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Galunalo, Goli.

As the capital of Galunalo, Goli is the most prosperous place in Galunalo. Although the steam technology cannot compare to Old Turin, the power of this country can also be seen from the towering and continuous buildings.

The countless spires are like lances that pierce the sky. They gather together and become mountains with raised blades, just like mountains uplifted on the ground.

The residence of the royal family of Garrell is located in the center of these mountains, on the highest peak. From here, their king can easily overlook the entire Goli, and even more distant places, as if everything is in him His hands are like a sandbox.

Since the night of misery, Cosnel has not at all stayed at the port of Maruri. He simply bandaged the wound and returned to Goli inside, and walked back and forth in the following days, even at night. Cannot sleep peacefully, thinking about something in pain.

Many ministers who have seen Cosnel have the same consensus. Cosnel has changed. They can’t tell where it has changed. They just feel that the successor of Kingdom is more complicated than the previous one. In many cases, the previous Cornel could not conceal his inner thoughts. He was like a naive child whose thoughts and actions could be easily seen through, but now the ministers could not see him clearly.

Cosnel is like being shrouded in a cloud of unknown mist. He lowered his head and his eyes were indifferent, like a Death God who died, looking indifferently at this unrelated world.

“Isn’t my father’s illness getting better yet?”

Conel stood inside the dim promenade and asked the doctor beside him.

Doctor swallowed saliva and said, Cornel usually feels very easy-going, but now he is like a cold sword, and the doctor can’t breathe.

“No, and it’s aggravated.”

“Is that so?”

Cornell rubbed his head in pain. His father became the king after the defeat of Glorious War. At that time, Galunalo had great strength and great injury. The people were very angry with the royal family. In order to calm all this, And to make Galunalo cheer up again, his father worked extremely hard.

Fortunately, he finally did it. The country was rejuvenated to life, but because of the dark illness and exhaustion of his early years, he lay on the hospital bed for many years, like a breathing corpse.

“Is he still awake?” Connel asked.

“A little bit of consciousness…” the doctor said.

“Ok, I see.”

Conel waved his hand, motioning the doctor to leave.

At this time, he was alone in the dimly lit corridor, and at the end of the corridor, behind the gate, was his father, now the King of Galunalo.

Cosnel thought for a long time, and seemed to have made up some determination. He walked to the door with firm and heavy steps.

Slowly opened the door. There was not much light in the room. The curtains were tightly closed, and no light was revealed. There was just a little light dotted in the corner, so that the room would not be completely engulfed by darkness.

There is a person lying on the big bed in the middle. His breathing is very steady, and his body slowly rises and falls with his breathing.

Cosnel walked to the bed and sat on the low chair. After a long time, the person on the bed seemed to finally realize that someone was coming. He turned his head hard, his old face revealed death.


Cosnel extends the hand, holding the king’s old and decayed palm, which is cold and without the temperature of a living person.


The king blinked vigorously, trying to see Cognel’s face clearly, extend the hand tried to touch his face, but touched the scar that hadn’t healed.

“Starting to look like a man.”

The king stroked the scar on Cornel’s face, which was the last left by Ivar. Feeling the faint pain, Cornel said softly.

“A lot has happened. I think there are some things that I should talk to you.”

The ghost-like silhouette in his mind reappeared, the deformed dying guy, holding the twisted steel and attacking him, this kind of picture will always appear in Cognel’s mind, dominating his dream.

“Oh? What about Maruri? I’ve heard about it.”

The king tried to sit up, but his exhausted body had no power to speak of. After a few tries, he gave up, lying on the bed and looking at the darkness above.

“How do you think the situation will develop in the future? Cornel.” the king asked.

“War is unavoidable. Irvine needs to destroy us to ensure the status of power, while the Viking nations need to looting to catch up with other nations. This is a war that cannot be rejected. I guess their fleet has been assembled long ago, maybe It will appear on our Sea Territory tomorrow.”

Cornell frowns, war is coming, no one can stop it from coming.

“So what do you think we should do?” the king asked again.

“The Rhine League, once Galunalo fell, the Laibach and other countries that bordered us were completely exposed to Irvine’s vision, especially Laibach. If they could, they would never let Laibach produce the iron. This important resource is enough to make Irvine’s steam technology advanced by leaps and bounds. With these, our alliance will only become closer.”

The king looked at Cornel approvingly.

“Isn’t this great? They have their spears and we have our shields.”

“But… But these are too idealistic. People’s hearts are unpredictable. We may trust our allies, but we can’t trust them absolutely, and… Galunalo is not an iron plate either.”

Cornell spoke out his sorrow completely.

“The believers of Evangelion Church are not worried. Under the pressure of the Orthodox Church, their voices will only become smaller and smaller, but other ministers Duke don’t think so. They have huge industries in all walks of life. War will only diminish their wealth. Maybe they will refuse to war. By then these discordant voices will slow us down. You have the ability to control them, but now you are trapped in the hospital bed again…”

Cosnel’s voice gradually lowered.

The king did not speak, but after a long time, he slowly talked about the past.

“Have I told you about your grandfather?”

“No, his name is a taboo. When I was young, I would be scolded by you even if I was curious about it.”

Cosnel thought of his grandfather, the guy closest to the mad king. He held a banquet and then poisoned all the royal family members until only Cosnel was left inside the empty palace lineage.

“Then let’s talk about it now. If I die, no one really knows this story… He is a hero. The hero shouldn’t die in such obscurity. Someone should remember his deeds. .”

The king tried to remember, his mind was in a mess, and his memory was a little blurred.

“At that time, I was probably the same age as you. The entire royal family was a loyal believer, but your grandfather was not. He always wanted to get rid of the shackles. For this reason, he created the Iron rule bureau and made many strange things Until one day he was watched by Evangelion Church. His actions angered the gods. Maybe in a few days he will be classified as a heresy and be eradicated.

Your grandfather also thought about how to resist. He tried to unite all the members of the royal family to resist, but he found that everyone pursues different things. Everyone likes to be a believer. You can enjoy high position by praying. and great wealth, why bother to resist? “

The king tilted his head and looked at Cornel with a smile.

“I remember that it was a not cold night. Your grandfather came to my room. He was not like a king, but like a drunkard. He said and cried…I have never seen this before. He said that the honor he insisted on is seen by those people as the filth in the sewage ditch. He said that if you don’t break free from it, Galunalo will always be bound by Evangelion Church.”

“In the end, he seemed to have made some decision. He told me that he was going to do a major event.”

Conel’s heart suddenly froze, and he thought of what that major event was.

“Then you know, he held a banquet and poisoned all the dissonant voices, purified the royal will, and all power was emptied. Under the operation of the Iron rule bureau, a Another nobleman has become beggar.

But this is all later. At that time, I followed the ministers and guards to the banquet. A corpse was inside. He was sitting on the throne of corpses and drinking, disheveled hair, like a madman. “

It was as if it was back in the past, the king’s heartbeat could not help speeding up, and that scene reappeared before his eyes.

“It’s hard for me to describe my emotions at the time. I was still flirting with the maid yesterday, planning to go to the tavern to have a swig, but suddenly my father went crazy. He killed everyone, ministers and nobles. We glare like a tiger watching his prey, I am the only one left in the royal family.”

The door was pushed open, and then it was not a corridor, but a banquet full of blood energy. On the throne where the corpses were piled up, the Mad King watched the king, stepping over Time and Space, and he smiled in relief.

“At that time, your grandfather looked at me like that. Others said he was crazy and wanted to rush to kill him, but I saw it. It was a pair of extremely clear eyes…You have the same eyes as him.”

The king looked at Cornel.

“He is not crazy at all, he knows what he is doing.”

There was a smell of sweet blood in the air, and Cornel squeezed the king’s hand tightly, as if to squeeze the last warmth from inside the body.

“Do you know metamorphosis? Sometimes a person suddenly metamorphoses at a certain moment, turning into another person wholeheartedly, from a confused child to a soldier, knowing what to do, and fighting What kind of battle.”

The cruel memory gradually became clear, and the king continued.

“It was that time for me. I knew in an instant what he was going to do and what I should do. Then under your grandfather’s watch, I drew the sword of the guard and ordered everyone Capture him alive.

In the following days, I tried his crimes and blamed all the mistakes on him. In order to calm the anger, I personally executed him in front of the people. In addition to this memory in my mind, I Destroy all the evidence of his existence.

I became the new king, and since then there is only one voice left in the royal family. “

The king’s description was so true that Cognell felt the king’s emotions from the trembling palm.

“I killed my father myself, Cornel Garrel.”

He growled, and then, as if losing all his strength, he asked blankly.

“Father-killing, this is probably the curse of our royal family Garrel.”

The empty and godless gaze turned to Cognel’s face, and Cognel did not avoid it, and his calm gaze met the king.

“So are you here to kill me? My son.”

Cosnel is nodded, expressing affirmation.

“Can I hear the reason?” the king asked.

“War is coming. If we make a mistake, we will be destroyed by the enemy. As I said before, Galunalo is not united. Everyone has their own interests. All we can do is It is possible to reach a consensus and let them reluctantly unite.

But I can’t do it, I’m not a king, I don’t have the ability to order them. “

Cosnel’s voice is cold, he has made all the decisions long ago, and nothing can shake him.

“Father, you are now the king of Galunalo, but you are now tortured by illness. If you continue to delay this, it will only slow down the efficiency of our war. You may also be trapped by ministers and nobles and make Our choice.

The only thing I can do is to formally establish the power of the king before the war breaks out. Otherwise, if you die during the war, it will be a major blow to our morale, and maybe it will cause power disputes.

Even if you give way to me, your existence may become the banner of those opponents. They may rebel against me under your name, and even say that in the near future you will think that I am wrong and go stop me. “

Countless conjectures have already been conceived inside the mind, and Cornel returned to the capital this time to kill the king and his father.

“Who are you?”

The king asked.


Cornell replied.

“I’m very curious. Not long ago, you were an ordinary brat. What changed you? It made you like this.”

The king has no fear at all, as if death is nothing but a very ordinary thing for him, not worthy of fear, and hopeless.

“A Viking.”

Cornell said, he looked a little confused.

“I didn’t know him for a long time, maybe just a few hours? He was deformed, he didn’t like war, he just wanted a place to spend his life casually, but he was still caught Entering this dispute inside, it stands to reason that a guy like him should resist fighting, but at the end of his life, this deformity died like a warrior, interpreting his life with value.

I didn’t understand why he did this at first. He did what he hated the most and gave his life for it. He suffered to death, but he was willing to do so for the greater good.

I think I now understand that some things must be done by someone, in order to be neither lofty nor dirty ideals and purposes. “

“Then have you thought about the price? No matter what the reason is, you will do evil and make mistakes, and such a person will be punished, regardless of whether there is a god in this world, it is like this, you are ready Already?”

The king asked.

“My grandfather took himself as a sacrifice in exchange for Galunalo now, and now I take myself as a sacrifice, what is it?”

Cognell said expressionlessly.

“Galunalo will live forever, father.”

The king froze for a long time, then burst into laughter. He patted Cornel hard on the shoulder as if he was admiring him, and it lasted for a long time before he stopped.

“No, it’s not necessary, child. If you do this, your throne will be controversial. Someone will attack you and spur you, maybe you will become the next mad king.”

“Are you begging for mercy? I hope I can keep you alive?” Cornel asked.

The king smiled and shook his head, the next moment’s sick face showed anger.

“No, I just want to say, you don’t need to be a sacrifice.”

Little by little, the king sat up from the sunken hospital bed. Unbelievable power burst out from his withered and shriveled arms. He was like a dying man, but Fire of Life burned tenaciously. Slowly, he got out of the bed and stood up after a long time. The silhouette was a bit swaying, but finally he firmly stabilized.

“My father, your grandfather, he paved the way for me, then let me open the way for you now, Cornel Garrel.”

The king put on a dusty robe and put the noble crown on his head.

The illusion in his eyes finally seemed to dissipate. The king saw the guy standing behind the door clearly, and Curry with his broken arm smiled at him.

“Let me live for a while, child.”

Everything seemed to be back a long time ago, reminding him of the eve of the bloody banquet, he turned around and said to Cognel.

“Now, I am going to do a major event.”