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“The feeling of going home…is pretty good.”

Red Eagle opened his eyes slowly and looked out the window next to the bed. The summer sun was like liquid gold, evenly spread between the ancient trees and the stone bricks. The crisp birdsong echoed continuously, everything It seemed very calm.

The night of suffering has passed half a month. After returning to Old Turin, Red Eagle has been living here, a branch of Black Mountain Hospital.

In fact, it is not a branch hospital. After the Black Mountain Hospital incident, due to the original site need to be repaired, with the approval of Dean Abigail, Black Mountain Hospital was temporarily split up, waiting for the reconstruction of the original site.

Here is a branch hospital in the countryside. According to the division of functions, it is quite normal here. It is a nursing home, which is responsible for accommodating the injured Knights. The half-dead Red Eagle has received perfect treatment here.

Red Eagle still remembers what the doctors said to him. They said that Red Eagle was really lucky. There was no serious fatal injury on his body, but he lost a lot of blood, plus mental and physical exhaustion. After treatment and rehabilitation Except for the skeletons whose fractures have not healed, Red Eagle is almost fine.

The body is still a bit weak, but there is no delay in freedom of movement. Red Eagle squeezed his arm and let himself sit up slowly. The other arm was put in a plaster. The doctor said that there was at least half a month to remove it. Come down.

Picking up the mirror on one of the cabinets, Red Eagle took a look at his face, with a distressed look in his eyes.

“wu wu wu, I still have scars.”

Red Eagle looked at the scar on his cheek, which was left during the battle in the theater square. It stands to reason that if there is a scar on the face, it will make people look more fierce, but it is on Red Eagle’s face. It was an inexplicable comical, and he couldn’t understand why.

“Scars are the testimony of men, and only cowards are afraid of them.”

The voice came from one side. There was another bed not far from Red Eagle. Hybbod turned over and said to Red Eagle with his pillow.

“So I think you Viking have problems in their brains.”

This kind of conflict in values ​​is still somewhat unacceptable for Red Eagle.

After returning to Irvine, Hybold’s injuries were not serious, even minor injuries, but he was taken into Black Mountain Hospital together for erosion testing.

Thinking of this, Red Eagle’s relaxed expression became serious. Although his memory had begun to blur because of his injury, he still vaguely remembered the scene.

In that burning hell, angel descends.

Countless, pure white steel wings spread out, they cut all the living creatures they encountered, and the flesh and blood fell apart in front of them, and the hot blood dyed them red.

What exactly is it? Red Eagle couldn’t understand, they just appeared out of nowhere, like a nightmare in the breakthrough dimension.

Thinking of this, Red Eagle looked towards Hybade, everyone saw that scene, and they were all terrified by this weird existence.

Of course, it is him that is more worthy of fear and doubt, Lorenzo Holmes. Although no one said, he did not admit it, but everyone knows that they can vaguely guess that those monsters are caused by Lorenzo appeared.

But everyone maintained the proper understanding until they returned to Irvine, and no one asked Lorenzo about this.

“By the way, Lorenzo has been away for a long time, too.”

Red Eagle then thought to himself, muttering to himself.

“It must be a week, right?”

Hyboard looked at the calendar beside him.

After containment, Lorenzo was assigned a separate room. Everyday all had to report all kinds of information and also had to conduct testing. It seemed that the matter was really serious. Red Eagle saw Merlin in front of his door several times. Walked by.

Lorenzo still visits them from time to time. He said he lives next door, and when he comes, he always brings some contraband that the doctors call.

“Ah…such a peaceful life for a long time, but it feels a little uncomfortable.”

Red Eagle probably didn’t want this room to fall into peace, he said again.

“What’s wrong?”

Hybod asked. He still had Knight novels borrowed from Red Eagle in his hand. This peaceful time gave Haibod plenty of time to read these stories.

“It’s…it’s very uncomfortable. It feels like the fight not long ago is like a dream. It’s like you Viking will not arrive at the Heroic Spirit Hall after you die, but a place similar to this place, warm and comfortable, without fighting. There is no fight, everyone just lie in bed doing nothing every day, wasting time.”

Red Eagle’s thoughts spread, with a smile on his face.

“Think about it, this kind of ending is pretty good.”

The voice faded again, Red Eagle thought for a while, and suddenly said to Hyboard.

“But thank you, Hyblade, if you didn’t memorize me, I would have died there.”

For the thanks to Red Eagle, Haibod’s expression hasn’t changed much. He continued to read the book and answered casually.


“It’s good to be alive…”

Red Eagle looked out the window and felt.

With a loud sound, the door was pushed open. Both Red Eagle and Hybold were attracted by the sound. They looked towards the door, and saw Eve wearing a medical suit, gasping for breath standing outside the door, Holding a roll of newspaper.

“A major event is out!”

Eve breathed a sigh of relief and shouted loudly.

“What’s wrong?”

Red Eagle a face of doubt, I saw Eve walk quickly to Red Eagle’s bed and spread out the newspaper in his hand.

“This is today’s report. The King of Galunalo has passed away.”

“What happened to…?”

Red Eagle couldn’t figure it out for a while, and the expression of Hybade on the side changed slightly.

“The King of Galunalo confirmed the successor as his son, Cornel Garrell before his death, and appointed Director of the Iron rule Bureau and Curry Ferrey as the minister.”

Eve quickly explained that this was considered a Galunalo political earthquake, and it happened extremely fast. When a few people saw the newspaper, the new king had already succeeded.

“Curry Ferrey? Is that guy?”

Red Eagle remembered this name and the person it represented.

“It’s him. Now he walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage. They must have any big moves.” Eve panicked. “More importantly, before the death of the old king, a large number of old nobles and ministers were Liquidated.”

Eve pointed to the corner of the newspaper. It only occupies a small page and the text is only a few lines. But these few lines are more important than the information revealed by the previous news. .

“Truncate funds, threaten assassins, pronounce crimes.”

A new voice sounded, Irene came over from behind the door. She was barely counted as a member of the team. She was also taken in by Black Mountain Hospital after arriving in Irvine. These days she and Eve are roommates and live next door .

“During the years when the old king was seriously ill, on the surface, his control of the country was lax. The noble ministers secretly made a lot of dirty transactions, thinking that they would not be discovered. In fact, all this is under the Iron rule Under the prying eyes of the bureau, at the end of the old king’s life, he initiated an internal cleansing. These long-collected evidences were placed on the surface, and most of the old nobles were removed by strong means. Those who survived People will only shiver coldly, they will acknowledge allegiance to the new king so that their family can survive the anger.”

Eileen looked at the newspaper gravely.

“The old king unified the kingdom again before he died and gave it to his son in its entirety.”

“They are preparing for war, preparing to meet our war. Only in this way can a united country stand against us.” Haibod said.

His words contained a trace of depression, which made everyone in the room uncomfortable.

Whether it is Red Eagle or Eve, everyone is well aware of one thing. With Ivar’s death, war is inevitable, and this time is the war they initiated on their own initiative. Everything now is just the silence before the rainstorm.

“It looks like I have to leave.”

Hyboard said, turned around and picked up his clothes.

“Where are you going?”

Red Eagle asked to his temporary roommate. To be honest, it’s okay for someone to chat with him in the middle of the night. Although Haibold is very disgusted with this, he can’t understand why a guy wants to sleep. What a mess.

“Viking nations. I should have left a long time ago. The doctor said that my spirit is stable and I can leave at any time, but as you said, such a peaceful leisure is hard to come by, and I still have to enjoy it for a few more days. .”

War is not a joke, these things are very serious, and there are some things that Haibod has to report back in person, such as the death of Ivar, after all, he is also the child of the King of Ice.

“I will take these books with me.”

Hybod picked up a few books that he hadn’t finished reading.

“The Rhine League, the Viking nations and Irvine, the united forces…This will be a war that will sweep the entire Western world!”

The screams sounded, and at this moment a few people noticed that there was another person in the room.

Hercule was tied to the bed, lifted up vigorously, and screamed at several people.

“Conspiracy! All conspiracy! They want to kill everyone!”

There seems to be a storm of chaos in the brain, Hercule instantly deduced an extremely bad future, the entire ocean will be red by countless blood dyed.

“He…what’s wrong?”

Eve ignored Hercule’s words, but asked the roommate Red Eagle.

Red Eagle shook the head helplessly, he said.

“I don’t know. In short, Hercule said he could talk to mice… to be precise, Bolo, he could understand what Bolo was saying, and he had to undergo a mental examination. The doctors suspected that he was corroded. But he has no signs of alienation…In short, it is a very special case.”

Red Eagle thought of the follow-up again, and he continued.

“The doctor also did a lot of checks on Bolo and confirmed that it was just an ordinary chinchilla. There was nothing unusual about it. Finally, he performed an operation on it.”


Eve didn’t understand. Usually everyone gathers in the garden in the afternoon, just like a group of elderly old man ladies. This is the first time Eve has found Hercule here.

The cage shook violently and interrupted Eve’s questioning. I saw Bolo slamming into the cage angrily, yelling something.

“Damn, you scolded me! Who bought you from the fur merchant, have you forgotten!”

Hercule lifts the head vigorously, and it seems that he and Bolo scolded.

“What does it matter to me? Are you tied up without seeing me?”

“zhi zhi zhi!”

“They sterilized you with cheap hands, what can I do!”

zhi zhi zhi’s yelling paused, and then became more violent.

Eve looked at this strange curse with a complex expression.

“Do they usually do this?”

“Almost, but the doctor said that if he is too noisy, he can give him a tranquilizer.”

Red Eagle raised an eyebrow and opened the drawer.


Hyboard left. Eve also left with him. She also expressed confusion about the conspiracy of this action. Now Eve’s mental test has stabilized and she is allowed to leave. She is going to complete her internship. , And ask Arthur what is going on.

The room quieted down, quieter a little faster, as if he had returned to Irvine from Galunalo.

Everything was too fast to give people the slightest preparation. At that time, Red Eagle only remembered a group of people calling their names, and then various bright lights flashed in front of them. When he woke up again, he was in Black In Mountain Hospital, the whole person was tightly wrapped in bandages.

After an injection of tranquillizer, Hercule became honest, and Bolo fell asleep. The too quiet room made Red Eagle a little uncomfortable, just like the end of the carnival, deserted.

“You are recovering pretty well, Moon.”

The sound sounded, and Red Eagle jumped. He turned his head to remember that Irene hadn’t left yet.

To be honest, after experiencing so much, although Red Eagle doesn’t really want to admit it, he doesn’t dislike Irene so much in his heart, just like he can talk to Haibod now, no matter what. What happened? Now everyone is a dead brother.

These guys brought themselves back from Galunalo alive, but because of some shyness and so on, Red Eagle couldn’t express any gratitude. At best, he promised Haibold that if there is a sequel to the novel, he will give him Mail to Viking countries, he will pay the postage.

“Why…what’s wrong?”

Red Eagle looked at Irene, and stepped back a few times in fear, but he was already leaning against the wall and there was no way to go back.

“I just think that many people may never see again in this life.”

Eileen said lonely.

“It’s like Hyboard, do you think you can still see him?”

Red Eagle startled, I don’t understand what Irene said.

“He returned to the Viking countries, that remote and cold place, he would return to his post and join the wave of war, and you are like this, you would return to the cleansing agency, and devote yourself to this huge machine inside, said Maybe that glance just now is the last side of your life.”

Red Eagle opened his mouth, he wanted to say something, but suddenly Irene came over and grabbed his face.

There is no glamorous plot, and no intoxicating pictures. Irene just grabbed Red Eagle’s head roughly and prevented him from moving.

Eileen stared at Red Eagle expressionlessly. Red Eagle could even see his reflection from inside Irene’s eye pupils. He could feel the power coming from his gaze, as if he wanted to keep the picture he was looking at forever Carved into the mind inside.