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The warm sun rises from the end of the sea level and shines on the devastated earth. People are looking at all this in confusion. Although seven days have passed since the day of the incident, everyone still feels unreal.

My familiar homeland turned into scorched earth overnight, with corpses and blood everywhere, like a sudden nightmare, but this nightmare has no end, and there will be no time to wake up.

This sudden occurance has not yet been given any official explanation. The atmosphere in the Maruri port has become suppressed. The battleship has stopped unabashedly on the side, and the soldiers’ gazes are like sharp knives. personal.

When the people were panicking, Orthodox Church appeared in front of everyone. They comforted the people, but they did not deliberately go to preach. The hospital was already overcrowded, and most civilians who were not seriously injured were accepted and treated by Orthodox Church.

As the core area of ​​the battle, the theater square was sealed off, and it was not reopened until today. Orthodox believers gathered here one after another. They knew exactly what to do today.

Seven days ago, the pope of the Orthodox Church should have enthroned here, but the sudden explosion and fighting stopped all of this. Believers were very worried about the situation of the pope. There are rumors that the pope was injured in the chaos. There are also rumors that what happened on the night of the enthronement is not only known to people, it seems that the believer of Evangelion Church also appeared here and clashed with the believer of the Orthodox Church.

In short, there are many, many, many strange conjectures. The devout believer called that night the night of misery. In order to calm everyone’s suspicion and anxiety, the Orthodox Church will re-enforce the throne here and give everyone one answer.

In the Orthodox church, the man looks in the mirror to tidy up his clothes, and from time to time there are painful wailings outside the window. The nuns are walking between the buildings with bloody bandages, and the air is full of blood.

All the preparations were made, and the man extended the hand took the pitch black mask on the side and put it on his face.

Looking at himself in the mirror, as if facing the abyss in the mirror, his gaze did not stay for too long. Lawrence had something to do today, so he turned around and was about to leave the room.

His movements stopped suddenly. I don’t know when the girl was already standing by the door. She seemed to have been waiting for herself.

Liya saw Lawrence looked towards herself, she lowered her head slightly, as if she was afraid to look at Lawrence, her mouth made strange noises, intermittently, as if she wanted to say something, but she said nothing because of tension come out.

“What’s the matter? Child.”

A gentle voice rang from under the mask, and Lawrence walked to the girl’s side and stroked her head with some pity.

Lawrence remembers this child, her name is Liya, she was a lively and cheerful child before the night of suffering, but after the night of suffering, Liya was completely silent. Before, she took the rays of light. , And now the whole person is swallowed by the shadows.

The gaze swept up and down, the girl’s body was still bandaged, the fireworks burned her body, and the corner of her cheek was bandaged. It seemed that she didn’t want to be seen by others. She deliberately kept her hair long to block it. .

“I heard everyone say that you are recruiting soldiers, right? They say you are going to form an army…”

Liya’s voice is very timid. Perhaps she used to say this to Lawrence openly, but now she is like a frightened little animal, who is wary of everything.

Looking up slightly, a pair of frightened pupils can be seen in the gap between the head curtain, but Lawrence saw something interesting further down.


Lawrence brought a chair, brought one for Liya, and motioned her to sit down.

The warm light fell from the window, Lawrence turned her back to the light, and Liya looked towards the somewhat disturbing mask again, but all she could see was the darkness of the backlight, as if Lawrence’s face turned into one in her eyes. Mission shadow.

“I saw anger in your eyes, do you want to join the fighters? Revenge for your friends?”

Listening to Lawrence’s words, Liya was panicked. She didn’t expect that her thoughts were so easily seen through by Lawrence.


Liya apologized for not knowing what to do. She began to regret coming to see Lawrence. The so-called courage was not worth mentioning. What she wanted to do was to hold the sword and kill the enemy, but now she is with Lawrence. The conversation could not continue normally.

“There is nothing I’m sorry, but I want to ask you, is revenge important to you?”

Lawrence asked.

“I… they ruined all this and killed my friend. I want revenge. I want to do this. This is very important.”

Liya worked hard to muster the courage.

“en? So who is your enemy?”

Lawrence asked again, and he continued.

“I can tell you who they are. That guy is Lorenzo Holmes, but after all he is not your real enemy.”

“It’s not him… who is it then?”

Lia was overjoyed when she heard Lorenzo’s name. The monster in her nightmare finally had a name, but when she heard the second half of Lawrence, she became confused again.

“I saw it with my own eyes. He killed that many people. He even… even killed you.”

Liya’s voice became pious. Lawrence’s death not at all brought panic to the believer. In their view, Lawrence was the savior in the night of suffering. He saved everyone. His resurrection is The perfect embodiment of divine force.

In the Orthodox Church, this divine force has been known to a certain extent. The insiders called it secret blood. After the night of suffering, Lawrence announced that he was going to form an army blessed by God. The insiders yearn for it. Join the army of gods.

“So? Actually, I am not opposed to such things as revenge, but I think revenge is a very meaningless thing, no…it can be accurately said that there are too few things that can’change’.”

If it were not for the unidentified mask on his face, Lawrence was like a priest for young people at the moment.

“What if you kill Lorenzo, he also has friends, and his friends will come to avenge you, and then your friends will fall into this cycle, the cycle of hatred, endless.”

“Then you are asking me to forgive him for all this, so that this sinner can live in peace like this?”

Lia’s voice rose up, saying that she couldn’t help crying here. For the past seven days, she could always dream of Joao’s death. He grabbed Lorenzo’s feet and prayed for his mercy like a dog , And the devil-like guy still lost his sword.

“No… I just said that there are too few things that revenge can ‘change’. It is only possible but the anger in your heart. The rest of it can’t ‘change’ anything.”

Lawrence lightly said.

“I always think that holding a sword is a very serious matter. We hold a sword to kill the enemy and kill lives. This is the most unacceptable atrocities of God. Then we would rather kill the enemy against God’s will, presumably for Something greater.

For ‘change’ something. “

Liya didn’t understand Lawrence’s words, she was like a confused student, quietly listening to Lawrence’s teaching.

“Lorenzo is who, he is not your enemy, he is just a person who disagrees with you, hatred is only a surface disguise.

You want me to survive, and he wants me to die forever. After all, these tragic deaths are just conflicts of opinions and positions. “

Lawrence said that he took the handkerchief and wiped away tears for Liya.

“We can call him a heresy for the time being, and you will encounter many such heretics in your future life, ranging from conflicts of preferences to conflicts of beliefs. These people are your potential enemies. It is possible to swing a sword at you for noble or ridiculous reasons.

Yes, that’s it, endless conflicts, this is the inferiority of human beings, the curse of human beings, we will fight because of the difference in sweetness and spicy, we will fight because of the different people we support, and the things we desire are different And fight. “

“Then…what should I do?”

Liya couldn’t understand, these things were still too complicated for her.

“I don’t know.”

Lawrence suddenly gave such an answer.

“Actually, I don’t know what you should do. After all, this is your problem. No one can make a decision for you. Only you can make a decision. At most, I am just giving advice, and everyone I don’t know the correct answer to all of this, do I? So let us try it ourselves and find the answer in the attempt.”

Perhaps because the next thing will be one of his great journeys, Lawrence’s mood rarely calms down, chatting about all this with the girl.

“Did you find the answer?” Liya asked.

“I found it, but I don’t know if it’s right or wrong… but it doesn’t matter. Before I truly fail, no one can say that everything is wrong, just like you can take revenge. No one can judge whether your answer is right or wrong before you actually kill him.”

Liya gradually let go of her timidity. She found that Lawrence was still very kind, although the dark mask was disturbing.

“Then what is your question? What is your answer?”

Liya asked awkwardly, but after she asked, she regretted it. She actually dared to question Lawrence about this kind of thing, but the anger that was expected was different. Lawrence didn’t react much, but said calmly.

“My problem is an enemy, a very powerful enemy, it will kill everyone, and I want to defeat it, but many people are like Lorenzo, these heretics hold different ideas from mine and have Different interests…we can’t unite together, not only that, they will hinder me and try to kill me.

I was troubled for a long time, and then I thought of a solution. “

Lawrence said.

“Military force, absolute military force, I need to become very strong, so strong that I don’t need the assistance of others, nor will I be afraid of interference from the heretics. As long as I become strong enough, the swords of the heretics will I am very fragile in front of me. If they want to block my way, they will run over. If they resist me, then they will kill them all until there is only my voice.”

Under the calm voice is the corpse mountain and corpse sea.

“Could it be…can’t understand each other?”

Liya asked innocently, the blood energy of Lawrence’s words almost suffocated her.

“Then can you understand Lorenzo Holmes?”

Lawrence asked rhetorically.

“Do you believe in others? Do you have to think in your heart when those people come to kill us? Let me guess, you must be wondering, don’t you understand why they did this? Once they met, even the name was not clear, the two people who had nothing to do with each other, just like this for ridiculous reasons to start a life and death battle?

Do you believe or even pray for understanding? “

Lawrence seems to be asking Liya, but Liya’s face overlaps with another familiar face in his eyes.

Lorenzo Medici, you are willing to believe and understand, but you have failed.

I will never set foot on your old road and repeat the same mistakes.

“This is my answer. What I should do is to use absolute military force to change everything. The same is true for your revenge. The change you have to do is not only kill Lorenzo, but take his friends and all Pull up by the roots together with the related heretics, and cut off the cycle of hatred.”

The face under the mask has long been distorted fiercely. Lawrence has waited too long for all this. He will never forget the burning wilderness in his memory. He will never forget the people who died on his side Demon Hunter.

“There will be no so-called heresy at that time. Everyone will only listen to one voice and one will. If human beings cannot be united together, then I will let them unite.”

Lawrence asked now.

“So do you think your revenge is still important? Your enemy is not only Lorenzo, but all heretics. These people are endless. Only absolute military force can allow them to acknowledge allegiance and make them live in power Fear.”

“But this…after that, what are you going to do?”

Liya didn’t feel fear, she was just a little uneasy, very upset.

Lawrence laughed suddenly, with some helplessness in his voice.

“After this? I want to defeat my enemy and save this World… Don’t you believe it? In fact, many people don’t believe it, but I don’t bother to say this to others. I really just want to save this World. That’s it, a very simple and even naive reason.”

Lawrence looked towards the warm sun outside the window, after I told Liya about this for some reason, he felt pretty good.

“No, I believe, let me join too.”

Liya loudly said.

Lawrence is right. Her enemy is not Lorenzo. Lorenzo is just one of her enemies. Even if Lorenzo is killed, many enemies will appear. They will ruin Liya’s beauty and make the night of suffering. The tragedy repeats itself.

“Are you sure? You will kill people and make mistakes. Even God can’t save you and me. This is a broken road, like walking on an ice surface. The ice surface will continue to Fragmentation…this path has only two endings in the end, falling in the cold wind, or falling into the cold deep sea and drowning.”

Lawrence threatened and seduced the girl.

“But correspondingly, you will also get a lot, you will accomplish what you expect, you will have your paradise, maybe you can’t enjoy all of this, but the one you love will live on it.”

“I do, Reverend.”

Liya replied again, this time she is extremely firm.

“Okay, I promised you, Liya.”

Lawrence stood up as he said, he said suddenly when he passed Liya.

“But don’t call me Reverend anymore.”

Liya did not understand Lawrence’s meaning, she also stood up, turned around and saw that some believer had been waiting at the door for some time, they raised the tray of red cloth, and Lawrence was watching Liya The lieutenant put the crown on his head.

“You should call me Your Excellency.”

Lawrence said.