Ember’s Gun Chapter 424


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“Love? What are you talking about? Mr. Holmes, don’t you think that kind of thing is too heavy and extravagant for us?”

Lorenzo has also become a cute dog in Irene’s eyes now, but this dog is a little different from other dogs. It has sharp fangs, vicious eyes, and is full of Grim muscles.

Sometimes you can’t even classify him as a dog. It’s not so much a dog as a monster with the appearance of a dog, but this monster is also very pitiful, so poor that Irene wants to extend the hand. Touch his head.

Looking at each other, Lorenzo also realized that he was ridiculous. Irene had completely confused all of this, whether it was not important to her.

“So for what reason did you come back? You can escape. With your ability, it is not difficult to find a place to live incognito?”

Lorenzo remembered something. I don’t know how many times this conversation has been repeated, but this time is the closest to the truth.

Tear off layer after layer of disguise, one after another, and now Irene has nowhere to go.

“Before this, you don’t have to betray the Iron rule bureau. Ivar is a great achievement. You might get a promotion or a salary increase… Then what is the reason for you to give up this? Is it?”

“I’m tired, Mr. Holmes.”

Eileen said in confusion.

“We are all living dead, aren’t we? We are already walking corpses. Although we can talk and breathe, our ending is already doomed, and everything we do now is just procrastination. It’s all here.

Like you, you are a powerful Demon Hunter, but do you kill for a lifetime? Or are you destined to die in some battle inside? In fact, I know this too. I am destined to die in a failed action, but when you think about it, I’m just repeating everything about this bad life. Whether the ending comes early or delayed, it’s all. Nothing can be changed. “

Eileen looked very tired.

“It’s better to end this earlier than this.”

The room was quiet and terrible. Smoke rose slowly, covering the two of them a little bit. This was a good scene. Lorenzo relaxed a little. There were noisy noises from time to time outside the house, everyone was still working hard Clean up the house.

Under the peaceful atmosphere, a tide of sadness surged.

Lorenzo looked at Irene sadly, and now he realized the despair of a woman deep in one’s heart.

Eileen knows the so-called emotions too much, and after knowing too much, she sees through all of them. She can easily show others what they desire. The masks overlap each other, regardless of each other.

She was like a drowning person. She couldn’t get out of the muddy sea, and she didn’t want to sink to death like this. She was caught in the middle and struggled painfully for a long time.

“I heard you are still a pastor?” Irene asked.

“It used to be.” Lorenzo replied.

“I haven’t been to church yet. Many times I want to walk into the confessional and tell the priest the crimes I have committed, but I don’t have the courage to do so.”

Irene seemed to be thinking of Lorenzo as a priest, and began to babble.

“Some things are too difficult to figure out. Just like you, you have killed too many people. Life is just a thing that can be destroyed by your hand. The same is true for me. The so-called love It’s just my tool. I am addicted to it, and I can’t tell the difference between it and the so-called tool.”

“Sounds really bad.” Lorenzo said.

“It’s okay, I just feel a little sad.”


“Yeah, sad, I may never be able to figure out what’love’ is. For me, this thing is like a simple formula. You have seen the moon and he was tricked by me. I know how to please others and how to capture them. Even the violent Ival did not escape.”

The cigarette burned out, and Irene placed the cigarette butt on the bedside table aside and watched it burn out quietly.

“At the end of the day, all this is just an illusion given to us by ourselves. The blood flow speeds up, the heart beats vigorously, and the brain secretes that intoxicating substance. Sometimes being too clear is a fault.”

“You are so perfect, Irene, so perfect that you almost no longer look like a person.” Lorenzo said.

“I also realize this. I will have a lot of identity presuppositions, you know, if you like passion, I will become passionate, and if you like indifferent, I will become indifferent. At that time I almost forgot who I am.”

Irene thought for a while and said.

“I am not Irene, I am not Irene Ed Le.”

The voice of Irene’s words slowly lowered, and Lorenzo only noticed that she had been staring at her, and then she slowly approached, extending the hand to Lorenzo’s face.

“But I haven’t tried to tame a monster.”

“I suggest you better not do this.” Lorenzo Warning said.

“cracking a joke, I’m tired of this kind of thing,” Irene retracted her hand and smiled hehe, “After Ivar, I can no longer be interested. I have killed many people like this, but This time is different. I suddenly feel guilty. I am sad and I am going to save Ivar.

It’s not for love, nor for profit, I think you should understand what I mean? “

Aileen asked.

Lorenzo didn’t answer, he saw himself in Irene, chasing Demon’s self.

“You are trying to redeem yourself, can this really be done?”

Lorenzo tried to kill all the Demons. No one told him whether he was right or wrong, and whether he could achieve the future he wanted, but he did it because he thought that he could complete himself. Wish.

It’s like a weird ceremony, like a cold and drinking hot water will recover completely, obviously there is no necessary connection between the two, but many people just believe that drinking hot water will get better.

The same is true for Irene. She feels that if she can save Ivar back, maybe she can end the life of the living dead, and she can get the so-called redemption. As for the result, will it really be what she wants? Lorenzo didn’t know, no one knew.

“But if you don’t try, who knows the answer?”

This is Irene’s purpose, pure and somewhat ridiculous.

“I’m going to save Ivar. I’m going to say goodbye to this damn life. As for the rest, who cares?”

Eileen said frankly, this is a secret hidden deep in her heart. At this not bad moment, she will tell this to Lorenzo, who has some relationship with the clergy.

A woman who is guilty of crimes, a woman who is obviously not more sinful than herself…pastor?

Eileen smiled at the thought of this. This is a good confession. Although it is simple, it is enough.

“I became interested in the guy Ivar. A guy who can get you to get back on the right path will be interesting too.” Lorenzo said.

“Yvar? He has nothing special. He is a puppy without a disability, probably because he looks very weak. He likes to roar and bark in order to appear strong. He rarely Trust someone, but he is willing to follow my ass, even though he walks very hard.”

Eileen said slowly.

“What about Hyboard? You still haven’t explained why you fear Hyboard. Why is this?”

Lorenzo asked at this moment.

This time Irene did not dodge, and after hesitating for a while she said slowly.

“For Hyboard, I am just a guess here… Will you believe my guess? I almost killed the moon just now, I don’t think you will trust me anymore.”

Thinking of this, Irene said sadly, she didn’t know what would happen next, now her life and death depend entirely on Lorenzo.

“You will even think that everything just now is just my performance. I’m trying to make you relax your vigilance, and then attack again at a certain moment to kill you all person.”

I was kind enough just now, but now my words are sharp again.

Lorenzo bowed his head, thinking for a while to ask.

“Then why didn’t you kill Red Eagle? Are you afraid to offend me completely? In fact, if I didn’t change the bullet, Red Eagle would be dead with Winchester’s formidable power.

No, to be precise, if I change the bullet, you may also kill Red Eagle. After all, there are that many weapons in the piano box. “

“Then I want to ask you, do you want to kill the moon? You have anticipated my potential actions, but also…”

Irene thought of something, her words stopped, her eyes tightened slightly, and Lorenzo’s unfathomable pupils were reflected in them.

“Yes, the problem has come back again. I gave you the opportunity to kill Red Eagle. Why didn’t you do it?”

Lorenzo asked in a low voice.

“Or, Irene Ed Le Young Lady is a passionate person. Whoever sees it wants to rub her head?”

Eileen’s expression stiffened for a long time before slowly relaxing, and she was defeated in front of Lorenzo.

“I start to hate you.”

“I thought everyone would like bad guys.” Lorenzo disagreed.

Eileen’s gaze was a little dazed. She extended the hand as if she wanted to grab something, but she had nothing, she could only take it back with some loss.

“Ival is very smart, smart enough that he is willing to deceive himself, the moon is a stupid thing, the end of being stupid is…he is pure.”


“Yeah, don’t you think it’s good? He is different from us. He doesn’t wear any mask. You can read his bad heart directly from his bad expression.”

Pure? Still big heart? Lorenzo also couldn’t tell, but he remembered the scene on the train when he came. In fact, everyone was under a lot of pressure, but only the mental illness of Red Eagle had been knocking on the triangle iron foul-mouthed to jump off the car.

This… is also an advantage?

“This is a clear and pure person. If there are more people like this, this World will not be so bad, but you also know very well that such a person will live soon, and he may be really lucky. Right.”

“Is that so? I hope Red Eagle can learn from you.” Lorenzo said.

“He can’t learn. If he really learned the lesson, then he should kill me directly instead of letting me survive. This is what he should do.” Irene replied.

The rising smoke gradually dissipated. As the medicine efficacy faded, Irene faintly felt the pain of the attack, and Lorenzo also noticed this, he said.

“This thing will become addictive if you use it too much, so bear with it.”

He thought about it and said again.

“Aileen, I can trust you, but it will cost you.”

“What is the price?”

Irene asked curiously.

Lorenzo didn’t answer. He stood up, walked to Irene’s side, lowered his body, and approached her with an incomparable face.

“Let me see your heart, when the time comes, I will be clear about your guess of Hybade true or false.”

The gray-blue eyes are close at hand, like a mirror, and Irene sees herself, battered and exhausted herself.

“Inner heart? Yes, but would you believe it?”

Eileen clearly understood Lorenzo’s meaning incorrectly. She has opened her heart to many people, but everyone has been cheated miserably by her.

“Yes, there you have no reservations, no more so-called masks.”

Lorenzo said extend the hand and held Irene’s face, his fingers opened her eyelids forcibly, forcing her to look at herself, Irene felt vaguely disturbed, and then she saw it.

In the eyes that are like the deep sea, in the deepest darkness, there is a fire light, white and pure fireworks, as if there is a scorching sun hiding in it.

“It’s so beautiful…”

I don’t know if it was the stinging eyes or the sincere regret, Irene looked straight at the blazing sun and shed tears. It was also at this brief moment that Lorenzo felt it.

Countless emotions impacted his will. He saw the illusory shadow of a woman, from child to adult, from innocence to wearing a mask.

Everything appeared in his eyes, without reservation.

“no! Lorenzo! Stop!”

Eileen was struggling suddenly. She didn’t know what Lorenzo was doing, but she felt that someone tore off the mask layer after layer, trying to peek at the secrets she hid deep in her heart.

But it’s too late.

Eileen’s struggle gradually stopped, and everything returned to peace.

The cool sea breeze came and brushed Irene’s face. She looked at all around in confusion. She found herself on a fishing boat, and not far away Lorenzo was lying on the railing, The beautiful sunset at the end of the sea.

“I remember here…”

Eileen’s hand lightly brushed across the cabin, and her real touch confused her.

“Yes, it is here, at the end of the journey between Ivar and Ivar. After the night fell, the ships of the Iron rule bureau stopped us…”

She looked towards Lorenzo, and Irene couldn’t figure out how this would happen again before her eyes.

“Where is this?” Irene asked.

“The depths of the soul, you can call this [Gap].”

Lorenzo didn’t look back, his voice came slowly.

“So you saw it all?”

Aileen asked again.

“Well, I saw it all.”

Lorenzo said and turned around slowly.

He didn’t destroy Irene’s will, so under this incomplete [Gap] invasion, the memory Lorenzo saw was also incomplete.

It’s just the refraction of shimmering light one after another, but from the residual li or so in this corner, Lorenzo can see everything clearly.

The evening light reflected on Lorenzo’s face. Irene was stunned. The emotions were intertwined. Lorenzo looked at Irene expressionlessly, but tears flowed from the corner of his eyes.

“I believe you, Irene Ed Le.”

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