Ember’s Gun Chapter 453


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This disaster seems to have finally come to an end, but this is not a happy ending, but rather terrible.

Although Lorenzo was blocking the soldiers in the rear, after leaving the exploded block, heavy horseshoes continued to sound. They came from all directions, just like beating the drums in people’s hearts, bringing a step closer to depression.

Under the unified will of Lawrence, the soldiers’ actions are extremely efficient, like cold machines. They were ready to surround a few people in the morning, but fortunately, Eve and the others ran faster. At this moment, the horses have not blocked the street. .

Eve looked towards the front, the pier is already close at hand, but it is such a short distance that it seems very far away.

The exhausted people moved laboriously, but when showing the desire to survive inside, Irene’s expression was a bit complicated. She followed the team, looking at the things in her hands from time to time, and then looked towards the unknown Red Eagle.

Ever since being carried by Hyboard, this guy has completely given up struggling without making any sound, not knowing whether he is dead or dying.

Hyboard did not want to check the specific situation of Red Eagle. In his words, if he is still alive, he will be carried out. If he is dead, Red Eagle can be used as a meat shield. He didn’t lose the way he ran.

Unconsciously Haibod can also be considered as incorporating the style of some mental disorders inside.

Unfortunately, the moment of relaxation is very short. Bloodthirsty breathing sounded in the darkness, and the horse rushed out of the darkness and moved towards several people.

Under the dim sight, it seemed like the nightmare that broke the reality. The soldiers finally caught up with a few people, the muzzle and the sharp blade carrying the chill of death.

Before giving up, under the sudden change, Eve slowed down, waiting for the horse to approach, and when the warrior swung a sharp blade at her, Eve moved quickly.

The slender silhouette with no difficulty escaped the sword attack. With the strength of the ranger, she reacted very quickly. She almost passed by, and in the moment of avoiding, Eve extend the hand caught Sword arm.

She doesn’t have great power, but her body is light enough, and she has experience that can be used in combat. Eve followed the warrior’s arm directly onto the horseback, and the slender lancet looked extremely deadly at the moment. Just having time to hold on to the reins, the sharp iron pierced the flesh and blood along the neck.

This is a fatal blow. The ordinary person will die with no difficulty under this kind of attack, but in the face of this violent warrior, this obviously cannot kill him completely.

There is no need to kill him. Eve repeatedly hit the wound on his neck. The life force of these soldiers with secret blood is too tenacious. Rather than killing them, it’s better to weaken them, just delay it a little bit. Time is enough for them to escape.

The churning blade cut open the throat, blood gushing inside. The soldier was kicked by Eve. Eve cheered. She snatched a horse, but she was still happy in the future. The gunfire sounded and the horse Before running a few steps, he was shot into a sieve.

Eve reacted relatively quickly. She grabbed the reins and hung herself on the other side of the horse, then rolled to the ground.

“These guys are really going after them.”

Eve was panting. The girl is also riddled with scars at the moment, her arms are full of scratches, and there are deep sword wounds and traces of bullet tracks.

looked towards the shadows behind them, it stands to reason that with the abilities and numbers of the soldiers, Eve and the others can’t run this far. As long as they continue to maintain the salvo just now, a few people on this empty street Be able to shiver coldly behind the bunker until you are surrounded and caught.

The fighters did not do this. They are not far away from Eve and the others. It can be said that it is just the right distance, just like hunters and prey.

“Are they waiting for us to be exhausted?”

Hybod asked.

“Do you think we are really prey?”

At this moment, Irene said, her expression was serious, her pace gradually slowed down, and finally stopped in the original place.

“Aileen, what are you doing!”

Hybod immediately cursed, but Irene shook the head, she turned around and looked towards the faint silhouette behind the fire sea.

“The most valuable prey tonight is not you, nor me…”

A Viking, a Galunalo, and an Irvine, with different identities and statuses, but their value tonight is extremely cheap compared to him.

“Lorenzo, they are hunting Lorenzo Holmes.”

Eileen’s eyes are complicated with a little fear.

“This is what they do.”

Listening to Irene’s words, Eve understood her consciousness in an instant, and for a while she didn’t know what to do.

“Is that so? They are holding us on the surface, but in fact it is Lorenzo. As long as we are not safe to leave, Lorenzo can only continue to confront Lawrence for us until he dies here.”

After seeing through the conspiracy, not at all, what a little bit of joy, on the contrary, it is even more gloomy. This is a conspiracy that cannot be changed after seeing through. Eve does not know what to do now.

Lawrence abandoned all the connections with people, so he no longer has any weaknesses, but Lorenzo is different from him, Lorenzo has experienced the beauty of life, and tasted the poison of happiness, he rarely has counted as a friend People, Lorenzo can’t give up all this.

“Hide yourself before making a decision!”

Hyboard pushed the two hard, and fell behind a carriage that turned sideways.

The fragile structure of the carriage could not stop many bullets, but as Eve analyzed, the purpose of the soldiers was not to kill them, but to hold them back. Seeing a few people no longer flee, the gunshots gradually decreased.

“Choose one, we commit suicide now. When the time comes Lorenzo, there will be no worries. Maybe it’s because we are dead. How about he kills him in anger?”

Eileen said quickly, every minute and every second is precious at this moment.

“Are you kidding me?”

Hybod scolded, as Viking, he could not accept the ending of suicide.

“Of course.”

Eileen said with a smile, she seems to have changed back to what she was before, teasing others casually.

can be quickly, she calmed down, facial expressions are stiff together, just as ice condensate, then slowly raised his item.

It was a shining ruby, like solidified blood.

A secret blood.

“Choose two, use it, and kill it.”

Eileen stared at the blood in her hand, it was like the world’s most perfect treasure, making everyone eager to usurp it.

For a moment, everyone held their breath and watched the secret blood fiercely.

“Power and price, this is really a difficult choice…”

Eve said in a low voice, she knows secret blood better than the other two, and she also knows the price of this power. Lorenzo herself is the best example.

“Let me come!”

Hyboard said immediately.

“No, you can’t, Hybold, you don’t know the power of this thing. Although it can empower people, this thing comes with the possibility of losing control. Once you use it… maybe you I can never change back to myself.”

Eve’s mind flashed inside the demons’ distorted and hideous faces. They are like bloodthirsty wild beasts, but they are like crying and howling dead, sad for their cursed destiny.

“Then what do you say, just stand still until someone dies?”

Hybod directly extended the hand to catch secret blood. It may be because of the crisis of the predicament or the temptation of secret blood. His voice is full of anger.

“No…I mean this thing should be given to me.”

Eve took the lead and snatched the secret blood from Irene.

Now Eve feels very strange, she feels like she is destined, she has also embarked on the path of her parents, and has gone deeper than them.

“I am a ranger, a natural ranger. I am more resistant to erosion than each of you. If I use it, I have a great probability of not losing control.”

Eve tightened the secret blood, she could feel the temperature brought by the blood, they were rolling and burning.

Someone whispered in their ears, and they lured themselves into the darkness inside.

“Yes, this is what I should do.”

The sense of mission was full of Eve’s mind. She didn’t wait for the answer from the two of them, and directly picked up the secret blood to inject it.

“Wait, Eve, it’s not you who really need it.”

Eileen’s voice sounded, her voice was very cold, and for a while, the fiery Eve was sober.

I saw her holding the Red Eagle, just like the sculpture of Holy Mother in the church, with a look of compassion.

Flicking on Red Eagle’s cheek, all she can feel is the coldness like a corpse. Irene feels that today is a really bad day. There are very few people who can be remembered by her, and today she is almost lost All.

“Give it to Red Eagle, this thing might save him.”

Remove the hand from Red Eagle’s chest, and there is a slight heartbeat under it. Red Eagle is not dead yet, but it’s fast too. Even if he can escape from here, without medical treatment, Red Eagle cannot support Irvine.

Death silence fell here, and it was time to make a decision.

“Are there reinforcements? Now they are using us to hold Lorenzo.”

Eve said anxiously that Burlau’s appearance gave them some hope to break the deadlock.

“Reinforcements? Do you think those two and a half count.”

Burlau thought for a while, and then pointed in the direction of the dock when he came.

“Two… and a half?”

I saw two dazzling rays of light jumping from the direction Burlau pointed. It outlined a burning trajectory under the night sky, and then landed on the position where the soldiers were advancing.

Explosion, shock and fire sea.

The ears were full of harsh buzzing, the vibration of the explosion made the earth tremble slightly, and under the rays of light were two busy people and a rat.

“The impact position is a little bit off, correct it, the value is…”

Nicolas put down the Telescope and spoke to side Hercule.

Hercule struggled to fill the two mortars after correcting the value.

“Why did you guys come here to take this thing! Are you sure you are here to rescue, not to land on the beach?”

Hercule shouted as he was busy, and almost killed him by lifting these ghosts from the boat.

“Anyway, your position was vacant when we came, so I brought some experimental weapons up… Don’t you think this is a great experimental site? It perfectly showcases the possibilities of urban combat.”

Nicolas’ voice was torn apart by the sound of overlapping cannons, and two dome lights fell again.

“Come on! Hercule! Come on!”

Bolo jumped around Hercule amid the roar of explosions, cheering for her.

Hercule looked at all this with a complicated expression.

Under various conspiracies, the Port of Maruri has become a battlefield. A group of monsters are fighting with another group of monsters, and he is an artillery here, still being encouraged by a chinchilla.

He felt that all this was not like war, but like a hell of a fireworks show. Hercule was the mental patient who set fire in the city.

“Forget it, what do you want that many to do?”

Hercule shook the head, gave up thinking, and there was a dome light illuminating the night sky and falling.

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