Ember’s Gun Chapter 455


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What should you do? Lorenzo Holmes.

The bloodthirsty monsters surrounded the entire group. They were very close to the Silverfish Ship, and they were almost within reach, and Lorenzo could even feel the warm wind coming from him.

What should you do?

War horses run wildly around them, they are like prey being hunted, and their tired faces are reflected on their sharp blades.

In this drag on, not only will they be left here forever, the Silverfish Ship will not be able to escape, and everyone will die here.

It was a difficult decision, and Lorenzo knew that someone must stay here to stop these chasers, so who should it be?

No…this kind of thing doesn’t require thinking at all. Only Lorenzo can do it. Only he can block the enemy’s pursuit and make others escape, which is exactly what Lawrence wanted.

For an instant Lorenzo felt the so-called powerlessness. Even though he was invincible in the whole world, there were still things he couldn’t do, and there were many such things.

The depressive erosion came, and new enemies came out after the fire sea.

His silhouette is embarrassed and on the verge of collapse, but his eyes are extremely clear. Even if he becomes a monster, he still knows his purpose.

“You are all going to die here.”

The man’s voice is calm and angry. This is his Kingdom, his homeland, and now it has been put on fire by Lorenzo and the others, like hell.

“Curry Ferre.”

Lorenzo remembers this guy. He cut off his arm with a single sword. It stands to reason that he should die from blood loss, but now he is still alive, except that one arm is empty, and the other With only one hand dragging a sharp sword, like a Swordsman on the battlefield.

The familiar and disgusting smell came from the air, it was secret blood, Lorenzo felt it, and Currie also injected secret blood, and he survived with the gift of this strength of Taboo.

“Lawrence, this lunatic…”

Lorenzo gnashing teeth, Lawrence, for his own justice, doesn’t care about the harm of secret blood. This strength of Taboo spreads at will, and he wants to build an invincible army based on this.


A calm voice sounded behind him, seemingly magical. The voice calmed Lorenzo a little bit. He turned his head and saw Irene looking at him.

“Eileen…what are you going to do?”

Lorenzo saw that Irene was looking wrong, and he realized what the woman seemed to be doing.

Eileen knows Lorenzo, and Lorenzo also knows Irene. They know exactly what the other party is thinking. Irene extends the hand and reveals the secret blood.

“Leave it to me, you leave them, let me have a break with Curry.”

This is not a request. Irene’s attitude is very determined. She failed to save Ivar. She wants to avenge Ivar and atone for her crime.

The enemy who is pressing on every step of the way, the team is trapped in a desperate situation.

In Irene’s opinion, this is a good time. Not long after, her life will usher in the bloom of value. She will save everyone, and will also complete revenge for herself and Ivar.

Such a mediocre and boring life can do this in the end. In Irene’s view, her life has been “value”.

“What did you say?”

Lorenzo looked unbelievable, and his voice became severe.

“Do you want to use secret blood?”

“But this is the only way. Only then can you leave.”

Eileen responded strongly, and no one else said anything this time.

It’s not only Irene, everyone knows that someone must stay and drag the soldiers, and only then can others leave. It looks cruel, but this is the only hope for survival.

“So… Irene, you will die.”

Red Eagle, who was confused, said slowly at this moment. He seemed to be struggling to think and understand Irene’s words, but under the effect of the medicine and injury, Red Eagle’s mind was dull.

“Death is not terrifying.”

Eileen replied that what terrifying for her is to live with guilt. This is her last chance to save herself.

Lorenzo was stunned. He had a lot of words to persuade Irene, but before he could say it, he realized that it was unnecessary.

He can kill powerful enemies, but he cannot control the will of others. Lorenzo can [Gap] invade Irene and let her leave obediently, but does this really mean Irene wants it?

No, kill Curry and let the others leave. This is what Irene wants.

Eileen turned around, turned her back to the other person, moved towards Curry and walked, she slowly raised her hand, preparing to inject secret blood, the needle was very close to her skin, and she was about to pierce her flesh and blood , Inject that filthy blood into it.


Eve lowered her voice. Although the meeting didn’t last long, it was somewhat of a dead brother. Even though Eve was very nervous, she felt sad at the moment, and she couldn’t find the answer.

Everyone was silent, there was nothing left to say, they didn’t know what to say at the moment, but Red Eagle suddenly said.

“But…you will die like this, right? If you die, you won’t see the ending of those stories.”

At this terrible moment, my squishy mind recalled that pretty good afternoon. Red Eagle still remembers his conversation with Irene. They are all looking forward to the sequel of those stories, but if they die , I can’t see these sequels anymore.

Eileen smiled and shook her head.

“But this time my story has an ending, a good ending, moon.”

Eileen went to death, without turning back.

This is probably reality, illogical reality. Everyone was talking nonsense just now, and now she went to death generously. Red Eagle seemed to have turned his mind, his eyes became frightened.

Eileen is dying. She may be the only person in this World who might know her, and now she is dying.

The wrist was forced, but the needle could not be pierced. Lorenzo followed along, grabbing Irene’s hand and terminating her movement. Irene turned her head, but only saw the hideous face.

Lorenzo Holmes, what do you want? What should you do?

You stick to morality and defend the code, so what are you doing? For your noble character? But you don’t have any moral character at all. You have also killed people and done evil. You are the one destined to go to hell. The difference between you and the evil ones is only a different purpose.

You and Lawrence are no different. You are both wicked people, and you are the saviors of believe oneself infallible, uphold your own justice.

So what are you going to do? Is it to be just for justice, or for something more precious, to be just and to do evil?

Lorenzo grabbed the secret blood in Irene’s hand and smashed it forcefully. The shards of glass pierced under the skin. The secret blood and Lorenzo’s blood mixed together and slowly flowed down from the palm of his hand.

Like Lawrence said, fighting like this must be for something, for changing something, even for gaining strength. Everyone must be doing this for what purpose, not for strength and fighting for strength. Fight.

“Let me be the last Demon Hunter person.”

Lorenzo looked at the crystal clear blood in his hand, with a low tone.

The curse of secret blood should be cut off in Lorenzo’s hands, and he should be the last person.

The golden age is too far away, and the distant ones are almost invisible. Lorenzo pursues all this only for the beauty around him. Pursuing nothingness for the beauty. What is this?

If it is for this, Lorenzo is willing to abandon the so-called ethics and morality, he is willing to break free from the shackles of human nature, and become the same abominable monster as Lawrence.

“No one will die here tonight.”

Lorenzo pushed Irene back, eyes filled with endless light.

Everyone felt that an invisible force formed a wave, swept all around with Lorenzo as the origin, the air instantly solidified into iron blocks, squeezing the lungs to breathe.

Huge horror is here, sad, pain, guilt, self-blame…

Endless negative emotions are rising in my heart, as if a dry palm is scratching them, trying to drag them into hell.

Hyboard couldn’t hold it for a while. He knelt and retched. Eve had a splitting headache, and she faintly guessed what.


Secret blood rose to the limit, Lorenzo’s body began to deform slightly, and the erosion of the tide hit all around heavily, and Lorenzo’s consciousness fell into the darkest abyss until it crossed the [boundary] ].


Lorenzo ordered, with the roar of his command, the most abominable terror in the world descends.

The dark thunderbolt appeared out of thin air. They entangled and splashed, smashing and hitting the warrior’s body. The flesh and blood body quickly disintegrated and collapsed, and in an instant it was like being torn into fragments, and these fragments were held up by invisible power , Convolved together, and a strong heartbeat sounded from it.

“What… is this?”

Irene looked at all this in astonishment. Countless ball-shaped lightning appeared out of thin air, splitting the battlefield in an instant, all the matter touched was annihilated and absorbed, and heavy breathing sounded one after another.

“Hurry up!”

Eve grabbed Irene for a short time. Several people took advantage of this opportunity to flee. The soldiers tried to intercept, but the formation was cut by the ball lightning. They tried to approach but were shattered by the free electric light. .

This is the real doomsday. Under the erosion of despair, the thunderbolt gradually dissipated. After the silent smoke and dust, pairs of white wings spread out, shaking away the filth, revealing the holy face underneath.

Indifferent eyes stared at the world, sharp spiral bone spurs pierced from the palm of the hand, and a white holy flame ignited on it. The noble angels pronounced the crimes of mortals.

Lorenzo crossed the [Border] and was exposed to the silent people, now they are hunting.

[The arrogant. 】

Lorenzo vaguely heard who was saying this word.

“Really ridiculous, you are like a desperate outlaw, calling a devil to solve another devil… But your soul is destined to be taken away.”

A fallen soldier said to Lorenzo, his lower body was annihilated under the protruding thunderbolt, and the section of the wound was extremely clear.

“At least not to you, Lawrence.”

Lorenzo answered fiercely, and then left without looking back.

The Silent joined the battlefield and opened a glimmer of survival for Lorenzo, and unlike what was expected, Lorenzo was ready to fight to the death, but the Silent’s attention was not at all placed too much on him, and Is fighting with the soldiers.

No, to be precise against Lawrence, it seems to them that Lawrence is more worthy of being resolved first.

[Strange will. 】

[Weird will. 】

【Huge will. 】

【Prioritize eradication and start implementation. 】

Lorenzo heard something vaguely, like a group of people whispering, their voices indifferent, like machines.

Without waiting to continue thinking, a sharp howling wind swept up, silver’s spiral spikes fell fiercely, and the Silent One swung his wings towards Lorenzo.

“Don’t get in the way!”

Lorenzo became agitated, turned him into anger, and waved his Nail sword.

The sturdy body shattered under Lorenzo’s slash, and Lorenzo almost cut off its entire wings. Therefore, the movement of the Silent was slightly affected, and he was a step slower. Then countless red lines pierced from the flesh and blood inside. , They entangled together, sutured the broken wound, and healed the wound.

This scene was firmly remembered by Lorenzo, and it was so similar to Might Yanar, which made him feel uneasy in his heart.

More blades fell, and the soldiers swarmed up and hacked the Silent to death, but the waving wings drove the iron feathers, cutting the soldiers’ flesh and blood, and strangling them into pieces.

The roaring thunderbolt sounded, and more spherical flashes aroused, annihilating and devouring all around buildings, and new silent people appeared inside the field of vision.

Are they really dead?

Lorenzo witnessed all this and asked himself whether they were dead or “returning” again.

Except for the sound of swords and blood flowing, there was no sound on the battlefield, no screams, no howls, not even roars.

This is a cold war, like a silent hell, dead and resurrected, thrown into irreconcilable reincarnation.

Lorenzo took a last look at the chaotic battlefield behind, which reminded him of the paradise door of Saint Naluo cathedral, on which a similar landscape was carved. Angels dropping from the sky, bringing Divine Punishment Fireworks.


Hybod rushed into the Silverfish Ship and shouted at Nicolas, Nicolas was already ready, pushing the lever.

The diluted antimony paint releases light and heat in the combustion chamber, and the Silverfish Ship pops out instantly like lightning. The speed is so fast that most of the entire ship is off the water, breaking through waves.

In the cramped cabin, until this moment, everyone was relaxed. Haibod was gasping. Red Eagle’s eyes were dull and drooling. Eve wiped the corners of his wet eyes. For a moment, she really felt everyone was going to die. Here it is.

Aileen looked towards the cabin, and a Nail sword penetrated the cabin. Lorenzo crouched on the cabin to fix the silhouette so that he would not be thrown off. He raised Winchester with his other hand. , Guarding against any pursuers who might catch up.

The crisis is not over yet. The ships approaching are accelerating to close together. Judging from the moving muzzle, they are preparing to sink the Silverfish Ship.

I couldn’t think of being so far away from the coast. There are still obstacles here. Nicolas probably saw these too. The Silverfish Ship continued to accelerate, and the hull trembled violently, as if it was about to disintegrate and fall apart in the next second.

Suddenly morning.

Firelight after fire ran through the sky and landed on the trajectory of the ship, preventing them from closing. The aftermath of the firelight also hit the ship, the steel was burned red, and the fragments sank into the seabed.

Lorenzo remembers the fire, he will never forget this thing in his life.

“Our ship crossed the high seas and entered the Sea Territory of Galunalo.”

Burlau recognized the fire, it was Ascalon, and they also installed this cannon on the ship.

“No, are they going to war?”

Burlau is going crazy. This is an unknown signal. Such a rash move is undoubtedly a provocation. If it is small, it is a military conflict. If it is big, it will be the second Glorious War.

“War has started long ago, Burlau, Irvine, Galunalo, Viking countries… the war has started long ago.”

Hibbo German said in a heavy tone, and the flames across the sky also reflected his face, everyone’s face, the silent face.

Escaped the encirclement, the Silverfish Ship’s speed slowed down, Lorenzo slowly stood up, he looked tired, and his eyes turned to the burning shore.

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