this time his eyes fell on Red Eagle.

Red Eagle was watching by this gaze, only feeling a little uncomfortable, very annoying.

“Why…what’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep, too. Those guys in the Iron rule bureau are very troublesome.”

Hybod said, then he extended the hand and pointed to the book Red Eagle was reading.

“Can you distribute my copy?”


The room is not enough, or the wrong room is set to allow men and women to live together. This is used in many story sections, so that shy men and women have the opportunity to get closer to each other. Maybe they can use too much force and directly. Pull to the marriage hall and so on.

Of course, the reason for this time is definitely not the things that were used badly by the predecessors. In the words of Haibod, the tricky existence of Iron rule has already appeared in this operation, so don’t distract you.

If you sleep in a room alone, you may die in your sleep, but sleeping with four people is a bit too crowded. Although Lorenzo and Red Eagle both stated that they can sleep on the sofa and bathtub, the atmosphere can be anything you want. Not quite right.

When dividing the room, in order not to be inexplicably assigned to a strange job again, Red Eagle resolutely chose to sleep in the same room with Haibod, and gave him the honor of living in the same room with the lady After Lorenzo, when he said these words, he deliberately showed a look of dismay at Lorenzo.


Lorenzo really wants to scold Red Eagle like that.

“What are you doing, Lorenzo?”

Eve leaned against the head of the bed and looked at Lorenzo suspiciously.

I saw Lorenzo squeeze out a fuzzy human figure with the quilt on the bed, and then he walked to the bathroom in his pajamas holding the pillow.

“Go to bed.”

Lorenzo answered at the door.

If you use Lorenzo’s thinking to understand, even if someone rushes in and moved towards the bed and shoots, then they immediately kill the disguise made by Eve and himself, when the time comes Lorenzo will shine from the bathroom and take all the enemies Kill.

“You made me like a cannibal monster.”

Eve smiled uncharacteristically and extended the hand patted bed.

She was suddenly curious about how he would react to teasing Lorenzo like this.

The smiling Lorenzo trembled, but Lorenzo soon had a countermeasure. He lowered his head and hid his face in the shadows. After a while, he stuck his face out of the shadows.

The detective made a shy look, with an expression that was too forceful, and looked very disgusting. Immediately after him, he hugged the pillow with one hand and the door frame with the other, using an unparalleled sound. Said.

“The girl can’t do it.”

Eve froze for a moment, then covered her eyes. It seemed that she was really disgusted by Lorenzo, and coughed vigorously several times as if she was choked.

“che, play disgusting, who can’t.”

Lorenzo looks like a complete victory. This kind of match is based on who breaks the score first. Compared with Lorenzo, a shameless bastard, Eve is still a little bit too much.

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