Ember’s Gun Chapter 398


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In the back kitchen of the tavern, three people sat in a circle, like a mysterious gathering, these people are preparing for a vicious ceremony.

Looking at the slightly messy setting here, Lorenzo couldn’t help but remember the scene when he first saw Hercule. It was also a tavern and a back chef. He began to wonder if this tavern could be a certain property of Hercule. And the industry seems to be doing pretty well, there are chain stores in Rendona.

Hercule was covering his face with a painful look. Lorenzo and him excitedly embraced just now, and then directly tore off Hercule’s beard. Although it was a disguise, it was tightly attached to the skin. He felt as if he had been torn off a layer of skin.

Eve was a little curious to observe the stranger Hercule, holding the furry Bolo in his hands. This big mouse is very good at dealing with people. Sometimes Hercule even suspects that if one day the enemy comes, the stinky mouse said Uncertainty will also rush into the opponent’s arms.

“Although I know that you are still alive, it still feels a little weird to see you jumping around.”

Hercule raised his head slightly, he let go of his hand, and saw his half face is red.

“This is called Fu Da Ming Da, but I was also surprised that you were not caught by Arthur.”

Lorenzo and him blew each other, looking like a brother.

In that rainstorm, the Reichenbach crashed on the ridge. This incident caused a lot of fluctuations. In order to trace how Lorenzo did this, Lorenzo’s friends were invited to drink by Arthur. It’s tea, only the cunning fox Hercule escaped.

“I’m different from those two guys. Oscar is from Nordelo. Seleu is named Duke. What about me! What about me!” Hercule talked about his escape journey. “Well, I actually rely on me. Excellent brains have also made a lot of money, but they are only rich. People like me are rich but not powerful. I was caught by Arthur. What will happen!”

Hercule, a clever brain, once conceived a lot of his own endings. In these bad endings, all his assets were confiscated, and he was put in a lunatic asylum, waiting to be Dissection.

“I saw that you were very interested in Demon before. If you were invited to have tea by Arthur, you might be lucky enough to visit the most advanced institution against Demon in the Western world.”

Lorenzo spurned Hercule’s behavior of being a good dragon.

“I have my life to visit, but I didn’t come out. I know what Black Mountain Hospital is. Maybe they will directly slice my precious brain.”

Hercule stood up and picked up anything from the bottles on the counter.

“What do you want to drink, madam.”

“Just call me Eve,” Eve looked a little cautious in the face of the stranger, “Anything, just like Lorenzo.”

“Is that so, Lorenzo is really lucky, I didn’t plan to invite him to drink.”

Hercule gnashing teeth.

Lorenzo’s final act, played with these good friends, it feels like these people planned to rob the bank, and Lorenzo drove into the Platinum Palace.

Obviously supporting death is a life sentence, but it suddenly becomes a death sentence. Who can stand it?

“This guy doesn’t know how to mix drinks, do you dare to drink?” Lorenzo said to Eve.

“Accurately speaking, I only make one type of wine. I call it ‘success’.”

Hercule finished speaking and placed two wine glasses in front of the two of them. They were mixed with a strange liquid, thick or clear. In Lorenzo’s eyes, Hercule should have taken the wine glass and took a glass of crude liquid.

“Don’t worry, bartending this thing is essentially a mess, just drink it if you don’t die.”

Hercule also prepared a cup for himself, took a sip without fear, and after drinking it, the facial expression grave appeared, as if he was tasting it carefully.

“You guys try it too and tell me thank you.”

Eve hesitated for a moment, but still stretched out her hand and passed the wine glass to her mouth. Before she could drink, the strong smell of alcohol almost dazzled her head, but in the end she still brace oneself and took a sip.

Very unexpected, the taste is a bit strange, but also not unacceptable.

“It… feels like drinking a glass of laundry water with engine oil.”

Lorenzo drank and burped.

Ignoring Eve’s astonished eyes on the side, Lorenzo looked towards Hercule with a smile on his face.

“Then what do you want to do this time? Mr. Holmes.”

The meeting entered the topic, and Hercule became serious. As an intelligence dealer, he must have his own professionalism.

“I need you to do me a favor, but it is dangerous and very important. But you passed my test. If you want, we can start directly.”

Lorenzo has no attitude of inviting others, just like an uncle.

“Testing? Do you mean the messages that were distributed?”

Hercule pulled out a poster from the corner. It was the poster for the Winchester office.

The rats have been hovering by Lorenzo’s side, never leaving.

Although Hercule is already not in Old Turin, he still dominates the rat group, and the information is passed on continuously until Lorenzo’s initiative contact.

A written letter was transferred through layers, and finally reached Hercule’s eyes, time and place, but there was no content.

“Interested to guess, what am I going to do this time?”

Lorenzo asked. He looked at Hercule, hoping that he could give himself a perfect answer, but he also hoped that these damn rats didn’t peep too much, after all, Lorenzo also needs private space.

“Stay away from Old Turin, although you told me that you are reluctant to have a comfortable bed, but I know very well that you just like the advanced technology of Old Turin. You can ride Iron Snake to another place quickly instead of riding The horse is bumpy all the way, so you hate going outside.

It must be an important job to invite you. “

Hercule’s gaze fell on Eve, combined with Eve’s identity, he continued.

“A mission from those powerful and powerful.”

“There is a rare addition of Viking in your team, and not long ago, the Viking nations sent another messenger…Wait, this is the commission of the Viking nations?”

Hercule suddenly realized.

“Yes, Hercule, a very troublesome job. I will arrive in Galunalo next. If you really investigated me, you should know how valuable my head is.”

Lorenzo continues to explain.

“And this time I won’t have any support. After all, the cleansing agency and Nordelo are found out, maybe the two sides will go to war.”

“So you came to me? Lorenzo!”

Hercule’s voice became higher. He had just been pitted by Lorenzo and could only wander around. He couldn’t even return to Old Turin, but now he is here again.

“Don’t be so excited, I think you are also looking forward to the next adventure, right!”

Lorenzo also stood up, crossed the table with no difficulty, and then grabbed Hercule with a hand on his shoulder, with an intimate look.

“You also know that I don’t bother looking for you if there is no trouble, but when you know this, you still come to see me. Doesn’t it mean that you are also looking forward to these things, right?”

While Lorenzo was talking, his hand was still drawing indiscriminately in the air, as if depicting the beautiful future.

“Have you never thought that I am here to retaliate against you?”

Hercule turned his head stiffly. He lifted his clothes as he spoke. Only then did Lorenzo find a revolver pinned to his waist. Judging from that caliber, a single shot might directly kill a bull.

“Ah this…”

Lorenzo didn’t know what to say for a while, even thinking about it.

“Calm down first, Hercule, there are many benefits to this matter, maybe you will be able to clean it up? By the way, are you interested in joining a cleansing agency? I can give you a recommendation!”

Although Hercule poses no threat to him, Lorenzo decided to calm him down first.

“Lorenzo, you are so sinful.”

I don’t know what happened between them, but Eve felt that it would be so angry to make an ordinary person angry and bring a gun to kill a Demon Hunter person.

Hercule stared at Lorenzo, and there seemed to be real anger rolling in his eyes. How was the displacement these days? Frightened…

Countless emotions are mixed together, just like the “recklessness” of the cup.

“Well, let me talk about what happened this time.”

The anger on his face suddenly disappeared, like a face change, Hercule sat back, his expression was a bit distorted, and his body seemed to be trembling slightly.

“What does it matter to a job that you can take so seriously?”

Hercule asks.

Lorenzo impressed Hercule, but not because of the benefits of his mouthful, but the secret after that.

This is his essence, a patient who has almost pathological pursuits for information, intelligence, secrets, etc., and a deformed desire for control.

“Yvar Rodbroke.”

Lorenzo said the target’s name.

“Heir of Ragnar Rodbrook, what happened?”

Hercule asked, while the thoughts in his mind surged continuously. This interpretation was a bit difficult for Hercule. His intelligence network only covered Old Turin and the surrounding areas. He didn’t know much about this foreign intelligence.

Looking at Hercule entering the state, Lorenzo also became serious, not to make any mess.

The brisk atmosphere became heavier in an instant. Eve looked at the two of them fidgetingly. The two who had just been fighting together suddenly became serious. It felt like a group of old Hus fighting together suddenly stopped biting and turned to Jumped up the ring of fire.

But also, Hercule is Lorenzo’s friend, and how many of Lorenzo’s good friends are normal people?

Eve laughed self-deprecatingly at the thought of this.

Indeed, even I am not a normal person, I am a ranger, a natural ranger.

“Is that so…it’s interesting.”

After listening to Lorenzo’s account, Hercule fell silent, thinking hard.

“Hyboard must be hiding something, I am not at ease, so I hope you can help me secretly.” Lorenzo pleaded.

“So what’s the price? Mr. Holmes.”

Hercule smiled like a profiteer.

“Count what I owe you.”

“You haven’t paid what you owed last time.” Lorenzo was speechless.

This situation didn’t last long, probably Hercule didn’t expect Lorenzo to get any good rewards, he continued.

“In other words, not only do you have to track down Ival’s whereabouts this time, and find a way to bring him back, but you also have to fight the Iron rule bureau, and maybe you will break into the military base directly.”

Hercule shook his head as he spoke. He didn’t know how to describe this crazy plan for a while.

“The location is still Galunalo…”

He seemed to think of something, Hercule then looked towards Lorenzo.

“Lorenzo, I have heard some other news recently. I think you may be very interested, maybe it is related to this job.”

“What’s wrong?”

“There is news circulating that Galunalo is about to establish his own religion.” Hercule sat down in a distress.


Lorenzo, who was born in Evangelion Church, is extremely sensitive to such things as religion. He thought of a lot in a moment.

“In fact, it started a few months ago. A new religion appeared in Galunalo. They call themselves Orthodox. Of course, this kind of order is not unheard of, but it is basically owned by Evangelion Church. Annihilation, coupled with the Galunalo people are originally the faithful believer of Evangelion Church, this Protestant is not at all too big a believer group.”

Hercule continued.

In history, the teachings of Evangelion Church have spread all over the countries. The most influenced by it is Galunalo. Because of the isolation of White Tide Strait, Irvine is not at all penetrated too thoroughly like Galunalo. As for the more distant Viking countries , They who believe in the god Odin disdain this at all.

“So is there anything special this time?”

Lorenzo asked, there must be something special about this so-called Orthodox religion that made Hercule remember it.

“Do you know this person Mikael?”

“Mikael old cardinal, the top of Evangelion Church, a member of the exiles.”

Shermans’ notes not only record Demon’s knowledge, but also some of Shermans’s knowledge, such as the weird new pope, the exiles who were forced to leave.

In the notes, he mentioned more than once that he wanted to counterattack back to Seven Hills and kill the blasphemous heresy, but in the end he died in Irvine, a foreign country.

“After the Orthodox Church had accumulated a certain foundation, Mikael appeared. As his old cardinal, he declared that Evangelion Church had deviated from the will of God and that the divine authority was being held by heretics. He wanted to re-establish the right God’s piety, so Orthodoxy was born.”

Hercule recalled the intelligence. Actually, this is not a secret message. In Galunalo, many people have witnessed this moment, but it is probably due to the transmission of information. It is only spread in Galunalo now.

“Then Mikael asked more old cardinals who were in exile with him to testify, which made people believe in the authenticity of his words…After all, you know this thing, too.”

In words, Hercule revealed his disdain for faith.

“But this is not the most important thing. Galunalo’s official attitude is the strangest. In history, their people have been deeply inspired by “Gospel”. It stands to reason that this orthodoxy is a complete heresy before their eyes. There is an old cardinal testimony, which will also attract strong controversy.

From the official attitude of Galunalo, they are supporting this orthodoxy. “

Hercule’s eyes became heavy.

“This is a terrifying sign. Galunalo doesn’t want to be controlled by Evangelion Church anymore. They want to create their own religion.”

No one responded, and suddenly all the voices disappeared, and Lorenzo finally broke the silence in the long silence.

“No, it’s not like that.”

Looking back at what Arthur had said to him before, Lorenzo suddenly understood the situation that had begun to change drastically.

“Galunalo doesn’t want a new religion.”

Night of Advent, war faction, secret blood, old cardinal, Mikael…

For some reason, at this moment Lorenzo completely lost his former relaxed and casual look, like a wild beast who sensed a crisis. He clenched his fist involuntarily, with bloodshot eyes, he was like a deadly sword. The blade is on the edge of the sheath.

“What they want is another… Demon Hunter Order.”

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