Ember’s Gun Chapter 423


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“So you got to plot against at first?”

“It’s not a plot against, just a somewhat hunch.”

There is a voice, it sounds like two men, they seem to be talking about something.

“What is a hunch?” the man asked.

“I have a hunch that Irene Edle will not be such a simple person. She must be doing something else, but we don’t know yet.” Another man replied.

“So this is a set you set up? Bastard, you use me!” The man’s voice rose.

“It’s not a use, just be prepared. I guess if Irene wants to do and so on, time alone with you is her only chance. We are not present, only you defeated “The other man continued.

“What is defeated!”

“Have you been fooled by her once? If you are still you, it will make her relax her guard.”

“Relax your guard? She almost killed me!”

“But I changed the bullet, specially for you, otherwise when she hit you, she used live ammunition, and now you are a corpse.”

“Total I have to thank you, right?” The man’s words were filled with anger.

“You can thank me if you want.” The other man still said to have no shame.


Red Eagle’s voice rose, he was just about to greet Lorenzo, but Lorenzo interrupted him.

“She seems to be awake.”

After he finished speaking, a big fuzzy face appeared in his field of vision, he couldn’t see his appearance, but a slight pain came from his neck.

“Florent potion, it should help you wake up… Wow, Red Eagle, you are so cruel, can’t you be gentle with the lady?”

“She almost killed me! Lorenzo! Almost, almost so!”

Along with the scolding battle between the two, Irene gradually woke up.

She didn’t know exactly what the so-called Florent potion was, but the effect after the injection was obvious. She felt that her head was taken out of her head, and then soaked in cold water inside. After cooling down, she rudely again Stuffed it back.

Eileen blinked vigorously and finally saw her all around. She was lying on the bed, trying to move, but her limbs were obviously tied up by something, and beside her, Lorenzo and Red Eagle sat on either side of him from left to right.

Red Eagle’s arm was completely tied up with a bandage, and there was a protective gear on it, which was hung on his neck, and there were a lot of wounds on his face. Irene remembered that it was just beaten out by herself.

Lorenzo on the other side is the same as usual. He is looking at himself with a serious face, but in the depths of those gray-blue eyes, there is a little joking.

He won, and Irene couldn’t hold it back after all, showing her feet in front of Lorenzo.

“Although you say you are here to help us, how can I believe it from a person like you?”

Lorenzo saw that Irene was awake, and then spoke slowly.

“these all are you did it on purpose?”

Eileen’s voice is a bit weak, she feels her head hurts, but think about it, too, Red Eagle smashed the riveting enough, in order to bandage the wound, the doctor cut off Irene’s long hair. Wrapped round and round her head.

“Yes, the solitude between you and Red Eagle, as well as the weapons in the piano box, are all prepared for you. If you really have any ideas, you will definitely not miss this opportunity. “

Lorenzo continued.

“You are already an enemy of the Iron rule. After this action, you are bound to be an enemy of me. This is not good, and you are not confident that you can escape, right?”

Lorenzo continued to analyze Irene’s thoughts, and the more he delved into it, the more interesting it became.

“So what’s the reason? What kind of thought would make you take such a big risk to act?”

Faced with Lorenzo’s questioning, Irene was like a okay person, just like Lorenzo, she was good at hiding her inner thoughts.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and Lorenzo said helplessly.

“Red Eagle, you go to rest first.”

“Take a rest? I can do it!”

Red Eagle froze for a moment, and then replied. Although there is only one hand left to move, he can continue to gesture with Irene. Unfathomable mystery, Red Eagle especially wants to compete with Irene today.

Seeing that Irene smiled helplessly. She felt stupid that she would be overthrown by this kind of guy, and Lorenzo got up and said seriously.

“Then put another way, go out, understand?”

“Ah… alright.”

I couldn’t beat Lorenzo with both hands, let alone one. Red Eagle looked at the two of them, then walked out, looking from the door, Eve and Hybold were clearing the living room. Under the battle between Red Eagle and Irene, the two of them almost turned the entire living room over.

Lorenzo followed along and glanced at the living room.

“Hercule hasn’t come back yet?”

“No, but Bolo was sent back.”

Eve said, pointing to the big mouse running around. After they came back, the staff sent the big mouse back. As for where Hercule went, no one knew.

“Is this…”

Lorenzo doesn’t worry about Hercule. This guy has no strengths except that weird brain, so this guy has a clear understanding of himself, and seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages is too simple for him.

Close the door, only Lorenzo and Irene are left in the room. He sat back in his seat, looked at Irene and then whispered.

“Are you afraid of Hyboard?”

There was a momentary pause in Irene’s expression. Although it was short, it was very obvious in Lorenzo’s eyes.

She looked at Lorenzo, not knowing what to say for a moment, and finally asked helplessly.

“When did you find out.”

“From the first time you met Hayboard, your reaction was very interesting, like a mouse meeting a cat…you are scared.”

Eileen didn’t continue to explain anything, her expression fell loose, the disguise of until now was removed at this moment, and she finally became a little more relaxed. Although she didn’t want to be like this, she continued to pretend to be in Lorenzo’s eyes. I just embarrass myself that’s all.

“Your main purpose for driving away Red Eagle was also to isolate Haiboard, right?”

Eileen looked at the closed door, only then did she realize that every time she talked with Lorenzo, she avoided Hybade.

“Yeah, I am more worried about that guy than you.”

Lorenzo stared at Irene, his gaze made Irene a little uneasy.

“Hybod is Ivar’s bodyguard.” Irene said.

Lorenzo thought for a while.

“Love triangle?”


Somewhat unable to bear Irene’s contemptuous look, Lorenzo apologized again and again.

“sorry, I just want to enliven the atmosphere.”

“Is there anything necessary to be active in this atmosphere?”

Eileen was about to laugh at Lorenzo.

“I thought it was, at least it seemed to me.” Lorenzo continued to explain.

“After all, you are the well-known Irene Ed. Before coming here, Hybbod warned me countless times. In his eyes, you are like a cold poisonous snake, and you have seen it, Red Eagle looks like that.

You just captured his mind with no difficulty. To be honest, it’s hard not to be wary. “

It seems that she didn’t expect to look like this in Lorenzo’s eyes, Irene shook the head, she was beaten by Red Eagle, her whole body hurts, and the pain interfered with her thoughts.

“Do you smoke?” Lorenzo asked, “You look a little bad.”

Eileen nodded, then continued.

“You also know my job. In order to get close to my goal, I am also very versatile. I even know how to repair a steam engine, although I learn it temporarily.”

As soon as Irene said that, she remembered the awful work.

“At that time, my goal was a captain. He was in charge of an arms smuggling line. I boarded the ship as a repairman. He thought he would have an unforgettable journey with me, but he was thrown into the combustion chamber by me. , There is not even ashes left.”

“Oh, that sounds really bad.”

Lorenzo said that he handed Irene the cigarette mixed with Parsnip and helped her light the fire.


Eileen immediately realized the cigarette problem, and Lorenzo answered.

“Almost, I usually use this when I am under a lot of pressure. It’s quite relieve pain.”


Eileen felt it too, the pain was diluted, and gradually she couldn’t feel anything.

Leaning against the bed, she seemed to realize that she couldn’t change anything. Some flushed eyes finally broke the bank. She raised her head to prevent Lorenzo from seeing this embarrassing scene as much as possible.

“Then if it’s not a love triangle, what is it?”

Lorenzo tacitly didn’t go to see Irene, but casually picked up a side book and looked through it. After a few glances, it turned out to be the hell “Victoria Secret”.

Actually, he is also very curious about the ending of this story.

“Actually, I have read this book.”

Eileen squinted at the book, not knowing who she was talking to.

“Many times I can only hide in the room. It was boring during that time. I was reading these weird books. In fact, my ending was similar to this one.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had a chance, a chance to escape.”

Eileen said, thinking about it, she was hazy.

“Ival asked me if I am interested in leaving here. Although that guy always looks like someone owes him money and is gloomy, he still likes go roam around. In his words, he hates cold. In the north, he wants to visit the warm land.”

Perhaps Parsnip was working. Irene didn’t know if it was an illusion or something. She saw the long-lost face in the blurred vision.

“But he is the heir of the King of Ice Sea. Although he was born deformed, his status is still higher than that of many people, and the significance he carries is also extraordinary. He said that he missed most of his childhood when he was father He is not the king of ice and sea, and he did not regard him as a deformity, and would take him out to sea.

Even though the burden is heavy, Ivar can still face howling wind and torrential rain roar, but with the blessing of the crown, all of this can’t go back. “

Lorenzo felt that he was about to touch the deep secret, he asked in a low voice.

“And then? Then what happened? You designed to hijack Ivar?”

Eileen was silent for a while, then nodded.

“It was a long-planned escape. I made a route. We will travel around the countries. Everything is beautiful. Even his escort, Haibod, was moved by me.”

“In fact, Hybold is a nice guy. He once told me in private that he sympathizes with Ivar. Although it is a bit pitiful and disgusting, he thinks Viking shouldn’t have died in a wheelchair , Not to mention that the man is still bleeding the blood of the King of Ice Sea, he can’t bear to watch Ivar continue to sink like this.

So under my bewilderment, he let us go and let us go. “

Eileen took a deep breath, and a cigarette burned out. Lorenzo was very cooperative and passed another one. Parsnip made Erin relax. In such a tired situation, this was when she was most relaxed and vigilant, and Lorenzo The most likely chance to learn the secret.

“What about then?”

Lorenzo continued to ask.

“Then? Then, as you can guess, everyone was happy at first, just like the story in “Victoria’s Secrets”. The boy and the girl escaped and went to the unknown journey, Hybold In order to cover our whereabouts, we took all the guilt, and then… and then I let him down.”

Eileen’s gaze was a little dull, and she looked straight at the nothingness ahead.

“Happiness didn’t last long. We were intercepted by the previously ambushed Iron rule battleship on the high seas. Ivar was captured. He seemed to know that this would happen at the time, and said nothing.”

Lorenzo looked at Irene, he suddenly realized that his guess might be true, he couldn’t help feeling a panic, and…ridiculous.

“This is such a low-level mistake. How could you make such a mistake? Irene.” Lorenzo asked.

Eileen turned to look at Lorenzo. She knew she had been seen through by Lorenzo, and she asked with a smile.

“How about you? Lorenzo Holmes, have you made no mistakes in your life?”

Lorenzo startled, and Irene continued.

“Probably this is the inferiority of human beings. I think Mr. Holmes, you have killed a lot of people, countless.”

Lorenzo nodded stiffly, Irene asked.

“Then can you tell if you are simply killing, or to execute what you call justice? Can you tell?”

Eileen laughed laughingly to herself.

“Like me, just like us, we all wear masks, but sometimes we still remember the existence of masks, but more often the masks are glued to our faces and cannot be removed anymore.”

“This is terrible, Irene.”

Lorenzo felt sorry for all this, and he pityed Irene.

“Are you in love with him?”

Silence, I don’t know how long this silence lasted, Irene laughed, she couldn’t stop smiling, and finally even coughed, affecting the wound.

“How come?”

It seems that this is a funny joke, she almost burst into tears.

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