Ember’s Gun Chapter 507


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This is where Lorenzo left…in the first few days?

In the early morning of Old Turin, Eve stood on the street and looked to one side, and the interior of Winchester’s office was completely dark.

Eve will pass by here every time he is on duty, sometimes breaking into the door, adding a lot of trouble to Lorenzo’s breakfast, and sometimes stopping briefly and then leaving.

As usual, after watching Lorenzo leave the port of Rendona, the Winchester office closed, and the darkness rolled and remained silent.

Clearly knowing that Lorenzo has left, Eve still stops habitually now, then walks to the door of the office and looks at the strange decorations.

Although I helped Lorenzo clean up the terrible room, the outside of the office is still messy. The worst thing is the ridiculous sign of Lorenzo. He seems to have not maintained this thing at all, and the light on it has long ceased to shine. , The steel is also covered with rough rust, it seems to be abandoned.

“This style of life is really indescribable.”

Eve lightly wiped the dilapidated sofa by the door with his fingers. It was covered with dust, and Lorenzo hadn’t even thought of wiping it.

Shaking her head helplessly, Eve gradually got used to Lorenzo’s bad life style, and was about to leave. She suddenly realized something and turned around and looked towards the door.

The palm was pressed against the door, and Eve pushed the door open without much effort.

Eve didn’t think Lorenzo would be so stupid that he would forget to lock the door, nor would he believe that this guy would jump off the boat and run back, so who opened the office door?

Lorenzo’s roommate? That guy died early, Mrs. Van Lude? She has also been away for a long time.

Who would it be? Thief? But this kind of seemingly poor place should be few thieves would want to patronize.

Thinking about this, Eve pushed the gap wide until she pushed the door open, and the neat living room was revealed before her eyes.

She tiptoed in, telling her intuitively that the guy who had sneaked into the office had not left.

Eve was in a strange state of mind at the moment. She took out the folding knife around her waist, and smashed the metal bit by bit with her hand, and silently pulled the knife head out.

Like a hunting leopard, she lowered her body and moved forward silently.

There is no fear on his face, but excitement.

Eve used to be considered a lady of everybody. She should wear gorgeous dresses and dance in luxurious banquets. But at a certain moment, her life ushered in a huge turning point. The girl tore off her skirt and took a sharp knife. What became the so-called Irvine Martial Goddess.

Sometimes Eve is also thinking about what his life would be like if he didn’t take that step, and would it really become a story from Arthur’s mouth, getting married and having children, spending time on a peaceful island The rest of his life.

Later, Eve discovered that it was not that she had chosen such a thrilling life and made changes, but that this world had chosen herself.

Eve has a restless heart. As Arthur untied her, the restlessness intensified continuously. At the end of the Maruri port, Eve had already faintly realized this kind of self. She faced no danger. No pressure, but excitedly swung the knife forward.

This is what Eve looks like. The previous luxury and manners were just Arthur’s domestication of her wildness.

Eve touched the edge of the kitchen. The cabinets were all turned over. There were food residues on the floor. It seemed that the guy had stayed here for a while. He seemed very hungry. He grabbed something and ate.

Stepping aside, Eve remembered something, and couldn’t help but smile a little on his face.

During the celebration that day, Red Eagle didn’t know what was going on with Lorenzo. The two drank stubbornly while holding a pile of beer, vowing to drink each other down. At that time, Red Eagle was already a little fuzzy, plus He was not very clever, he was really ready to fight Lorenzo.

The result was as expected. Before Lorenzo tried hard, Red Eagle fell.

Red Eagle fell to the ground while holding the wine bottle while retching. Just when he couldn’t control himself and really wanted to vomit, Lorenzo threw him out in time to cheers.

It was a good night, not only for Lorenzo, but also for Eve, even everyone.

Eve has also participated in a dinner party, gold and jade in glorious splendor, mountains and seas, there are dignitaries and nobles everywhere, but Eve doesn’t like these, everyone wears the most luxurious clothes, in this serious and depressive atmosphere with fake laugh.

This is the first time she has attended such a relaxing… dinner? Probably so, everyone looks the same, eating and drinking merrily together. For Eve, it is the first time she has realized the so-called friend.

The living room on the first floor was quickly searched. Mrs. Van Lude’s room was sealed in good condition and there was no sign of being opened. This made Eve feel a little strange. It seemed that the other party did not come for money, otherwise the whole The office has long been turned upside down.

Eve began to hope that the thief hadn’t stolen anything. Lorenzo’s office was filled with surprises. Maybe in a drawer, you could find a few guns or something related to Demon. If If this is the case, this matter needs to trouble the scavenger troops.

Did the other party sneak in because of hunger? It doesn’t seem to be necessary. If you are really starving to death, you should go to the bakery to steal things no matter what you think. What are you stealing here? Are mushrooms growing from Lorenzo pants?

Eve analyzes each other’s information. The more she analyzes, the more confused she becomes. She is even wondering if she is Lorenzo’s friend? But does that guy Lorenzo have any friends?

The familiar people are either lying in the Montenegro hospital or on duty. Eve can’t think of anyone else… Friends before Old Turin? It is also unlikely that Lorenzo has not told Eve directly, but from the words of Arthur and the others, she also roughly understands that Lorenzo has lost all his friends after Night of Advent.

Who would it be? Is he really a stupid thief who is hungry? Then he is too bad luck.

Eve’s gaze fell on the second floor. She moved forward slowly. Higgs’s door was still closed. No one had moved, but Lorenzo’s door had a small slit and was not closed tightly.

Lightly opened the door, Eve saw the thief, he was lying on Lorenzo’s bed, sleeping sideways.

Eve is beginning to know what’s going on. A while ago, she had heard other people say that some people would sneak in when the owner was away, most of them were homeless people.

She was a little disappointed. She thought it would be some more interesting guy.

The folding knife was slowly attached to the quilt, approaching the man’s throat, Eve raised his foot and kicked it.

“Get up, raise your hands.”

The person in the bed didn’t respond, did you sleep so dead?

Eve had a terrible idea. She opened the quilt and found that underneath was a human figure piled up with pillows and clothes. She missed it.

Almost at the same time, there was a noise behind Eve, and the woman swung Lorenzo’s trousers, grabbed the ends and put her hands around Eve’s neck, tightening it hard.

When Eve entered the office, the woman noticed her coming. All of this was just her trap. She hid behind the door, waiting for the moment Eve relaxed her vigilance.

This sudden change caused Eve to lose consciousness. When she reacted, her neck was strangled, and she grabbed the fabric hard, and she waved the folding knife with her backhand.

The blow was cut, but it didn’t matter. Eve noticed that the woman behind her didn’t seem to have much strength. She arched up vigorously, grabbed the woman’s hand along the tight pants, and threw her over. .

As a natural ranger, Eve may not be as strong as the Demon Hunter person, but compared to most ordinary persons, she already has a terrifying suppressive power.

The woman fell heavily to the ground. She let out a mournful cry, tried to get up and continue to resist, without fear of the jackknife in Eve’s hands. She grabbed Eve’s feet and pressed her along her thighs. The abdomen forcefully overwhelmed Eve, and with its own momentum, she withstood her outside the house.

Eve lost her balance for a while. The narrow space restricted the slashing of the jackknife. Besides, Eve didn’t want to hurt the woman. She smashed the door and fell into the corridor.

Even though Eve is never soft when he cuts down Demon and enemies, she is not a bloodthirsty lunatic and will not kill everyone.

The two bumped back and forth in the corridor. Eve pressed her elbow fiercely against the woman’s chest, then kicked her abdomen, kicked her to the stairwell, and the woman rolled back and forth Then, he kept falling to the floor of the living room before slowly stopping.

She was dizzy and dizzy, and the exhaustion for many days was also affecting her judgment. The woman just tried to get up, and the swift Eve had already taken off. She didn’t give the woman any more opportunities. Maybe she didn’t want to kill the woman in front of her. But it is also a very simple matter to weaken her.

The woman just stood up and was fell down again by Eve. She didn’t have much strength anymore, and this cowardly body was heavier than she thought.

She was pressed to the ground, Eve pressed her knees tightly on her shoulders, and the cold folding knife stood on the edge of her neck, and the reflection of her face could be seen from the smooth metal.

A strange face.

“Be honest, don’t move.”

Eve inhaled and subdued the woman. She looked at it roughly. The woman didn’t feel like Irvine. She was wearing a gray cloth with the smell of soil and sea breeze. She seemed to be a traveler. I don’t know how long it took, and finally came to Old Turin. Because she couldn’t see her face clearly, Eve couldn’t judge her specific age, and vague intuition told her that this woman should be much older than herself.

In short, all the signs surfaced that this was just an ordinary person, which made Eve somewhat put down his vigilance.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

Faced with Eve’s question, the woman remained silent. She was in a terrible mood at the moment, and she didn’t expect that she would fall to this point.

A woman hasn’t experienced this for a long time, and now she tastes it again, and she realizes the heaviness and burden of the human body.

The body of flesh and blood is so fragile, it will bleed, will be injured, will be infested by diseases, will also feel tired and painful, it is so humble.

It suddenly occurred to the woman that perhaps the road to sublimation is really a road to upgrading. Humans moved towards a higher and purer existence. From then on, the will will no longer be bound by the mortal and enjoy absolute freedom and Dominate.

“Lorenzo, where is it?”

The woman coughed a few times. Instead of answering Eve’s question, she asked her doubts.

“He has been away for many days, where did he go?” she asked again.

“Lorenzo? You know Lorenzo Holmes.”

Eve felt something was wrong, she couldn’t think that a woman actually knew Lorenzo, it seemed that she came here because of Lorenzo.

Lorenzo’s enemy? No, Lorenzo shouldn’t have such a weak enemy. If she came to find Lorenzo for revenge, she would be dying.

Lorenzo’s friend? It is also impossible. Having known Lorenzo for so long, Eve has never known that Lorenzo has such a friend, so embarrassed and exhausted, she seems to have come from afar.

“Are you who he?”

Eve continued to ask. She began to feel that the woman under her might not be the enemy, but she also knew that anyone who was involved in Lorenzo was a very troublesome guy.

“You don’t need to know.”

“Then I can’t tell you.”

The two were in a stalemate, and the woman suddenly rioted. She rolled over and twisted Eve’s knees. She moved quickly with blade light interlaced. She moved very ridiculously, like crawling on the ground, and then rolled hard. Hit the wall.

It’s probably been a long time since I have used flesh and blood for such a long time. Women are always unfamiliar with the various touches of the body, and the movements sometimes seem very awkward. Apart from this and inner anxiety, she feels her own will Fettered by flesh and blood, as time accumulates, the irritability of this imprisonment becomes more intense.

“Is it true?” the woman whispered.

I saw Eve’s jackknife cut a scar on the ground. If the woman was slower, the scar would appear on her body.

“Who told you to be so dishonest?”

Eve also got angry in his heart, just catching the thief once, but the incident obviously moved towards a more and more complicated direction.

The gaze lifted and fell on the woman. What appeared in front of her was a very ordinary woman. There was almost nothing memorable in ordinary. Her eyes were tired. She leaned against the wall gasping for Breath, the air is full of blood, I don’t know what I have experienced, the whole person has no fighting intent at all.

But… the only thing that is special is the headwear she wears.

Eve not quite clear Is it a headdress or some kind of crown? It is made of silver-white metal. The workmanship is very rough, intertwined like entrenched dead wood, as if growing along the woman’s head.

“I… have seen this crown.”

Eve was very familiar with this crown. She recalled that not only had she seen such a crown, she had even worn it for a while.

That belongs to Lorenzo’s crown.