Ember’s Gun Chapter 456


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The night of Old Turin is like azure steel, cold and chilly. Every corner of the street is covered with crystal water drops. The tiny mirror reflects the iron whale rolling in the sea of ​​clouds. A bunch of rays of light fell like a lance, staring at the earth.

The guards take a deep breath. This is just an ordinary day in their careers. Standing guard, guarding, and then rotating. This is a very familiar job, but the strange job and environment inside are so familiar, they are vaguely aware When it arrived, the guards didn’t know what it was, and could only be simply described as anxiety and anxiety in the bottom of my heart.

Yes, it seems something is going to happen. Under this calm night, something has awakened in the deepest part of the darkness. It crooked its hideous body with a disgusting smell, trying to crawl Out of the abyss of memory.

The guard’s heart became more and more disturbed, and his hand brushed against the cold railing. The cold touch made him sober a little.

The iron whales moved their gazes away from the street and pushed forward slowly. Only then can they notice that the iron whale’s gaze is not random. It has been staring at a carriage galloping under the night. Under the gaze from high altitude, the carriage passed the Imperial Family’s defense line and drove into the Platinum Palace.

“Huh…have been here for a long time. This seems to be my first night visit here.”

The man walked down from the carriage. For some reason, the temperature tonight was so low that he could even see the mist he exhaled.

lifts the head, illuminated by rays of light, the reliefs on the building are pulled out of elongated shadows, light and dark are intertwined, and another bizarre painting is drawn.

“What is that?”

The man lifts the head, he seems to have seen something, countless black shadows hovering in the night, like leaves drawn into the sky, cutting the rays of light into countless pieces.

“The crows, they usually stop on the Dunling Pagoda. I don’t know why they suddenly came here.”

Another voice sounded behind him, and Arthur also walked off the carriage and looked at the crows under the night. Under the dim night, they couldn’t see their appearance at all, and only vaguely heard some bleak roars.

Arthur remembered the previous folk rumors and spoke casually.

“Someone said before that if the crows leave the Dunling Pagoda, then it will be the end of Irvine.”

“Why? Does it mean that today is the end of Irvine? Then I think we’d better leave by boat.”

The man told a joke.

“No, Irvine will never fall, let alone these nonsense legends… There is a birdcage on the Dunling Pagoda, we have six crows in it, don’t worry about these.”

Arthur looked disdainful, but after thinking about it, he added.

The man laughed loudly, thinking that serious Arthur would have such a side.

“Let’s go, Your Majesty is waiting for you.”

Arthur is too lazy to care about this man. Although he has not been in contact for a long time, he also knows the character of this guy. He is like a clown in a circus. It is difficult for you to judge what he wants and his purpose. What is it? He may have just been talking about his ideals and ambitions with you, and in the next second he will beg for you to lend him some money to buy wine.

“I know that it is not impossible to make her wait longer, think about it, I was lucky enough to have Queen Victoria wait for me, this is a great honor.”

As expected, the man started talking nonsense again.

“en? Don’t you keep up?”

The man took a few steps, and suddenly he realized that he was the only one moving forward, neither the guard nor Arthur had any intention of moving forward.

“I need to stay here. Only you can see her tonight.”

Arthur said, looking at the man’s old but stubborn face in a mixed mood.

To be honest, he rarely sees a person wrong, but this time he sees the guy in front of him wrong. Arthur couldn’t think of him having such energy, or… so mysterious.

Like Lorenzo, wearing a mask that you don’t know, you pull it off hard, and it’s just another mask.

I was shiver coldly in front of my eyes not long ago, saying something that I had nothing to do with Lorenzo, but now I am standing in front of the Platinum Palace, knowing secrets that I have no right to know.

“Wait a minute, Oscar Wilde, who are you?”

Arthur couldn’t help asking.

Oscar stopped, he turned slowly and said.

“Don’t you know? I’m a writer, a writer who doesn’t sell well.”

Oscar smiled and stopped after turning around. He turned around again and added.

“The writer, the writer who writes history…No, this is a bit inaccurate. History is written by you, and I am just a recorder. Someone must remember all this and tell the latecomers.” p>

Oscar said something Arthur didn’t understand. He didn’t stop at this time, and strode into the Platinum Palace.

Arthur’s gaze stayed behind him, he thought about Oscar’s last words, what he thought of, and it seemed that he didn’t expect anything, until he could no longer see Oscar’s silhouette.


The meeting with Queen Victoria was in a small room. It was very secretive. Only Queen knew about it. There was no third person in this room except Oscar and Queen.

“long time no see, Your Majesty.”

Oscar moved a chair and sat in front of Queen. This room is not small, but all lighting is candlelight. Only a few scattered on the table, burning quietly. The rays of light are a little weak, unable to illuminate everything in the room, and more places are inside the chaotic darkness.

Queen slightly nodded, her expression is cold and serious, as if some major event is about to happen.

“According to intelligence, Lorenzo’s operation has ended and they are now on their way back to Irvine.”

Oscar reported to his work. Nordelo kept his eyes on the Maruri port, keeping an eye on the direction of the incident.

“As we designed, Ival Rodbro has already died in Maruri Harbor. His death will be the fuse, our righteousness.

According to our previous agreement with Bjorn Rodbrook, we will join forces with the Viking nations to wage war on Galunalo and its Rhine Alliance in the near future. “

Oscar said that there was a slight change in his voice. Although he always looked casual, Oscar still felt a surge of pressure when he said such words.

This is a war, a war driven by the interests and goals of all parties. This time is not the text described in my book, but an extremely real fight. Many people will die, many, many people will die.

“The life and death of Pope Mikael is unknown, but according to Lorenzo’s dictation, it is no longer important whether Mikael is alive or dead. He confirmed that Lawrence is still alive, and the situation is very complicated in his words. After returning, he decided to personally See you in person.”

“Um…I see.”

Queen took a long breath. The war is also a lot of pressure for her.

“So what should we do next? Your Majesty.”

Oscar asked.

“Just push forward as designed before, stir up the situation and drag the whole world into the fire sea inside of war. Only in this way can we ensure that more people can survive.”

Queen’s voice is extremely firm.

“According to calculations, we need to reduce the total population of Western countries by at least 30% in this war. The builders of other countries will get news from us after tonight, and they will secretly influence political circles in different ways. Trend, until the end everyone involved in this world war inside.”

Oscar shivered slightly, today…No, in the unknown council before this, countless lives were already doomed.

“Why, are you scared?” Queen asked.

“Of course.”

Oscar didn’t pretend to be strong, he squeezed his forehead vigorously, trying to smooth the wrinkles.

“I’m more than scared, Your Majesty, I can’t be scared. If I were to be more timid, you would be able to smell my urine now.”

Oscar teased himself, but there was no smile on his face.

“Unlike the Glorious War of the Great Defence, the war this time was initiated by us and swept across the entire Western world, although it was for the survival of more people and the survival of mankind…”

Oscar said and looked at his old hand, which once held a sword and a gun, and also held a pen, but now it is full of blood.

“Although we also have our own reasons, incomparably just reasons, but I still feel scared. I will see countless dead people avenge me. Even if I can survive the war, these ghosts will Haunt me till death.”

Queen expressionless, she had been mentally prepared for a long time, this thing didn’t affect her mind, but when she heard this, Queen couldn’t help but say.

“Your words reminded me of what Bjorn told me when he left. To be precise, this is what Ivar told him, and he relayed it to me.”

“What about the dead?”

Oscar was half joking. He deeply apologized for the never-seen Ivar Rodbroke. Even if he died, his death would be taken advantage of.

“Well… Ivar is a man who is tired of fighting. A child like him is a strange thing inside Viking. Bjorn can’t understand him, until one day Ivar Bjorn tells his reasons. .”

Queen’s voice cooled down. It was obviously a closed room, and the candlelight flickered slightly for some reason.

“He said that humans are cursed, and Heroic Spirit Hall is neither after death nor before death.

This World, the world where countless of us live, is the ‘Heroic Spirit Hall’. Countless people are born, fight, and then die, and they fall into endless reincarnation without seeing the end. ”

The atmosphere fell into sorrow, but Queen’s attitude changed and became extremely harsh.

“But someone has to do this. If you want most people to survive, you have to kill another part of the people. If no one dares to hold a knife Me, I am willing to bear this sin, as long as more people can survive.”

Oscar felt very tired, as if he had been in a battle, and in just a few minutes he felt like he was several years old.

“Then what should you do next, I mean Lorenzo. He is a variable. With his mind, I think our conspiracy to start a war has been completely exposed to his eyes. It is not so much that he wants to meet. You, it is better to say that he is here to ask you for an explanation. If your answer is not satisfactory to him, he will kill you with one sword.”

“Do you think he would do this? Assassinate a Queen?”

Queen didn’t believe it.

“Who knows? He is a variable, a very interesting individual, and a person has the ability to change the situation, but the owner of this power is a mental disorder. Now he has made a mistake under our design. The evil is done, and the prelude to the war…”

Oscar’s headache started, he went on.

“Maybe he will kill you first, but he will give me a knife first, then hold my head to see you, and tell you,’If you are not honest, this is the end.’

“In any case, his attitude still needs our attention.”

“Then tell him all this, our purpose, our past, we have repeated the fights and wars that I don’t know many times.”

Queen said directly.

“At that time, there are not many choices left for Mr. Lorenzo Holmes. He may still kill me with anger, or be persuaded by me to join the carnival of this war, or Is it a mental breakdown and spend the rest of my life decadently?”

“What do you think? Oscar.”

Oscar thought for a while, and based on his knowledge of Lorenzo, he really didn’t know what the final result would be, so he could only say casually.

“Maybe he will kill you first, and then join the carnival of war, trying to stop all of this, but under the tide of the times, he can’t sustain it, and finally he becomes the ridiculous detective in despair.”

“But there may be other options,” Queen said suddenly.

“What do you… mean?”

Oscar asked, he thought Queen meant something.

“Another way, a new way, the way to save us from this desperate within reincarnation.”

Queen thought about everything, she said.

“If Mr. Holmes can be moved by me, if I am not killed by him, I will let him see Secret Protectors and let him see the [truth] of the world, you said too, He is a variable, maybe he can find a better way to end all this after seeing the [truth].”

“Did you bet your hope on him?”

“It’s just investment. If he fails, then the war continues and no one can stop it.”

Oscar was silent and took a deep breath. He stood up and then said to Queen.

“After tonight, I will notify all the builders of the country that a new cycle has begun.”

Queen got up hard, she extended the hand to Oscar.

“For our Utopia, Oscar Wilde.”

Oscar nodded, he also stretched out his hand and shook hands with Queen.

“For the happiness and survival of mankind.”

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